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Jeremy MetzlerJeremy Metzler 
I would like to report on the number of times a Close Date changes per Opportunity. Is there a formula field or Report formula I could create. I have tried creating an Opportunity Field History Report but that doesn't work as i get too many rows per each Close Date Change. Anyone have any ideas?
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Jimmy JayJimmy Jay
Hey Jeremy,

I actually just implemented this for my own org, it is not built in functionality but can be built with a workflow rule. Create a new number field Close Date Changes.

Create a workflow that fires everytime an opportunity is created or edited. The formula for the workflow criteria should be:

The workflow rule should run a field update that changes the Close Date Changes field to a value of Close_Date_Changes__c + 1.

This will only work going forward but you can get historical data in there using some excel manipulation. 

Excel work:
1. Make a salesforce report using the Opportunity Field History report type.
2. Add a filter that says Field / Event = Close Date
3. Really the only field that needs to be on this report is Opportunity ID.
4. Export this report to excel.
(I am going to assume Opportunity ID is in Column A for the excel formula)

5. Cell B2 put an excel formula =COUNTIF(A:A,A2) then fill this formula all the way down.(This represents the number of close date changes for each Opportunity ID)
6. If you want it nice and clean, copy and paste the VALUES(not the formula) from column B into column C then using the excel remove duplicates functionality remove duplicates on column A.(this step isnt needed, just cuts down on the number of update calls from the data loader)
7. Use the data loader to update all the opportunities in this excel mapping Opportunity Id to Id and column C to the Close Date Changes field we made.
Raquel RiemerRaquel Riemer 
Can I get a report of the audit trail on contact fields.. I want to see what a specific user changes on a day to day basis.. We have these fields already set to audit however i need to see the changes in a report or at least in excel
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Geoffrey FlynnGeoffrey Flynn
Hi Raquel,

You should have a contact report type called "Contact History" by default if you are have field history tracking turned on.  Keep in mind that turning it on only tracks changes moving forward, so if you just activated it, you won't see past changes.

Get your filters and summaries right and you should be good to go.
Romer R.C.NepomucenoRomer R.C.Nepomuceno 
Hi Guys,

Im new at this and i wanted to create a stack bar graph with a line chart as a cumulative grand total. I cant seem to figure this out.

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Nicole CarielloNicole Cariello
This should be able to be accomplished with a Cumulative Line Charts. That should show as an option when you are selecting the chart type
Maxine LevineMaxine Levine 
Hi all - I'm sure I'm just missing a simple thing here - but I need to create a report that pulls back accounts that have had 0 activity in the past, alongside those that have had no activity in the past 90 days.

I have a cross-filter report created to pull this information back, but it's still not pulling every account that hasn't seen any activity in the past 90 days.

User-added imageWhat I am doing wrong here?

Thanks for the help!
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
Wait...  use [equals] instead of [not equals] 

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Ingo WieseIngo Wiese 
Hi there,

does anybody know how to edit the columns for report's home layout in Lighning Experience (table which appears when select report tab)? I'd like to add "last modified date". In the classic view, I can add/drop columns easily...

Because of "reports" are no object, I cannot change view by using "objects and fields" menu.

Thanks a lot!

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Pritam ShekhawatPritam Shekhawat
Yes, you can only customize this in classic as of now. You can post an Idea about it on idea exchange.This is missing from Lightning. Take a look here Get the Information You Need From the Reports Tab List View
John NouJohn Nou 
I created a report in the sandbox and am trying to schedule it to be sent to myself. However, I am not receiving the email. I checked to make sure my email address was correct in the sandbox. Is it possible for the sandbox to send an email of a scheduled report?
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Pritam ShekhawatPritam Shekhawat
Verify your email deliverability is set to All Email in Sandbox. Becuase if  Email Deliverability is set 'System Only' in your sandbox then it will prevent any emails from being sent -- notifications, Workflow Rule Email Alerts, Scheduled jobs, etc.
Minhaj ArifinMinhaj Arifin 
I have dashboards for the different Offices at my company so that Managers from these offices can view information related to their particular office/team. On the case object I have a field called, 'Created by Team' which records the name of the team/office which created the case. 

On some Dashboards I can add the filter based on the Case field, 'Created by Team' so that the managers can for example,  view and filter the dashboard to view only information on the South Team.

But on some dashboards this field 'Created by Team' does not appear as an option when I try to add it as a Dashboard filter. Would you know what is causing this? 
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Aaron DeRanAaron DeRan
If a field is not available to filter on, it means that not all of the dashboard components have a common object where that field filter can be applied.
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sukanya banekarsukanya banekar
Hi Tanika,

1. Go to the report tab.
2. Select Lead to create report. 
3. Add filter criteria on created date of lead with date ranges
4. Add filter criteria on Lead owner field to add the sales reps 
5. Select report type as Summary report and drop Lead owner field to see count of lead assigned to him/her

User-added image

Let me know if this helps you.

Sukanya Banekar
Sarah AlbersSarah Albers 

I want not only the date, but the time of creation to show up in a report on a custom object.  I would like to capture records created today (or 1 day) and sort them by time of creation. 

It does appear to be sorting based on time of creation, but the only evidence of this is if we open the record and check.  How can I get it to show up in the report?

Thanks friends!

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Steve MolisSteve Molis
Hi Sarah,
You can do that by creating a custom Formula Field (DateTime) and insert CreatedDate in the Formula Wizard.  

PS.  Don't ask me why this works, it just does.
Brennan ButlerBrennan Butler 
Random question that would be really helpful. I need to run a report that shows me All Account where there is an Opportunity in which the Opportunity Owner does not Match the Account Owner. I have tried just exporting to excel but it doesn't like this idea either. Anyone have any ideas on how I can do this?
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Michael WhiteMichael White

The report  module does not allow you to create a filter to dynamically compare two values from the result set. You could create a custom formula field on the opportunity that compared the Opportunity owner to the Account owner and sets the status to Yes or No based on the results.  Once created, you could build a filter in a report that looked at this new field and returned a list of records matching the Yes or No value as needed.