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Bryan LehnertBryan Lehnert 
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This error is coming up after login to the Lightning for Outlook add in. It is only occuring for some users, others are able to get through successfully. I have searched and not found a lot of information on the error, does anyone have a solution?
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Mario PasambaMario Pasamba
We reset the Microsoft Exchange password for one of our users and that worked for them.  Since it refreshed the toekn, it seemed to have been the issue.  Will reset others and will report back if that is indeed the fix.  A sucky fix, but a fix.
Calum FraserCalum Fraser 
When  someone forwards an email to the email address we have setup for Email to Case it will not create a case. 

We get the following error message:
Error element myRule_1_A1 (FlowActionCall).
Profile does not have access to: forwardprocessing

Flow Details
Flow API Name: Forward_Processing_for_Case
Type: Record Change Process
Version: 2
Status: Active
Org: RiskFirst (00D3i000000rwf6)

Flow Interview Details
Interview Label: Forward_Processing_for_Case-2_InterviewLabel
Current User: System (0053i000001rnmP)
Start time: 12/20/2019 7:39 AM
Duration: 0 seconds

How the Interview Started
System (0053i000001rnmP) started the flow interview.
Some of this flow's variables were set when the interview started.
myVariable_old = null
myVariable_current = Case (5003i000004OzMwAAK)

ASSIGNMENT: myVariable_waitStartTimeAssignment
{!myVariable_waitStartTimeVariable} Equals {!$Flow.CurrentDateTime}
{!myVariable_waitStartTimeVariable} = "12/20/2019 7:39 AM"

DECISION: myDecision
Outcome executed: myRule_1
Outcome conditions:
{!formula_myRule_1} (true) Equals true

caseIds = {!myVariable_current.Id} (5003i000004OzMwAAK)

Error Occurred: Profile does not have access to: forwardprocessing

I have seen a similar thread whih may suggest it is to do with our outlook settings. Can anyone confirm where forwardprocessing is in service cloud or if this is to do with my email settings.

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Eric PraudEric Praud
Hi Calum,

This is saying that this profile does not have access to an Apex class called "forwardprocessing".
Go to set up, then profiles and select the necessary one.
Click on "Apex class access" then Edit
Find the class in "Available  Apex Classes" and move it to the "Enabled  Apex Classes" box, then save
Steve CairneySteve Cairney 
Hi, I'm working in my sandbox and I have a button that changes the owner of the lead to a queue, and checks a box.

I have a WFR that checks when the above has been actioned and it sends an email to certain members.

Testing this button with a standard user triggers fine, the owner changes, the button is checked but the email DOES NOT get sent.

It only gets sent if the system admin (me) clicks the button.

Email deliverability is set to ALL.

Here's the button code
var flag = false; 
var thisLead = new sforce.SObject("Lead"); 
thisLead.Id = '{!Lead.Id}'; 

if({!ISBLANK( Lead.Brand_Name_BF__c )}) 
alert ("Brand Name cannot be blank"); 
else if({!ISBLANK( Lead.Background_Overview_BF__c )}) 
alert ("Background / Overview cannot be blank"); 
else if({!ISBLANK( Lead.Objective_BF__c )}) 
alert ("Objective cannot be blank"); 
else if({!ISBLANK( Lead.Target_Audience_BF__c )}) 
alert ("Target Audience cannot be blank"); 
else if({!ISBLANK( Lead.Focus_BF__c )}) 
alert ("Focus cannot be blank"); 
else if({!ISBLANK( Lead.Dates_Deadlines_BF__c )}) 
alert ("Dates & Deadlines cannot be blank");
else if({!ISBLANK( Lead.Media_BF__c )}) 
alert ("Media cannot be blank");
else if({!ISBLANK( Lead.Other_Considerations_BF__c )}) 
alert ("Other Considerations cannot be blank, add N/A if needed");


thisLead.OwnerId = '00G3X000004cYC4'; 
var saveResults = sforce.connection.update([thisLead]); 
alert("Success, Einstein AI has received the lead for distribution."); 
Here's the WFR

