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Alberto OjedoAlberto Ojedo 
I'm trying to embed a Wave dashboard onto the Account layout so I can provide my Sales Reps some sales insights when working on existing customers.
We have noticed that even though we have tried to add the dashboard as a Lightning Component and as a embedded Visualforce page onto the standard layout, when logging in using an iPad ot a phone, the Wave dashboard doesn't appear at all.
Is there any possible workaround without having to navigate away from the record?
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Dean De-ViellDean De-Viell
@Alberto, I thought I'd try the Visualforce route even though you flagged it didn't work and I've had some success.

I followed the information in the link below.

My vf page is as follows:

<apex:page sidebar="true" standardController="Account">
<wave:dashboard dashboardId="0FK1q00000000KVGAY"
openLinksInNewWindow="false" />

And here's it showing up on an iPad:

Einstein Dashboard on an iPad

I've deliberately kept the vf simple just to get it working, I've taken out the filter section but I don't see why this shouldn't work if I have a valid dataset, I'll have a play with this next.

The issue I'm having now is that the faceting doesn't work in mobile, well it does but when you click on a part of the donut for example it opens the dashboard in another page, it doesn't update dynamically on the fly as it does on the desktop.
Aliya JansonAliya Janson 

I have downloaded the lightning for gmail extension and it works great on my desktop. 
But I want my users to be able to access this gmail integration with Salesforce on their phone.  Does anyone know of or recommend an ios app or solution where my users can log an email, create a new lead etc. to Salesforce through gmail on ios?

Thank you.
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Thomas JonesThomas Jones
Check out Salesforce Inbox ( Hope this helps!
Shruthi GMShruthi GM 
What is the reason behind this?
Those two datatypes are available on other std objects but its not present on Activity object.

Please help.
Thanks inadvance.
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Pritam ShekhawatPritam Shekhawat
You can't create this data type field on Activity. You can promote and upvote this idea here Allow custom "Text Area (Long)" fields on Activities.
Gordon WeberGordon Weber 
Our sales team is using Salesforce Inbox and getting read receipts when sending emails to leads. Is there a way to pass those read receipt flags into a Salesforce record?
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Sharadhi GadagkarSharadhi Gadagkar
Hi Gordon - Read receipt flags don’t pass into Salesforce at this time, but your sales reps will be able to see read receipts in folders via the Outlook add-in and the Chrome extension. Recommend submitting this as an idea on IdeaExchange! 
Natan AlbuquerqueNatan Albuquerque 

I saw this question in a salesforce exam (admin)

how can a get remove acess to salesforce? 2 correct options

a) salesforce app - ok

b) on the browser of your cellphone, (i tried this, and its possible, but this don't make sense for me.

other options i can't remeber...


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Tom HoffmanTom Hoffman
Hi Natan - yes, its possible and has a purpose. 

The app has specific functionality, but there may be some features of the full site you want to access.  By switching to your mobile browser you are able to switch to Classic mode and gain access to elements that might not be accessible via the salesforce mobile interface. 

Once use case for this would be for an admin to login as another user to see what their mobile expierence is like.  The Admin could login via their mobile browser, switch to Classic, get to setup>users, login as a specific user, and if they are a Lightning User, they will get see that users Salesforce mobile view.  
Hernan ImasHernan Imas 
Hi all,
Do you know if in SalesForce there is an app similar to Oracle Voice for Sales Cloud?
That is, in the mobile application sales representatives can generate appointments and tasks by voice.
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Pruthvi RajPruthvi Raj
@Hernan: Unfortunately, there is no built in feature for such functionality. But you can have a look at below AppExchange products.
Voice Assist
Judith GräveJudith Gräve 
hi all,
I have problems with completing a trailhead exercise which is called: Create a global quick action for adding a new opportunity
I could create the quick action, but when trying to verify it says:
The 'Opportunity Name', 'Close Date', 'Stage' and 'Amount' fields do not appear to be on the new action page layout.
Vom Benutzer hinzugefügtes Bild
Indeed I created that quick action with these fields only, as you can see on the screenshot.
Can someone help?

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Judith GräveJudith Gräve
Trailhead support advised me to change my language to english and perform the exercise again. this was the solution finally.
Shruthi GMShruthi GM 
Please let me know what is the actual reason behind this?
In classic all the related list have new buttons.
But in lightning that is not the case.
Please help.
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Pritam ShekhawatPritam Shekhawat
Have you modified the page layout? Goto>Your object>Page layout>Related List> Related List property>Verify you  Add New button Checkbox check there.
User-added image
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Pritam ShekhawatPritam Shekhawat
Hi Scott,
             Why is the "New Note" Publisher action not showing in Salesforce1?
Knowledge Article Number 000206849
Description If you are a part of the Pilot Program "Salesforce Notes", the Standard "New Note" Publisher Action will not be visible in Salesforce1. 

Resolution If you are a part of the Pilot Program "Salesforce Notes", the Standard "New Note" Publisher Action will not be visible in Salesforce1. There will be a separate "Note" action, and this is the action that will need to be added to your Page Layouts to use Notes in Salesforce1.
1. From Setup, click Create > Global Actions > Publisher Layouts.
2. Click Edit next to a global publisher layout.
3. Drag the Note action to the Publisher Actions section. Use the Note action—****not the New Note
4. Click Save.
5. If you have additional global publisher layouts, repeat these steps to add the Note action to those, as

Pritam Shekhawat