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Eli ManningEli Manning 
I created a que in salesforce  is it possible to set up some filters within the que and if so how?
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Raju KonaRaju Kona
@Eli Manning,
Answer is NO. You dont have a chance to add filters in Queue. You have a chance to add queue members and supporting objects. 

Thank you
Nicole PomponioNicole Pomponio 
Good Morning, 
Many of our users are reporting the dreading spinning SFO side panel. Previous versions of outlook had a config we could update related to running an add on optimized that now seems to be gone. 
Has anyone been able to overcome this?
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Nicole PomponioNicole Pomponio
We were able to find a more permanent solution, something is definitely off between Outlook and the addon

We uninstalled outlook, reinstalled and then followed these steps - 2- Open Outlook and click on File | Options 
3- On the General tab, select Optimize for Compatibility and click on Ok 
4- Restart Outlook and run Salesforce for outlook by double clicking on the SFO icon from the Desktop or Program menu
We have a picklist called Risk with 4 values in it Choose (default), Low, Medium and High. 

We do not want the --none-- value to appear when the user clicks the drop down arrow, is there any way we can achieve this.

Thanks in advance.
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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
Nope! There is no way to remove that :-( All you can do is to ensure that Users are not allowed to leave them BLANK using either a Validation Rule like say - 
or may be make them required at the Page Layout Level!
Geoffrey LENGLENGeoffrey LENGLEN 

Hello Community,

I have a Lookup user field "Account Manager" to push into another object.
So I initially used the formula "Account__r.Account_Manager__c"
But as it is a Lookup user field, the result is an Id.

So I know for the "Account Owner" standard field it is easy to have the Last and First name: Account__r.Owner.FirstName &" "& Account__r.Owner.LastName

But could you tell me what is the formula to have the Last and First Name of a special Lookup User field please into another object?

Thanks a lot!

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Amnon KruviAmnon Kruvi
Hi Goeffrey,

You can use the same format to get the account manager's name:
Account__r.Account_Manager__r.FirstName & " " & Account__r.Account_Manager__r.LastName

Or, if you prefer last name first:
Account__r.Account_Manager__r.LastName & " " & Account__r.Account_Manager__r.FirstName
Danielle RosenDanielle Rosen 
Hello - I enabled path settings for a custom object I created, but the chevrons are not appearing on the object. I only have one record type so I have already ruled that out as the problem. Any thoughts what it could be?

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Tom HoffmanTom Hoffman

Hi Danielle - did you add the path to your lightning page and enable that page for your org, app, and profiles you want to see that path? 

You can click edit page from the setup, then on the lightning page screen, drag and drog the path component into place.  Click save and then activation - choose to either set it as the org default (everyone) or specificlaly for app(s), record type(s), and profile(s).   When you go back to your custom object, it should appear on the page. 

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Julian KlukJulian Kluk 

This may be a stupid question and I'm pretty sure the answer is "No", but I wanted to double-check just in case.

Now that Oracle is going to start requiring paid licenses to use the latest versions of Java, our company is looking to discontinue both support and use of it. Our intent is to mass-uninstall Java from our employees' devices, but we are trying to take stock of what applications we use that still rely on Java to work properly.

Does Salesforce require a Java installation to work properly? I've never seen any Java-related messages appear, nor any Java-related loading screens, nor any requirements to update it outside of our regular update prompts, so I'm assuming the answer is no.

Thank you for any insight you can provide!
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Dnyaneshwar AghawDnyaneshwar Aghaw
Hi Julian ,
Salesforce is Cloud based platform and as it is cloud based it does not require Java locally. You can access Salesforce from Browser like Internet Explorer , Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. 

Below document listed Salesforce Requirement :
Michael WestonMichael Weston 
I have been "home"  look on left side  there is NO recycle bin
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Kristopher EagerKristopher Eager
If you don't see the sidebar, make sure it isn't collapsed:

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Scott RussoScott Russo 

Good day all,

We are looking to track how long it takes from when a new case is received, to when the first email is sent to the customer, Excluding the auto-response email.
I saw previous posts about using workflow to create a timestamp on the case using a custom field.  This is perfect

My criteria would be to only update the time stamp field if the following are true.
The time stamp field is empty(NULL)
The email from field is not ""

The trigger would set the time stamp field using Now() function.

My only problem is, I am not sure which object to relate this trigger.  At first I thought it was email, but I beleive this is only for incoming emails, and not outgoing.
I looked at relating to a case, but I do not see the criteria to trigger off of a 'send email event'
Which object should be selected?

Additional assistance, since I am not a Salesforce developer.
I believe I need another custom field to display the total time between the create date, and the time stamp.
What would the formula be for this field?

Thank you for your assistance


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Marco (werewolf) CasalainaMarco (werewolf) Casalaina
The Email Message object is the right object to target with your workflow -- it applies to both incoming and outgoing messages (incoming are where the Incoming field is True).

If this answer worked for you, please mark it as the best answer.  Thanks!
Sarah CullertonSarah Cullerton 
I'm looking to customize the 4 fields that display to the agent when a case is offered in Omnichannel. I was advised to use Mini Page Layout for this, but that doesn't seem to be doing the trick. Any other advice for me on where to go to customize that?
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Brendan ConroyBrendan Conroy
Hi Sarah,

Have you tried Compact Layouts? I think that was where I set those field when doing an omni-channel project. 
Renee PierceRenee Pierce 

I am not able to remove the Optional section on the bottom of the cases page layout that our support agents use.  I'm not able to drag it off of the layout.

If that is not possible, how can I remove the "Assign using active assignment rules" and "Send notification email to contact" check boxes that appear in the Optional section?  Support agents are not using these at all, yet they are required, and our support agents have to scroll down to uncheck the boxes before they can save a case record.

If anyone has a suggestion, please let me know!


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varun singhvarun singh
Hi Renee Pierce ,
If you have System admin profile then edit layout and remove it from layout.i f profile is different then may be  you don't have access to edit layouts.

Setup-->case-->page louout--->case layout--> layout properties-->check /uncheck checkboxes

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