User-added image

What could possibly be the problem here? Access to the email template?
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Ravi Chandra ChevulaRavi Chandra Chevula
For me also it was working in PROD, we have a release but we haven't went for deployement because of this issue. We don't know the root cause, Salesforce support team is saying it was started working all by itslef and also we will have certain release patches going on weekly that might fixed my problem. But i'm not sure happend from there end !! 
Nora AllenNora Allen 
I am following this link but not working
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Deepali KulshresthaDeepali Kulshrestha
Hi Devid,

I've gone through your requirement and you can find the solution below:

I have had chances to make a couple of Visualforce Email Templates (like an Opportunity with Products [1] )
and the mail did have some styling but when dispatched to my Inbox [2], it did render well.

One important thing to note will be to ensure that you're using cross-browser compatible CSS Attributes and also
make sure that you use Inline CSS rather than external Style Sheets(even though that's a good practice but when it comes to
Email Templates we've to go with it!)

[1]: Opportunity with Products (
[2]: mail in Inbox (

I hope you find the above solution helpful. If it does, please mark as Best Answer to help others too.

Thanks and Regards,
Deepali Kulshrestha
Thomas NiemanThomas Nieman 
In an Email Alert in a Case approval process, one choice is to send the email to the Record Creator. Which record are we talking aobut?  Is it the Case Creator or the person who submitted the case for approval?
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Sunil SarillaSunil Sarilla
Hi Tom,
Its the User who created the record.
If your approval process is on Case Object, its the user who created the case record.
Alex JoyAlex Joy 
Hello everyone, 
I have a workflow rule that sends an email to a contact record when a case reaches a specific status.  Is there any way to confirm an email was sent or not? 
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Iqbal AhmedIqbal Ahmed

Hi Alex,

Yes, We can log email in salesforce using Email Log Monitor.

Please ref:

Iqbal Ahmed

Joe BieglerJoe Biegler 

As a System Admin I am able to send list emails in Lightning, but my users cannot.  I have checked and re-checked the settings as suggested but can seem to find anything wrong - any suggestions?

Joe Biegler
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Joe BieglerJoe Biegler
Problem solved!  Under "My Email Settings" I switched from "Send Through Office 365" to "Salesforce", saved, and then switched back.  Now sending List Emails works for this user.
Anthony SkinnerAnthony Skinner 
I am moving from another CRM to SF and have ~300 email templates that I created there. They are in HTML format in a CSV. Is it possible to upload them using mapping?
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Raja Kumar PallepatiRaja Kumar Pallepati
yes, it is possible. Please refer to the article. (
Alison WilliamsAlison Williams 

I am trying to get a mass email sent out for one of our campaigns and even though I have made sure that the company email shows properly in all known email setting locations for setup (I searched email) I am unable to send mass emails from the campaign due to the error: "invalid email address: FromAddress"  I have attached a screenshot below of the error and all settings I can find.  I have full permissions as an administrator and still cannot seem to send from the send list email option.  I can create an email on the Activity tab, but really want to avoid having to add all 261 emails to this list and would prefer to just have to send it once.

Mass Email Attempt 1Mass Email Attempt 2Mass Email Attempt 3Email Settings 1Email Settings 2
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Anel MalabananAnel Malabanan
Hi Allison,

Try to go to your Personal Settings:

1. Click your Avatar, then click on Settings.
2. Email > My Email Settings
3. Try to choose the Salesforce, rather than using Send Through ...

The cause of this error is because of the Salesforce Send Through, the Send Through email that is connected is different from the FROM address that you will use to send the email
Ginny RichhartGinny Richhart 
I have a workflow rule that sends an email to a contact record when a case reaches a specific status.  Is there any way to confirm an email was sent?
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Raja Kumar PallepatiRaja Kumar Pallepati
yes, you can check the email logs to confirm the delivery of emails sent from salesforce. Refer to the link below.
Use Email Logs to Monitor Emails Sent from Salesforce (