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Mary Masi-PhelpsMary Masi-Phelps 
We need to divide up accounts partly by letter of the alphabet, and want to make sure each rep gets 'x' accounts, say within NYC. I'm thinking we could create a hidden picklist field with the 26 letters of the alphabet, and populate it with the first letter of the account name (accounting for "The XYZ company", etc.). Then we use the picklist to create buckets in a report to get the number of accounts beginning A-F,G-K, etc., and then we just play with the buckets to balance the territory. Can anyone suggest a better/easier way? Thanks.
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Phillip SouthernPhillip Southern
Outside of some code monitoring I think you're on the right track.  You could also do a formula field to do this but it will literally pull the first letter:
LEFT( Name , 1)

For variables like "The", you could build in those exceptions: IF(LEFT(Name,3)='The',Left(Name,5),Left(Name,1))
Chrissy ThompsonChrissy Thompson 
How do you build a report to show per day, who is logging in? The gotchas, is that we need to break it up by Client Type and only count 1 login per day/per client type. 


1:15pm 3/6/17, Browser 
1:30pm 3/6/17, Browser
1:45pm 3/6/17, OAuth

Report should equal:
3/6/17: Chrissy = 1-Browser, 1-OAuth
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
I used Tom Tobin's "Power of One" technique to get the distinct count of Users who logged in (as opposed to the count of all Logins)

Tips & Tricks: "The Power of One" the Greatest Formula Ever Written*
Roberto FainiRoberto Faini 
is it possibile create a Report that show me only leads that in a specified time chang their status?

for example, i want a report that show me only leads that today change from "new leads" to "contact lead" (field status)

thank you!
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Sathishkumar PeriyasamySathishkumar Periyasamy

need to create new date field on the lead object and build process builder/workflow rule to populate the today date if Lead status is changed from "new leads" to "contact lead". Then create lead report and filter by that field.
Irene PriebeeIrene Priebee 
Hi. I have a simple horizontal bar chart/graph which isn't showing the full label names (even when I reduce the font size).

I've read through H&T and can't find any specific references.

For example, on my x-axis I want to show Outcome values from a picklist. The longest picklist value is a length of 21 (including spaces).

The maximum length of a picklist value shown on the graph within the report (and visible on the dashboard) is about 9 characters.

Can I reduce the width of the bars (I know these will reduce autom. when we have more records to report) to accommodate longer x-axis labels?

I cannot change the wording of my picklist values as they are recognised business related outcomes.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Bar chart example
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Sharif ShaalanSharif Shaalan
Hi Irene, this is standard functionality in that the labels will be truncated after a certain amount of characters.  There is an idea out there to change this which you can vote on:
James SJames S 
Is it wise to create a custom field on the tasks object called 'reminder date' so I can report on the task? Cant report on the default reminder date so wanted to create a custom one.

Idea is to schedule a report every morning for when that reminder date equals today
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James McVicarJames McVicar
Hi James,
I'm always careful of ceating new activity fields as there is a 100 field limit. If you're a way off the limit gor for it.
If you are close to the limit use something like the fieldtrip app to see what custom activity fields are not being used / underused and then remove them.

One final thought could you use the task due date -X days in a report to view tasks that need to close in the next X days?

Hope this helps
Rico MoyaRico Moya 
From what I can see Salesforce doesn't allow schedule reports to customers that are not Salesforce users. Or does it? I would like to schedule reports daily to our partners. I saw Conga Courier on the app exchange and wanted to know thoughts about this scheduling reporting tool, other suggestions or work arounds before we go this route. Thoughts?
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Daniel BarckleyDaniel Barckley
Outside the box: you could always schedule the report to run to you and set up a forwarding rule in outlook or gmail or whatever your email client is. You could build your forwarding rule based on time sent or subject line. I literally heard of a user doing this at my last user group meeting. It blew me away because it was so ingenius.
Jeb GarrottJeb Garrott 
I have just finished configuring Omni-Channel and have gotten it working for some use cases. I'm hoping to build a report to show the time an agent spends in the presence statuses I have setup (eg. Live Agent Online, Away, Lunch, Training, etc...) but am unable to identify the objects that hold this data to build out the report types. Would anyone know where time in presense statuses is logged or the actions of switching presence status is logged?
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Karthikeyan ChandranKarthikeyan Chandran
create a custom report type with object Agent work,

Run Reports on Your Agents’ Availability and Work Assignments

Gain insight into your Omni-Channel agents’ activities with custom reports. You can run reports on your agents’ Presence Statuses and their work assignments.

Want to know how much time your agents spend in a certain state or make sure they’re meeting compliance standards? Run a report or create a dashboard on the User Presence object. The User Presence object tracks your agents’ statuses throughout theirOmni-Channel sessions.

Maybe you want to take a peek at how your agents are managing their work assignments. Create reports on the Agent Work object to see how many work items your agents accept and decline, their average speed to answer, or average handle times.Here’s an overview of how all the pieces of Omni-Channel fit together.
Mayank SrivastavaMayank Srivastava 
Is it possible to do this? I am simply looking for a report that shows all articles with their associated data categories and some other miscellaneous fields.
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Robin WijnenRobin Wijnen
Hi Mayank,

Report on Knowledge Articles is possible but the Data Category is only available as a filter. Not as an actual column. Create a report of type Knowledge Articles and add a filter. You will see an extra filter for this type of report which makes it possible to filter on data categories. But it won't allow you to create, for instance, a summary report on Data Categories. 
Robert MellettRobert Mellett 
Can you run reports with a filter that uses the current logged in user?
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
Okay, I have a fix for you.  It involves creating a couple of custom Formula fields on the objects you want to report on, and some beer...  

Create a custom formula field on the object.  
Datatype:  Formula(Number,0)
Formula:  IF(Custom_Lookup_Field__c = $User.Id , 1 , 0)  

do this for each of the Lookup(User) fields.
In your Report Filter Crteria select:   
Field: Custom Fomula Field Name   Operator:  [equals]  Value:

Then send me some of these ->
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Emily JensenEmily Jensen 
I'm cleaning up reports and running into an error that says I can't delete a report because it's being used in one or more dashboards. Where do I find which dashboards it's being used in? 

I searched the idea exchange and it seems this functionality was delivered.... 
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Rajkumar MuthusamyRajkumar Muthusamy
Hi Emily,

You can create custom report type as follows, Create a report based on this report type add filter condition on report last run or created date etc. 

User-added image

Drack the component name and report name in the report, Identify the Dashboard component along with report then delete dashbaord first and then delete reports.

May help this..!