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Corey BakerCorey Baker 
Hello Kind Folks,

I'm bashing my head against a Partner Community limitation on Lead conversion with existing Accounts.

Specifically, to convert a Lead to an existing Account, one must own or have write access to the Account. But of course, we can't let any one partner own an Account, and we sure as hell can't open up write access to all of our Accounts to the wild wooly world.

The net is that Partners either have to let an insider convert for them, or the Partner creates a dupe Account during Lead conversion. (We have lots of Leads converting into existing Accounts)

I'm secretly hoping that I am misunderstanding the limitations on conversions. How do you all prevent these Account dupes from Partner Community Lead conversions?
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sakshi nagpalsakshi nagpal
Hi Corey,

 Unfortunately, you are right, there is an idea for this-:

 I have a suggestion if you use custom lead conversion then you will be able to overcome this issue , create a custom lead conversion button. On click of button  call apex class for lead conversion.If you use this cusom functionalityfor lead conversion, user will not require create permission on Account.

Let me know if it was helpful!
Robin McCabeRobin McCabe 
  1. Select Your Name | Setup | Customize | Leads | Fields | Map Lead Fields.
  1. For each custom lead field, choose a custom account, contact, or opportunity field into which you want the information inserted when you convert a lead.
  1. Click Save.
The selection "Map Lead Fields" does not exist in my set up

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Cesar TicasCesar Ticas
Hello Robin,

The "Map Leads Fields" is actually not a selection.  Once you click on the "Fields" under the "Leads" selection ... towards the middle of the screen, where you create a new field ... you will see a button labeled "Map Lead Fields".  See screen below:
User-added image
Josh StantonJosh Stanton 
I'm going around in circles with this so apologies to the community if this is a repeat question!

I'm simply trying to edit and consolidate the fields shown to users when they navigate to Contacts, and click on the "New" button (to create a new contact). I can't seem to edit the layout of standard Action buttons, nor can I seem to figure out how to "Assign" a new layout when I create a new Action button layout.

Where am I going wrong?!
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Narender SinghNarender Singh
What you seek to achieve is not possibe directly using the point and click. You will need to create a custom lightning component. You will then use this component to override the the "View" button in the Buttons,Actions and Links section of Contact Setup.

Your component will call the quick action you created.

I am not sure how good you are with coding but that's the way you can implement what you want.

A much easier way would be to use Global actions. Like this:
User-added image

To manage the layout of the "New Contact", go to Setup | Global Actions. Click on the "Layout" against New Contact.

***If you have record types for contacts, then you will need to select a record type for your New contact global action, otherwise it will not appear in the list.
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Ajay DubediAjay Dubedi
Hi Sanjay,
Internally, Salesforce uses a case-sensitive 15 digit ID for all records because everything is in control of salesforce but when doing callout in other words  
there are applications like Access or Excel which do not recognize that 50130000000014c is a different ID than 50130000000014C, the case-safe 18 character ID 
was introduced,18-character IDs can be safely compared for uniqueness by case-insensitive applications, and can be used in all API calls when creating, editing, or deleting data.

I hope you find the above solution helpful. If it does, please mark as Best Answer to help others too.

Ajay Dubedi
Arni AdamsArni Adams 
What would "Best Practices" be for multiple leads from the same company? Should we:  (a) Convert the leads to a Contact and add them to the same Account, even if we haven't qualified the leads?  (b) Keep them as separate leads?   (c) Other?  
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Bruce LeBelBruce LeBel
The answers to date ignore the question, which is about the lead management process PRIOR TO CONVERSION, for multiple leads from the same company.  I have the same question, as I imagine a large number of salesforce users have as well.  We don't want to deal with six leads from the same company as independent from each other.  We need to have coordinated activities and aligned messaging for all the leads from the same company.  The answers above indicate that salesforce's entire construct of "Leads" functionality only works when there is one and only one Lead from any given company and when you have >1 Leads then you must convert the company into an Account and the Leads into Contacts, regardless of qualification status.  Does salesforce not have a function or methodology for conscious management of multiple leads from the same company?  
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Jeff MayJeff May
You can also find the latest planned release dates on

Generally speaking, The Spring release is around February, the Summer release is around June, and the Winter release is around October.
Amanda LehningAmanda Lehning 
I have installed Dupe Catcher into my SF Pro Edition.   I wanted to use it to filter out *current* duplicates, but as I look into it more, it appears that it can only filter out new-incoming duplicates.

