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M EngM Eng 
We have users that were able to go to the Activity Section of a Case and hit the SEND EMAIL button this morning and attach files to the email before they sent it.  Now suddenly they are getting Insufficient Privileges when they attempt to attach a file to an outgoing email.  I have checked everything and nothing has changed and not everyone is being impacted. Any ideas?
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Thomas LangeThomas Lange
Hmmm, that sounds strange. Have you tried logging in as these users to reproduce the issue? Are you able to try changing their profile temporarily to see if that is causing the issue? Could it possibly be a browser issue? I'd try having them use a different browser. Another thing to check could be Storage Usage - is your File Storage full? If none of these shed any light, it might be worth opening a case with Salesforce support.
Kris CoteKris Cote 
I've built an alert for opps over 5k but want to add a qualifier of closed won 'greater than or equal to ' today but it won't let me use the word "today" - does anyone know the format I should use?
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We can't see your screenshot but normally you should have a screen which looks like this:
User-added image

Except the Value "Accepted" which has to be your own value ^^

Don't forget to click on "Use this formula" for the third rows.

Let me know if it's ok

Anup PAnup P 
Each time after updating percentage field(rule criteria is >50%) in Opportunity record 'Ritz', I want to send time dependent email after 30 minutes. How can I achieve this efficiently?
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Sai Rakesh PuliSai Rakesh Puli
@Anup Create a Time dependent workflow on Opportunity Object. Create a new formula field on Opportunity object that calculates 30 mins as salesforce doesnot support Hours and day rather than minutes

New Formula field: Opp Email Calc
IF(Opportunity.Percentage__c  >  50 , NOW()-0.02073, Null). Use this field in time based worflow and select

1 Hours After Opportunity: Opp Email Calc. This will help in running for 30 mins instead of  1 hour

Few steps::
1.Select the Object as Opportunity and add the desired Rule name /Description 
2.Picking the right Evaluation criteria from Below
created, and every time it's edited
created, and any time it's edited to subsequently meet criteria
3.Run this rule when criteria is met. Give the field name with >50 percent
4.Click save
5.In Time dependent workflow Actions
Brigette SjoboenBrigette Sjoboen 
I am trying to get case notification emails to fire if a case has been assigned to a specific queue. I have the below done but the email is still not firing.

Case assignment rules and workflow rules assign specific cases to queue
Case email template is selected
Queue (send email to members checkbox is checked and members are specified)

I am hoping someone may be able to call out what I am missing here. 

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Chris DuncombeChris Duncombe
Is this in Production or are you testing it out in a sandbox.  If it s a sandbox, it could be a few things

1.  In the sandbox, by default users email addresses are changed to prevent spamming.  You would need to ensure the users that are part of the queue do not have the masked address.
2.  I would check that the email deliverability is not turned off for the sandbpx.  You can check this by navigating to
Setup -> Email Administration -> Deliverability     You want to make sure this is set to all email
Ivan ArsicIvan Arsic 

Hi all,

I have an email template (Type: Text) which I want to use in a workflow email alert. The idea is to send an email to only two users when the case is assigned to a queue (there are six users in the queue) with criteria: Priority equals High.

I am not sure which merge field to use to display the name of the recipient.

I tried with 
"Hi {!Receiving_User.FirstName},"
"Hi {!Target_User.FirstName},"
fields, but nothing is working. I am getting only "Hi ," in the email.
I am testing this in a sandbox.
Does anyone have an idea what could be the problem and is there any solution for this at all?


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J. SteadmanJ. Steadman


Thanks for the clarification. I was definitely misunderstanding the requirements.

It looks like your desired outcome isn't possible "The {!Receiving_User.field_name} and {!Sending_User.field_name} merge fields work only for mass email and list email"

I imagine there are a few ways to workaround this (such as an email to each individual user with the name value included in each body), but none of them seem ideal.

Vyneta RyanVyneta Ryan 
Sometimes the auto-save happens at a bad time and there is not a way to go back if you make a change you don't want to keep.
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Kara SchoelerKara Schoeler
At this time, you cannot turn off the autosave functionality.  However, depending on the block that you are making changes, you can click the Control + Z (Command + Z on Mac OS) which will undo your recent actions.

We are looking to provide more complete undo functionality in a future roadmap.
Nadya DamharNadya Damhar 
When sending an email from salesforce we can't tell if the email has bounced back or not. Is there anyway of finding out unless we send it from Outlook instead?
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Sarath PSarath P
one option is you can generate Email Log files to identify the status of an email delivery
Denise HughesDenise Hughes 
I'm new to formulas, so any help is appreciated.  I want to send out email notifications when a case is created.  I need to display the picklist value the user selected on the case for the Priority field in the email.  I tried this and it did not work.  The Priority field in the email is blank.

Priority: {!IF(ISPICKVAL(Case.Priority,"Medium"),"Medium","Medium"),

When I only use this, it works fine.  The Priority field in the email is Medium.
Priority: {!IF(ISPICKVAL(Case.Priority,"Medium"),"Medium","Medium")}

Any suggestions?

Denise Hughes
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Amit SinghAmit Singh
Like this
			IF(ISPICKVAL(Case.Priority,"Urgent"),"Urgent", ""))))}

Claire FieldClaire Field 
When sending an email into the contact record using Lightning for Outlook, the attachment doesn't get added. I get the following error:

"You do not have the level of access necessary to perform the operation you requested. Please contact the owner of the record or your administrator if access is necessary."

I am the system administrator. I don't see anything about attachments in the Lightning for Outlook settings. I read in one the SF articles that I needed to add the "Files" related list to the task page layout in order for attachments to show up but that didn't work either.

Please assist. Thank you!
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Sid SehgalSid Sehgal
Hi Claire, 

I have researched on your question and also found some link related to your query. Please review below link

Hope this helps !
Charles LockhartCharles Lockhart 
Why do I get an internal server error when accessing Content Builder in Chrome? It seems to work ok now in Incognito mode (but didn't yesterday). Clearing cache doesn't work. Looking for a solution so I don't have to go Incognito.
Internal Server Error in Content Builder
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Charles LockhartCharles Lockhart
Problem resolved! My issue was a conflict with the Chrome profile I was using

To resolve:
1. Logout of your Chrome Profile, ensuring to select "Remove your existing data from this device."
2. Close Chrome.
3. Open Chrome, and login to Marketing Cloud.
4. Navigate to Content Builder. Ensure it renders properly (without Internal Server Error).
5. If desired, log back into Chrome using your desired profile.
6. Navigate to Content Builder. Ensure it renders properly (without Internal server Error).

I followed these steps and Content Builder now works as expected.