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Danny TaylorDanny Taylor 

We have had Trail Tracker installed in our org for a few months and it has typically been running without any issues. On Friday we started getting the below errors and it has completely stopped any data sync since then.

First two errors are as followed:
TrailheadAPI getBadgeMetaData Attempt to de-reference a null object, line 518. Cause: null
TrailheadAPI getBadgeMetaData Attempt to de-reference a null object, line 518. Cause: null

Then we got 78 repeating of the following (all different badges) 
TrailheadAPI loadBadgeMetaData Duplicate external id specified: search_solution_basics

Any guidance on how to resolve would be great. 


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Adam TormanAdam Torman
The fix has been deployed and initially tested!

If you've manually upgraded your trail tracker app with the link ( you should notice a couple of things after the next sync:
1. the "Attempt to de-reference a null object" should be gone from the debug log
2. the "Duplicate external id specified" should be gone from the debug log
3. any badges that have been earned should now sync. Consider earning a badge before the next sync so you can test that it updated as expected.

Thank you again for your patience. Once we finish our internal testing, we'll push an upgrade to the rest of the community. Thanks!

Andy ShippAndy Shipp 
I'm trying to finish this trailmix.  I'm 95% complete however there are no additional modules, projects, or items to finish. I believe the reports and dashboard module/project was retired before I was able to complete it.   Is there a replacement?  will the trailmix be updated?   Please help as I would like to complete this trrailmix. 
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Pierre Despatis-DupontPierre Despatis-Dupont
You can just unfollow the trailmix too. Completing a trailmix does not give you any additional points or badges. Some of the older trailmixes like this one do count external documents (links) in the completion percentage but don't have a way to mark them as complete. So, as far as I know it's impossible to get 100% completion for that trailmix at the moment.
sahiti pudotasahiti pudota 
Messaging.SingleEmailMessage mail = new Messaging.SingleEmailMessage(); String[] toAddresses = new String[] {address};
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Narender SinghNarender Singh
SingleEmailMessage is class a predefined in SF under Messaging namespace.

-In the first line we are instantiating an object named 'mail' of SingleEmailMessage class type.
-In the second line, we are creating a string type list with name 'toAddresses' and intializing it with a value stored in 
'address' variable.
Zachary LeeZachary Lee 
I am working on registering a new external service. I followed the directions and the page will not let me save. Very limited error information is provided. 
User-added image
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Zachary LeeZachary Lee
I think i just figured it out; i was trying to complete it on my org instead of on the demo 
Anthony Arrigo-CutrightAnthony Arrigo-Cutright 
When trying to make the report for "Users with Volunteer Shift Worker Records" I cant put more than 40 characters. When I try to run the check challenge it gives me an error. So I have attempted to make it the unique name and it confirms that the limit is 40 char. User-added imageUser-added image
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Narender SinghNarender Singh
Hi Anthony,
It looks like a creating a report. But the badge is asking you to create a report type.
Go to setup and search for 'report types'.
Click on report types.
And click on 'new' to create the Report type named 'Users with Volunteer Shift Worker Records'
Charleen ShakmanCharleen Shakman 
Hi Trailblazers,
Task:  create the SolarBot Status Averages report organized by status date showing that day’s average percent obscured, average panel temperature, and average kilowatt hours for all SolarBots. The Support team only needs to know each day’s averages. They don’t need to see information about each individual SolarBot, the number of records, or the aggregate. Store this report in the Status Reports folder.

User-added image
The # columns are all set to average.  Filters are all time and all solar bots.
The error message:
User-added image
What am I doing wrong?!
Thank you in advance for taking the time to help me; I've been struggling with this for longer than I care to admit.
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Pierre Despatis-DupontPierre Despatis-Dupont
Have you tried without "subtotals" enabled? I'm not 100% sure that's the issue but worth a try if yo have not already done so. Let me know! :)
Brittany PenmanBrittany Penman 
Hi keep getting this weird error for this superbadge, and I think I'm doing it right. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
We can’t find the requested graph type associated with the 'Top Case Drivers by SolarBot Ownership' report. Or the setting isn't selected to show the proportions between values in each grouping and each grouping's total.

User-added imageUser-added image
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Amit SinghAmit Singh
Have you tried to Select the Stacked to 100% of the Chart ? Try that
Kim SeipelKim Seipel 
I have already activated Lightning Experience for myself as the Admin for my Org and set-up Custom Profiles for the rest of my users.  In those custom profile settings, I have unchecked "Lightning Experience User" as I wish for them to remain using SalesForce Classic until I am ready to roll it out.  We are scheduled for an auto-transition on Aug. 28th. Even though I set my users up with Custom Profiles that do not include Lightning Experience, will they still see the new UI come the 28th?  I want them to remain in SalesForce Classic.
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Tharun GTharun G
No Kim, they can’t switch to lightning experience until you check the " Lightning Experience User" on those custom profiles.
Stef MeyStef Mey 
I am struggeling with the SolarBot Status Averages Report.  The check says "The 'SolarBot Status Averages' report isn't organized by status date.". As soon as I group the report by status date - which to me seems to be the solution - the check says "The 'SolarBot Status Averages' report is displaying cumulative data." I have set the Panel Temperature etc. to averae however... Can anyone help please?

Trailhead Superbadge
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Somya SrivastavaSomya Srivastava
Hi Stef,

Here you don't need to take the Average of Panel Temperature, percent obscured and kWh columns. 
Also, uncheck the Row counts, Sub total and Grand total.
sahiti pudotasahiti pudota 
trigger HelloWorldTrigger on Account (before insert) {
    for(Account a : Trigger.New) {
        a.Description = 'New description';
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Richa AnejaRicha Aneja

Hi Sahiti,
We use before triggers to update or validate record values before they’re saved to the database while after triggers are used to access field values that are set by the system eg record's Id or LastModifiedDate field and to affect changes in other records like updating a related record or basically performing automations.

Since, in your code you are not providing any id, and instead accessing which is a list of records that have been recently added to sobjects and is yet to be saved to database. can only be edited in before events, therefore before insert is only appropriate here.