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Tony MontanaTony Montana 
Hi all,

I'm trying to create a basic formula for use as the primary criteria in a process builder rule.

The formula I'm using is

([EmailMessage].Parent.RecordType.Id = 0120z000000JORpAAO,
[EmailMessage].Parent.IsClosed = TRUE,
[EmailMessage].Parent.ClosedDate +5

However no matter what I try, it always says "Missing )"

I've added a few )'s and unfortunately no success. Am I missing something
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Tommaso BolisTommaso Bolis
[EmailMessage].Parent.RecordType.Id = "0120z000000JORpAAO",
[EmailMessage].Parent.IsClosed = TRUE,
[EmailMessage].Parent.ClosedDate < (TODAY()-5)

Angela Mullen-SmithAngela Mullen-Smith 
There is a business need to send an Email Template when issuing a Meeting Invite - but I cannot see how to do this?
Is it possible
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Jayaraman GuruswamyJayaraman Guruswamy
I think not possible.

Worst case you can try this.

Goto Salesforce Setup->Email Templates-> Go into specific Email template.

Copy the HTML Preview, paste in a word doc, save the word doc.

Attach the word doc with your meeting invite.

Samantha GriceSamantha Grice 
Hi there, 

Im trying to get a text return from a percentage formula. Basically my company wants to display a win probablity score after selecting a user number of fields that will equate a win probability % score. From this % score they would like to be able to define it as either hot, warm or cold so: 

Anything less that 50% would be considered cold
50-79% would be warm 
80% would be hot

the current forumla i have is below however i keep getting the syntax error: Error: Incorrect number of parameters for function 'ISBLANK()'. Expected 1, received 3

IF (ISBLANK(win_probability__c, "N/A",
IF (win_probability__c >= 0.49, "Cold",
IF (win_probability__c >= 0.50, "Warm",
IF (win_probability__c >= 0.80, "Hot",

If anyone could help i would really appreciate it! 
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Om PrakashOm Prakash
In the original formula, you have written "win_probability__c >= 0.49" which was carried.

Here is modified now:
Also, order of >0.80 and >= .50 is changed.
give it a try.
IF (win_probability__c <= 0.49, "Cold",
     IF (win_probability__c >= 0.80, "Hot",
         IF (win_probability__c >= 0.50, "Warm", "N/A")

Darren BraddockDarren Braddock 

Hi , i need help with a couple of formulas please

First is
AND(branch__c = "x"),
premium__c =>50000),
checkbox__c = TRUE, False)

So i need the formula to check the name of a branch field and the premium field => a certain value, then check a box if TRUE.
But i need to do this 15 times for each branch.

Also for some i need to introduce a product field check. So check 3 fields (Branch, premium and product) to provide a true or false value to update a checkbox field.

Am i on the right lines with the first part and how do i achieve the 2nd part?


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Amit SinghAmit Singh
You can use formula like below
     branch__c ,
     "D" ,1,
   premium__c =>50000,


Natasha AliNatasha Ali 
I have a requirement to use a formula to get the date of the 1st of the penultimate month from a date. For example, if the End Date is 31/07/2019 then the date I need to show up is 1/06/2019 based on a picklist value. Essentially the logic is:
Contribution Charge Amount = '£900 + VAT' OR '£1,800 + VAT' OR '£2,400 + VAT' OR '£3,600 + VAT' OR 'OTHER' 
Last Invoice Date = 1st of the previous month from the APP Start Date.

Any help is much appreciated :)
Many Thanks,
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Amnon KruviAmnon Kruvi
Hi Natasha,

You could try something like this:
IF (CASE(Contribution_Charge_Amount__c,
    "£900 + VAT", 1,
    "£1,800 + VAT", 1,
    "£2,400 + VAT", 1,
    "£3,600 + VAT", 1,
    "OTHER", 1,
    0) = 1,

Modify any field API names as needed, as well as the value to return if the contribution charge amount is none of the above options.
Eric pascalEric pascal 
I am trying to build a validation rule to prevent user from checking a checkbox if another text field has less than 92 characters in it but the rule should not fire if the text field has no vlaue in it at all (isbank or is null) ?

This is what I created 

 Deposit_processed__c = TRUE,

LEN(Xero_Invoice_Merge__c)  <  92,
 NOT(ISBLANK(Xero_Invoice_Merge__c) )

It passes syntax but the rule fires when the field is blank ? and it should not fire then 

Have also tried this 
 Deposit_processed__c = TRUE,

LEN(Xero_Invoice_Merge__c)  <  92  || NOT(ISBLANK(Xero_Invoice_Merge__c) 



But get the same results 
any ideas please 
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Amit SinghAmit Singh
Try below
 Deposit_processed__c = TRUE,
 LEN(Xero_Invoice_Merge__c)  <  92,
 NOT ISBLANK(Xero_Invoice_Merge__c) 

Vineeth VVineeth V 
Unable to delete some contacts due to the error,

Your attempt to delete adira could not be completed because it is associated with the following cases. If the following table is empty, it is because you do not have access to the records restricting the delete.

The list has 500 records, any work around?
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Sakthivel MadeshSakthivel Madesh
Try with report to generate the opportunity with contacts and cases with contacts to identify.

also use the soql to get the id like:
Select Id, ContactId from Opportunity Where ContactId != NULL
Select Id, ContactId from Case Where ContactId != NULL
Aaron PersichAaron Persich 

We have a field labeled Lead_Source_Detail__c which is primarily auto populated.  I would like to build a validation rule to not allow users to change the value if it has already been populated.

Any help is much appreciated.


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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
Try this = 
    $Profile.Name <> "System Administrator",
Lisa PutnamLisa Putnam 
Using NPSP but I don't think that matters in this case. I have a custom object called Salary. Each year the employee's salary is updated and a new record is created. The effective date of the salary is entered on each record. I need to produce a very simple report that shows me the employee name and their current salary. The current salary will obviously be the one with the newest effective date. How can I find that record and report on it?
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Deanne WaltersDeanne Walters
So what you are going to want to do is create a rollup field on the contact object that is the latest effective date. Then create a formula field on the salary object that compares the the latest effective date on the contact object and the effective date on the salary record. If you have it as a checkbox have it checked if the two dates match. Then you can filter a report off of that checkbox.
Yves AsselinYves Asselin 
I have created a report in a sandbox. In one of my page layouts I created a URL button link. But the ID of the report does not stay the same when I deploy to production so my buttons don't work anymore, I have to manually edit the button and change the ID to the ReportID of the new org

Here is my button formula:
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Douglas BurkhartDouglas Burkhart
Unfortunately, the answer is you can't keep it the same. Salesforce auto-generates the unique ID for each report in both sandbox and production so once it's deployed to production, you will always be forced to update the ID to the correct production report.