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Janis DavisJanis Davis 
Marketing has two Roles/Profiles that are Marketing users that manage Campaigns. 

Role: VP, Marketing & Advertising
Profile: VP, Marketing & Advertising
Role: Marketing Manager
Profile: Marketing Manager

We have 4 different Campaign record types that include an Email record type. The member status for this record type is set by the Marketing users and updated via a Vertical Response campaign stats download to SF. Marketing asked me to create a validation rule on the Campaign Member object that prohibits non-marketing users from updating the member status on email campaigns. 

I created the validation rule that excludes the VP, Marketing & Advertising Profile and it works, but prohibits the Marketing Manager Profile users from using the Advanced Settings to create member statuses on new campaigns (screen shot below). When I tried to also exclude the Marketing Manager Profile in the validation rule, I keep getting syntax errors (see screen shot below). When I remove one, I get another and so on and so on. I obviously have a flaw in my validation rule that I can't define. Any help or advice on this will be most appreciated!!! Thanks. 

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Chris DuncombeChris Duncombe
In your example, the parentheses is closing out the OR() statement, I assume you copied and pasted the line to create another check of a profile.  You need to remove the parentheses from the original line, as now your first profile line check closes out the OR, and the second profiel check line closes out the AND.  I generally use new lines and indenting to try to make it a bit more readable.  Try something like this
        ISPICKVAL(Status, "Sent"),
        ISPICKVAL(Status, "Responded"),
        ISPICKVAL(Status, "Opened"),
        ISPICKVAL(Status, "Clicked"),
        ISPICKVAL(Status, "Bounced"),
        ISPICKVAL(Status, "Unsubscribed"),
        $Profile.Id <> "First Profile Id",
        $Profile.Id <> "Second Profile Id"
    Campaign.RecordType.DeveloperName = "Email"

Vin NVin N 

I am a new Admin on Salesforce and I would like to create lead stages.

My sales process currently have the following stages: "New", "Working", "Converted". I would like to add 2 other stages. 

However when I go to the Object Manager and select Lead, I can't find a "Stage" field on the "Field relationship". Is it because we can only add Inquiry Status and not Stages on lead?

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Naveen DhanarajNaveen Dhanaraj
Setup >> QuickFind >> Object Manager >> Lead >> Fields >> Lead Status >> New

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Terri PotterTerri Potter 
I am new to SalesForce and when I sync with Outlook 2010 all of my conacts (over 2000) birthdays are littering up my Outlook calendar.  Can anyone tell me how to stop this and remove those?
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Peter GrahamPeter Graham
First post! Just wanted to answer for people who find themselves here in the future. I wasn't able to find very clear steps to remove birthdays so I had to figure it out on my own.

Go to - Setup / Desktop Administration / Outlook Configurations

1. Click Edit next to your configuration
2. Scroll down to the 'Contacts' section and click 'Edit Field Mappings'
3. Click the 'X' to the right of the birthday field that you don't want to sync.
4. Click Save

You will most likely have to delete the birthdays that have already synced to Outlook, too.

1. Go to the Calendar tab in Outlook and select only the calendar that contains the birthdays you want to remove.
2. Search for "Birthday" in the search bar at the top right of the calendar view.
3. Select 'View More' or 'View All' at the bottom of the results.
4. Highlight all results or simply right click the gray title bar above the first search result and 'Delete'
5. Pray the birthdays do not sync again tomorrow.

Anthony GreissAnthony Greiss 

How can i make the key fields and guidance for success visible by default on my opportunity and lead pages ? 

At the moment I have to cloick on the arrow next to the path to show the key fields and guidance for success. 

Thank you.
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EdEd ( 
Hi Anthony,

I think this behavior is working as designed for key fields and guidance for success, although I do see the importance of having these visible by default. May I suggest posting an Idea on the Community board about this.

