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Dominic CarubbaDominic Carubba 
Is there a way to add a new lead with the Company field (std system required field) to a value created automatically.

For Example,
New Lead record comes in of an individual.
I want the Company Field to be automatically updated to "Last Name" & " Household" as the name.

I can do it with a Workflow or Process Builder, but not if the company field is blank... How would I make it happen if the Company is blank?
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Amnon KruviAmnon Kruvi
Hi Dominic, 

It depends on how the leads are entered. If your leads come from an external source, like an API or a web form, then you should be able to use a fast field update flow or an Apex trigger to place that name in the company field. 

Otherwise, if you're entering the lead from the UI, unfortunately there is no way to bypass the fact that the company is a required field on the standard UI. You would need to build a custom data entry form with a lightning component (or Visualforce page) and perform that logic in there. 
Ankit RatawaAnkit Ratawa 
Hi All,

we have knowledge tab and under that, there are articles and users are not able to view some of the articles. I couldn't find any knowledge object setting in classic and lightning, and we don't have knowledge licenses as well. I am wondering they should be able to see everything if they have access to the knowledge tab. can anyone please tell me where I can find knowledge object settings? and how can I share the article? 

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Navdeep SinghNavdeep Singh
Hi Ankit,

For Knowledge Object/Article type settings you need to have the "Knowledge user" checkbox checked for your user.

Also, for some of the articles not visible to a user, check if that user has read access to that specific article type in their profile.

Do tell if anything else is required.
Rakesh TiwariRakesh Tiwari 
Hi , Can Someone help to Execut Below mentioed Batch Apex Code .

Currently i am Getting Error " First error: expecting a colon, found 'SVP' in Case on  
direct Query or "First error: Argument 1 cannot be null" in Case on List Query.
global class Batchcontchlastnameupdate implements Database.Batchable<sObject>
global final String Query;
    public Batchcontchlastnameupdate (){
    //Query = 'Select Lastname, Title from contact where (Title = SVP, Operations)';
    List <Contact> Query = [Select Lastname, Title from contact where Title = 'SVP, Operations'];
    global database.QueryLocator start (Database.BatchableContext BC)
    return database.getQueryLocator(Query);   
    global void execute (Database.BatchableContext BC, List <Contact> Con)
    List <Contact> C1 = new List <contact> ();
    for(contact C2 :Con)
    c2.lastname = 'Peter';
    update c1;
    global void finish(database.BatchableContext BC)

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Giuseppe Mario PastoreGiuseppe Mario Pastore
You have to escape the single quotes with backslash, try to use this String in the database.getQueryLocator() method:
String Query = 'Select Lastname, Title from contact where Title = \'SVP, Operations\'';

Let me know if you solved
Brian RicherBrian Richer 
What are the best practices for integrating LinkedIn into the Sales Cloud? I saw the Salesforce Navigator and the Salesforce Integrator by Ebsta in the AppExchange, are one of these the best to use or is there a better way?
Tyler MorganTyler Morgan 
When trying to assign new actions to the global bar, it was suggested to me to assign a record type to Opportunitiy vs the old Master type.

Since then, all new opportunities are under this record type versus the master type. This has caused issues with our list views due to years of opportunities being on Master record type and our new opportunities being on the new record type. We can no longer use inline editing in list views which was very important to us.

I've set the default back to Master for all active profiles to try to make less of a mess for right now.

How can I have the newly created Opportunities go to the old Master type? If I can't, how can I have the years of old records be set to the new type?
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Eric PraudEric Praud
HI Tyler,

Once you create a record type, the Master RT is no longer available.
I would use the data loader to export the IDs of all opportunities where record type ID is blank
Then update the csv file so it has 2 columns:
ID - RecordType ID
Leave the Opportunity IDs in the ID column, as for the recordType ID, enter the ID of your record type (you can find it in the URL when on the record type itself in Salesforce).
Then update the Opportunity records with the data loader, mapping the 2 columns to the necessary fields.
A couple of caveats:
The Last Modified field will show your name and the date/time of your update
Make sure you do not have any automation (ie workflow, code) that you would trigger with this update

Finally, for inline editing, you need to add the record type as a filter if you want to be able to use it in a list view:
Neel KamalNeel Kamal 
Only Full copy sandbox getting error after mouse hovering on tabs(Account, contact...). No issue with other lower sandboxes. Error
"This page has an error. You might just need to refresh it. First, would you give us some details? (We're reporting this as error ID: -1235632570)". First-line after the click on expand button of error
[Cannot read property 'parentNode' of undefined].

We are about to raise the case with SF.

Neel Kamal
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Wayne HowlettWayne Howlett
Just as an FYI, we were experiencing the same issue in at least two of our sandboxes and have determined it was due to the WalkMe extension.  Not every machine was affected but on the ones that were, disabling the extension fixed the issue.  WalkMe is aware of the issue.
Emily PhillipsEmily Phillips 
Hello, I was wondering how to create a custom call list? 

I understand I could create a list view or a campaign to hold a list of leads, contacts, etc. However, that's not what I'm looking for. My requirement is to potentially create a custom call list component, visualforce page or something similar so we can add leads, contacts, etc. to this list. 

I appreciate any help. Thank you!
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Andrew RussoAndrew Russo
in lightninbg dialer you cannot port your existing number for inbound. however a user can mask thier outbound number to show one of thier choosing that they are authorized to have access too.

see the below release notes:
Trey STrey S 

Hi Everyone, 

I'm looking for ways to track when the owner name changes on a contact record for reporting purposes. I know I can enable Field History Tracking for the contact owner field and pull a contact history report, are there any other methods I could accomplish this? 


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Travis SteppeTravis Steppe
It depends on how much you want to audit this. If you only want short term tracking, field history tracking will be sufficient. I forget what each level of subscription gives you, but it's retained for 18 months on enterprise. I think the absolute maximum is 3 years with an extra service feature. Anything longer, a custom record would be more advisable. Andrew says it's more complex, but it really isn't.

1. Create custom record with a master/child lookup.
2. Create process builder that if Contact Owner has changed, create new record.
3. Create a summary report, grouped by Contact, to report these changes.

Using a custom record means these changes can be viewed 10+ years later, while field history tracking will not allow this.
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Maxim MakarenkoMaxim Makarenko
Hey Dhatrish, sorry for the long wait. This was a tough thing to figure out, but apparently you can't see CampaignInfluence object unless you have the 'Enable Access to Customizable Campaign Influence' app permission. And you can only get this permission under the 'CRM User' permission set license, not under the regular 'Salesforce' one.
Alison ChandlerAlison Chandler 

I need help creating the following validation rule please. Before a salesperson can change an opportunity to the 'Proposal Issued' stage, they need to fill in the fields shown in the attachment (I inserted these). Date roof required is a date field, so I'm not sure what value to put there.

Thanks so much 

User-added image
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
My bad, try this instead 
CASE( StageName , 
"Qualification", 1, 
"Proposal Issued", 2, 
"Proposal Revised", 3, 
"Closed - Won", 4, 
0) >= 2,