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Tinashe ShokoTinashe Shoko 
When I download our enterprise wsdl for FeedItem it has the following field
<element name="CreatedBy" nillable="true" minOccurs="0" type="ens:sObject"/>
Previously this used to be 
<element name="CreatedBy" nillable="true" minOccurs="0" type="ens:Name"/>

I notice even the versions are different earlier it was 45 and now its 46. Was there a change?
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Tommaso BolisTommaso Bolis
Different version is related to the Salesforce major relase. With Summer '19 we reached API 46.
A new API version is released for each major release.

I think now Created By is an SObject since it represent a User instance (Same should be for record owner).
Tayler McCrackenTayler McCracken 
Hello Salesforce community, I would really appreciate if someone could help me out by showing me a formula for a validation rule that I am trying to implement in my org. If you could also please post the logical reasoning, or help explain to me  how you worked this out I would appreciate it as I am struggling to understand validation rules... I've done the trailead training and some reading, but still finding it a bit tricky. This is what I am trying to work out:
On the opportunity page if the picklist value "pillar," equals "support renewal"
then these two text fields need to be filled in:
"Estimated implementation start date"
"Estimated pre-sales days"

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!
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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
...picklist value "pillar," equals "support renewal" ??

Do you have a Picklist  Field called Pillar? I am assuming it is a typo and I guess it's Stage probably :-)

Well, if it's Stage (at least that is what is making sense to me) then here is how you work it out - 

[1]  If the picklist value in Stage equals "support renewal"
StageName = "Support Renewal"
Most of the times, we tend to write it like as shown above when you come across situations wherein it says = Field 'X'  equals a Value 'Z'. But here, Stage is a picklist field hence just that line won't suffice.

We need to write it like this = 
TEXT(StageName) = "Support Renewal"
By wrapping it with TEXT() makes it usable in comparisons/logical operators like "equals(=)" or "not equals(<>)" etc.

NOTE: It is very important to use the wording "Support Renewal" exactly as it appears on the Picklist Field (API Names) (Setup | Object Manager | Opportunity | Fields ...)

[2]: These two text fields need to be filled in:
"Estimated implementation start date"
"Estimated pre-sales days"

Now, it is important to understand that when you write Validation Rules, you need to feed in the ERROR Condition. Which in our case means, if ANY one of the fields is left EMPTY.

So you would write it as - 
Usually, you would end up using an OR when the requirement calls for BOTH fields need to be filled use cases and so on. Another thing to note is the use of ISBLANK which I assume is self-explanatory.

Now, all you have to do is to combine [1] and [2] using an AND( ... ) = 
    TEXT(StageName) = "Support Renewal",

I call this as "Divide & Rule" policy to nail your Validation Rule formulas :-)
Mehmet BirgiMehmet Birgi 
When I enter an email, I get the error message "Please select a valid contact". Which contacts are eligible here? Where can I enter new contacts? I am trying to add another user from my org.
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Shivanath DevinarayananShivanath Devinarayanan
Only individuals in the same account as the case owner and who have logged in to the Help site before will show up in the search box.  This is done to prevent incorrect case collaborators from accidentally being added. Should be users


if our suggestion(s) worked,  let us know by marking the answer as "Best Answer" right under the comment.This will help the rest of the community should they have a similar issue in the future.  Thank you!

I would like to add attachments to some of the step sections in the opportunity.

it should be a mandetory field as well.

Is there a way to do it?


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Hello Marketo,

I suggest:

1. Create a Custom Object called "Opportunity Attachments" with Master-Detail Relationship to Opportunities ( Opportunity is the parent and Opportunity Attachment is the child). Allow the Notes and Attachments for the new object
User-added image
2. Click "New Relationship" and create the Master-Detail Relationship between the Opportunity and the Opportunity Attachments Object
User-added image
3. Go to the Opportunity Page Layout and Drag and Drop the Opportunity Attachments related list just under the fields (for better visibility)
User-added image

4. Create Your Opportunity Attachments Records, give them proper, recognizable name and attach the file in their notes and attachments
User-added image

The only problem with this issue is that you cannot have a separate fields under each step, but you`ll have the attachments as a related list.

Kaylin JendrewskiKaylin Jendrewski 

Previously, our profiles/permissions were set up inaccurately in Salesforce. 

I am in the process of making some new profile groups for different teams within my organization.

One of the biggest issues I have is that Reps have the ability to change ownership of leads,contacts,accounts,opps,etc. - I do not want them to have this access.

I created a new profile for the reps - and believe I have unchecked any box that would allow them to do this. 

However, I just tested this with a rep and she still has the ability to change ownership of leads, etc.


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Steve DoddSteve Dodd
Please refer to my original post and modify the syntax/error message as needed:

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Robert BaratheonRobert Baratheon 
I created a que in salesforce  is it possible to set up some filters within the que and if so how?
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Raju KonaRaju Kona
@Eli Manning,
Answer is NO. You dont have a chance to add filters in Queue. You have a chance to add queue members and supporting objects. 

Thank you
Nicole PomponioNicole Pomponio 
Good Morning, 
Many of our users are reporting the dreading spinning SFO side panel. Previous versions of outlook had a config we could update related to running an add on optimized that now seems to be gone. 
Has anyone been able to overcome this?
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Nicole PomponioNicole Pomponio
We were able to find a more permanent solution, something is definitely off between Outlook and the addon

We uninstalled outlook, reinstalled and then followed these steps - 2- Open Outlook and click on File | Options 
3- On the General tab, select Optimize for Compatibility and click on Ok 
4- Restart Outlook and run Salesforce for outlook by double clicking on the SFO icon from the Desktop or Program menu
We have a picklist called Risk with 4 values in it Choose (default), Low, Medium and High. 

We do not want the --none-- value to appear when the user clicks the drop down arrow, is there any way we can achieve this.

Thanks in advance.
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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
Nope! There is no way to remove that :-( All you can do is to ensure that Users are not allowed to leave them BLANK using either a Validation Rule like say - 
or may be make them required at the Page Layout Level!
Geoffrey LENGLENGeoffrey LENGLEN 

Hello Community,

I have a Lookup user field "Account Manager" to push into another object.
So I initially used the formula "Account__r.Account_Manager__c"
But as it is a Lookup user field, the result is an Id.

So I know for the "Account Owner" standard field it is easy to have the Last and First name: Account__r.Owner.FirstName &" "& Account__r.Owner.LastName

But could you tell me what is the formula to have the Last and First Name of a special Lookup User field please into another object?

Thanks a lot!

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Amnon KruviAmnon Kruvi
Hi Goeffrey,

You can use the same format to get the account manager's name:
Account__r.Account_Manager__r.FirstName & " " & Account__r.Account_Manager__r.LastName

Or, if you prefer last name first:
Account__r.Account_Manager__r.LastName & " " & Account__r.Account_Manager__r.FirstName
Danielle RosenDanielle Rosen 
Hello - I enabled path settings for a custom object I created, but the chevrons are not appearing on the object. I only have one record type so I have already ruled that out as the problem. Any thoughts what it could be?

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Tom HoffmanTom Hoffman

Hi Danielle - did you add the path to your lightning page and enable that page for your org, app, and profiles you want to see that path? 

You can click edit page from the setup, then on the lightning page screen, drag and drog the path component into place.  Click save and then activation - choose to either set it as the org default (everyone) or specificlaly for app(s), record type(s), and profile(s).   When you go back to your custom object, it should appear on the page. 

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