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Alexander PinateAlexander Pinate 
Hi Team,

We Want to track Emails, Calls and Sales appointments from our reps. We give points to our reps depending on the activities by day. We are looking into some apps that can do this. However, we would like some advise if there's another way to do this in your experience. Our reps are constantly on the phone and sending emails and sometimes they forget to submit their acitivities correctly.

I appreciate your help on this.

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Phaneendra ArigachettaPhaneendra Arigachetta
Hi Alexander,

Salesforce is a great tool for tracking daily activities and scheduled events! Through the use of reports and dashboards you can show daily sales activity and what each of your team members are doing / have done. All you would need to do, is set up a way by which you measure the rates of calls (completing vs. open activities) and through the power of one to better analyze activities (not going to get in deep on what this is, but just know that there are ways to show ratios of the calls and events).

The best way to remember Activities is by the following:
-Activities are made up of (a) tasks and (b) events

When it comes to how these relate to Outlook, Events (or Calendar meeting times) will match up with salesforce given the start and end time that you designate in either or in Outlook. Tasks will also sync with salesforce and show up in your To-Dos in Outlook. 

Salesforce for Outlook is also a great tool in that it creates an easy bridge for your users to add emails to salesforce w/o copy and pasting (just click a button and its automatically added in SFDC to the contact you sent). The only issue that some people have, which has less to do with Outlook & SFDC, is that Emails don't sync where they are supposed to. The reason for this is that users haven't built in the necessary contacts into Salesforce. Basically, SFO tries to look for a contact to relate to in Salesforce but because it doesn't exist it throws the email to an empty que.

In Sum:
Dashboards & Reports will help your users track their daily activities (tasks and events)
Salesforce for Outlook will help make it possible by creating a bridge between the two interfaces

Best of luck!  Let me know if you have any more questions!
Ted STed S 
Salesforce describes the "Num Sent" field in Help as follows:

Number of individuals targeted by the campaign. For example, the number of emails sent.

Based on that description, I interpret this field to mean "the total number of members for this campaign."  If my interpretation is correct, why didn't Salesforce make this field automatically reflect the number of records in the Campaign Members related list?
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Sunil KeshariSunil Keshari
The "Num Sent" field is a user-defined value that must be manually set, unlike most of the other campaign statistic fields you see. "Num Sent" is typically a value that is defined once at the beginning of a campaign to gauge how large your marketing effort is.
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Naveen DhanarajNaveen Dhanaraj
Do you have Records in your Environment which starts with A,same query Its working fine for me,

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Chris GordonChris Gordon 

I am attempting to build a stage duration report to show the length of time opportunities average in each stage.  Anyone have any tips?

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Steve MolisSteve Molis
1. Create an Opportunity History Report.
2. Then select Summary or matrix as the Report format.
3. Group the Report by Opportunity History: From Stage
4. Select the Stage Duration field and Summarize(Average)
5. Get me a beer (because you owe me) 
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Rachel van den BergRachel van den Berg 

Hi all,

One of our customers is really missing the All activity listview feature as was available in classic (see picture). Reason is that there is a need for them to filter the activities by column as there are many activities in their org. Anyone found a solution for this? Maybe visualforce?
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Shubhash MallShubhash Mall
Hi Rachel,

Here's quick workaround

Mark AndersonMark Anderson 
Last month 100% of our goal conversions were attributed to the referral source of "".  If I filter out that source in Google Analytics, the report shows we received goal conversions.  How can I correct this problem and reveal the true source of our traffic that is converting?
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Sergey ZuevSergey Zuev
Hi Mark,
This could be solved by adding a referral exclusion to Google Analytics.
I described the full solution in details here:
Craig A. RowlandCraig A. Rowland 
When attempting to edit a Lead the following error is received: "This record was modified by {User attempting to edit} during your edit session. Make a note of the data you entered, then reload the record and enter your updates again." This happens when you attempt to edit a few leads in a row. The pattern is: The first edit will Save without issue. However, each subsequent Lead will produce the error. The error occurs when attempting to directly update a field on the record detail page. The issue is similar to this Known Issue: But in the Known Issue in the steps to reproduce step 2 says to "Try to edit the Lead without opening the record for viewing..." This is not the scenario I am encountering. I am seeing that you DO in fact go to the record detail page, and you still see the error when trying to edit directly on the detail page.

The issue is not being cause by a Trigger as there are no triggers in this org.  It is easy to re-produce in any vanilla org.User-added image
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Craig A. RowlandCraig A. Rowland
I filed a Case with Salesforce regarding this issue and they advised me that this is released to the known issue I referenced in the in the original post above.  The workaround is to click Edit on the record instead of trying to update a particular field directly.  
Kevin SirfaceKevin Sirface 
Hello All

I want to be able to add a field (custom field) to this Contact Role view:

When I go to the related list of that page layout it says that Contact Role is not customizable. Is there somewhere else I can add my custom field to this palette?

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Marina MartinMarina Martin
I never use the native Contact Role functionality in Salesforce. Not only can you not add custom fields, as you noticed, but there is no "Contact Role" related list on the actual Contact page so you can see what roles a given contact has in multiple organizations.

Instead I would create your own Contact Role custom object (Setup > App Setup > Create > Objects). You can add custom fields and customize the related list view to your heart's content.

Jason WoodburyJason Woodbury 

First off, thanks to all who read and respond to my questions. I really appreciate the help!

My latest question has to do with blocking specific emails from becoming leads. Is there an easy way to do this within SFDC? Maybe this is better handled at the email server level, but I don't have responsibility for it and would like the ability to control it within SFDC.


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Syed Y. TalhaSyed Y. Talha
You are most welcome. 
There are two things you can try. 

1. Create a validation rule on Lead Email and prevent to save record if Email field contains specific emails. This validation rule will error out new leads with blocked emails.

2. Ask your developer to run a batch process which runs every hour and delete any leads created with blocked Emails. 

I hope this help. 
Lynn ShieldLynn Shield 
I have two fields, one is an Opportunity amount roll up field and the other is a Adjusted amount, free filled field.

A third field needs the following to happen.  It should equal the Opportunity amount roll up field if the adjusted field is blank.  If the adjusted field is not blank then this should be the amount in the field.

This is my formula:
(ISBLANK( Adjusted_MRR__c )),  
(Closed_Won_Opportunity_s__c) ,  

When the Adjusted_MRR__c is blank my field comes up $ 0.00 instead of the Closed_Won_Opportunity_s__c amount.  But When the Adjusted_MRR__C is not blank then this amount shows up.  

Why is my Closed_Won_Opportunity_s__c amount not showing up??
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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
How about this = 
  BLANKVALUE(Adjusted_MRR__c, 0) = 0,