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Julian KlukJulian Kluk 

This may be a stupid question and I'm pretty sure the answer is "No", but I wanted to double-check just in case.

Now that Oracle is going to start requiring paid licenses to use the latest versions of Java, our company is looking to discontinue both support and use of it. Our intent is to mass-uninstall Java from our employees' devices, but we are trying to take stock of what applications we use that still rely on Java to work properly.

Does Salesforce require a Java installation to work properly? I've never seen any Java-related messages appear, nor any Java-related loading screens, nor any requirements to update it outside of our regular update prompts, so I'm assuming the answer is no.

Thank you for any insight you can provide!
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Dnyaneshwar AghawDnyaneshwar Aghaw
Hi Julian ,
Salesforce is Cloud based platform and as it is cloud based it does not require Java locally. You can access Salesforce from Browser like Internet Explorer , Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. 

Below document listed Salesforce Requirement :
Michael WestonMichael Weston 
I have been "home"  look on left side  there is NO recycle bin
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Kristopher EagerKristopher Eager
If you don't see the sidebar, make sure it isn't collapsed:

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Scott RussoScott Russo 

Good day all,

We are looking to track how long it takes from when a new case is received, to when the first email is sent to the customer, Excluding the auto-response email.
I saw previous posts about using workflow to create a timestamp on the case using a custom field.  This is perfect

My criteria would be to only update the time stamp field if the following are true.
The time stamp field is empty(NULL)
The email from field is not ""

The trigger would set the time stamp field using Now() function.

My only problem is, I am not sure which object to relate this trigger.  At first I thought it was email, but I beleive this is only for incoming emails, and not outgoing.
I looked at relating to a case, but I do not see the criteria to trigger off of a 'send email event'
Which object should be selected?

Additional assistance, since I am not a Salesforce developer.
I believe I need another custom field to display the total time between the create date, and the time stamp.
What would the formula be for this field?

Thank you for your assistance


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Marco (werewolf) CasalainaMarco (werewolf) Casalaina
The Email Message object is the right object to target with your workflow -- it applies to both incoming and outgoing messages (incoming are where the Incoming field is True).

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Sarah CullertonSarah Cullerton 
I'm looking to customize the 4 fields that display to the agent when a case is offered in Omnichannel. I was advised to use Mini Page Layout for this, but that doesn't seem to be doing the trick. Any other advice for me on where to go to customize that?
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Brendan ConroyBrendan Conroy
Hi Sarah,

Have you tried Compact Layouts? I think that was where I set those field when doing an omni-channel project. 
Renee PierceRenee Pierce 

I am not able to remove the Optional section on the bottom of the cases page layout that our support agents use.  I'm not able to drag it off of the layout.

If that is not possible, how can I remove the "Assign using active assignment rules" and "Send notification email to contact" check boxes that appear in the Optional section?  Support agents are not using these at all, yet they are required, and our support agents have to scroll down to uncheck the boxes before they can save a case record.

If anyone has a suggestion, please let me know!


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varun singhvarun singh
Hi Renee Pierce ,
If you have System admin profile then edit layout and remove it from layout.i f profile is different then may be  you don't have access to edit layouts.

Setup-->case-->page louout--->case layout--> layout properties-->check /uncheck checkboxes

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Mosleh ChowdhuryMosleh Chowdhury 

Overall Aim: If Case Owner changes x number of times, an Email Alert will be triggered.

This is what I have created in Sandbox so far but it do not seem to be working:

A Number Type field called: Owner_Count__c


WFR Action - Field Update: Contains this in the Formula Value Owner_Count__c + 1

From my understanding, this should create a count, adding 1 each time the Case Owner changes.  

However the count never seems to change, it just remains blank.  

Any help with this is extremely appreciated as I'm up against a deadline!

Kind regards,


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Mayank SrivastavaMayank Srivastava
Mosleh, you need to set the default value in the Owner_Count__c field to be 0. That's when it will start incrementing everytime an owner is changed.

