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Chris MatthewsChris Matthews 

It keeps telling me incorrect date format and I can't find it in the help. 

I should be able to have a dynamic date range, correct?
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Jason ChuJason Chu
Believe you actually want to set it to:

Last Activity equals "LAST 180 DAYS"

Seach for "Special Date Values for Filter Criteria" in help.
Dan LutonDan Luton 
I assume this has been asked many times before but all the answers I have found relate to field level security which is not an issue.

I am logged on as an administrator and am trying to run a custom report on Contacts related to a Custom Object. There are multiple number fields in the object which I was able to report on yesterday, but all of the fields I have created today do not appear in the Available Fields in the custom report now. They are configured in exactly the same way as previous number fields, I have access to them in the Field Level settings and there are no Sharing restrictions in place in this App. I also have access to the Record types through my profile.

I can even see and edit the fields in the custom object but am then not able to report on those edits.

Any ideas?
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Elizabeth DavidsonElizabeth Davidson
Actually this is  an easy one but hard before you've come across it!

What you need to do is go back into the custom report type, you'll need to add the fields you created since creating the custom report type to be available in the report type.

WHY on earth this is not something to choose during field creation I have no idea, but that's what is happening.  

here's a link to more details- it's talking more in terms of the old report builder but you'll get the idea of what to do:

Good luck! And don't feel bad, I was ready to scream until I figured this out!
Fen WestphalFen Westphal 
Hi , 
our "Enable access levels for sharing report and dashboard folders" perm has been turned on recently. Since that it was not possible to schedule a dashboard to sent to Chatter Free User. 
Is there any way to turn off "Enable access levels for sharing report and dashboard folders" perm again? 
Any help is appreciated. Thank you,
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George DummarGeorge Dummar
This sharing feature is available under:
Setup > Folder Sharing

However, be aware of the limitations that can arise once you roll back to the former "disabled" access. See here for more details: 
Bradley HoyleBradley Hoyle 
How can i make .csv the default report export type. Currently it is.xls and i have to change it every time. 

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Mayank SrivastavaMayank Srivastava
Hello Bradley,
It is not something that you could modify or change the behavior of. When you click on 'Export Details', the page will always default the Export File Format to Excel Format (.xls).
louisa barrettlouisa barrett 
Does anyone know of way to create a campaign report which shows all associated Opportunities and Leads.
What I would like is to see on one report is each campaign that has Opportunities converted from leads and equally an Opportunities which have just been created without being converted.
This all stems from finding the difference between the values on the campaign pageUser-added image

I would like to be able to indentify the difference between the Converted Lead count and the Total Opportunity Count.
I've tried a joined report but I don't have a common field that I can span across a Campaign with Leads and converted Lead Information and a Campaign with Opportunities

Many thanks
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MiglenaMiglena ( 
Hello Louisa,

The following threads may help:
Thank you!
Minhaj ArifinMinhaj Arifin 
I have dashboards for the different Offices at my company so that Managers from these offices can view information related to their particular office/team. On the case object I have a field called, 'Created by Team' which records the name of the team/office which created the case. 

On some Dashboards I can add the filter based on the Case field, 'Created by Team' so that the managers can for example,  view and filter the dashboard to view only information on the South Team.

But on some dashboards this field 'Created by Team' does not appear as an option when I try to add it as a Dashboard filter. Would you know what is causing this? 
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Aaron DeRanAaron DeRan
If a field is not available to filter on, it means that not all of the dashboard components have a common object where that field filter can be applied.
Kirsty StainesKirsty Staines 
I'm using the standard "Accounts with or without Activities" report, but a custom field that was created months ago doesn't show on the report. It does appear in other reports, so I don't believe the problem is with profile security..
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Karthikeyan ChandranKarthikeyan Chandran
Is this standard report type or custom report type?

If this standard report check these,

Your profile doesn't have read access to this field.Even administrators can't view fields without permission. Go to Setup / Customize / Accounts / Fields, click on the custom field, click Set Field Level Security, and add Visible to your profile.
If you're on Professional Edition or lower, you'll instead need to add the field to your account page layout.
Setup / Customize / Accounts / Page Layout.

You're customizing a report based on a custom report type that doesn't include this field.

Why are some expected fields not visible when creating a Custom Report Type?

Salesforce offers Custom Report Types. 

Available in: Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

Unlike standard report types, any new fields you add to your object aren't automatically added to Custom Report Types.  These fields will need to be added manually.

1) Go to Setup and click Create
2) Click on Report Types
3) Click on the Report Type's Label
4) Look for the "Fields Available for Reports" related list and Click "Edit Layout".
5) In the Field Layout Properties, on the right box you'll be able to drag and drop desired fields on your layout

If a field you wish to include is not visible under one of the selected objects, you may be able to add it via lookup. To do this after the point 4 above:
5) Select the respective object from the "View" drop down field on the right side of the page.
6) Click on the "Add fields related via lookup »" link directly below the "View" drop down field.
7) Select the appropriate link and subsequent fields.
8) Repeat this process as needed per object.

Note: To create or update Custom Report Types, you must have the "Manage Custom Report Types" User Permission.
Heather GlennHeather Glenn 
What am I missing?  Why can't I schedule a report to send to a specific user?  I only see Public Groups and Roles as options - no user.....???  Do I have to create a public group containing one person for this to work?
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Adam MarksAdam Marks
You can send to individual Users but in order for that option to show up the folder that contains the report has to be shared with individual users. From the Scheduling Reports Cheat sheet article

"For example, let’s say a report folder is shared with a public group named Sales Users. You can only
select this specific group to receive the results by email for that scheduled report. You can’t select individual users in this example. On the other hand, if you made the report folder available to All Users, you are able to individually add users"

So the takeaway is to go see how the Sharing on the report folder is set up. If it's only shared with Roles and Groups then those are your only options when scheduling reports saved in that folder.
Wojtek NWojtek N 

Can someone advise is there any way to check what's the remaining amount of records we can store before hitting the Analyics limit for dataset?

According to the below article, let's say I have 200 mln limit. How can I check how far or close I am from that limit?

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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Phaneendra Kumar GanjiPhaneendra Kumar Ganji
Hi Wojtek,

Yes,we can check the limit on salesfore setup.Follow the below steps.

1.Search "Analytics" on your salesforce page.
2.Click on Getting started and you will see the "Usage Statistics" with left records and count of datasets.

Please check and let me know if it works.:-)
Michael CobbMichael Cobb 

I have created a report using the standard report type, "Campaigns with Campaign Members." The report is filtered by 4 specific Campaign IDs. I then want to add the report to our Contact lightning page as a report chart that is dynamically filtered by the Contact's ID. I can add the report chart to the lightning page. There are no filters at all to select, however, when editing this report, I can see there is a "Lead/Contact ID" field.

Why is this not possible and is there a way to make this work?

My client wants to be able to look at a contact, look at the report chart and quickly see the contact's Campaign Member status for those 4 specific campaigns (or see the lack thereof).
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Michael CobbMichael Cobb
I figured it out!

In case anyone needs to know, I just created a custom report type with Contacts as the primary object then Campaign History and then Campaign Members where A must have B and must have C. Then, with the report I built, I just had a filter where it is filtering to just show the IDs of the Campaigns my client wants to see on the report chart. Then, the report chart is being filtered by the Contact ID so it just shows that contact's campaign membership for those campaigns I've specified!