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Jeffrey ForbesJeffrey Forbes 
I have a matrix report that I would like to include on public dashboard. I am unable to do some because when I go to add a component I get the error "Unsupported Report Type".

I am not trying to use a tabular report as in this case and other forum cases
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Daniel GlogowskiDaniel Glogowski
Hi everyone, this issue will be resolved in Summer '17. Pleae let us know if you have any further questions. Thanks!
Lynne BeamanLynne Beaman 
Can you help me resize my viewing pane so I can see more than four contacts at a time?  BTW, I know how to make it display 100, etc, but the viewing pane itself seems to have resized itself to display only a few of those....

List view too small
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
Same List View reset to default 100% 

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Lisa HayesLisa Hayes 
We have a dynamic dashboard that allows users to change the running user. When working in Lightning as an admin, I change the running user to one of our Sales Managers and can see the data correctly on the dashboard.
When I click on a part of a graph to drill down to specific team member's data, it pulls up the correct report and data for some team members but not others.
I know in Classic, when you click on a component, it pulls the report data as you would normally see it, not drilled to running user.
In Lightning, it drills down to the team member data, but for some team members, it show not data in the report, but for others is show the correct data in the report.
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Lisa HayesLisa Hayes
I worked with Salesforce Support to resolve the issue. Figured out that we could not to drill down to user data from a dashboard component if user has Middle Name and/or Suffix populated in the User record. When we removed the middle name or initial from the user record, we are able to click on that users data from the component. Odd but true 
abbas razaabbas raza 
Hi all,

Very new here, I am trying to figure out if there is a way to build in a run rate formula to calculate where sales would finish on a monthly basis. Very new to formulas let alone salesforce. In excel this would be easy but really trying to integrate Salesforce into the picture. Anyway, the simple formula would be my (current sales/ # of days in a month * # of days elapsed in the month).

I have attached a screenshot on what I have now, not sure if this helps or even make sense to you
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
Looks like you're missing the first ( 
( Dealer_Metric__c.VSA_Grs__c:SUM

Paul BarylskiyPaul Barylskiy 
It seems like Winter '19 Enhanced Run Page report interface does not support search (Ctrl+F) for values that are not currently displayed on the page? Is there a way around this limitation besides scrolling down to where the search value is displayed or exporting the report?

This was a known issue after Spring '19:

Thank you!
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Cynthia Bell McGillisCynthia Bell McGillis
This is relevant information: (Apparently coming Summer '19?)
Amanda FloresAmanda Flores 
I am interested in capturing the average Annual Contract Value per account and per Opportunity Owner, but when I summarize Annual Contract Value as an average, it takes the average out of the number of opportunity records instead of the number of accounts. I create the "Power of One" field on the account, but can't figure out how to create a summary field or formula field that captures = Sum of Annual Contract Value / Sum of Account Counter. Can anyone provide guidance?

I also attempted PARENTGROUPVAL, but I couldn't figure that out either. Any guidance would be appreciated!

This screesnhot shows the average annual contract value = Sum of average annual contract value / opportunity record count.
Report Screenshot
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
PS.  This is the Formula and the setting that I used (you'll need to swap out the fields in your report)
AMOUNT:SUM /  Account.Account__c:SUM

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Malene IllumMalene Illum 
Is there a way to make a bar chart axis bigger in Lightning Experience? 

I have a problem in that some bars in a bar chart looks to be the same value, but only because the axis is not long enough. Like below, the Industry NL bars looks to be the same size, but when you hover over them, they are not:
User-added image
User-added image

I can customize it in classic, but I can't find a way to do it in Lightning Experience.

Do you have any suggestions?
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MiglenaMiglena ( 
Hello Melene,

It seems that this is currently a limitation with LEX. I found the idea below about  'Set scale on second axis in lightning chart':
Please feel free to vote it up. Thank you!
Laila BellLaila Bell 
I would like to create a custom field on the Account level called "Time Zone" that pulls in the time zone of the Account's billing state. I found the following Excel formula online:

This takes a two-letter state and converts it to "Pacific", "Mountain", "Central", "Alaska" or "Hawaii".

I tried replacing "A1" with "BillingState" and got the following error, "Error: Unknown function SEARCH. Check spelling." This is the formula I tried:


Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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Anne RieckAnne Rieck
Hi Laila, unfortunately, the excel formula won't work, but there is the "CASE" function, which should help. It's a lengthy formula, but it worked for me:


Basically, this looks at an expression ("BillingState"), checks the value (two letter billing state) and returns the corresponding timezone as defined in the list.

Hope this helps!

Christen TrammellChristen Trammell 
I need to run a report of all of our accounts to see when a specific action that is tracked occured. The only options in the Account History Report do not include Action. Is there a way to pull a report based off an action on an account?
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
Okay it sould like you just need to use a Field History Report and add the Field Filter on the Account fields that you want to keep track of (like this)

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