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Elizabeth JohnsonElizabeth Johnson 


Tried to find an answer to this question, but wasn't able to. 

Our company uses USD as a company currency even though we are based in Germany but do business all over the world. Prior to Salesforce we were doing quoting with Excel and when a customer requested a quote/invoice in Euros, we would take that day's exchange rate and do the quote.

Now that we have Salesforce, when we have Multiple Currencies enabled and when the Opportunity/Quote is in Euro, we see it reflected back in USD which is different to our established sales prices:
User-added image

This one is not such a big difference, but for other items it's a huge difference and what we would like to do is make sure the USD is always the established sales price and have the Euro amount change to reflect this. Basically Salesforce is taking the Euro price we've entered with the Product/Price Book and changes it into Dollars, how can we make it do the opposite?


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Lokesh kumarLokesh kumar
This is interesting and something to work on! I will try to write a logic or create an app exchange product to handle these kinds of scenarios.
Joe PedrazzoliJoe Pedrazzoli 
I have a specfic community branding question - is there a setting to change the color of the User Profile Menu object text (user’s name) in the header of a community portal page.  We have a dark colored header region and the text color for the User Profile Menu object is black making it un-readable.  I was able to change the text color in the header region for the navigation menu options, but couldn’t find any of the community branding settings affected the color of the User Profile Menu object’s text. 
Joe Pedrazzoli
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Pankaj YadavPankaj Yadav
Hi JOE Pedrazzoli
Use this step 
Open your community
edit css
User-added image

Click use overrides
User-added image

 Copy and paste this code and save

    color:red !important;
  color:red !important;  

use the color according your requirment but !important do not remove.

Thanks Regards
Pankaj Yadav
Ashley FaggianelliAshley Faggianelli 
Our contact record uses the default mailing address but I am unable to edit it. We do holiday mailers and I would like to make the field required for new contacts because every year at this time I have to go back through and send requests for contact mailing addresses.

Is there a way for me to make this required without having to create custom fields? (We have a basic package for salesforce and I am a system Admin)

Thank you!

P.S. Is this something I can request from salesforce? We should have the option to make a field required even when its not a custom one.
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Marco BMarco B
for the validation rule, go to:
Setup > Customize > Contacts > Validation Rule > New

give it any name you want

In the syntax , put :

 ISBLANK( MailingCity ) ,
 ISBLANK( MailingCountry ) ,
 ISBLANK( MailingState ) ,
 ISBLANK( MailingStreet ) ,
 ISBLANK( MailingPostalCode )

in the error message, put the error text that your users will see when they click on Save while the Mailing Address is not fully filled out
Shirah BrownShirah Brown 
Hi all - new admin here... trying to add some mapped fields from an opportunity to a custom object (project brief) - want to take a look up for a supporting BD associate and map this into the custom object. when I use the below syntax it only loads the ID of the user instead of their name:


Adding TEXT () does not have the correct syntax, and adding FirstName & " " & ... LastName renders the field I am referencing results in the below error:

Field Supporting_BD__c does not exist. 

User-added image

Appreciate any help / guidance as I am going to try and map several fields from our opportunities to the brief to save sales from entering redundant information. 
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Ranu BariRanu Bari
You means that you have "Supporting Sales Rep" formula field on Project Brief object. If yes, it should get Supporting_BD__c name on Project brief object from Opportunity, right? If yes,then use following formula in "Supporting Sales Rep" field on Project Brief object,
HYPERLINK("/"&Opportunity__r.Supporting_BD__c, Opportunity__r.Supporting_BD__r.FirstName + ' ' + Opportunity__r.Supporting_BD__r.LastName)
Sunny SSunny S 
Hi all, can anyone help me with this please!

We are using a checkbox field to mark the Account status as Inactive for our deceased customer. (as we dont want to delete the account and need to keep the records)

*** Requirement: Is it possible to use Process Builder Flow to automatically display as message on the Account record when opened any such records of deceased customers and display a 'Picture' or 'Message' as "Account status is Inactive, please do not send any communication"  ???
*** Its like, if a user opens any such Inactive accounts, they see a Message as 'Account Inactive'

If yes, than kindly help me with the process builder, as i'm not too good with it??

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Anel MalabananAnel Malabanan
You can create a Popup message that will show whenever a User view a record that meet the specific criteria using Visualforce.
<apex:page standardController="Account">
   window.onload = function(){
               alert('Insert Message here')

Hope it helps!
Abi BeatyAbi Beaty 
We have new incoming leads and we've got reports and list views to manage those.

We have open opportunities and we've got reports and list views to manage those.

Then we have this pile of contacts who, because we already had the account in Salesforce, were never leads. These need to be tracked and contacted just like leads, but I'm struggling to come up with a good process for that. 

Also, three different things for the sales people to track is excessive. How do you manage these? Or avoid these? 