Samantha HannahSamantha Hannah 
I am trying to figure out if an event (whether on an Account or on an Opportunity) can be cloned.
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Tori SansomTori Sansom
You can clone events by creating this button: 
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Aram JeongAram Jeong 
I have a few questions:

1) Once the Marketing Cloud Connector set up, how MC match its existing subscribers/contacts with Sales Clouds leads/contacts? Alternatively, isn't it possible?
2) If I make a new data extension based on synchronized data extension including subscriber key/contact key field and send email to that DE (in Marketing Cloud), can I view the related information (like tracking information) in Sales Cloud?
In other words, I send an email to a subscriber, and he/she is a contact in SC. Can I view the sent record in SC?
All comments would be appreciated. 
Thanks in advance.
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Ines GarciaInes Garcia
Hi Aram,

rather than 'the records get a subscriber id' you set it
a subscriber key is Unique Identifier for A subscriber
essentially used as  Primary Key (across Data Extensions for Send Relationship)
it can either be:
the email address (bear in mind that Email Can Only Exist Once
other ID (bear in mind Email Can Repeat But Not Unique ID)

so you need to decide as above.

if you are planning to use sales and Service, what salesforce recommends you is to set it this way

Hope this clarifies,

Claire LuotoClaire Luoto 
Hello, we have a standard field that displays to applicable users on a page layout. I want to "hide" this field only when specific criteria are entered (e.g. the channel is X, hide the field. But if the channel is Y, don't hide the field)

Is this possible?
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Narender SinghNarender Singh
You will need to create two record types, say A and B.

Now create two page layouts, one with field on it (say X) and second without the field(say Y).

Now assign X to A and Y to B.

Now create a workflow, to change the record type to B, when your criteria is met.

And that should do it. :)
Pierre BoivinPierre Boivin 
Hi everyone,

This might be more a question for the Excel community but I am hoping to find help here. We used the following format for dates in our previous CRM "Wed Sep 19 10:13:25 UTC 2018". Is there any esay way to have it match Salesforce date format "YYY-MM-DD"? We don't need to keep the time specifics, date alone is great.

Thanks a lot!
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Sarah PilzerSarah Pilzer

Hi Pierre,
Is the date currently in text format in Excel? If so you can pull out the individual pieces of the date using the MID() and RIGHT() formulas and then paste them back together in the correct order. You might try something like this:

Presuming the date text "Wed Sep 19 10:13:25 UTC 2018" is in cell A1 put the following in cell B1:

=RIGHT(A1,4) & "-" & TEXT(MONTH(DATEVALUE(MID(A1,5,3) & " 1")),"0#") & "-" & MID(A1,9,3)

This should give you 2018-09-19 stored as a text format. Here's the breakdown of the formula:

RIGHT(A1,4) gives the last 4 characters of the original string i.e. "2018" for the YYYY part of your date.

& "-" adds a hyphen

TEXT(MONTH(DATEVALUE(MID(A1,5,3) & " 1")),"0#")​​​​​​​ this one is the monster to determine the "09" for the month. The first step is MID() which pulls the value "Sep" from the original string. MONTH(DATEVALUE()) converts the "Sep" to "9". The TEXT() part converts "9" to "09". This is the MM for your date.

& "-"​​​​​​​ add another hyphen

MID(A1,9,3)​​​​​​ finally adds the "19" from the original string to give you the DD part.

Hope this works for you and does what you need. If you have any questions, let me know!

CRM AdminCRM Admin 
We'd like to ensure (for our Marketing group) that new Contacts are always given a Salutation (Mr., Mrs., Herr, etc.).  However, I can't find any way to make this a required field.  Is this possible?
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Mark PassovoyMark Passovoy
You can create a validation rule:

ISPICKVAL(Salutation, "")
Ashley FaggianelliAshley Faggianelli 
Our contact record uses the default mailing address but I am unable to edit it. We do holiday mailers and I would like to make the field required for new contacts because every year at this time I have to go back through and send requests for contact mailing addresses.

Is there a way for me to make this required without having to create custom fields? (We have a basic package for salesforce and I am a system Admin)

Thank you!

P.S. Is this something I can request from salesforce? We should have the option to make a field required even when its not a custom one.
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Marco BMarco B
for the validation rule, go to:
Setup > Customize > Contacts > Validation Rule > New

give it any name you want

In the syntax , put :

 ISBLANK( MailingCity ) ,
 ISBLANK( MailingCountry ) ,
 ISBLANK( MailingState ) ,
 ISBLANK( MailingStreet ) ,
 ISBLANK( MailingPostalCode )

in the error message, put the error text that your users will see when they click on Save while the Mailing Address is not fully filled out