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Monika AmmannMonika Ammann 
Hi, I've just completed the above module, but I'm receiving an error when trying to verify my work. It tells me "We couldn't find the expected fields to display in the opportunity list view named 'My Opportunities'. Please double check the instructions." However my Fields to Display are the exact same ones as the ones in the screen shot. And I also made sure I am in the list view of My Opportunities. Has anyone else had this issue?
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Vera StickerVera Sticker
I had the same problem and this workaround I found in another thread worked for me: go back to table display, sort Expected Revenue by high to low, return to kanban display, and try to verify. The other suggestion in that thread was to make sure that when you drag the opportunity from "needs analysis" to "value proposition," you make sure it's on top of the other two. Hopefully those help you!
Chidubem Irenaeus ChukwuemekaChidubem Irenaeus Chukwuemeka 
Hello Everyone, 
........... it's been some hours of trial and it not really working. I'll be grateful if someone can help me solve these queries I've got with this challenge. 

thanks in advance.

Lightning Experience Reports & Dashboards SpecialistLightning Experience Reports & Dashboards SpecialistLightning Experience Reports & Dashboards Specialist
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Tulika KhanduriTulika Khanduri

hey Chidubem Irenaeus Chukwuemeka.

here's the screenshot of mine, see if this could help User-added image

Jose AlvaradoJose Alvarado 

So this is really embarassing but I have taken the Admin Certification test 3 times now. Each time I have averaged a 65.5 (yes, 1.5 points away from passing ALL 3 times). I'm not ready to give up and I probably won't do that until I pass this test. I have worked in Salesforce for about 3 years now as an "admin" (I'm more of a Subject Matter Expert but have an admin license). My job is pushing me to get the certification and I want to, but I feel rushed and pressured which could be part of the problem. I'd like to take it for a 4th time either this weekend or next, but I need some kind of guidance as to preparation and studying. I think I've focused too much on trying to memorize everything and that's clearly only enough to get 66% of it right. 

I have done the trailmix below to learn the information.

I have taken a couple of practice tests and studied flash cards I find online that look to be made from questions on practice tests. 

I have very limited experience being an actual administrator. I'm technically a Salesforce Admin, but my main job is support. My company actually doesn't have an Admin so there isn't really anyone for me to get guidance from. One of our developers has been a huge help and has been a great mentor but he has never taken the Admin test. I'm just looking for some kind of help/advice so I can pass this thing. 

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Amnon KruviAmnon Kruvi
Hi Jose,

There's nothing embarassing about failing an exam. I'm 14x certified, but when anyone asks I always talk about me failing App Builder. Failure is the biggest stepping stone to success.

Your situation is rather common. You have all the theoretical knowledge you can gather, but you lack practical experience. That experience is what's meant to get you past the exam - and you'll fare much better once you have it. If your company doesn't have an admin, who has admin access? Can you get a sandbox to practice with for a week or two? The idea is that you could try and solve the business problems you encounter in your company on a partial sandbox, focusing on the areas of the exam where you fared poorly.

The main different between studying Salesforce and having practical experience in it is that studying will teach you everything Salesforce can do. Experience will teach you everything it can't.
Eric HirstEric Hirst 
Hi, I'm on and running into the error:
The trigger doesn't create the expected task for opportunities whose stage has been updated to 'Closed Won'.

My trigger code is:
trigger OpportunityChangeTrigger on OpportunityChangeEvent (after insert) {
	List<Task> tasks = new List<Task>();
    boolean won = false;
    for (OpportunityChangeEvent event : {
        EventBus.ChangeEventHeader header = event.ChangeEventHeader;
        if (header.changetype == 'UPDATE' && event.IsWon) {
            Task t = new Task(
                Subject = 'Follow up on won opportunities: ' + header.recordIds,
                OwnerId = header.commituser

            won = true;
        if (won) {
            insert Tasks;

My test, which is passing, is
public class TestOpportunityChangeTrigger {
    public static void test() {
        insert new Opportunity(
            Name = 'Sell 100 Widgets',
            StageName = 'Prospecting',
            CloseDate =

        Task[] taskList = [SELECT Id,Subject FROM Task]; 
        System.assertEquals(0, taskList.size(),
                            'Unexpected task found');

        Opportunity oppt = [SELECT Id, Name, StageName, isWon, CloseDate from Opportunity][0];
        oppt.StageName = 'Closed Won';
        update oppt;
        taskList = [SELECT Id,Subject FROM Task]; 
        System.assertEquals(1, taskList.size(),
                            'The change event trigger did not create the expected task.');        
        string start = 'Follow up on won opportunities';
        System.assertEquals(start, taskList[0].Subject.substring(0, start.length()),
                            'The task subject is wrong.');        
I've played around a bit already with the new Task() initialization in my trigger in case there is a whitespace error in the problem definition somewhere, but so far haven't stumbled on anything that works.  (I've also removed a conflicting trigger from another Trailhead challenge; this step was needed to get my own test to pass.)

Any idea what's wrong here?  It's hard to know diagnose this without seeing the underlying Trailhead unit test code that's failing.

