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Pierre BoivinPierre Boivin 
Hi everyone,

This might be more a question for the Excel community but I am hoping to find help here. We used the following format for dates in our previous CRM "Wed Sep 19 10:13:25 UTC 2018". Is there any esay way to have it match Salesforce date format "YYY-MM-DD"? We don't need to keep the time specifics, date alone is great.

Thanks a lot!
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Sarah PilzerSarah Pilzer

Hi Pierre,
Is the date currently in text format in Excel? If so you can pull out the individual pieces of the date using the MID() and RIGHT() formulas and then paste them back together in the correct order. You might try something like this:

Presuming the date text "Wed Sep 19 10:13:25 UTC 2018" is in cell A1 put the following in cell B1:

=RIGHT(A1,4) & "-" & TEXT(MONTH(DATEVALUE(MID(A1,5,3) & " 1")),"0#") & "-" & MID(A1,9,3)

This should give you 2018-09-19 stored as a text format. Here's the breakdown of the formula:

RIGHT(A1,4) gives the last 4 characters of the original string i.e. "2018" for the YYYY part of your date.

& "-" adds a hyphen

TEXT(MONTH(DATEVALUE(MID(A1,5,3) & " 1")),"0#")​​​​​​​ this one is the monster to determine the "09" for the month. The first step is MID() which pulls the value "Sep" from the original string. MONTH(DATEVALUE()) converts the "Sep" to "9". The TEXT() part converts "9" to "09". This is the MM for your date.

& "-"​​​​​​​ add another hyphen

MID(A1,9,3)​​​​​​ finally adds the "19" from the original string to give you the DD part.

Hope this works for you and does what you need. If you have any questions, let me know!

Mark DaviesMark Davies 
We'd like to ensure (for our Marketing group) that new Contacts are always given a Salutation (Mr., Mrs., Herr, etc.).  However, I can't find any way to make this a required field.  Is this possible?
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Mark PassovoyMark Passovoy
You can create a validation rule:

ISPICKVAL(Salutation, "")
Ashley FaggianelliAshley Faggianelli 
Our contact record uses the default mailing address but I am unable to edit it. We do holiday mailers and I would like to make the field required for new contacts because every year at this time I have to go back through and send requests for contact mailing addresses.

Is there a way for me to make this required without having to create custom fields? (We have a basic package for salesforce and I am a system Admin)

Thank you!

P.S. Is this something I can request from salesforce? We should have the option to make a field required even when its not a custom one.
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Marco BMarco B
for the validation rule, go to:
Setup > Customize > Contacts > Validation Rule > New

give it any name you want

In the syntax , put :

 ISBLANK( MailingCity ) ,
 ISBLANK( MailingCountry ) ,
 ISBLANK( MailingState ) ,
 ISBLANK( MailingStreet ) ,
 ISBLANK( MailingPostalCode )

in the error message, put the error text that your users will see when they click on Save while the Mailing Address is not fully filled out
Karin AthanasKarin Athanas 
Sorry if this is a duplicate, I'm struggling to night. I'm trying to get Macros added to my lightning App. I've added the macro permissions - read, edit, delete - and the permission Manage Macros Users Can't Undo. I added chatter to the page layout as well.

But when I create the macro and go to edit it, nothing is highlighted. I can't add any steps to the macro. What am I getting wrong?

Thanks in advance.
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Narender SinghNarender Singh
Probably the reason you are not seeing any highlighted action is because you haven't made the Activity Tab as default.

Set the activity tab to default like this:
User-added image
Bryn LeahyBryn Leahy 
I am working on a validation rule and think I am close, but can't seem to get it there...

Field Types: Field A - Picklist, Field B - Checkbox, and Field C - lookup (filtered)
Logic: (A or B) and C

Should it be something like this:


Right now I get "Error: Incorrect number of parameters for function 'IF()'. Expected 3, received 1"  
but if I attempt to add another ")" I get Error: Syntax error. Extra ')'

Im unsure whether what  I am attemptinghave created is enforcing the logic or that I have used the correct syntax for each of the field types.

Appreciate any insights!
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Gaurav JainGaurav Jain
Hi Bryn,

Can you please post your business logic, as per above comment I think you want to check If field__c is blank and PicklistField value PicklistOption and B__c is true than system trigger validation error

If yes, please try below formula:
And(ISBLANK( FieldC__c ),ISPICKVAL( PicklistField,"PicklistOption"),B__c   )

Hadas OhanaHadas Ohana 
What is the effect of checking "do not reassign owner" in lead assignment  rules?
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Amber BoazAmber Boaz
Specifies that the current owner on a lead or case will not be reassigned to the lead or case when it is updated.
Larry BouchardLarry Bouchard 
I'm trying to set up filters to include only records that have information in a given field.  Or not include a record that has a certain field that's blank.  I've searched high and low through the help files and can't find it.  It's one of the most basic things a filter does so I can't imagine why it's so unintuitive to do..
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Austin NordmanAustin Nordman
It should just be Field = (blank) or Field <>(not equal, can also use !=) (blank).
Adam MercerAdam Mercer 
I'm looking for a way that can help us track lead follow up efficiency.  We are looking for a way to make a note on the lead or activity record that a particular task was the FIRST task assigned to that lead, so that we can then calculate how long it took for that task to be completed.  We've already enabled a workflow that timestamps the task when it moves to "Completed" status, but that is only half of what we are hoping to solve. We would then need to be able to identify this "First Task" in a report so that we can filter out all tasks assigned after the first task.  

Is there a way to do this?  We do assign a lot of our tasks from Marketo, so maybe there is a way to do this from within Marketo?
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Pete FifePete Fife
@Cory - One thing I've noticed on your items is that you're using the WhatID, this is incorrect. It needs to be the WhoID. (or when in the PB it's the NameID, I think). That being said I gave up on PB, I couldn't figure it out. However, I did build a flow that is triggered by a PB.  Here is the packaged which makes everything work. I've done a test install into my dev org and when a first task is created on a lead, it marks the checkbox as true.  All following tasks will not be updated. 

Link to install the package:
As a safe harbor, this is not supported by me or Salesforce. I've done this on my own as good faith to you and the community and I make no promises I'm able to respond to any questions here about this, but I'll try.  

The components are as follows:
1 custom field on tasks to mark as first. (1st task)
1 PB to fire on task creation and where the whoID is a lead (On Create - Tasks)
1 Lighting Flow to check if this is the first task and if so mark it as such. (task Counter)

(just for my reference this package was created in my dev instance)
Matthew DeasyMatthew Deasy 
Hi There,

I am sure I am missing something obvious. I can access products in one opportunity and its relevent quote section. I cant in another. They are a different record type so I assume this has something to do with it, but I cant see what it is that I have not set up correctly. Could someone help?
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Arpit PatelArpit Patel
Hi Matthew,

Go back to the Opportnity linked to the Quote.. On the Opportunity, you can change the Price Book by going to the "Products" related list and click the Change Price Book button.

After this, when you create a new Quote, the new price book will be associated with the Quote. 

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Tracey MontoyaTracey Montoya 
For example, we have a Project ID that is generated via an outside source once Opportunities are closed won. We would like to do the same every time someone creates a new Opportunity. Basically it would look like this:
18-0001 Opportunity Name or just an ID of 18-0001 and so on. Is this possible? And could it change as of January 1 to 19-0001, etc?
Thanks, in advance, for your help-
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Amnon KruviAmnon Kruvi
Hi Tracey,

You can create a new custom field on opportunity with the type Auto Number. Auto numbers can have a display format that includes the current year, so you will want to set that to:

Set starting number to 1.

And that's it - you're all set!