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Hybin JosephHybin Joseph 
Hi Guys,

I am planning to give the Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Certification in a month.Any tips on where to start also Is there a way I can get like a Trial Marketing Cloud Org so that I could practice all the stuff.I also coudnt find a Trail for this.Am I looking in the wrong place??
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Mayank SrivastavaMayank Srivastava
I blogged about this exam's primary content and my experience a while ago:

I found the email specialist exam to be the easiest among other marketing certs (social and cloud consultant) so it shouldn't take too much time to prepare for it ( ymmv). If you focus on the topics that I listed in my post, you should be able to handle 80-90% of the exam content.

As far as a Trial org goes, you could always log a case with support asking them if it is possible to get one. My company already had one so I never had to arrange for it. To be honest, I never practiced anything hands-on and only went through the exact target documentation in theory. There isn't a trail for Marketing emails specialist content as far as I know.

Do google for other resources and make sure you skim through them before taking the exam. Good luck!
Scott ThomasScott Thomas 
Hello fellow Salesforce Marketing Cloud Users,

I had a question regarding the capability of "blind form submission" functionality in Pardot.

So blind form submission functionality would work as such:

1. I set up a form in pardot with fields "Email Address" and "Asset Clicked" that map to prospect fields in Pardot itself. 
2. We create a URL
3. On our landing page we place an html button that represents an asset to be clicked on. The html button has an <a href=""> value equal to the URL from above.
4. When the customer clicks on this button it simulates a submission of the form(we created in step 1 and that we are calling in the URL "formname=ExampleFormPardotHTMLName")  by passing the values of Email Address and Asset Clicked in the Query String parameters of the URL(from step 2).
5. The button click/form submission simulation will perform a page redirect to another landing page or page on our website for the customer to continue their experience after clicking the asset. 
6. Now when we look at the prospect's fields in Pardot it has the "staticParameterValueforAssetClicked" value populated for the "Asset Clicked"(which was associated by the EmailAddress value passed through the form submission simulation) custom field and we can utilize that as a way to segment/target our prospects.

My Question to you fine people...Is this functionality possible within Pardot and how would I go about creating the URL from Step 2 above?? Please if anyone can help me it would be very very very much appreciated as I am relying on this functionality being possible to complete a large client project that is resting on my shoulders!
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David HindmanDavid Hindman
I think you want a Form Handler ( in this scenario, Scott. Associate the form variables to the corresponding Pardot fields and then redirect to your next page in the process. Have the form in step 3 submit to the url that Pardot generates. The data gets pushed into Pardot and the user immediately redirected to the url of your choosing rather than a default thank you message.
Ohin BraganzaOhin Braganza 

Hi All,
How do I create a seperate bucket for the open/closed leads that have opt out = True

We would like to have a seperate bucket so that the SDR's do not contact and add the same leads in the future

We are using Salesforce Lightning

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Nishant Singh PanwarNishant Singh Panwar
Yes, definitely you can do that by implementing a process builder and perform the status update.
sunny ssunny s 
Hi Guys, need some urgent advice.
We are trying to link MC with Sales Cloud to setup email automation.
*** Question: Should we link MC to ‘Leads + Contacts’ OR ‘Lead + Accounts’ from Sales Cloud  ?
Which would be more beneficial for us ??? How is Contacts different from Accounts ?
[our Account object (in Sc) has 2 record types as:Corporate & Person]
We are very confused.
Any help will be highly appreciated.
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Gobinath AGobinath A
Hi Sunny,

If you have the company name, Please Sync the Lead + Accounts’ 
If it is the Contacts only, Create Account and sync like Lead + Accounts, Contact

Leads - People who you could potential do business yet, but have not qualified them. Unsure if they're going to buy from you. People you don't have a relationship with yet.

Contact - Someone you have a business relationship with, someone you know. Possibly has bought from you in the past.

Account - A business entity. Contacts work for Accounts.

Opportunities - Sales events related to an Account and one or more Contacts.

MarketingSFDC AdminMarketingSFDC Admin 


Has anyone run across this issue? I'm trying to set up a trigger in engagement studio for email open and in that step, 'm given a dropdown to select email template, but that area is grayed out. It won't let me select anything?!

email open step in engagement studio - email template selection blocked

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I have email templates built that are enabled for engagement studio. 

Any ideas? Thanks!

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Erin DuncanErin Duncan
Make sure an email action is above this step. Say you send 3 emails before this trigger, then when you add this trigger it will let you select from those 3 emails. 
Mimma AltieriMimma Altieri 

I've been looking for some detailed info about the availability in Pardot of Landing Pages templates developed with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) code.

Unfortunately I didn't find any.
Does someone has already managed this topic and can help me?

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Jayson MoralesJayson Morales
Hi Mimma,

Sorry for the inconvenience. In case you don't receive a response here, may I also suggest joining the Pardot group below to collaborate with the experts for best practice and advice.

Candice San JuanCandice San Juan 
I'm trying to change the default email preference page to a custom page that was just designed? I don't see an option to do that. The default variable tag is being used in many of our email templates and I'm hoping to not have to update them all manually. Thank you.
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Noor NagpalNoor Nagpal
Hi Candice,

Would you please mark this query as a best answer and open a new thread and post your above query separately. I'd love to answer but please close this one and keep the community clean :)
I will jump to your next thread as well and keep on answering...
Cindy JokinenCindy Jokinen 
We have been using Pardot for about 6 months and have accumulated 1.5 MILLION tasks, one for each email we've sent through Pardot.  How do other orgs manage this?  Is there a way to not have a task created in SF when an email is sent?  I know we can't report on the emails from within SF, but we can get that from Pardot. Thanks for any ideas!
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Daniel van KleyDaniel van Kley
Hi Cindy,

Do you have the "Sync emails with the CRM" option enabled in the Salesforce Connector settings in Pardot?
If so, try disabling that and see if it helps.
Marah StudniskiMarah Studniski 
I found this in the documentation section:
"When a synced lead or contact is deleted in Salesforce, Pardot flags it as [[crm_deleted]]. Pardot does not recreate the lead or contact in Salesforce."

Why doesn't Pardot put them in the recycling bin when deleted in Salesforce?

I'm assuming I can make an automation rule that if they are crm_deleted to move to recycling bin, correct?

Thank you in advance :)
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Marah StudniskiMarah Studniski


I set up my rules as follows (see below). I created a Segmented List in Pardot titled: "Deleted from Salesforce, Still in Pardot." So my automation rule puts the prospects that are deleted in Salesforce onto this list in Pardot. From there I manually put those prospects in the recycling bin.
User-added image

Nina GonzalezNina Gonzalez 
I'm integrating Pardot with a third party app (getambassador). How do I pass a javascript variable to a hidden form field?
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Harry MannHarry Mann

Your question seems to be best suited for our great developers out there.
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