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Anthony AndradeAnthony Andrade 
Due to security reasons, we have delegated administrators who manage subsets of users. When they try to log into SalesforceA, they get the following message: "SalesforceA is only for users with the Manage Users permission." Is there a workaround with the app for these administrators outside of giving them access to manage all SFDC users or having them manage their users solely via desktop?
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Ataul AliAtaul Ali
The SalesforceA app allows System Administrators to perform some basic User administration tasks from anywhere using their mobile device.
Key features:
View Frozen or Lock Out users from the Home Screen
Freeze users: In Winter ’14 Salesforce introduced a new “Freezing” feature which prevents a user from logging in without deactivating them. This is very useful if the user has workflows or approvals associated to them or is the default lead owner.
Unlock users who forget their passwords and find themselves locked out.
Easily search for, view and edit a User record
Permission sets! Although you can’t (yet) create a new permission set within the app, you can assign or un-assign a permission set to a User
Links to Salesforce Ideas, Answers, User Groups, MVP Blog, Events and
Access Salesforce Release notes
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Pritam ShekhawatPritam Shekhawat
You can make this picklist required from Page layout. Go to page layout and click on multi-select picklist and checked the required checkbox. Or you can use validation rule for this. Let me know if having another issue.
Shruthi GMShruthi GM 
Like I have created Visit checkbox.If the user clicks on this checkbox then phone number field needs to be mandatory.So how do I write validation rule for the same?

Please help.

Thanks in advance.
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Eric MackEric Mack
The validation rule to check if data is in the phone field is:
Check_Box__c = True && ISBLANK(Phone)
Or in the excel based method of writing validation rules:
AND(Check_Box__c = True , ISBLANK(Phone))

Brandon ChadwellBrandon Chadwell 
My user said:

I just had something a little weird happen on my salesforce app.  I was in an account and started looking at the Activity History.  When I would hit on an activity, it showed me the full description of the activity, until I started getting to some older records, then it said “you do not have the level of access necessary to perform the operation you requested.  Please contact the owner of the record or your administrator if access is necessary.”

How can I ensure he can access this?
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Brandon ChadwellBrandon Chadwell
I found the answer.......

When attempting to access older activities from the Activity History related list on a record within Salesforce1 I receive the following error message.

"You do not have the level of access necessary to perform the operation you requested. Please contact the owner of the record or your administrator if access is necessary."

The activities you are attempting to access are over 365 days old (typical archival period) and archived. You can access them through the full site, but Salesforce1 cannot access archived activities through its API.
Kimberly JaneKimberly Jane 
We have had all of Melbourne (Australia) reps complain that when entering a new contact using salesforce1 it is extremely slow and the pin wheel just stays on the screen for HOURS.

Any reason why this may be happening?
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Pritam ShekhawatPritam Shekhawat
This is a known issue that is a result of the app being hybrid so that it requires the downloading of web pages. This issue can occur on different connections Wi-Fi or 4G and is inconsistent.
for more information take a look this similar issue
Try using this On your Mobile Browser, take this link:
Login with your credentials and you will be taken to the S1 Web App directly.
Pritam Shekhawat
Trisha GourleyTrisha Gourley 
Or is there any other way to ender data into a custom object while offline and then sync?


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Sandeep Kumar GaddamSandeep Kumar Gaddam
Hi Trisha,
I believe yes you can create a record in salesforce1 in offline and then when you have internet you can sync.

but remember non of your business logics will work offline. For example vf pages or validations will not would.

Jesse CreechJesse Creech 
I just used the SalesForce 1 mobile app to look at a case and when I tried to view an email it says that object isn't supported on mobile devices.  Any ideas on why this may be, and how to resolve the issue?
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Marija JovanovicMarija Jovanovic
Hello Jesse,

This is currently a limitation in Salesforce1.  Please be sure to vote for similar ideas or post one of your own on the IdeaExchange.  Our products team takes into consideration the ideas when prioritizing release of new features and improvements.  Thank you for posting to Success Community.
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Salma KhathunSalma Khathun
Hi Shruthi,

The solution below will definitely helps you. Please follow the below mentioned steps

1. Logged in as Admin user
2. Go to Setup and search for "Apps" in quick find/search box
3. Click on "Apps" link under "Create"
4. Click on "Edit" on "Profile(self)" under "Subtab Apps"
5. Now  remove the tab from the selected tabs. In your example, remove the "Recruitment" tab from the Available tabs
6. Click on Save

Hope these steps will resolve your problem. If yes, please this answer as best :)

Reference: Managing Subtab Apps

Debra ShoupDebra Shoup 
Initially the problem was that some of our users noticed that when they complete a Log A Call after making a call from Salesforce1 and select the Account or Opportunity record the call is related to, the call is not showing up in the Activity History list of the Account or Opportunity record they selected. It only shows up on the Contact record with whom our user spoke with. I tested this out and this is indeed what is happening.

Now, users cannot select the contact in the name field. When tapping on the field, users get a list of contacts, and after selecting a contact, they're taken back to the Log A Call detail page, but the contact doesn't populate. Therefore, I cannot save the log.

Was there an update that may have caused this either with Salesforce 1 or an iOS update? Or is there something I’m missing that could be preventing the logged calls from linking up with Account or Opportunity Record and now with the Contact not being able to be selected?
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Kelly KanchesKelly Kanches
No worries! 
The mysteries of technology sometimes :)
Please mark "best answer" to keep our community clean. 
If you ever need anything please feel free to reach out, I am happy to help! 
Bill DavisBill Davis 
We use campaigns for our annual conference (and other events) and we want to be able to use the Salesforce 1 mobile application to help us check in members that have actually attended the conference.

When using the Salesforce 1 application and open up the specific campaign that represents our annual conference, then navigate to the related list and click on campaign members I was expecting to see a list of all members.  Instead I get a single column that lists each of the members, but is only showing the 'Member Status' for that individual campaign member.

When I select a row, I get into the campaign member, but do not have the ability to update the member status from within the application. 

Two things:
  • Is there a way to configue SF1 to allow me to edit the member status for those that are on a campaign?
  • Is there a way to configure SF1 to allow me to see the member names instead of the member status?
This would solve a HUGE gap we have in how we handle the check in process and would love to know if this is possible or not.
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Ahmad HelalAhmad Helal

As for your other issue, there is this idea you can vote on...

Here is a work around to ADD a member but still not edit, but again odd that it's not standard functionality: