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Conor BradleyConor Bradley 

I am trying to write a Validation Rule on the Lead object. I have two pick list fields, 'Status' and 'Reason for Closing'. When the 'Status' is selected 'Closed' I need there to be a value selected for 'Reason for Closing'. This is what I have so far:

ISPICKVAL(Status, 'Closed')

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.

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Sunil SarillaSunil Sarilla
Hi Conor,
When you say None is a text value, do you mean have you created None as an picklist value in the system.
In any case I would go with Dependent picklist options as suggested by Hybin and make the Reason for Closing field mandatory on pagelayout.
Steps to follow
1. Create a Dependent Picklist
Status as the Controlling field
Reason for Closing as the Dependent field
2. Create a Field Dependecy Matrix so that the Reason for Closing Value are only included for Closed Status
3. Make the Reason for Closing field required on the page layout.
Canio CaputoCanio Caputo 
My brain is numb. I need to create a task and set the reminder date to be based off of a date field.  
User-added image
If the Delivery Date is >30 days from the Closed Date I want to set the reminder date to 14 days after the closed date.

If the Delivery Date is <30 Days I want to set the Reminder Date to be based off the Effective date

I can't seem to figure out the formula
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Steve BainesSteve Baines
OK, close...

You can wrap your date values with the DATETIMEVALUE() function.

IF(Delivery_Date__c - CloseDate >30, DATETIMEVALUE(CloseDate +14), DATETIMEVALUE(EffectiveDate))
Reed GroupReed Group 
I want to sum the amount of Opportunities Closed and show it on the Account.  I do know how to create Roll-up Summary fields!  I have a lot of custom fields on my Opportunity object - static, roll-up summary from Opportunity Product and formula.  I even created another simple roll-up summary based on the standard subtotal field on Opportunity Product just for this purpose.  But when I try to create the roll-up summary field on Account based on Opportunity, I don't see any of my roll-up or function or even static currency fields when I choose Sum.  I DO see the Total Quantity field which is a roll-up summary field from the Opportunity Product so I am able to Sum that field. I've checked field visibility, etc. on the fields and am still stumped.  Any ideas???
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
Do you have Advanced Multi-Currency enabled on your SFDC.Org?  I'm pretty sure that AMC$ kills all Currency Roll-Up Summary fields.
Tyler BallTyler Ball 
We're using Salesforce Enterprise and Pardot Pro. We're using the standard Salesforce/Pardot connector. Our sales reps frequently receive an error message when attempting to save edits to lead/contact records in Salesforce that says "The record you were editing was modified by {Pardot Connector User} during your edit session." This user has to cancel their edits and remake them. This appears to be caused by Pardot syncing with the record while the user is attempting to edit it. Is there any way to avoid these collisions? Your advice is much appreciated :-)
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Brian MakasBrian Makas
Sadly no, with that said this issue seems to come and go / will likely fix itself in a day or two.
Shruthi GMShruthi GM 
In Lightning mode,I am able to create folders under Library.Because I have a direct option there.
But in Classic mode,how to create folder?
Can anybody please guide me on this?!
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Amnon KruviAmnon Kruvi
According to the documentation, the ability to create folders only exists in Lightning. You cannot do it in Classic.  (
Lakshmi KumarLakshmi Kumar 
Hello all,

I have a question regarding multi-select picklists and checkbox. I need to know the pros and cons of using either multi-select picklist and checkbox. My client does not recommend using multi-select picklist as they are worried of reporting. Hence they are sticking to checkboxes because of reporting. 

I recently heard that in Spring/Fall 2016 there were few updates that were implemented to multi-select picklist. I am not quite sure though. My client has asked me regarding the best practices either to implement multi-select picklists and checkbox. 

Can anybody suggest me based on the above scenario what must be implemented either the multi-select picklist or checkbox?

Thanks a lot !!!  
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Mayank SrivastavaMayank Srivastava
Lakshmi, whatever updates were made to the MSP's wouldn't make them any better or qualify them for use. A few cons of using them:
  • ​MSP's suck for reporting
  • Pose challenges for merges
  • Pose challenges for automation like workflow rules, process builder
  • Pose challenges for formula writing
The checkbox approach would be much better because then you get proper reporting and flexibility with automation as well. You coud always use the following article to come up with a good case for not using the MSP's and going with checkboxes or a custom object instead:

Good luck!
Kari DickersonKari Dickerson 
About 1/4 of our users have an app that provides an overlay on opportunities, so not only will they not be enabled for Lightning (until that company preps their app for Lightning), but that app makes Sales Path redundant for them (they would not work well together). The remaining 3/4 of the users do not have access to that overlay and could really benefit from the Sales Path, something we have never used before. These users will be migrating to Lighting soon and I would love to enable Sales Path for them - is it possible to allow visibility of Sales Path to only some users and not others, such as with the profile?
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Adam MarksAdam Marks
Not as of right now, no. Lightning is "static" for the moment but (safe harbor) in the next release you will be able to customize the lightning components (pages) in this way. 
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Shell BlackShell Black
Just some additional perspective.....

Roles are one of the ways you can control access to records. They also impact reports (e.g. "My Teams" filter). Roles come into play if your security model (OWDs) are set to private. A little more on Roles and how they impact security:

Profiles help determine record privileges. Assuming the User can see the record, Profiles determine what the User can do, view or edit on that record. Profiles control other system privileges as well (mass email, export data, etc)
Erik PetersonErik Peterson 
I've researched my question in Help, and almost everything I've tried has not worked.  the email button in Summer '17 Sandbox is missing from the opportunity.  I checked email deliverability, set to "all".  checked global layout for email, it's there.  checked opportunity page layout.  "send email" is already in the lightning section.  checked to make sure the correct layout is assigned.  not until I created the "action" and added it to the opportunity layout did it the page layout editor, it appears right next to the "send email" button.  So, long story longer, it's fixed, but not sure why the original button is not displaying.  
any direction is appreciated!
-Erik "always marks best answer" Peterson
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Carrie HooperCarrie Hooper
Cool. The buttons vs actions have bitten me before. And the disappearing email button when email deliverability is off -- I think I lost hours on that one once! Don't forget to mark as best answer ;)
Tracy ReidTracy Reid 
I have a dependent picklist field that I would like to make mandatory if the controlling value is chosen. My formula is not working and I can't see what I have gotten wrong.

If lead source equals Trusted Referral, then the Referral field must be filled out. Values below in Referral are the only options available.

 ISPICKVAL ( LeadSource , 'Trusted Source(Referral)'),
 NOT( ISPICKVAL(Referral__c, 'Partner Referral')),
 NOT( ISPICKVAL(Referral__c, 'Board Referral')),
 NOT( ISPICKVAL(Referral__c, 'Other Trusted Source Referral'))

Thank you for your help.
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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
Have you tried making the Dependent Field Required on the Page Layout ?

This way it will be enforced only when a value is chosen in the Controlling Field(even if you see the Red Mark next to the Dependent Field with Controlling Field still empty). This will impart the best User Experience as opposed to a Validation Rule.