Thanks, Eric
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sunil Palsunil Pal
Hi @Eric,

Please try to add this link in task creation It might help.
WhatId = header.recordIds[0];

Looking for your response.
Nicolas GutierrezNicolas Gutierrez 
I am trying to update my job role in my trailhead account and it's not letting me. Can someone advise on how to do this besides opening a ticket with SF Trailhead.

User-added image
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Jayson MoralesJayson Morales
Hi Nicolas,

I checked mine and have the same issue. Looks like there's no way to change the "Job Role" and "Relationship to Salesforce" for now.

"Reminder: For the time being, you will not be able to update your Trailhead profile URL, Job Role, or profile photo, which have been currently disabled, but will be editable again soon."

Dora CrowDora Crow 

I am working in

and have followed these steps:
7. To create the VisionController Apex class, copy only the VisionController code from to the Apex Class tab. The class is all the code from public class VisionController { to the closing brace }
8. Update the jwt.sub placeholder text of with your email address.

I am getting the following error:
Error: Compile Error: Invalid type: Vision.Prediction at line 24 column 36

My code matches that which is in the instructions, (other than my real email address, of course), and some code that is not "viewable" in the instructions, so I am unable to check that.  I will paste my code below with the email address modified for privacy:


public class VisionController {
    // You can upload the `einstein_platform.pem` into your Salesforce org as `File` sObject and read it as below
    public String getAccessToken() {
        // Ignore the File upload part and "jwt.pkcs" if you used a Salesforce certificate to sign up 
        // for an Einstein Platform account
        ContentVersion base64Content = [SELECT Title, VersionData FROM ContentVersion where Title='einstein_platform' OR  Title='predictive_services' ORDER BY Title LIMIT 1];
        String keyContents = base64Content.VersionData.tostring();
        keyContents = keyContents.replace('-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----', '');
        keyContents = keyContents.replace('-----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----', '');
        keyContents = keyContents.replace('\n', '');

        // Get a new token
        JWT jwt = new JWT('RS256');
        // jwt.cert = 'JWTCert'; // Uncomment this if you used a Salesforce certificate to sign up for an Einstein Platform account
        jwt.pkcs8 = keyContents; // Comment this if you are using jwt.cert
        jwt.iss = '';
        jwt.sub = '';
        jwt.aud = '';
        jwt.exp = '3600';
        String access_token = JWTBearerFlow.getAccessToken('', jwt);
        return access_token;    

    public List<Vision.Prediction> getCallVisionUrl() {
        // Get a new token
        String access_token = getAccessToken();
        // Make a prediction using URL to a file
        return Vision.predictUrl('',access_token,'GeneralImageClassifier');

    public List<Vision.Prediction> getCallVisionContent() {
        // Get a new token
        String access_token = getAccessToken();

        // Make a prediction for an image stored in Salesforce
        // by passing the file as blob which is then converted to base64 string
        ContentVersion content = [SELECT Title,VersionData FROM ContentVersion where Id = '06841000000LkfCAAS' LIMIT 1];
        return Vision.predictBlob(content.VersionData, access_token, 'GeneralImageClassifier');



Can someone please advise me on how to troubleshoot this issue?  Thank you!

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Om PrakashOm Prakash
It seems Vision class is not created.
Can you please recheck the point 5:
To create the Vision Apex class, copy all the code from Vision.apex to the Apex Class tab and click Save.
Roma SadhuRoma Sadhu 
I am trying to complete my assignment of Set up My Domain for your Developer Edition, but it is giving me below mentioned error message repeatedly.

Could not find the setup of your My Domain in your org. Ensure that you have properly set the Background Color. Make sure that you've received an email from Salesforce notifying you that your domain is ready for testing before running this challenge.

Can someone please help me.
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Om PrakashOm Prakash
You have already credintials of the org where you have did custom domain configuration.

Before clicking "Check Challanges To earn 500 points", click on "Login To Developer Edition"

User-added image

Once you will login then before checking challanges need to ensure that your recently linked User name is selected:

User-added image
Anya ZvezdinaAnya Zvezdina 
Any tips on getting my head around all the different product names/licences? I am studying towards Admin Accreditation but I keep getting confused by selecting Salesforce Platform instead of Salesforce in profile settings... tips?
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Robert RuelasRobert Ruelas
This will Help:

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Lionel KamdemLionel Kamdem 

I'm working in step 7 of the Lightning Experience Reports & Dashboard and this is the error I'm getting. 

User-added image

Apparently I'm not giving the correct access to the folder. 

"Make the folder viewable by all internal users and make Report and Dashboard Administrators managers of the folder."

Here's what I have: 

User-added image

Hopefully someone can help me. Thank you!!!

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Narender SinghNarender Singh
Like this:

User-added image
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Sajil EruvenkaiSajil Eruvenkai
Hi Akshay,

All you need is a Contact record. From there, select “Enable Customer User” or “Enable Partner User” to create an external user.

User-added image
Upon clicking, you are taken to the user record page. If you try this out on your org, you’ll notice that the User License and Profile drop-downs are populated with external licenses and their corresponding profiles.