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Samantha GavlasSamantha Gavlas 
I know classic email templates are not available for cases in lightning but is there a way to create custom html templates in lightning for users to use? I enabled the rich text editor but I still can't see it in lightning so I wasn't sure if that was another limitation or user error. 
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Han Ren LauHan Ren Lau
Hi Samantha,

Maybe this might help, you need to edit the layout of the Email Action by removing the Text Body and add the HTML Body to the layout. Save the layout and you should be able to see the rich text editor.

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Note: The email action can be found here : Cases => Buttons, Links, and Actions

Han Ren
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Puneet MehtaPuneet Mehta
Hi Ajinkya,

This should answer your question:
Izaaz GaffarIzaaz Gaffar 
HI Guys,

We currently utilise email services opposed to standard email-to-case.

Whenever an email comes through as a case, all inline images appear as this:

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These images are attached to the case (as we setup in the code / controller) however the inline images are not displaying in the feed view of the email? Please advise
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Jeff MayJeff May
Since you are processing the email in your email service, you will need to review your code to make sure it is handling the email body and its attachments properly.  For assistance with Apex coding, visit the Developer Community at:
Won JohnsonWon Johnson 
Hello all,
I have an issue with html templated emails that require an image at the top of the template, with this image the first 'exposed' line in the html [as it needs to be] this is what gets returned in the Case Feed. 
I need to prevent the image URL returing and display {!Case.CaseNumber} : {!Case.Subject}. 
I have tried hidden html tags which unfortunatley do not remain hidden when used through the Case Feed Email Editor.
Has anyone any advice / come across this issue before?
thanking in advance
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Ido GreenbaumIdo Greenbaum
Thanks for the elaboration Won. 

I now understand that you experience the same Issue as I previously reported in the following question, which is still open:

While we wait for the community's assistance, it would be beneficial if you up-vote the following idea:

I am eagerly waiting to understand if you were ablet o workaround this with a hidden HTML element. 
Can you share the exact syntax you already have now? 

Thank you. 
Neil MorkNeil Mork 

As of yesterday, my Sales Manager recieved an email from Pardot report:

There was an issue sending your recent Engage Campaign
There was an unfortunate issue with attempting to send some of your emails.
These contacts/leads were unable to be synced, ensure they have a valid email address in the contact/lead.

1. The email is valid, we've not had any issues before.
2. Verified that her Pardot and SalesForce permissions are synced and identical to a working user.

3. She is sometimes able to send engage templates, but never able to recieve them.
4. Able to send and recieve standard outlook emails.

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Neil MorkNeil Mork
Turned out that the contacts were moved to the Recycling bin in Pardot, thusly becoming unable to recieve engage templates.
Debra ShoupDebra Shoup 
I made a change to Outlook Configurations and added all profiles. I was attempting to make it so that only some users could create a certain type of Lead by adding profiles to the configuration. Well, whatever I did, I made it so that all Salesforce contacts are now showing up in all of those users' Outlook contacts. I feel so stupid!! I start to get a little confident and then something like this happens. I've removed all of the user profiles from that new configuration, but the contacts are still in their Outlook. Hopefully I'm not the only one who's ever done something like this. I need to know if by removing their profiles fromt he configuration they will no longer be syncing with Salesforce in that way and then I need to know how to get all of those contacts removed from their Outlook contacts. Ugh! I can't believe I did this. Please help!
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Nicole CarielloNicole Cariello
If you remove their profile, it would stop their access to the tool, but you also want to make sure that you have your Sync settings the way you want them. I would suggest Don't Sync for contacts or making sure to allow users to modify if the object is synced, ie Contacts

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I am not sure if you can mass remove them from outlook
Erik SwiderskiErik Swiderski 
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Under the "Related to" section -is it possible to relate the email to more than one object? We're looking to add a custom field to this layout so we can relate an email to one or more objects.
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Pruthvi RajPruthvi Raj
@Erik: Unfortunately this is not possible. You can go for Visualforce Email templates though!!!
Kamal AmerKamal Amer 
Hi everyone,

been looking into doing this for a while and cant seem to wrap my head around it, so i need your help please.

ok so first i want to create an email workflow to be sent to the account owner of every account on the start of the quarter so january 1st, April1st, July 1st, October 1st.

how do I go through with this?
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Ines GarciaInes Garcia
Hi Kamar,

Right at a glance , in your scenario, few things to consider:
- workflow rules and other automations need to be trigger upon creation and or on edit.
- so you could potentially look at automating a 'next quarter date' on the account record, so when the account is created populates the 'next quarter date' 
- a formula field would not 'count' as edit as only renders values on running user (doesnt commit the value to the database)
- then make a workflow rule with your criteria and a timebased workflow on 'next quarter date' to send the email.

Let me know how do you get on,

Emily ProulxEmily Proulx 
Is there a way to get an email or text alert about tasks and events coming up? 
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Sunil SarillaSunil Sarilla
Hi Emily,
Email Alerts are now supported on Activity Object.
You can create a workflow on the Events and Task object and have a notification sent 1 day or 1 hour before the event
RF IntegrationRF Integration 
Hi All,

Please help me for below scenario :

I have one Text(Encrypted) field on custom object, now when any email alert is sent to record owner, email body , should contain data in normal formal which is available  in Text(Encrypted). 

now I am trying to send email, but this is sending data in encrypted format, i want to send it in normal format.

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Sunil SarillaSunil Sarilla
Hi RF,
The data of the encryption field will always be masked in the email template.
some people say that VF Templates have the ability to unmask the field and present the value in the field but as far as I know thats not posible now even using the VF Template.