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Nate PlumbNate Plumb 

I'm trying to work through the "Build an automated pipeline with GitLab" trailhead project. I've tried twice now, and both times everything seemed great until I went to verify at the end of the "Integrate with GitLab" stage. Verification fails and I just see the following message: "We could not confirm that you authenticated to your Dev Hub org using JWT-based auth flow with the 'DreamHouse_demo' Connected App".

I believe I have followed all the steps exactly as described. I've noticed there are some inconsistencies in capitalization between the instructions and the associated screenshots, but I believe I've been consistent. I also read the description of the JWT-based authentication flow here: and I seem to be conforming to the provided description.

I'm a little lost at this point. From the description, I assume this has nothing to do with anything on GitLab, but is an indication that I must have missed something while configuring my Dev Hub org or the connected app. Can anyone think of anything important that may have been omitted from the trailhead instructions? Or if not, any ideas what I might try next?
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Richard ClarkRichard Clark
I followed this course straight after TDX19 and it worked, eventually. The problem I had was I had to keep re-submitting the GitLab processes which failed due to repeated timeouts (using free edition as couldn't get hold of the temporary Gold access in time).
Elad AsulinElad Asulin 
Hi guys, I have been breaking my teeth over this one with no luck...
I am trying to complete a Trailhead that teaches how to route cases to proper agents using the Omni Channe console tool. (Link ( Trailhead module). I have completed the first 3 units which require building a process and copying and pasting the proper Apex class. The 4th unit wants me to build a console app and create a case to be properly routed by the process that calls the Apex class. When I create a new case I am getting the following error:

We can't save this record because the “Skills-based routing2” process failed. Give your Salesforce admin these details. <b>An unhandled fault has occurred in this flow</b> An unhandled fault has occurred while processing the flow. Please contact your system administrator for more information. Error ID: 425143809-9739 (143304855)

If I disable the process, case may be saved... So there is somekind of problem with the process, but I have followed step by step from the trailhead...

Any ideas?

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Elad AsulinElad Asulin
If anyone has this problem I was able to figure it out thanks to the help of the SF architect Gal Siloni! Everything was done correctly besides an API name for the cases (I believe under resources) which was different than the Apex code which was provided in the Trailhead. The advice is to double check you have all the APIs in your practice org similar to the Trailhead.
Farah SherifFarah Sherif 
although I sorted the "panel temperature" column this error appears
User-added imageUser-added image
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Prajakta HaldulePrajakta Haldule
Hi Farah,

Summarize the "Kilowatt Hours" and "Panel Temperature" as Average.
Group Rows by Temperature Range. Then create a Bucket for Panel Temperature with four categories as mentioned in the challenge.
Toggle OFF the Row Count, Detail Rows and Grand Total. Only Subtotals should be ON.

Kindly mark this as best answer if it's resolved.

Raja Kumar PallepatiRaja Kumar Pallepati 
Looks like there is a bug in certification website because it shows a new certification in verification page.
Refer the screenshot below.
User-added image
Refer the verification URL below:

I have finished the PD1 Summer 19 maintenance exam yesterday but I received an email for Einstein Analytics & Discovery Consultant Certification Maintenance (Summer '19).
@Tralhead & Certification team, Please look into it.
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Raja Kumar PallepatiRaja Kumar Pallepati
Thank you Bhagya for the update. I have opened a case with salesforce support to look into the issue.
Monika AmmannMonika Ammann 
Hi, I've just completed the above module, but I'm receiving an error when trying to verify my work. It tells me "We couldn't find the expected fields to display in the opportunity list view named 'My Opportunities'. Please double check the instructions." However my Fields to Display are the exact same ones as the ones in the screen shot. And I also made sure I am in the list view of My Opportunities. Has anyone else had this issue?
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Vera StickerVera Sticker
I had the same problem and this workaround I found in another thread worked for me: go back to table display, sort Expected Revenue by high to low, return to kanban display, and try to verify. The other suggestion in that thread was to make sure that when you drag the opportunity from "needs analysis" to "value proposition," you make sure it's on top of the other two. Hopefully those help you!
Chidubem Irenaeus ChukwuemekaChidubem Irenaeus Chukwuemeka 
Hello Everyone, 
........... it's been some hours of trial and it not really working. I'll be grateful if someone can help me solve these queries I've got with this challenge. 

thanks in advance.

