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Anya ZvezdinaAnya Zvezdina 
Any tips on getting my head around all the different product names/licences? I am studying towards Admin Accreditation but I keep getting confused by selecting Salesforce Platform instead of Salesforce in profile settings... tips?
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Robert RuelasRobert Ruelas
This will Help:

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Lionel KamdemLionel Kamdem 

I'm working in step 7 of the Lightning Experience Reports & Dashboard and this is the error I'm getting. 

User-added image

Apparently I'm not giving the correct access to the folder. 

"Make the folder viewable by all internal users and make Report and Dashboard Administrators managers of the folder."

Here's what I have: 

User-added image

Hopefully someone can help me. Thank you!!!

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Narender SinghNarender Singh
Like this:

User-added image
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Sajil EruvenkaiSajil Eruvenkai
Hi Akshay,

All you need is a Contact record. From there, select “Enable Customer User” or “Enable Partner User” to create an external user.

User-added image
Upon clicking, you are taken to the user record page. If you try this out on your org, you’ll notice that the User License and Profile drop-downs are populated with external licenses and their corresponding profiles.

Michelle MorrisseyMichelle Morrissey 
Would someone be able to offer assistance with what I am supposed to do for the hands-on challenge for the 
Make the Move to Lightning Experience / Lightning Alternatives to JavaScript Buttons / Discover Lightning Actions unit? Do you have to write your own code? All of the previous units had me copy and paste code in a specific location in an already-existing string, but with this challenge, it simply says to install a package (which I did) and add appropriate interfaces to the "quickContact" component. I have no idea where I would find that component or appropriate interfaces to add to it. Am I just way over my head here? Thank you!
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Caden HowellCaden Howell
Hi Michelle,

The Lightning Component that is installed in the package is not set to be visible/used by an action.
To do this, you need to open the Dev Console, navigate to quickcontact.cmp and insert the following highlighted in the screenshot before saving:

User-added image

These do two things:

1. force:lightningQuickAction
Adds the standard header as shown below:
(you can use force:lightningQuickActionWithoutHeader and the highlight part below will not show)
User-added image

2. force:hasRecordId
This provides record context.

Once you implement the piece of code and create the Action, you'll notice that the component has no place to input an Account for the Contact. force:hasRecordId ensures that the Lightning Component knows to associate the Contact to the Account that we were viewing when selecting the Action.
Sherri KimSherri Kim 
I'm trying to finish a Trailhead Challenge in my Playground.  I am having trouble with the last step. 
I keep getting an error message that says "No feed post was found that linked to the Trailhead URL."
Would someone hold my hand and walk me through?  Thank you.

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Om PrakashOm Prakash
It seems you have not posted Link in your chatter post:

Please follow bellow steps:

Go To Chatter > Post > Then select the URL and click on link icon, enter the Link URL.

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Matthias BullmahnMatthias Bullmahn 
I keep getting the message "We can't find a Quick Text called 'Data sheet needed’ with the correct values." I have quick text name as "Data sheet needed", message as "Please send a data sheet", category as "None"(ends up being blank), and channel as "Task".  I created the task from the case I created and I am seeing it there with the proper values.  I am at wits end, anyone else getting this error?
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Raju KonaRaju Kona
@Matthias Bullmahn,
The quick text name should be "Datasheet needed" not Data sheet needed. 
Thank you
Stas TaraschanskyStas Taraschansky 

Dear Fellow Trailblazers,

Need your help figuring out if this is even possible. And if it's possible, then how exactly can we implement it:

We want to be able to create Cases in SalesForce from a 3d party site using JavaScript. Presumably, make an Ajax call to REST endpoint.

We went through REST API docs ( but are still confused if we need to authenticate, or get the token, and if it's even possible to do with JavaScript, or we have to invoke Node's jsforce objects.

Please advise.
Thank you!

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Stas TaraschanskyStas Taraschansky
Sakthivel, thank you so much!
We were able to get response on the dev forums.
Here's the thread:!/feedtype=SINGLE_QUESTION_DETAIL&dc=Lightning&criteria=OPENQUESTIONS&id=9062I000000QwFIQA0
Hunter SabolHunter Sabol 
As part of my onboarding process for new employees, they have to complete the basic SFDC CRM Trailhead. One of my users has the exercises in a different language then the training. How do I fix the language preference for the exercises?
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Naveen DhanarajNaveen Dhanaraj
Like this,

User-added image
sri vinod korlakuntasri vinod korlakunta 
I have defined 4 attributes. how can I concatenate four attributes to one attribute?

<aura:attribute name='pword1' type='string'/>
    <aura:attribute name='pword2' type='string'/>
    <aura:attribute name='pword3' type='string'/>
    <aura:attribute name='pword4' type='string'/>
    <aura:attribute name='pword' type='string'/>
pword should be taken as pwrd ='pwrd1'+'pwrd2'+'pwrd3'+'pwrd4'
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Payal MittalPayal Mittal
So that means now you have 4 input fields?
cmp.get("v.pword1") + cmp.get("v.pword2") + cmp.get("v.pword3") + cmp.get("v.pword4")

And can you print pinSet value in controller js, so as to make sure its having the appended value?
And your 4 fields are capturing UI values.
Alexis WestergrenAlexis Westergren 
Am I totally missing somehting here or what? I'm trying to complete the "Prepare for Your Salesforce Administrator Credential" and there are Tasks included in the mix but I don't know what to do with them or how to complete them! I'm following it but unlike the other steps to ear badges or read a document, there's no link on these. 

In the image you will see 2 tasks, a module and a project.  The Module and the Project have a blue link but the tasks don't. What do I do??
User-added image
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Amnon KruviAmnon Kruvi
Hi Alexis,

Those are just the different categories of your exam - you are welcome to ignore them.

Good luck obtaining your certification!