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Kristine PangelinanKristine Pangelinan 
Multiple users of Salesforce Inbox + Gmail are having issues with (1) gmail freezing, (2) emails not syncing to salesforce. 
Per a user, "With it enabled I am getting extreme lag when sending messages specifically when inbox loads after I hit refresh and then again when trying to log them. Not getting a specific error, but my gmail page was freezing before and unresponsive so I would have to kill the page to continue."
Any ideas on how to troubleshoot?
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Kristine PangelinanKristine Pangelinan

Good call! I actually submitted a case and spoke with someone. I'll share details here. Hope it helps everyone. See below.

As discussed, we have a Known Issue for this one and as of this time, the issue is now fixed for all Salesforce instances: 

Salesforce Inbox causes delay when loading Gmail records in chrome 72.0.3626.81 

Moving forward, if you wanted to move to Salesforce extension (new extension), kindly ask for your admin to follow the steps in the article below: 

Move Sales Reps to the Gmail Integration with Inbox from Legacy Salesforce Inbox 

Once the steps above
has been performed by your admin, your users can now download and start using the extension accordingly. Below is the link of the extension: 

Nuno VieiraNuno Vieira 

While trying to "Sign up for a Developer Edition Org" using the url below, I'm getting the popup error:
"Signup failed due to internal error. Please contact your system administrator."

And I get an email with the following content:

Subject: Registration Error: sign up template unavailable
Body: We were unable to complete your request at this time because Salesforce is currently upgrading the template used to sign up your organization. Please try again soon.

Any ideas? I can't create the org.
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Nuno VieiraNuno Vieira
Thanks for the replies. In fact I concluded that I was not able to create the org from Saudi Arabia, but at the same time, a friend of mine was able to create the org from Denmark, so when I used a VPN it worked.

The explanation that I got is that salesforce was running at that point un update to the platform in the background that was causing my error.

Concluding, it seemed like it was a matter of time for it to start working again as I did not do anything different.
Nuno Vieira
Matthew GodfroyMatthew Godfroy 
Hi - We have a user who received a "Salesforce Bounce Forwarder" email stating the following: 
  • "Hello,
    Your email wasn't delivered. See attached.
    You're getting this message because you turned on Bounce Management and selected Return bounced emails to sender."
However, the email she sent was delivered as she got an auto-response from the recipient confirming the email was successfully received.  After receiving the auto response from the recipient, she then got the Salesforce Bounce Forwarder email. 

Has anybody received a Bounce email from Salesforce even when the email was in fact delivered?  I also requested an Email Log and was able to again confirm that the email was delivered.

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Shane SmShane Sm
Hello folks.

This issue is caused by Spring 19 feature that is detailed here:

To work around this we turned off the option "Return bounced emails to sender" In Setup -> Deliverability

This option, when an email bounces, will be captured by Salesforce and sent back to the original sender.  In our case that was our Email-To-Case email address so every bounce generated a case.

Hopefully this resolves the issue for others.
Joseph ThomasJoseph Thomas 
Hi All, 

Currently we are merging two orgs into one . As part of the activity we able to move all the data from Org A to Org B successfully using dataloader . But we got stuck in exporting Notes/ Attachment . 

I did google but i didnt able to find any proper solution . Could anyone help me here !! 

thanks . 

Daniel WalkerDaniel Walker 
I'm doing a trailhead module that is requiring that I add an internal comment when I click the change ownership button a few cases.

The issue is that internal comments are not a box that shows up when the change ownership screen pulls up.

I have been searching for how to fix this on my own for about an hour and am no closer to figuring it out, other than someone posting that adding the "internal comments" field is possible in the layout, but i can't figure out what layout they're referring to.

Help please!
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Daniel WalkerDaniel Walker
There doesn't seem to be a good solution, so the work around I created was to move the Internal Comments field in the Case Page Layout so that it showed up at the top of the case details screen when you go to edit a case manually, then filled out the missing phrase there.  After I did that it finally worked.
Daniel BorgenichtDaniel Borgenicht 

I would like a custom field to link to the object record just as the Record Name field links to the object record.  For example, the standard Case object has both Case Number and Subject fields that can be clicked to open an object record.

In my custom object, I can only get the Record Name field to open an object record by clicking on it.  My custom object is called Hardware, the Record Name is Hardware_ID, and I would like the custom field Serial Number to also open an object record by clicking on it.  Any suggestions are more than welcome.

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Mayank SrivastavaMayank Srivastava
Daniel, this is how you can accomplish the requirement:

1. Create a formula field of type Text (let's call it Serial Number).
2. The formula would be this:
HYPERLINK("" &  Id, Serial_Number__c)

The Serial Number field in the above formula should be the original custom field.
The only thing that you need to replace in the above formula is the na34 part with your instance name (like na8 or n16 or na24).

The above formula field will display the Serial Number in the form of a clickable hyperlink.

3. Hide the original Serial Number field on the page layout and expose the formula one instead.
4. You are done.
Vineeth VVineeth V 
The function that we can see few of the account information on contact record page layout when we hover over account name. Where is it configured and how I can make modification? Thanks Vineeth
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Andrew DunlapAndrew Dunlap
Hi Vineeth,

Those details are controlled by the Compact Layout on the Account page. If you head into the Account object, go to the Compact Layout and add/remove the fields you need, and the hover feature will reflect those items!
David GunnDavid Gunn 
When I refresh my Developer Sandbox it brings over products, price books, and pricebook entries from Production.  I presume those are considered metadata.  The problem is that the product data in each of our Salesforce orgs is populated from web services that pulls them in from external systems. The dev Sandbox gets populated by the web service with its own set of products and we don't want Production products in the dev Sandbox.

Is there a way I can refresh without bringing over the products from the Production org?
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David GunnDavid Gunn
That's what I've been working on but because of an error (time limit exceeded) due to the large number of price book entries (494K) I'm planning on using Data Loader to export then delete first the price book entries, then price books, then products.
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Avi RAvi R
Patty - Create a custom report type with 'Reports' as main object and 'Dashboard Components' as related. Then you would be able to create a report to see what reports are being used in a particular dashboard(s). 

To create a custom report Setup--->Create--->Report Types
shweta chadhashweta chadha 
Hello Team,

I need to create a lightning application and need to host on the community. My questions are:
1. Can we host the application on the community?
2. What are the setup steps to host the lightning app on the community?
3. Will it be accessible like the regular salesforce application?
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Dnyaneshwar AghawDnyaneshwar Aghaw

Enable the App Launcher in Lightning Communities

Display the App Launcher in Lightning communities to make it easy for members to move between their communities and their Salesforce org. This functionality is available in any community based a Lightning community template or Lightning Bolt solution.​​​​​​​