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Stas TaraschanskyStas Taraschansky 

Dear Fellow Trailblazers,

Need your help figuring out if this is even possible. And if it's possible, then how exactly can we implement it:

We want to be able to create Cases in SalesForce from a 3d party site using JavaScript. Presumably, make an Ajax call to REST endpoint.

We went through REST API docs ( but are still confused if we need to authenticate, or get the token, and if it's even possible to do with JavaScript, or we have to invoke Node's jsforce objects.

Please advise.
Thank you!

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Stas TaraschanskyStas Taraschansky
Sakthivel, thank you so much!
We were able to get response on the dev forums.
Here's the thread:!/feedtype=SINGLE_QUESTION_DETAIL&dc=Lightning&criteria=OPENQUESTIONS&id=9062I000000QwFIQA0
Hunter SabolHunter Sabol 
As part of my onboarding process for new employees, they have to complete the basic SFDC CRM Trailhead. One of my users has the exercises in a different language then the training. How do I fix the language preference for the exercises?
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Naveen DhanarajNaveen Dhanaraj
Like this,

User-added image
sri vinod korlakuntasri vinod korlakunta 
I have defined 4 attributes. how can I concatenate four attributes to one attribute?

<aura:attribute name='pword1' type='string'/>
    <aura:attribute name='pword2' type='string'/>
    <aura:attribute name='pword3' type='string'/>
    <aura:attribute name='pword4' type='string'/>
    <aura:attribute name='pword' type='string'/>
pword should be taken as pwrd ='pwrd1'+'pwrd2'+'pwrd3'+'pwrd4'
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Payal MittalPayal Mittal
So that means now you have 4 input fields?
cmp.get("v.pword1") + cmp.get("v.pword2") + cmp.get("v.pword3") + cmp.get("v.pword4")

And can you print pinSet value in controller js, so as to make sure its having the appended value?
And your 4 fields are capturing UI values.
Alexis WestergrenAlexis Westergren 
Am I totally missing somehting here or what? I'm trying to complete the "Prepare for Your Salesforce Administrator Credential" and there are Tasks included in the mix but I don't know what to do with them or how to complete them! I'm following it but unlike the other steps to ear badges or read a document, there's no link on these. 

In the image you will see 2 tasks, a module and a project.  The Module and the Project have a blue link but the tasks don't. What do I do??
User-added image
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Amnon KruviAmnon Kruvi
Hi Alexis,

Those are just the different categories of your exam - you are welcome to ignore them.

Good luck obtaining your certification!
Daniel WalkerDaniel Walker 
I'm doing a trailhead module that is requiring that I add an internal comment when I click the change ownership button a few cases.

The issue is that internal comments are not a box that shows up when the change ownership screen pulls up.

I have been searching for how to fix this on my own for about an hour and am no closer to figuring it out, other than someone posting that adding the "internal comments" field is possible in the layout, but i can't figure out what layout they're referring to.

Help please!
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Daniel WalkerDaniel Walker
There doesn't seem to be a good solution, so the work around I created was to move the Internal Comments field in the Case Page Layout so that it showed up at the top of the case details screen when you go to edit a case manually, then filled out the missing phrase there.  After I did that it finally worked.
Viktoriia YefimovaViktoriia Yefimova 
I'm trying to pass challenge "Visualize Your Data" in trailhead project "Create Reports and Dashboards for Sales and Marketing Managers". And I can't pass it, error: The 'Global Sales Dashboard' dashboard does not contain a component with the header 'Win Rates' that displays a table. I understand that this error because I have lightning table not legacy. So my question, where I can find legacy table? Because it not exist.User-added image
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Michelle BrownMichelle Brown
Hi, I managed to complete this challenge by switching to classic to create the dashboard and add the Win Rates Table in Classic and save the dashboard. Then switch to lightning and continue to edit and complete the dashboard in lightning and add the remaining components. You will see that the table converts to a legacy table when opened in ligthning and you can amedn the row sort order etc as per the instructions. Note: If you switch from legacy to classic the dashboard becomes read only so its important you do the Win rates (classic) component first.
Philip MurtaghPhilip Murtagh 
Hi all, 
I'm having a bit of trouble and I can't figure this one out. I'm sure its an easy problem to solve but I just can't seem to. 
For the Admin Beginner: Reports and Dashboards for light experience: Extend Your Reporting Strategy with AppExchange Challenge, I can't seem to get pass this. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. We have to modify an existing Dashboard and then add a dashboard filter for billing city so that it only shows accounts in London. And I keep trying to add the filter but it's not going through. 
Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. 
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Mary TaglerMary Tagler
OK, I just retook it and it worked. I added my filter, saved it and set the filter. Then when I validated it worked. I'm not sure what you might have done differently. When I checked it, there was no data on my dashboard because there were no Accounts with London as the billing city
Synthia Beauvais (Active)Synthia Beauvais (Active) 
When completing step one of the Superbadge, I am getting the error below when attempting to complete the readiness check. It has been 3 days and the error is still present. How can I get past it?

**The org new.

"Offline for maintenance This app is undergoing maintenance right now.  Please check back later."

User-added image

User-added image

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Synthia Beauvais (Active)Synthia Beauvais (Active)
I tried a little experiment and I was able to get past challenge one. I found an old readiness and optimizer report for my companies org. So, I saved both files and uploaded them to my playground and boom. 500 points!!

If you don't have these files try uploading 2 PDF's to files in your TP with the following naming conventions. 



Let me know if this works for you!

User-added image

User-added image
Jose SousatelesJose Sousateles 
Anytime I create a new TP hands-on org, I click launch and sends me to the login page, since this is the first time logging in to this org, I haven't set the password. Also note I have tried the forgot password link but it doesn't work for the newly created org.
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Yuvaraj PalaniYuvaraj Palani
Hi Jose, 
Have you tried creating new org again to check whether it logs in ? 

FYI. there is also a limit on number of TP for a trailhead account . I think it is 10. But I don't really think that is causing this issue. 

May be you can try do this.
  1. Log in from a different browser. Just to ensure this is not a cache issue.
  2. Try creating new TP to see whether it works out. 
  3. If 1 & 2 doesn't work for you, then raise a case to Salesforce.

Yuvaraj Palani
Richard RanieriRichard Ranieri 
Hello, I'm doing training and trying to finish off the section where I install Aps and Packages in my playground but when I click on the DreamHouse link it brings me to salesforce login.  

When I put in my Trailblazer credentials into SF login, it won't let me sign in.  Do I need to create a login specifically for SF or is there a workaround with Trailblazer?

Hopefully this makes sense :)