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Katie HambergKatie Hamberg 
Is it possible to have a workflow fire immediately when a date field is updated to today?  Or does this need to be a time based workflow?

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Prashant PandeyPrashant Pandey
Did you try using in the rule criteria like this..

if this one didnt work you can go for Time Trigger.

Adam RaceAdam Race 
Hi All,

I'm attempting to set up my Entitlement Management and I am having difficulties.

I've set up my Milestones and Entitlement Processes and attached it to an Entitlement, which I've then associated with an account.

If I go to the Account, I can see the Entitlement and it gives me the option to "Create case" which I do, however it then doesn't seem to actually take the Entitlement through as it seems to have no link to it. This also means that it doesn't pick up the Milestones associated with that Entitlement.

If I go to an individual Contact within the Account, again, it gives me the option to "Create case" via the Entitlements related list, but still it doesn't take the info through.

Has anyone else had this issue? I've tried almost every conceivable configuration, however I can't get it to work!

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


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Adam RaceAdam Race
In case anyone else has this same problem, after hours of searching it was a fairly simple answer!

When the entitlments are imported onto your system you need to "Set Field-Level Security" on the fields that relate to Entitlements within the Cases itself.

You need to do this on the "Entitlement Name" field, otherwise it won't work.


Ben SchauerhamerBen Schauerhamer 
Does anyone know if you can add someone to a public group without the manage user permission? I have been trying to find a way but can't seem to manage it.

I have tried delegated administrators but that doesn't seem to grant access to it.
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Amitkumar BangadAmitkumar Bangad
Ben -

Manage Users permission is must if you want to play around with Users anywhere. THere is no alternative :)

Dara SlovackDara Slovack 
I am standing up a public knowledge base using the Napili template. Currently the featured topics page only allows three topics-column wide to be displayed. You can have several rows, but you're unable to change the 3Xn configuration. So essentially you always have to havve 3 or 6 or 9, etc topics. Any ideas on how to change this to be more flexible? I think you have to update the CSS, but I'm unable to determine the code needed to do this.

4X1 featured topics

I've googled around looking for the CSS code tags, but I've only found this (which is not doing much)...

.forceTopicFeaturedTopicItem.topicItem {
height: 70px;
position: relative;
transition: 0.3s all ease;
flex: 1;

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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Dean WooldridgeDean Wooldridge
I admit I am not a CSS coder so take that as a warning.  We do however have a web page guy and with his help and readings on other sites I have this list of CSS tweaks.  The last one does 5 featured topics across rather than 3 and I could not see any problems - I used just the CSS, no other software changes.  And I put these CSS changes in using the branding capability:

    Make the gray overlay on the banner go away
.default-bg-overlay {
    display: none !important;
    Make the label on featured topics go away
.forceTopicFeaturedTopics .topicLabel {
    display: none !important;
       Make the gray overlay on featured topics go away
.forceTopicFeaturedTopics .topicContent {
    display: none !important;
       Change the navigation bar color.  Insert your own webhex color.
.cNavBarCon {
    background-color: #17a3e2;
       Remove the grey overlay from the navigation bar and leave
    a 1px darkgray line
.forceCommunityNavigationMenu {
    border-top: 1px solid #aaaaaa !important;
    background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0) !important;
       Remove the Search box
.search-container {visibility: hidden}
       Change the size of the featured topic item image.
li.topicItem.forceTopicFeaturedTopicItem {
        width: 20%;
        height: 150px;
Daniela SchmitzDaniela Schmitz 
Some time ago I voted on an idea, and since then I receive almost daily updates from other users voting on the same idea, but unfortunately nothing useful. So I would like to stop receiving these mails (on this specific idea), or stop following the idea. Any way to achieve this? On the idea I do not see a button to "unfollow".

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Pritam ShekhawatPritam Shekhawat
You can't unfollow specific Idea or unfollow email form specific idea You can upvote this idea here Ability to "Unfollow" an Idea

 but you can turn off for all ideas. Goto>Edit >Your Profile>In Notifications > uncheck this checkbox Notify me when people reply to my ideas and reviews
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Roshan SahatiyaRoshan Sahatiya 
Omni-Channel Implementation  

I am in process of setting up Omni-Channel. The requirement is that when an Agent accepts a case, the case status should be updated to 'In Progress'.

I know that the owner of the case changes from the Omni-Channel Queue to the agent who accepts the case, however this event doesn't trigger any workflows rules or Apex triggers which makes field updates hard.
Have anyone experienced the same scenario or have gotten a way around it? Any ideas would be appreciated.
Thank you
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Roshan SahatiyaRoshan Sahatiya
Ok, finally worked out around this to have a solution in place.

1. Create a field on case that stores Accept date and time.
2. Create an apex trigger on the AgentWork object that will populate the new field 'Accept date and time' on the related case. 
3. In the same AgentWork trigger, update the Case status to 'In Progress'.

Please note that the trigger on the AgentWork object should be an after update/before update context, otherwise the trgigger doesn't fire for the insert events.
Ajay CAjay C 
Could someone help me with the latest dumps for Admin exam...
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Sourav DuttaSourav Dutta
Hi Ajay,

Download the study guide from 
Find each and every topic on Salesforce Help and watch salesforce training videos.

Set up an Admin Playground or a Developer Org and try it out.  You will learn how these features work much better that way. You can also learn about Salesforce features using Trailhead (
Practice these things in Trailhead. It is the best way for preparation of the certification exams. Keep trailing.

Best Of Luck!

Kind Regards,
Noga WeissNoga Weiss 
I want to edit the "Check password" page, currently the message is:

Check the email account associated with your user name for instructions on resetting your password. Remember to look in your spam folder, where automated messages sometimes filter. If you still can't log in, contact your administrator.

I want to edit the text or even better, change the page to a landing page made by me..... how can I do thus?
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Amit SinghAmit Singh
Hi Noga,

You can create a brand new VF page for this which will do the logic as you want and the put your VF page as the change password in the community.

Setup -> All Communities -. > Workspace -> Administrator -> Login and Registration
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Joel BradleyJoel Bradley 
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This option in the feed view options is not working in the Lightning console for Service Cloud. It works perfectly for setting a default from address when working in the service console for classic, but how do I get it working in Lightning?
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Chad Todd, MBAChad Todd, MBA
Joel / Ed,

I think I found the answer.   I did not see any documentation on this but in playing in the object found the below.    Under the Send an Email button you must create in feed - you must select predefined values for the action.  

The above specified address as Joel notates does not carry over but this seems to be working and carries to all send an email.   

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Reed HayesReed Hayes 

I have been scouring Setup for the Public checkbox field:

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Where is this field? It's nowhere to be found among the standard and custom fields. 

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Steve BlackwellSteve Blackwell
If you edit those existing workflows, there's a field called "Published" that you can access on the case comment object. This is the "Public" flag - the name is misleading since it's different than you see in the UI, but you can also confirm that in the API docs for CaseComment: