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Michael VenmanMichael Venman 
Hi all.

I'm looking to update an Status field on the Account record which is dependent on whether they have received an invoice in the last 60 days.  The field update would look like "Update Status to 'Prospect'".

I can't have a workflow update the records, because it would need to be "touched" or "saved" in order to fire.

I am looking into writing an APEX Trigger with some sort of logic like "IF(TODAY() - Last_Invoice_Date > 60)", but am a novice when it comes to triggers.

I also wanted to consider time based workflows, but it would need to be triggered everytime we get an invoice for 60 days out, then if we get another invoice, it would need to update the trigger for another 60 days out and cancel the update that was previously scheduled.

Any help finding the best option would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!
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Krzysztof NowackiKrzysztof Nowacki
Hi Michael,
You can consider workflows time based actions looking at the facts that
"Salesforce recalculates the time trigger as long as the time trigger has not yet fired and the recalculation does not reschedule the time trigger to a date in the past."
Ajay CAjay C 
Hey Guys,
I am trying to Learn Apex from Scratch, I have cleared Admin  Certification 2017 Spring recently, but almost Zero in Programming, Hence request to suggest the resources which would help me to Learn Apex and other programming languages required on sfdc.. Thanks..
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Puneet MehtaPuneet Mehta
Hi Ajay,

Please visit:

Marketing Cloud - DO NOT FOLLOWMarketing Cloud - DO NOT FOLLOW 
Im trying to get a high level explanation on the difference between Automation Studio and Journey Builder.
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Marketing Cloud - DO NOT FOLLOWMarketing Cloud - DO NOT FOLLOW
Same question here--looking for some practical experience with both tools. Are there any clients that have any feedback?
Dave PatriccaDave Patricca 

I'm building out a set of e-mails events. The series includes a confirmation, reminder, and thank you email. I also need the ability to include an event update / cancellation email. 

I know this is something that isn't doable with ET's Programs, or Automation studio and am unsure if this could be accomplished with Triggered Sends. Would Journey Builder be able to accomodate a campaign such as this, or would the update / cancellation messages be manual sends only?


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Dave PatriccaDave Patricca
Thanks, Eric!
Prasanth SrinivasanPrasanth Srinivasan 
Hi Folks,

I want to get notified whenever the release is happening.I believe the next release is spring for that I need to be intimidated before and for the consecutive release. Is there a way to do this.
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David HindmanDavid Hindman
Prasanth - my medium of choice is Twitter for this. I follow the official Salesforce feeds, all the MVPs and others associated with Salesforce. It never fails - I always know dates like this well in advance.

Also, the calendar at will show you the upcoming releases. Looks like Jan 9 and 16 for some instances, and then Feb 6, 12 and 13 for the rest.
Anne-Sophie MauriceAnne-Sophie Maurice 


In my journey I have two paths, one for existing contacts/ accounts and an other one for leads. My aim is to create opportunities for both types of records, howver to create an opportunity for a lead, I first need to convert it as a contact/ account. 

Can someone give me some tips about how to set this activity object in Journey Builder?


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Jayson MoralesJayson Morales

Hi Sophie,

Please see this article for the detailed steps in setting up the Convert Lead Activity: 

Hope this helps.

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Bhavna BanodhaBhavna Banodha
Ok, that means Contact have Vlidation which needs field ot be filled before contact record creation.
So, just fill up Full Name, Phone, Email, Address, Title values in Lead and then convert it
Kevin CharetteKevin Charette 
Because of a new integration we installed, we are seeing opportunities being created off of accounts but for some reason the contact is not being pushed to that opportunity even though the account has a contact. I would like to create an automatic way to tell Salesforce if the contact field is empty in the opportuniry, please populate it with the main contact from the Account (very uncommon to have multiple contacts with the account). 

Thank you in advance for your help,

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Ines GarciaInes Garcia
If is via related list on the Opportunity, the automation declarative tool that access that 'junction object' is visual flow.
Here a similar process to guide you on the flow, components, names ect familiarize you a bit on it

What you need to make sure within the account you have the 'main contact' value stored, for example a lookup field to contact. You can automate that too.

Have a look and a go and let us know.
Flows sound scarier than they actually are, is a super powerful tool!
Jacqueline KillingworthJacqueline Killingworth 
we have two intances of saleforce, one for HR and our CRM which have the same users in both, is it possible for users to have a single username to login to both
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Raj JhaRaj Jha
Hi Jacqueline, 
Directly it's not possible you can use the same username for both instances. But using single sign on you can login once in the org and access another org as well without login again. Please follow the below link -

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Jeffrey BrochsteinJeffrey Brochstein 
Just curious on peoples' thoughts on which certification path might be more appropriate for a Business Analyst who still has the traditional role of extracting and crafting requirements, but also needs to help the business solve problems with functionality avaliable in SFDC. Was wondering if anyone out there can provide any experience or input on this. I noticed many certified SFDC BAs have gone more towards the DEV route than Admin
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Ines GarciaInes Garcia
Hi Jeffrey,

Actuall the names of 201 and 401 were courses names not certifications.

Salesforce University made this very useful 'Certification' paths and takes you not only throught the different certifications and options but as well plenty of reference of useful resources:

I think the questions here should be: what do you enjoy the most? where do you see/want to see you self in 1-3 years? what makes you unique? then use that as guidance.

For the sounds of it, more of a technical consultant path may be appropiate. start on Admin then crack on with Consultant certificates. 

If you have a skill and insterest in programatic side of things then developer 1, 2 etc up to Architect. (but I don't think is the case here)

Salesforce as doesnt have legacy systems their investments goes to innovation. All config and declarative is supported, upgraded, invested, evolved, mantained, extended... Learning & mastering these tools has a quick and high vaue for any organization.

In terms of the retired certificate 'Developer' (that has a course available module called 401), was divided in 2
- App builder, is based on declarative
- Developer 1, programatic

I thoroughly enjoyed preparing for the App builder, many 'gotcha' questions that only practice can teach. But do keep in mind something which I didnt realize:
If you have the Admin, you must past 3 maintenance exams a year (one per release). If you have any consultant path, keeps the same amount of maintenance exams (3 only per year)
Once I've got the App builder, as its technically a different path, my maintenance exams doubled.
Worth mentioning ;)

Hope all this helps and let us know if you need some more guidance. Best,