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Anthony Arrigo-CutrightAnthony Arrigo-Cutright 
When trying to make the report for "Users with Volunteer Shift Worker Records" I cant put more than 40 characters. When I try to run the check challenge it gives me an error. So I have attempted to make it the unique name and it confirms that the limit is 40 char. User-added imageUser-added image
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Narender SinghNarender Singh
Hi Anthony,
It looks like a creating a report. But the badge is asking you to create a report type.
Go to setup and search for 'report types'.
Click on report types.
And click on 'new' to create the Report type named 'Users with Volunteer Shift Worker Records'
ashish kanoongoashish kanoongo 
Hi Everyone

I am trying to write a validation rule for Multi picklist.

Following is an example what I want to do

I have a Territory field (Territory__c) with value USA, ANZ, Europe.If I select Territory__c=USA ,I want Fixed values in Rack_Licence_Fee__c=10.
IF Territory__c=USA
then  Rack_Licence_Fee__c=10

IF Territory__c=ANZ
then  Rack_Licence_Fee__c=20

Something like this.
Please help me out here.
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Amit SinghAmit Singh
Hi Ashish,

If you wanted to Edit Rack_Licence_Fee__c and Rack_On_Boarding_Fee__c Field after saving the Record then you need to build a WFR for the same which will update both the Field based on the Criteria.

If you do not want to Edit these fields that you can create 2 formula fields for the same.

For Rack_Licence_Fee__c => 

For Rack_On_Boarding_Fee__c​ => 

PeiRueng WuPeiRueng Wu 
For the module  External Service >Register an External Service
In my trailhead playground, I cannot fine External Services in Setup.
Anyone else have this issue? 

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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
+1 Remember that External Services(formerly Integrations(Beta)) is ONLY available in Lightning Experience.
Anuj GargAnuj Garg 
I Install Package What can i do  now   futher Step
Iam facing this issue

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
The Account object's 'Volunteer Organization Status' field couldn't be found. Ensure that you use the correct label and API name when creating fields. In this example the validation is looking for 'Volunteer_Organization_Status__c'.
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Narender SinghNarender Singh
This is how your field should look.
User-added image
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Gulshan MiddhaGulshan Middha
Pradeep to give you an example scenario, lets say I have 2 requirements, one to update the Account Rating to "Hot" if Account Source is "Webinar". the second requirement is to create a contact related to that Account.

I'll use the before trigger to achieve my first requirement (although this can be done via workflow) and after trigger for second. There are lots of links available to explain when to use before and when to use after, here is one of them:
Sophia Krich-BrintonSophia Krich-Brinton 
Hi everyone, 
I am getting started with Trailblazer and had to check the "Allow users to relate a contact to multiple accounts " box. I just got an email notification saying that this was enabled on my dev environment, not my playground - so I can't complete the challenge. Anyone know how I can update the settings, other than removing my SF account from the playground?
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Thomas LangeThomas Lange
The email you received should have listed the Organization ID:

User-added image

Can you double check your Trailhead Playground to see if this ID matches the one in the " Organization ID" field on the Company Information page in setup?

User-added image

If you are unsure whether you are using the right org, the simplest way to check might be to try completing the challenge and clicking the "Check Challenge" button. This will tell you whether the steps were followed correctly. The nice thing is if you missed anything, an error message should appear and give you a little more info on what you are missing. There is no penalty for clicking that button, so I would try that if I were you.
Vaheh HartoonianVaheh Hartoonian 
I’m working on a project, Customize a Salesforce Object (, and I get the following error message when I try to verify the second step: “The field 'Zone__c' either does not exist on the Lead object or it is not of type Picklist.”
I’ve checked my work and even performed the steps again on three separate playgrounds, and I still can’t get this step to verify. I have created the “Zone” field in the Lead object as a picklist. I’m thinking this is a glitch. Can anyone confirm?
Also, I tried to submit this ticket via the Contact Us ( Trailhead page, but when I clicked “Submit to Trailhead” I get this error message at the bottom of the page: "This page has an error. You might just need to refresh it. Action failed: c:SubmitCase$controller$onSubmit [Failed to execute 'send' on 'XMLHttpRequest': Failed to load ''.] Failing descriptor: {c:SubmitCase$controller$onSubmit}"
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Vaheh HartoonianVaheh Hartoonian
Thanks, Sugandi. I must have misunderstood the instructions. But the error message reads, "The field 'Zone__c' either does not exist on the Lead object or it is not of type Picklist." Hope SFDC corrects this. 
Manasi PrabhuneManasi Prabhune 
I am trying to continue with my Data Maangement 1st challenge Data import. When I come to 3rd step where we map all the fields with Contacts, after mapping all the 3 it throws an error:
"You need to map the required field Contact: Loan Amount."
There is no Loan amount field to be matched.
I cannot proceed without resolving the error.

Please help.
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Harsh PatelHarsh Patel
Hello Manasi,
Go to your contact object and check whether that field is present or not.If the field is there then you need to edit it and make it unrequired.
Also have a look at this thread:
Brittany PenmanBrittany Penman 
I'm working on the trailhead playground (I have the Developer Edition) and I want to see my changes to the org in another users perspective especially if I add certain permissions to the users profile. I just want to be able to view what they see in their perspective on the org. Just to make sure everything is working properly. And I'm new to Salesforce so I'm not really an expert yet.
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Brittany PenmanBrittany Penman 
Hi, I created a roll up summary for the account object that displays the total expected revenues of the account's opportunities. But it is not displaying in the area in the picture I have uploaded. It only appears in the detail tab. I'm very new to Salesforce can anyone please help?User-added image
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Christine MarshallChristine Marshall
You need to edit the Compact Layout. Go to Setup-Object Manager-Account-Compact Layouts

From here you can adjust what fields are displayed.

For more information: