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Vyneta RyanVyneta Ryan 
Sometimes the auto-save happens at a bad time and there is not a way to go back if you make a change you don't want to keep.
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Kara SchoelerKara Schoeler
At this time, you cannot turn off the autosave functionality.  However, depending on the block that you are making changes, you can click the Control + Z (Command + Z on Mac OS) which will undo your recent actions.

We are looking to provide more complete undo functionality in a future roadmap.
Ryan MoodyRyan Moody 
The Lightning for Gmail pane disappeared in Gmail yesterday; however, the pane appears when viewing calendar details.

From error log:
Responding to isEnabled from tab 18: false

The code the triggered this error:
_csp.callMethod('isExtensionEnabled').then(isEnabled => {
    if (isEnabled === true) {
        var bridge = new Bridge();
        GmailProvider.get().then(gmail => {
            let initResult = bridge.init(gmail);
            // only show the side panel if we get a truthy value
            if (initResult) {
                // Add a small delay when initializing the side-panel
                // since it renders inconsistently for different Gmail settings (right-side chat/preview pane)
                Util.delay(500).then(() => {
                    _csp.callMethod('isFrameCollapsed', 'GMAIL').then(isFrameCollapsed => {
                        Sidepanel.init(gmail, bridge, isFrameCollapsed);
    } else {
        Logger.warn('Extension not enabled for this tab');

The extension is enabled; however, the extension apparently sees it as disabled for that tab.
Here are the steps I tried to resolve the issue:

1. Refreshed page and cleared app data, cache, etc.
2. Uninstalled and reinstalled the extension.
3. Restarted the browser.
4. Restarted the computer.
5. Reset Chrome.
6. Disable and Reenable Lightning for Gmail in Salesforce.
7. Removed from apps connected to the google account.
8. Signing out and back into gmail.
9. Signing out of L4G from Calendar (yes, calendar) and signing back in.
10. Setting L4G to Sandbox and refreshing the browser.

I'm out of ideas on how to resolve this. It appears the extension was updated on 8/15/17 to 1.210.0
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Shakti SinghShakti Singh
Hello Everyone,

A new patch was released for Lightning for Gmail {1.210.2} yesterday to address this issue. So please try to remove {uninstall} the LFG chrome extension and install it again from the Chrome store { }. It should help you in resolving the issue.

David BrownDavid Brown 
Hello!   I'm trying to set up a very simple Email-To-Case conguraton and I'm stucking on a problem.   What I want to do is route emails to create new cases, assign the cases to a queue and notify queue members via an email that a new case has been created.  Any help would be greatly apprecated.  

Here's my configuration:
1.   One queue named 'Support'.
  • The queue has a queue email of
  • 'Send Email to Members' is checked.
  • The queue contains 1 user member (just me at the moment, but will have 4 or 5 once this is working).
2.  Within Email-To-Case Settings the following are checked on;
  • Enable Email-to-Case
  • Notify Case Owners on New Emails
  • Insert Thread ID in Email Subject/Body
  • Enable On-Demand Service
3.  I have a Routing Address created with the following info;
  • Name: Support
  • Email Address:
  • Task Settings
    • Create Task from Email: checked
    • Task Status: 'Not Started'.
  • Case Settings:
    • Case Owner: Queue: Support
    • Case Priority: Medium
    • Case Origin: Email
4.  Case Assignment Rules
  • Select the criteria for the rule:
    • Case Origin =  Email
  • Select the user or queue to assign the case to.
    • Queue: Support
Other points
  1. Deliverability -> Access Level -> is set to 'All email'
  2. Support Settings.
  • Default case Owner: Support
  • Automated Case User: System
  • Notify Case Owner of New Case Comments: ON
  • Notify Case Owners when Case Ownership changes: ON
What is working is if I edit a new case and change the owner from 'Support' to me then I receive an email notification.   
What is not working is that email notifications are not being sent out for new cases.

Thanks for any help you can provide.
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David BrownDavid Brown
Hi Gerry, thanks for bearing with me.  Your comment got me to look at my Case Assignment Rules again.  I had one set up, it looked good and was assigning new cases to a queue (queue named 'support'), which is what I want.  As a test I figured I'd change the rule from assigning to my 'support' queue and assign it directly to named User.   I sent an email to create a new case and woobam!  It did NOT get assigned to the user, it was still getting assigned to the queue.   The issue got down to my 'Email-to-Case Routing Information', specifically in the 'Case Settings' section I had specified a 'Case Owner' as my 'support' queue.  By removing that setting and leaveing 'Case Owner' blank, changing my Case Assignment Rule back to do to the queue assignment everything works as I need it too.   

