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Vilmarir PaganVilmarir Pagan 

Is anyone using this app, org Chart - Lightning Ready and can tell me a bit of how it works within your company? What do you with users who do not have actual licenses?
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Abhishek SinhaAbhishek Sinha
Really nice un-managed package which gives nice visualisation of your Org Structure.
Has really helped us when rolling out a project that needed the users to have a clear view of their reporting lines in Salesforce.

Tim WallaceTim Wallace 
Hi all,

My team and I have been using Non-Profit Success Pack for a few years.  We updated our Salesforce to Lightning Experience last fall with no complaints.  Something changed in the Spring Release that moved all of our roles to the default home page despite my having assigned each of our roles their own home page.  I tried to re-assign them through the activation button when editing a home page, but the NPSP app doesn't show up as available to edit assignements.  I went into app manager, and I can see the despite having migrated to Lightning, NPSP is still a "classic" app, and there's no obivious action to take to upgrade it.  What am I missing?  How do I upgrade my NPSP app to lightning so I can fix my home page assignments?  Thanks.
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Tiia GrodenTiia Groden
Turns out the NPSP app thats brought over when you swap to Lighting is a Classic "app" and you just need to create a custom NPSP App for Lighting following these instructions!
Rebecca CzyzRebecca Czyz 
I am having a heck of a time uninstalling a package from my org. I keep getting the error that I have a permission set assigned to users under one of my inactive sites. When I go into the site there are no assignments. (screen shots below) Help! User-added imageUser-added image
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Om PrakashOm Prakash
Have you checked for all available Sites in org?
As per error message, there might be one user. (Site guest user).

If you have checked all sites of this org and still same error while uninstalling then I would suggest reaching Salesforce Support team for internal troubleshooting.

Shannon LandrethShannon Landreth 
I have just started with Trailhead and am working on the first true "hands on project" and am unable to get it to install, does anyone know how to fix this or what I need to do to move forward?

This app can't be installed.
There are problems that prevent this package from being installed.
Custom Field Definitions(00N1I000003P2ch) Duplicate RelationshipNameThe relationship name "Favorites__r" is already used by custom field Favorite__c.Property__c. Please rename existing relationship name.
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Amit SinghAmit Singh
Hi Shannon,

Are you trying to install in a New Playground ORG? If no I will suggest you create a new trail playground org and then install the application there?

Piyush SinghalPiyush Singhal 
Since I begun developing in salesforce I have been curious why is it called product2 and why not product.I messed up a project today where I had to create a object with the same name but had to add 2 in the end.

Did someone of the salesforce gods messed up product object initially and it had to named product2.

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Steve MolisSteve Molis
I think there was an old version of Products that has been sunsetted, that's why they're called Products2
Brian FergusonBrian Ferguson 
I'm trying to finish the beginner Admin trailhead module but I can't download an app from the app exchange into my Trailhead Playground instead it attempt to download into my PRD ORG.  I sign into Trailhead with my PRD creditals.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong here?  Please help!
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Harisha KHarisha K
When you try downloading the app from APp exchange, it asks for the login credentials. Try giving a Developer ORg credentials, where the Developer Org is connected to Trailhead.

Else, you can have option to loginto Trailhead Playground, when you try completing the challenge.User-added image

You can loginto One of the Playground. In the user record. Reset the password, so that you can use those credentials to login to app exchnage.

Hope this Helps!
Omar TéllezOmar Téllez 
Hi Guys,

Could you help me to confirm if recycle bin is not available in LE, until now I have retrieved some files from Classic, and I can not find how to enable this tool in LE.

Thanks for your comments!!
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Fatima MasudFatima Masud
Hi Omar,
As of today, there is no way for users to access the Recycling Bin in Lightning.  To retrieve records that have been deleted, you first need to switch back to Salesforce Classic, access the bin, restore your record(s), then switch back to Lightning again. 
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Gregory HowardGregory Howard 
I am trying to uninstall Nonprofit Success Pack.  I have all the dependencies eliminated except one.  Here's the error I'm getting. 

Custom Object Level This custom object is referenced by a relationship field. Account.Account.Level_del
Custom Object Level This custom object is referenced by a relationship field. Account.Account.Previous_Level

I cannot delete Level nor the relationship fields.  Any ideas?
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John CrimmingsJohn Crimmings
Ran into the same problem with those specific fields.  I had deleted them, but they were sticking around and holding up the uninstall.  Switched to classic, and in the deleted fields, found them and erased both.  That cleared up the problem.  
Casey ShawCasey Shaw 
When i create a brand new visualforce page in the salesforce admin and attempt to view the page, i get the following error:
"This site can’t be reached.’s server IP address could not be found."

When i click on the security link next to the visualforce page, all profiles are enabled.

Here is the VF code:
<apex:page sidebar="false" showheader="false">

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Casey ShawCasey Shaw
I discovered the root cause of the issue. An installed package (with a blank namespaceprefix) was uninstalled and caused the blank namespaceprefix URL ( on visualforce pages to no longer work.
I resolved this by installing a new package with no namespaceprefix and a dummy file. This seemed to re-enable the blank namespaceprefix.
Julian LeisersonJulian Leiserson 
We have a few installed app packages in our full-text sandbox environment in various stages of testing. We're moving toward final stages of deployment for one of them, which will require a refresh of the full-test sandbox to match our current production org.

1) Is there a good way to transfer the other installed apps/settings to another sandbox? (Or do I need to re-install onto the other sandbox and recreate the fields/formulas/settings on their own?)
2) Would you recommend using a partial copy sandbox or a developer/developer pro sandbox? I haven't used developer/developer pro sandboxes, but I don't know if they will contain enough features/object data to do the proper testing on these apps. [Apps include roll-up helper, data quality dashboards, conga]

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Pruthvi RajPruthvi Raj
@Julian: AppExchange apps should be installed into production directly from the AppExchange.  They cannot be promoted from sandbox using deployment tools.  This is true for both managed and unmanaged packages.
However, after you install an app in production you can migrate your customizations and extensions from sandbox.  The IDE doesn't let you download or edit managed components, so the Migration Tool for Ant is your best bet when migrating these components.