So, I have a filter and alert set to "do not insert" new duplicate leads.  I purposely manually entered a duplicate lead (several times actually).  I went from the Dupecatcher tab back to the "sales" tab and clicked "create new" lead. 

Nothing happened.  No alert, nothing.

So, how does Dupecatcher work exactlly?  What am I doing wrong?

I am continuining to manually search for and remove duplicates... out of 2000 leads, this will take a while, lol!  I would l like to be able to have Dupecatcher filter out duplicates if I ever do another mass upload.  At the same time, I would also like a sort of "smart filter" that can look through my current list of leads (all 2000 of them), and filter out the duplicates that way.

Is there no such way to do that?  And how the heck do I get Dupecatcher to work exactly?

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Stephen HardingStephen Harding
Hi Amanda:

First, you are correct.  DupeCatcher only blocks new incoming duplicates.  Out other app, Cloudingo, scans and cleanses the existing database.  Check it out.

In terms of your DupeCatcher filters--we may need to tweak your filter settings.  Be sure the filter has at least one rule (for field matches).  Be sure it is an active filter.  Also, rules work on a AND logic, so if you have more than one rule, be sure your test cases are matchng on all rules.

There are instructional documents and videos available on the DupeCatcher AppExchange listing, the DupeCatcher web site, and You Tube.

In addition feel free to email us at, or phone us at 972-241-1543.

Best regards,
Stephen Harding
Symphonic Source, makers of DupeCatcher and Cloudingo.
Launa SaundersLauna Saunders 
We just installed Dupecatcher and I wondered what filters and rules other orgs use with their instance of Dupecatcher since it doesn't come with standard criteria. Basics such as name being exact are obvous, however, I want to get a little more granular to make sure I catch the "fuzzy" dupes, but not so granular that catching the dupes becomes overbearing (catching everything).

Any users of the Dupecatcher product care to share the filters that they use?
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Stephen HardingStephen Harding
Hi Cliodhnae:

Thanks for your comment.  I want to add a bit more detail to my previous response.

DupeCatcher can block manual inserts/updates based on your settings.  It can ALSO block auto-inserts (from web-to-lead and other sources), but there are some caveats when in comes to blocking auto-inserts.

First, most organization do not want auto-inserts blocked outright because sometimes auto-inserts come with new/updated information and/or new opportunities.  When blocking an auto-insert, there is no human being who can review the data, unlike when DupeCatcher blocks a manual insert.

Second, with web-to-lead, Salesforce has a safety mechanism--if the record insert is blocked, Salesforce often sends a follow email alerting the admin that an auto-insert was blocked.  (This feature does not usually apply to other systems that automatically create records in the org.)

Because of these matters, we designed DupeCatcher to optionally alert, rather than block, auot-inserts. 

I do not know how DupeCatcher will work with your specific systems.  But since the app is free and since it doesn't put your org or your data at risk, it might be worth some testing.  Glad to help you out with this matter if you're interested.

Joanie GentileJoanie Gentile 
Is it possible to update the filter options on the campaign member list view in lightning? I'm referring to the campaign member list view that you access by clicking 'view all' from beneath the donut chart related list in Lightning. I know you can update the columns via the campaign member related list, but is it also possible to add in new quick filters?

User-added image
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Narender SinghNarender Singh
The quick filters depend upon what all fields you have added as columns to the campaign member related list. All the fields added to the related list should appear in Quick Filters.

So to add another field to Quick Filter, you will need to add the field to the related list columns.
Nada HafezNada Hafez 
Hi, I'm taking the sales cloud exam next Tuesday, so could you please help me to understand these questions and answers

1. UC needs to show a dashboard with forecast by product family with quotas.What solution should consultant recommend?
A. Customize Quotas with product report and add necessary fields.
B. Build a joined report with closed opportunities, forecasting items, and quotas.
C. Build a custom report with closed forecasting quotas with forecasting items.
D. Create an analytical snapshot to capture the opportunity forecast (this is the correct answer, but I don't know why?)