Thanks for your help!
Paul MargiotisPaul Margiotis 

Agents will communicate with customers via email through the case feed.

My manager wants all of these emails--both incoming and outgoing--sent to him and our support engineer.

How can this be achieved?

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David HalesDavid Hales
Hi Paul,

Salesforce provide Compliance BCC Email for every outgoing emails however for in coming emails there is nothing which can help you as incoming emails coming from various domains and modes.

For Compliance BCC Email: Setup--> Quick Find Search--> Type "Compliance BCC Email"

heck the checkbox Enable and enter the desired email address where you want to send a copy of email.

David Hales
Rogier JacobsonRogier Jacobson 
Hi , we are trying to send out a survey through Pardot via GetFeedback , we are using a dynamic tag for "crm_id" which is the contact ID to map back to Salesforce. For some reason the "crm_id" is is not passed on in the email . This is the HTML link in Pardot : "[4322962]=4&ContactId=%%crm_id%% "

This is what we see in the actual email when we test 
"[4322962]=4?contact_id= "

Any idea's ?
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Kristin SchutzKristin Schutz
Hi Rogier,

Thanks for the extra information! I read your question too quickly! 

So you are using a custom object to collect the survey responses in Salesforce? 

This may be a silly question - How are you testing your email? Are you sending to an internal test list? You might know this already, but for variable tags to function properly you must send test emails to an internal test list. The internal test list will include you (as a prospect) and any others.  Again, maybe you do this already. But I just wanted to check.

If you send a test email using the "Send to Individual Emails" the variable tags won't work.

User-added image

The %%crm_id%% variable tag will reference either the CRM Contact ID field or the CRM Lead ID field on the prospect record. Because each prospect record will only ever have one or the other. So %%crm_id%% is the correct variable tag if you want to pull in either the contact or the lead Id from Salesforce. It links to both. 

Samantha GavlasSamantha Gavlas 
I know classic email templates are not available for cases in lightning but is there a way to create custom html templates in lightning for users to use? I enabled the rich text editor but I still can't see it in lightning so I wasn't sure if that was another limitation or user error. 
User-added image
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Han Ren LauHan Ren Lau
Hi Samantha,

Maybe this might help, you need to edit the layout of the Email Action by removing the Text Body and add the HTML Body to the layout. Save the layout and you should be able to see the rich text editor.

User-added image
Note: The email action can be found here : Cases => Buttons, Links, and Actions

Han Ren
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Puneet MehtaPuneet Mehta
Hi Ajinkya,

This should answer your question:
Izaaz GaffarIzaaz Gaffar 
HI Guys,

We currently utilise email services opposed to standard email-to-case.

Whenever an email comes through as a case, all inline images appear as this:

User-added image
These images are attached to the case (as we setup in the code / controller) however the inline images are not displaying in the feed view of the email? Please advise
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Jeff MayJeff May
Since you are processing the email in your email service, you will need to review your code to make sure it is handling the email body and its attachments properly.  For assistance with Apex coding, visit the Developer Community at:
Won JohnsonWon Johnson 
Hello all,
I have an issue with html templated emails that require an image at the top of the template, with this image the first 'exposed' line in the html [as it needs to be] this is what gets returned in the Case Feed. 
I need to prevent the image URL returing and display {!Case.CaseNumber} : {!Case.Subject}. 
I have tried hidden html tags which unfortunatley do not remain hidden when used through the Case Feed Email Editor.
Has anyone any advice / come across this issue before?
thanking in advance
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Ido GreenbaumIdo Greenbaum
Thanks for the elaboration Won. 

I now understand that you experience the same Issue as I previously reported in the following question, which is still open:

While we wait for the community's assistance, it would be beneficial if you up-vote the following idea:

I am eagerly waiting to understand if you were ablet o workaround this with a hidden HTML element. 
Can you share the exact syntax you already have now? 

Thank you. 
Neil MorkNeil Mork 

As of yesterday, my Sales Manager recieved an email from Pardot report:

There was an issue sending your recent Engage Campaign
There was an unfortunate issue with attempting to send some of your emails.
These contacts/leads were unable to be synced, ensure they have a valid email address in the contact/lead.

1. The email is valid, we've not had any issues before.
2. Verified that her Pardot and SalesForce permissions are synced and identical to a working user.

3. She is sometimes able to send engage templates, but never able to recieve them.
4. Able to send and recieve standard outlook emails.

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Neil MorkNeil Mork
Turned out that the contacts were moved to the Recycling bin in Pardot, thusly becoming unable to recieve engage templates.