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Laura MelansonLaura Melanson 
If I have an account go to the list of contacts which are sorted by Name, like:
Andrews, John
Harper, Seth
Smith, Samantha

Then I add a new contact, let's say "Larry Hall", the contact is always listed at the bottom (in ascending sort order and top in descending).  In addition, if i choose "H" to filter for contacts with the last name H, only Seth Harper appears.  Any ideas?
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Laura MelansonLaura Melanson
I got the answer to this issue for others future information:

While investigating on the case I happened to see that this is occurring because the organization has enabled "Platform Encryption" for the  "Name" field of account as well as contact.  As per the below documentation, it is not possible to sort list views by encrypted fields (even if you have access to see the data).
General Shield Platform Encryption Considerations :
Wendy Couillard-KomarekWendy Couillard-Komarek 
I don't want all of my contacts to create prospects in Pardot. Can I use some sort of filter to stop them? We use accounts and contacts for a lot of different types and I do not want some of the types to become prospects just because they are updated in Salesforce.

Is there an easy way to filter the sync?
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Ben OrtizBen Ortiz
You'll have to set custom sharing rules in Salesforce to restrict the Pardot user from accesss to the ecords types that you do not want to sync down.
Jackie TraviesoJackie Travieso 
I am looking for ideas to create a hierarchy between Contract records in PE.

Contract #1 = Initial (created 2010)
    Contract #2 = Renewal #1 (created 2011)
    Contract #3 = Renewal #2 (created 2012)
Contract #4 = Initial (created 2013 with new terms/new service)

Has anyone done this? Thoughts?

Thanks a bunch!
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Sharif ShaalanSharif Shaalan
Hi Jackie, you can create a look up field from contract to contract and call it parent contract.  That will create the hierarchy you are looking for.  So Contract 1 will be the parent to contracts 2 & 3 in your example.
Christine MarshallChristine Marshall 
I need to write a validation rule on opportunities that effectively locks a field once a value has been added.

The field is a lookup field to users and I cannot get my rule to work, I've tried all sorts of variations on ISCHANGED, NOT(ISNULL, NOT(ISBLANK...

In conclusion, once a user has done a lookup and chosen another user, I don't want anyone else to be able to change the lookup value.

Help much appreciated! 
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Akhil AnilAkhil Anil
Hi Christine,

Yourn formula should be simply this

Jeanine WalshonJeanine Walshon 
Hello, I would like to know if there is way to create required fields in an opportunity but NOT required upon creation. I have an opportunity stage field in the opportunity object and would like to have certain fields required by different stages. The stages of the opportunity is a picklist field. For example: When an opportunity goes to the "closed-won" stage, I would like to have certain fields required to be filled out before saving...Please Help! :)
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Mamoon HajjaMamoon Hajja
No but for the example that I gave, it would. For example, if the other field was a text field, you would do:


where x is the text field name

OR, if it's a number:


Kelley BroxKelley Brox 
Hello wonderful Salesforce community!

I have tried searching for answers but I could not find anything that worked yet. I am trying to add the field for "Line Item Description" to the Quotes object because the ultimate goal is to add it to the Quote Template so that our Sales people can add the Product Description and the Line Item Description together.

The use case is that when a sales person adds Products to a quote, it will populate the default Product Description as written on the Product Level. However the sales person would like to add specific notes to each product that are custom to each item, as shown in the Quote. The Line Item Description is a standard field in the Quote Object.

How can I make this happen? I tried creating a formula field but with no luck with "TEXT(Product2.Description)"

I would appreciate your help!


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Geoffrey FlynnGeoffrey Flynn
Hi Kelley,
You can add any Quote Line Item fields to the template using the wrench when you edit the template
User-added image
It acts like a related list in a regular page layout
Due to personnel changes, I've had to change our lead assignment rules and need to run these rules on our existing leads to update the lead owner to the appropriate person. Is there a way to do an "update" for this that would not require deleting and re-importing all of the records? Thanks in advance!
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Douglas NaylorDouglas Naylor
Try the Lead Import wizard under Data Management.  First, run a report to export all Lead ID's to excel.  Then use the file with the Lead Import wizard. Match on the ID and use your assignment rule.

You can also transfer leads using Transfer Leads tool on the home page.  
Rogue AdminRogue Admin 
Thanks in advance. I need a validation rule that will require a value in a text field ONLY IF the correct picklist value is chosen.


If Picklist Value = Null, then text field must also be null.
If Picklist Value = Incorrect value, then text field must be null.
If Picklist Value = Correct value, then text field must contain data.

Thanks again.
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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
You will need two VRs. Here you go:

1. If Picklist Value = Correct value, then text field must contain data.
    ISPICKVAL(Picklist_Field__c, 'Correct Value'),

If Picklist Value = Null, then text field must also be null.
If Picklist Value = Incorrect value, then text field must be null.
        NOT(ISPICKVAL(Picklist_Field__c, 'Correct Value')),
Tyler BallTyler Ball 
We're using Salesforce Enterprise and Pardot Pro. We're using the standard Salesforce/Pardot connector. Our sales reps frequently receive an error message when attempting to save edits to lead/contact records in Salesforce that says "The record you were editing was modified by {Pardot Connector User} during your edit session." This user has to cancel their edits and remake them. This appears to be caused by Pardot syncing with the record while the user is attempting to edit it. Is there any way to avoid these collisions? Your advice is much appreciated :-)
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Brian MakasBrian Makas
Sadly no, with that said this issue seems to come and go / will likely fix itself in a day or two.