Lightning Experience Reports & Dashboards SpecialistLightning Experience Reports & Dashboards SpecialistLightning Experience Reports & Dashboards Specialist
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Tulika KhanduriTulika Khanduri

hey Chidubem Irenaeus Chukwuemeka.

here's the screenshot of mine, see if this could help User-added image

Jose AlvaradoJose Alvarado 

So this is really embarassing but I have taken the Admin Certification test 3 times now. Each time I have averaged a 65.5 (yes, 1.5 points away from passing ALL 3 times). I'm not ready to give up and I probably won't do that until I pass this test. I have worked in Salesforce for about 3 years now as an "admin" (I'm more of a Subject Matter Expert but have an admin license). My job is pushing me to get the certification and I want to, but I feel rushed and pressured which could be part of the problem. I'd like to take it for a 4th time either this weekend or next, but I need some kind of guidance as to preparation and studying. I think I've focused too much on trying to memorize everything and that's clearly only enough to get 66% of it right. 

I have done the trailmix below to learn the information.

I have taken a couple of practice tests and studied flash cards I find online that look to be made from questions on practice tests. 

I have very limited experience being an actual administrator. I'm technically a Salesforce Admin, but my main job is support. My company actually doesn't have an Admin so there isn't really anyone for me to get guidance from. One of our developers has been a huge help and has been a great mentor but he has never taken the Admin test. I'm just looking for some kind of help/advice so I can pass this thing. 

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Amnon KruviAmnon Kruvi
Hi Jose,

There's nothing embarassing about failing an exam. I'm 14x certified, but when anyone asks I always talk about me failing App Builder. Failure is the biggest stepping stone to success.

Your situation is rather common. You have all the theoretical knowledge you can gather, but you lack practical experience. That experience is what's meant to get you past the exam - and you'll fare much better once you have it. If your company doesn't have an admin, who has admin access? Can you get a sandbox to practice with for a week or two? The idea is that you could try and solve the business problems you encounter in your company on a partial sandbox, focusing on the areas of the exam where you fared poorly.

The main different between studying Salesforce and having practical experience in it is that studying will teach you everything Salesforce can do. Experience will teach you everything it can't.
Tarwin Stroh-SpijerTarwin Stroh-Spijer 
I am trying to complete this Trailhead unit but I am at a loss to how to proceed. As far as I can tell it's because things have been changed (UI etc) recently, but I am willing to believe I just have no idea what I'm doing too haha.

As part of this I have to create a new App. It says:

- Go to Setup Menu
- On the Lightning Platform home page, click Add App.

For me the Setup Menu looks as follows:

User-added image

When I click this I am taken to a page that looks like this:

User-added image

My problem is there is no Add App button anywhere. Ideas?
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Miroslav MatovicMiroslav Matovic
Try switching to Classic and going to Setup > Create > Apps > Quick Start. Looks like this screenshot.
David QuillmanDavid Quillman 
I've been using trailhead for just over a week....but today I get an error when I try to login to trailhead.

Please help.
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Randall RenoRandall Reno

Jonathan, I saw your email about logging into trailhead using by salesforce dev account, and that worked!. The email and the trailblazer account are now linked. Thanks very much for your help!.

As Commander Montgomery Scott said in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock: "The more complicated the plumbing, the easier it is to clog the drain." ;)

Scott TongsakScott Tongsak 

Any suggestions to fix this?

An incorrect source report is assigned to the 'Top Accounts' component.
An incorrect source report is assigned to the 'Top Accounts' component.
Screenshot of dashboard

I have:

Refreshed the dashboard.
Remade the dashboard.
Remade the report.
Made a new trailhead playground.
Cleared my browser's cache and used a different browser all together.
Set 'View Dashboard As' all three options.

I'm running out of options on what to try.

Best regards

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Paul CalvertPaul Calvert
Hi Askill,

There was definitely a bug recently which resulted in the error ‘An incorrect source report is assigned to the 'Top Accounts' component.’ But this is not your issue.

In your use case the error displayed is correct, and the source report you are providing is incorrect as per the challenge. You don’t need to be concerned with report API names in this instance, although I do note you have cleaned them up. It should not affect the outcome.

You have more detail listed in your report than required. Without being able to go back and check this challenge myself, perhaps switch off some of the sub-totals and grand total details. From memory the challenge required a count, and this includes 'Other'. You have not bucketed 'Other' 

User-added image

A small unsuspecting checkbox can be found here >>>

User-added image