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Raynor HolmesRaynor Holmes 

Has anyone noticed an issue with accessing Dashobards from Classic today? They are working correctly in Lightning but some components are displaying an Internal Server Error message. This is impacting multiple users across every browser.
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Sourav DuttaSourav Dutta
Seems it's a Known Issue, which is In Review now: (
Danny TylerDanny Tyler 
hi there

I'm after a top 10 list of my top industry in accounts, how do I do this? (Descending)
at the moment its only showing accounts and industryies but not listing them like:
- Scaffolding (10)
- Schools (8)
- Retail (6)

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Dnyaneshwar AghawDnyaneshwar Aghaw
Create Report , Group By Industry and Create Dashboard Component : Table 

I hope this helps you. 

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Violeta RoshkaVioleta Roshka 
Can anyone tell me if we are able to track/log the user activity in SalesForce…what searches they perform, any export of contacts, their “click” activity? Thanks!
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Sunil SarillaSunil Sarilla
Hi Violeta,
Not OOTB until and unless you have the Event Monitoring add on.
You will be able to monitor the report exports, URI Web Clicks
Event Monitoring is a paid add on.
Please go through the below module in trailhead to know more about the same
Mireia ParésMireia Parés 
Hello. is it possible to customize the quarterly performance chart? For instance, I would need a YTD performace since the goel is set up for the year, not for quarters. Is there any way to adapt this chart?
And, the closed and open amount of the opportunities refers to the amount closed and open just in the quarter or the accumulated during the year?
Thanks a lot!
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
That Chart can't be edited, but you can replace it with your own Report and Chart
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Brian BelcherBrian Belcher 
Hi, I'm interested in creating a new Stage that will allow our sales team to place an Opportunity "On Hold". This will allow them to still log activities related to the opportunity and have it remain in thier pipeline for scheduling purpuses but I will also be able to remove it from our forecast easily.

My question is related to whether it is possible to also freeze the counter on the Age field of that opportunity, as it is important for us to track how long a "active" opportunity takes to close. 

For example, Sales Person A works an opportunity for 3 months until they realize that due to budgeting cycles or perhaps personnel changes, the opportunity will not close in a reasonable time. A year later they still would like to pursue the opportunity and we would like to maintain the data from that opportunity during that "hold period", once the opportunity is made "active" again I would like the Age counter to continue so  if it closes we can still judge how long it took to close.

The counter in this case would be 3 months, followed by 12 months of inactivity and another 3 months until close. I would like this to display 6 months instead of 18 months.

One alternative would be to move the opportunity to Closed Lost and reopen it after that year but I question whether that would be a best practice.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Steve MolisSteve Molis
You will not be able to do that with the standard Age field, you would need to create a custom field and update it with a custom Process and/or Code

You might be better off using a standard Opportunity History Report and just include/exclude the "On Hold" Stage using Report Filters, then add a Chart to the Report and add the Report Chart to the Opportunity Page Layout (no custom code needed)
Jamie SchaduwJamie Schaduw 
Hi all,

I would like to add a chart to a cutstom monthly opportunity report.
In the custom report I have add the following fields: lead source account name billing city billing address

Currently I created one report with an added a chart to it. This is the report of the month February but when I am trying to do exactly the same for the month January the button 'add chart' is still grey and unable use it. I would like to make a report of every month to make a dasboard of it. Because of that I need the charts to visualize it all.

I have tried the different previews as well but none of them shows me an usable 'add chart' button.

What I am doing wrong?
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Amit SinghAmit Singh
You need to add a field into grouping section then only chart will be appear. Drag and Drop field into Drag a field here to group across report blocks
Jenn Romaniszak KantJenn Romaniszak Kant 
Hi all, I know in Spring 14 release it became possible to remove the footer from report exports in the User Interface Settings (

However, I WANT to include this data, and cannot see in Classic or LEX how to turn this back on.  Does anyone know if these was retired all together is subsequent releases?

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Steve MolisSteve Molis
I think it's in it's own thing now

Report and Dashboard User Interface Settings 
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Jean-Yves StephanJean-Yves Stephan 
Hi all,

I would like to create a custom report where I can have all the Accounts and the Opportunities linked, even the Accounts without Opportunities.
For that, I create a new type of report (configuration > create), where I put Account as object A and Opportunity as Object B with or without associated records (cf. screenshot below).

The problem is when I created my report, if put only information of the Account, I've all the Account (around 5.000 records), but once I add information linked with Opportunities, I lost all the Accounts that don't have Opportunities... (around 3.500)
The thing is I nedd to have in the same report all the Accounts and the information of the Opportunity if the Account has an Opportunity. In the case the Account doesn't have an Oportunity, the cell could stay empty.

Could you please tell me how I can construct this report (I'm almost sure we can do that).
Thanks in advance

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Aaron DeRanAaron DeRan
You said the 779 account falls from the report, but you are just looking at the preview of the report. Click Run Report and view all the results. Keep in mind that a ran report in Salesforce only shows the first 2,000 records in the report. You mentioned 5,000 Accounts, which means 3,000 are not showing, and one is the 779 one.

You would have to export the report results to Excel to see all of them.
phil levsenphil levsen 
I see that there are many sollutions regarding Step 2 of the Lightning Experience Reports & Dashboards Specialist superbadge.  However I am still receiving the following error and am unable to get around it.
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The 'Accounts Without SolarBot Opportunities' report doesn't include the correct collection of accounts.
  •  Standard accounts report type
  • Outline Columns:  Account name, Type, Phone
  • Cross Filters:  Accounts without SolarBots
  • Results showing 12 records
  • Saved as Accounts Without SolarBot Opportunities and placed in the SolarBot Sales Reports folder
have been staring this down for days but am unable to get this report to test out.  Below are my screenshots.
Accounts Without SolarBot Opportunities Outline
Accounts Without SolarBot Opportunities filters
I do not see what is wrong with this report.  would appreciate another set of eyes on this.  thanks.
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phil levsenphil levsen
thanks.  that worked.  Will review cross filters again.
Yamile Pacheco CuevaYamile Pacheco Cueva 
I am creating reports for our programs team. I need these reports to be dynamic (reset every school year). The fundraising team uses the "fiscal year" options in reports to reset reports based on "this fiscal year", "last two fiscal years" etc. However, our fiscal year is not the same as the school year but I would like to create these reports without having to edit them at the start of each school year. Is there a way to create a custom date range that would work similar to the "fiscal year" setting for reports?
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Yamile Pacheco CuevaYamile Pacheco Cueva
Yes, I posted the question in the power of us hub and got an solution. If you have access to it here is the link: (

If you cannot access it, here are the details:
An alternative approach you could consider is creating a checkbox formula, e.g. "This School Year", something like:
AND( MONTH( datefield__c ) >= 8, MONTH( datefield__c ) <= 12, YEAR( datefield__c ) = YEAR( TODAY() )),
AND( MONTH( datefield__c ) >= 8, MONTH( datefield__c ) <= 12, YEAR( datefield__c ) = YEAR( TODAY() ) - 1),
AND( MONTH( datefield__c ) >= 1, MONTH( datefield__c ) < 8, YEAR( datefield__c ) = YEAR( TODAY() )) ),
true, false)
Note, replace "datefield__c" above with your the right date field for your respective object.
Then in a report, you could bring your new formula field in as a filter: "This School Year" equals TRUE.