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Rohit ShettyRohit Shetty 
It says Looks like there was a problem and can't finish the setup. I've given it time and also searched to make sure that I have chat enabled for the user(me) I'm selecting. Cannot find a resolution.

Chat Agent Guided Setup Flow
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Christian PezzinChristian Pezzin 
Hi all, I am trying to follow up the steps in this module:
Build a Community with Knowledge and Chat
at this step:

In the paragraph:

Run the Chat Agent Guided Setup Flow

I am stuck at these steps:

4. Copy the URL associated to the Category 1 Biking community.
5. Click the Home tab to go to Service Setup Home.
6. Click View All and then search for and select Chat with Customers.

I really don't see all these things happening, and it does not seem that the community created matches the requirements.

Is anybody else having the same issue?

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Nitish BansalNitish Bansal
To open service setup 

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LaTashia SmithLaTashia Smith 
I am on the Customize a SF Object > Create Picklists and Field Dependencies challenge and am running into this error message. I have checked it over and over and don't see why I am getting the error. User-added image
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Ron FeherRon Feher
SOLVED; sort of, I deleted the custom object that I had created and when I re-created it, after previewing the functionality of the picklist, it takes you out of lightning and into classic. The first time I escaped and went back to lightning; the second time I stayed in classic and finished the instructions and passed the module. Not sure if the switch to classic mattered but it solved it for me!
Michael TomlinsonMichael Tomlinson 

I'm attempting my first Superbadge and have come across a error on the third Challenge and can 't see to trouble shoot it.

I continue to receive the error:
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
We can’t find the categorization called 'SolarBot Ownership', or the categorization is based on an incorrect field, or the category settings are incorrect on the 'Top Case Drivers by SolarBot Ownership' report.

Can anyone help with this?

User-added imageUser-added imageUser-added imageMany thanks in advance
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Michael TomlinsonMichael Tomlinson
Figured it out.

One of my Buckets was "No SolarBot" should have been "No SolarBots" I then had to group it like thus:
User-added image

Onwards to Challenger 4

Alexandre SoaresAlexandre Soares 
I am following the steps according to the module, but I am presenting an error message to the Set Up Queue-Based Routing.

Understand Queue-Based Routing (" target="_blank)

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Dev SaasDev Saas
Hi Alexandre,
You can try now. It has been fixed.

Adam ProughAdam Prough 
Hey everyone,

I am working on the External Services module and in the unit Use External Services in a Flow portion I am unable to select any of the Apex Actions. Everything has been completed from the previous unit. From the instructions below I am unable to select an Apex Action in the search box.  The actions display in External Service, but not in Apex Action.  Any thoughts on why this is no working?

Instructions: Click to view Module Unit (
1. From the toolbox, drag the Action element onto the canvas.
2. Change Filter By to Type, select Apex Action, and click in the search box. (When I click on the Apex Action, I am unable to search Apex actions. Below is a screenshot.)
3. Enter BankService and select BankService_addAccount__Service.
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Tim KriegerTim Krieger
Wait, this afternoon, parts of the assignment were updated. I used the new steps defined in the assignment, and it worked now. 
Susana Noriega AvilaSusana Noriega Avila 
Can anyone help me on "Lightning Experience Reports & Dashboards Specialist" Challenge 1?
I followed all the steps that are listed and created the 4 folders but when I check the challenge I keep getting the error below:

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
We can’t find the folder for the Executive team.

User-added image

Is there something I'm missing while creating the folders or public groups?
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Sunil SarillaSunil Sarilla
Hi Susan,
The folder names naming convention SolarBot [team/group] Reports.
so for executive team the folder name will be SolarBot Executive Reports
Connie HazendonkConnie Hazendonk 

Ok, I have now been banging my head on the table for the last 2 hours, created a new org to go through this second step. And it is now failing on all levels. Hopefully someone can give me a tip where I go wrong

So I have done the following:
Field Sales User - Account Read and Edit, Opportunity: Read, Create, Edit
Inside Sales User: Account Read, Create, Edit, Opportunity Read, Create, Edit
Sales Executive User: Account View All, Opportunity View All

Sharing Settings:
Account - Public Read / Write
Opportunity - Private

Sharing Rules:
1) all records from Role Field Sales shared with Inside Sales. Read / Write for account & Opp, Private for Case
1) all records from Field Sales to Insdie Sales, Read Write
2) criteria Existing Customer Upgrade AND CLosed Won - with Public Group Project Managers - Read Only

I have set up Samantha as Field Sales User

When I now check the challenge I get the error:

"The sharing rule that shares Opportunities owned by Field Sales users with Inside Sales users does not appear to be setup correctly.
Close errors"

But I know the set up is correct. Before I had done exactly the same but gont an Apex Error on the Be Awesome. So I thought I start over
Now of course the Apex errors also!

Any tips please? I have checked several resources online, checked what they have done and cannot see where I go wrong. 



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sakshi nagpalsakshi nagpal
hey I am sorry
 remove full stop from link. this should work-:
Daniel ScartonDaniel Scarton 
I have been stuck on this step for some time unfortnately with the part of adding the reference lines.

They recently added dynamic reference lines, but unfortunately the superbadge check does not like them:
User-added image

Reading through the developer forums, I tried to apply the 'old way' of binding, but unfortunately I get a json validation error (even though visually the dashboard works)
old way:
User-added image

User-added image

Is there a better way of doing this in order to pass the superbadge? Thanks in advance!
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Delphine GernoDelphine Gerno
Hi Daniel, 

The JSON for the reference line is:
"referenceLines": [
                    "label": {
                        "data": "{{cell(Attrition_Cost_1.result, 0, \"attrCost\").asString()}}",
                        "type": "static"
                    "value": {
                        "data": "{{cell(Attrition_Cost_1.result, 0, \"attrCost\").asString()}}",
                        "type": "static"

Then, the query for the Attrition Cost is:
"query": "q = load \"Beattie_Subs\";\nq = filter q by {{row(Tenure_Length_1.selection,[0],[\"min\",\"max\"]).asRange(\"Tenure\")}};\nq = filter q by 'Churn' == \"Yes\";\nq = group q by 'Region';\nq = foreach q generate 'Region' as 'Region', (count(q) * 950) as 'attrCost';\nq = order q by 'Region' asc;\nq = limit q 2000;",
Hope this will help.



Vivek PatelVivek Patel 
When an appointment is scheduled, I don't have access to move that on the Gantt, what am I missing?
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Girish KotgireGirish Kotgire
You must be locked those movements. There is one Lock button on the Gantt chart, If you ON that then you will be able to move Service Appointments on Gantt chart. 
See below Screenshot:
User-added image