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Christopher DoreChristopher Dore 
Hi. I've been trying to install Lightning for Outlook with Outlook 2016 (365 Enterprise). Everything was going fine until I clicked on the Saleforce View cloud icon on the Outlook tool bar. As the installation instructions noted, I was prompted to log in to my account. When I did, I received a generic error message that said "We encountered a problem. For help, contact your administrator." I've not been able to resolve this. Can anyone provide insights, let me know what the problem might be, or even offer up a solution? Thanks!
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Susan ThayerSusan Thayer
I solved this by going to my Outlook Web mail and clicking on an email from there to log in to Salesforce for the first time instead of logging in from the desktop for the first time. Then when I reopened Outlook Desktop and clicked on View icon the system recognized me as already logged in.
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alsinan nazimalsinan nazim
Hi Toni,

In my point of view, Classic will exist eventhough Lightning has been added with new features till the recent Dreamforce. Salesforce also tells that "Saying Hello to Lightning Experience Doesn’t Mean Saying Goodbye to Salesforce Classic".

But,the new Release Notes are now making the point that certain new features will be "available in Lightning Experience only", also we had seen that almost all Salesforce product presentations have been in the Lightning Experience since Dreamforce. So for atleast the coming two or three years, Classic will be there, as now. But we cant predict about the future business, since trends and trendsetters in Cloud are changing day by day.

Have a nice day.
Megan ReberryMegan Reberry 

We just started using the Salesforce/Outlook integration a few weeks ago. However we ran into our first issue today. We have one person using a mac, the rest of us are on pc's, and today when she went to log an email on send the button would not work. The contact was pulling in, we just couldn't click the button. 

Has anyone else had any issues with this? With it being the only Mac in our office, it's hard to trouble shoot what's going on.
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Ivan RubioIvan Rubio

I thought I had the latest version too! I was banging my head because I was like "But my users have the latest version. There has to be a different solution."

When I talked to SF support, they told me to literally follow these steps. I figured I had nothing to lose and tried the steps they offered:

1. Open any Office 365 Product.
2. Choose Help at the top.
3. Click on Check for Updates. 
4. Select Manually check.
5. Check off the "Join the Office Insider program to get early access to new releases"
6. Select Office Insider Fast for the picklist value under "Choose how you get insider builds" field.
7. Click on Check for Updates.
8. After doing that, I found out I was wrong. There were more updates. I clicked to update all and it worked. 

If you follow these exact steps and it still doesn't work then you might need to talk to your office 365 administrator to push the 16.24 through Insider to everyone. 

Erai YoshinagaErai Yoshinaga 
I am working on a Java program to upload contacta records using Salesforce upsert bulk api.
In guide book it is said that we can use JobInfo.setExternalIdFieldName() to do this.
From my opinion, it should be used for the designation of Contact's external ID field.
But at the same time, we need to designate the external ID fieldpf referenced Account record.My question is how to do it.

This is the sample csv file for Contact upsert usage.

For reference, the mapping file of a success dataloader upsert operation is as following.

Appreciate for any advice or hint from you.
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Erai YoshinagaErai Yoshinaga
I got the answer. In program we only need to designate the external id of the target object.
In this case, it should be.
Just leave the csv header as "Account.No__c", then system will automatically link the correct account record to the contact. 
Sorry for confusing you.
Pascal StieglitzPascal Stieglitz 
Hello everyone,

Ususally we have SF Panel for outlook enabled and it is working fine, but we have one user where the panel appears in the inbox but not when this person replies to an email.
User-added image
User-added image

I assume this is a configuration in outlook but i don't know which one. For all our other users it is working.
Can someone give me a solution?

Thank you
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Pascal StieglitzPascal Stieglitz
Its was just hidden..
User-added image
Piya FiedlerPiya Fiedler 

We have 2 users with Salesforce for Outlook (Outlook 365 on Windows 10) which their sidebar is appearing on the left side of Outlook or floats completely outside of the Outlook application and "floats." Has anybody else had this issue? We are on the newest version of SFO (3.4.3).

Thank you!

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Piya FiedlerPiya Fiedler
I just spoke with Salesforce Support and here is the fix ( (  I thought I'd leave this question up so it shows in Google results.
Jordy FalgoutJordy Falgout 
I would like to manage approval requests from the Salesforce Chatter app for Windows 10. I receive the approval requests in the notifications, but I get a record not found error when I click on the notification. Should that notification bring me to the record from which the request for approval was generated?
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EdEd ( 
Hi Jordy,

Here are some of the possibilities why you are receiving the error:
-The record associated to the approval has been deleted
-The approval request has been recalled
-Approval step has been approved or rejected.

When clicking on the notification, it should take you to the approval step record and not the record that was submitted for approval.

I hope this answers your query.
Sandra HeiderSandra Heider 
Dear all,

I have encountered an issue when I attempt to create a debug log :

Having an active trace flag triggers debug logging. You have 261 MB of the maximum 250 MB of debug logs. Before you can edit trace flags, delete some debug logs.

Could anyone tell me how to delete debug log please ?!

Thank you !!
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Sedoud BoussadSedoud Boussad
Hi Sandra,

Are you comfortable with the Developer Console and SOQL ?

You have to Open the developer console, write the following query in the Query Editor Tab :

SELECT Id FROM apexlog

Image ajoutée par l'utilisateur

And then select the debug log records and delete them.

Hope it helps :)
Maria Lourdes BarredoMaria Lourdes Barredo 
I found this resolution "!/feedtype=SINGLE_QUESTION_SEARCH_RESULT&id=90630000000CqIeAAK ", but this does not seem to fix our issue. I checke the record type of the user and it's the one on the Global Action. 
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Shyam NairShyam Nair
Could you please give some more details. Are you getting any errors. Or have you checked if there are record types on Contact object in your org? 
Adrian JoubertAdrian Joubert 
Hello everyone and Happy New Year !

I would like to integrate an instant messaging module into my community. I would like users in my community to chat with each other, by instantiating, in desktop. 

It's not for communicating with customer service, but really between users.

Do you know if a module of this type is integrable with Community Cloud? My community runs under the Napili template.

Thank you in advance,

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Adrian JoubertAdrian Joubert
Hello everyone,

I am proud to announce that this summer, we launched our own instant messaging module. Every user in our community can chat instantly with the member they want. 

This allows us to accelerate interactions between our different users, it is one of the principles of our community platform for coworkers working in our coworking spaces.

We thought it was an "impossible" development, so we are proud to have put this component into production.

Have a good day, everyone!