If you want the WFR to fire for existing records, make sure you set a 0 value for the Count field for all of those records.
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Synthia Beauvais (Active)Synthia Beauvais (Active)
Hi John! Any luck on this? Someone shared this Einstein Bots Cookbook Intermediate - Summer '18 ( document with me. Have you seen it? 
Tim SpradauTim Spradau 
I'm having an issue with some users getting kicked out of Omni-Channel on a regular basis - they just get switched to offline while working. I'm wondering if anyone else has been experiencing the same issue?
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Tim SpradauTim Spradau
Hi Eran-

We went back and forth with SFDC Premier Support on this and it ended up with an issue on our end having to do with proxy settings.

Final resolution was: SSO authentication attempts that may not be handling the liveagent requests well, as we see a loop occur with the SAML authentication when the issue arises.

Proxy/Firewall Steps:
Whitelist Domains - (add this to both the Console app in Salesforce and to the Network Whitelisting):
*. (Necessary if you are using Live Agent, Omni or SOS)
* (Necessary if you are using Communities or

Add IP Address to Network whitelisting:
Live Agent communication occurs over ports 80 and 443, so ensure these aren't blocked.

Hope this helps!!

Sandy UssiaSandy Ussia 
I'm relatively new to Salesforce... not a developer, but I have a background in power user type stuff in SharePoint/Microsoft stack. So not entirely clueless, but also struggling a bit to understand the Salesforce lingo and structure :-)
I've been creating a custom SF app which generally works quite well. But I've run into a problem on a Visualforce page I created, which I just can't seem to get past, after days of searching the forums and documentation, and trying different things - I hope someone can help...
The standard controller I'm using for my "WorkOrder" page is a custom object called WorkOrder, and it has a related object called Piece (i.e. each WorkOrder has multiple Pieces). I'm displaying all of the Pieces for a given Work Order, based on the id being passed in the URL from a button on the Work Order page. I want the Pieces to be displayed in order by Shop Ticket #, but they're in some random order I can't make out. Here's what I've done so far:
- I see some references in the forums to using a custom controller to sort items, but that's not an option for me because I'm on Professional Edition.
- I learned from my research that items within a PageBlockTable are sorted by default in the order of the "current view", and if I create a list view of Pieces where the first column is Shop Tkt #, then if I'm using the Piece controller, this works great. But I need to use the Work Order controller, because I'm displaying all the pieces related to a single Work Order.
- I can see how a SOQL query would be easy (ORDER BY), but I can't find a way to use SOQL outside of a custom controller... Is my understanding correct on this? i.e. is it possible to use SOQL inline somehow within a VF page (not in separate Apex code which I can't do because of my SF edition)? Or can something be passed in the URL of the VF page?
- I also tried implementing a javaScript solution I found called TableSorter, but I couldn't get it to work even with a simple sample table on a VF page in Edge/IE/Chrome, so I wonder if the code is too old or something. Also, it was a bit of overkill, as I don't need to have dynamically sortable columns, I only want to sort the Shop Ticket column before rendering the data.
It seems to me this should be an easy thing to do - like there should be a Sort attribute in the Column or something. As far as I can tell from my research, there's not a solution, but I hope I'm missing something...?
Thanks for any help! 
- Sandy
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Nitish SinghalNitish Singhal
Hi Sandy, there is no out of the box solution from Salesforce like putting some attribute in pageblocktable and get the data sorted by column. 

You may need to implement some javascript only, which can help you out.

And yes, if you need more help I would suggest that you will have a better chance of getting relevant answers if you post it on one of the following forums [lots of talented developers out there who must have worked on similar problems before.

StackExchange [ (]
Official Developer Forum []

For any configuration changes and point and click design solutions, feel free to post in this community and we will be glad to help you out. 

Chris RobertsonChris Robertson 
Anyone have any best practices or guidance on whether it is best to use the Chatter feed on a case or Case Comments.  For this particular org, 100% of the users submitting cases are internal users.  Now that Chatter posts are reportable AND "mentionable" I'm curious as to the pros and cons of each.  Any insight is appreciated!!
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Mamoon HajjaMamoon Hajja
So, here is how it goes:

Case Comments are to be reserved and to be available for all those who see the case, it's meant for more important things AND for the owner of the case mostly.

Chatter is nice to have when co-workers are to interact and advise each other on that case. Or, for the case owner to notify his/her manager about a special issue hapenning on that specific case.

So, I would say, you would want to use both. Case owners are to record their information on case comments. External ineractions with users other than the owner can be chattered.

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