2. Universal Containers has a lead qualification team that qualifies and converts leads into opportunities. During lead conversion, the new opportunity must be assigned to the account owner.Which solution should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement?
A. Create a trigger on the opportunity. (this is the correct answer, but why it's not B?)
B. Create a workflow on the opportunity.
C. Create an assignment rule on the account.
D. Create an assignment rule on the opportunity.

3.Universal Containers has set the organization-wide default to public read-only for accounts, contacts, and opportunities. Activities are set to be controlled by the parent. The ABC corporation account is owned by a sales user whose profile grants to create, read, edit and delete access to accounts, contacts and opportunities.Based on this information, the owner of the ABC Corporation account record has the rights to take which actions? Choose 2 answers
A.Transfer ownership of related contacts and opportunities owned by other users
B. Share the account with other users through manual sharing and account teams
C. View, edit, and delete related contacts and opportunities owned by other users
D. View, edit, and delete activities owned by other users directly related to the account
(B and D are the correct answers, but I don't know why?)

4.Universal Containers wants to implement a website for a new product launch. The site should be publicly available, allow visitors to submit requests for information, and be managed by the non-technical marketing team. What solution should the consultant recommend?
A. Customer Community
B. Sites
C. Salesforce1 Sites
D. (this is the correct answer, but why A is incorrect?)

5. Universal Containers does not have a direct sales team; its channel partners are responsible for selling and servicing products. Over the past quarter, there has been an increased volume of leads. However, the Vice President of Channels has been receiving many complaints from partners on the poor quality of the leads and has noticed a significant drop in the lead conversion rate. What should a consultant recommend to improve partner satisfaction with the leads being shared?
A. Use the lead Score on the find duplicates button and assign the leads with a score in the high category.
B. Create multiple validation rules to ensure that all fields on the lead record are populated with data.
C. Create a custom lead score field to assess lead quality and assign the leads that exceed the score to partners (this is the correct answer, but why it's not B?)
D. Assign all leads to the partner channel manager to validate the lead data and manually assign to partners

6. Universal Containers wants to track the campaigns that influence won opportunities. Using standard functionality, what should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement? Choose 2 answers
A. Have representatives populate a field on the opportunity record with the dollar amount of the expected revenue from the campaigns that influenced the opportunity.
B. Automatically add child campaigns of the primary campaign source if the child campaigns have an end date that falls before the opportunity close date.
C. Add campaigns to opportunities when the campaign is related to a contact that is assigned a contact role on the opportunity prior to the close date.
D. Have the administrator specify a time frame that limits the time a campaign can influence the opportunity after the campaign first associated date and before the opportunity created date.
(A and D are the correct answers, but I don't know why?)

7. Universal Containers has a public sharing model for accounts and uses the parent account field to create a multi-level account hierarchy. When viewing a parent account, the company would like to see the total value of open opportunities for all accounts in the hierarchy. What solution should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement?
A. Define a workflow rule to update the custom field on the parent account with the total value of open opportunities from the child accounts.
B. Create a roll-up summary field on the parent account showing the total value of open opportunities from the child accounts.
C. Use apex to update a custom field on the parent account with the total value of open opportunities from the child accounts. (this is the correct answer, but why it's not B?)
D. Create a link on the account that opens a report showing the total value of open opportunities for all the accounts in the hierarchy.

8. Universal containers uses a custom object named Insight, which is the child in a master-detail relationship with the opportunity object. Sales teams use this object to create requests for analysts who conduct supporting research regarding an opportunity. Sales teams use Salesforce1 mobile app and want to easily create new insight records from their phones. What should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement?
A. Create a custom object tab
B. Create a publisher action (this is the correct answer, but why A is incorrect?)
C. Create a related list button
D. Create a visualforce page

9. Universal containers requires credit checks for all opportunities greater than $50,000. The credit management team members are all salesforce users. What should a consultant recommend to notify the credit manager that an opportunity needs a credit check?
A. Use workflow to send an email to the credit manager profile.
B. Use an Apex trigger to create a task for the credit manager user.
C. Use a validation rule to send an email to the credit manager role.
D. Use workflow to assign a task to the credit manager user. (this is the correct answer, but why it's not A?)

Thanks in advance :)
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Amnon KruviAmnon Kruvi
Hi Nada,

Since these are exam dumps, I don't think anyone will outright answer your question. However, we can turn this into a learning experience if you want to discuss why you think these answers might be correct.