Thanks in advance!
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Chris CannavoChris Cannavo
I use them for any initiative that a sales or service team has (emails, top prospects, webinars, tradeshows, etc...). Since you can include Leads/Contacts/Opportunities easily AND you can roll each Campaign up to a Parent Campaign, which helps you measure impact accross areas. For example, I have a Campaign for a recent Tradeshow, a Campaign for a Webinar, and a Campaign for a recent Sales Initiative. All of those Campaigns could be rolled up into a 2017 Roll Up Campaign Parent that gives excellent insight into ROI. 

The beauty of Salesforce is that you can do things in an increbily customized way. While I haven't used Campaigns by Rep, you certainly could! If you are on Salesforce Classic, you can build reports for the Leads/Contacts and then Add them to the Campaign there. You could also go the route of Exporting their data, including the Contact/Lead ID and use that to import back into the Campaign. I opt for the Former, when possible.
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Deepali KulshresthaDeepali Kulshrestha
Hi Arvindo,

Greetings to you!

 Queue and groups are both are same ,which will hold  group of users, But in working environment we can functionality we need to decide which will use in proper way,

              Suppose  in the case of Lead Assignment,         
1 . Scenario like Each user should assigned to at least one lead and  same number of leads.That means user need to handle assigned lead individually and all users in organization should assigned with same number of leads, in this case  we can define users in organization as Queue and assign them one by one and in same number using round robin lead assignment.In this case we can achieve above scenario.
2 .  Suppose you need to Share some of the information in your organization among some users, in this we can define Group ,then we can share information or we assign some work to group.Here this is Group effort.

I hope you find the above solution helpful. If it does, please mark as Best Answer to help others too.

Thanks and Regards,
Deepali Kulshrestha
Leanne MoylanLeanne Moylan 
Hi there, 

We currently have 1 record type for the lead object which we want to remain the same. We have 4 record types and layouts for the account. Upon conversion we want to asisgn a particular account record type to a converted lead based upon the field called 'Type' on the lead.

If Lead field 'Type' = Hotel then Account Record Type = Hotel
If Lead Field 'Type' = Travel then Account Record Type = Travel 
If Lead Field 'Type' = Entertainment  OR Local Deals then Account Record Type = Entertainment / Local Deals 

At the moment upon conversion the account record type keeps on defaulting to the default record type. Please note it is only system admins that can convert leads. 

Any suggestions?

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Raja Kumar PallepatiRaja Kumar Pallepati
I have updated the formula with proper ending of the IF-ELSE functions. Use this formula but replace this 'pastedefaultRecordTypId' with your default record type id (else condition).
IF(ISPICKVAL([Lead].Type__c ,'Hotel'), '0123c000000cdQY',
IF(ISPICKVAL([Lead].Type__c ,'Travel'), '0123c000000cdQd',
IF(ISPICKVAL([Lead].Type__c ,'Entertainment'), '0123c000000cdQn',
IF(ISPICKVAL([Lead].Type__c ,'Local'), '0123c000000cdQi',
IF(OR(ISPICKVAL([Lead].Type__c ,'Partnerships'),
ISPICKVAL([Lead].Type__c ,'Other'), 
ISPICKVAL([Lead].Type__c , 'National')), '0123c000000cdQs','pastedefaultRecordTypId')
) ) ) )

Marcos Araujo de SouzaMarcos Araujo de Souza 

My sellers who use partner license today can no longer select a quote template to print the document. Trying to search for a template will open the popup where you can choose the template but the insufficient privileges message is displayed. Where can I release again this option?
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Marcos Araujo de SouzaMarcos Araujo de Souza
The issue in question was due to some maintenance from salesforce personnel, after contacting Salesforce support in Fixed - Summer'19 patch 21.1 the problem has been fixed.

Brad DavidBrad David 
Good morning salesforce community!  I'm very new to salesforce and am not getting my scheduled reports via email.  I've tried multiple different times (just incase it's a time zone issue) and confirmed that I am receiving the test emails.  I'm sure it's something simple, but I can't seem to find out why. 

Appreciate the help!
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Michelle ArndtMichelle Arndt
There are several things you can check to see what is happening with your scheduled reports.
1. Confirm that the schedule didn't expire - you said you already did that so we can cross that over.
2. Look in Setup > Monitor > Jobs > Scheduled Jobs to see if the report is scheduled to run again - that way you can confirm that system is working and that there are no problems with schedule.
3. Go to Setup > Monitor > Logs > Email Log Files and request an email log file for the day the report was supposed to be emailed, and the to/from user it was to be sent to. When the email log is ready, download it and unzip it. Then sort the report by Date Time and look around the time when the report was supposed to be sent. If it's in there, then your report was sent (or was attempted to be sent), but might have gotten hung up by your email server. If there was trouble sending, you'll see a number the "Retry" column.
4. Make sure that report didn't end up in Spam folder or that you don't have any Outlook rules that might re-direct email with report to other folders or emails. I
5. If all the above is working and you still don't see the reports being delivered to you, check with your IT team - email servers sometimes mark scheduled Salesforce reports as spam so they never gets delivered to user's inbox.