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Jo DengJo Deng 
On SFDC's Knowledge Base site, it advertises that

"Rich knowledge articles:  Go beyond simple text: Rich content, including graphics and videos, deliver more value to customers and agents. Knowledge trees help drive to the right answer for even the most complex issues."

I cannot find any information on how to embed or insert a video into a knowledge base article.  Could anyone point me to the right direction?
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Codi KodamaCodi Kodama
Jo Deng,

Click Setup | Customize | Knowledge | Settings | Check "Allow users to add external multimedia content to HTML in the standard editor" to 'True' - This will provide a new tool in the WYSIWYG editor on Rich Text fields to "Embed Media" into a Knowledge Article. You can paste the iframe code from YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion videos.
Nicholas MandikosNicholas Mandikos 
how long does it take for your new certifications to show in Web Assessor and Verification Page
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Pritam ShekhawatPritam Shekhawat
It will take one day generally and most of time it will appear within same day.
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Geoffrey FlynnGeoffrey Flynn
Nope, this is a global setting as of now
Derhyk DoggettDerhyk Doggett 

We recently migrated from a Customer Portal to a Customer Community.
I am trying to figure out how to achieve hiding Private Cases in the Community. The Portal supported "Visible in Self-Service Portal" option and Portal users do not see those Cases.

With both the Portal and the Community active, if I login as a user with both public and private cases - in the Portal they do not see the Private Cases, in the Community they do. This is explained in the link below.

Knowing that, I am struggling on moving forward with the same functionality for the Community.
I thought making a new Case Record Type 'Private Case' and creating a workflow to update the case type when it's Private would work - but it doesn't. Eventhough the Community Profiles are not assigned that Record Type.
Unless I am missing something - it seems like the Community Shares all Account Cases with the Account contacts that are Community Enabled - regardless of Record Type access.

Any help greatly appreciated.



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Derhyk DoggettDerhyk Doggett
For other users that stumble upon this question.
After talk with our support and service cloud experts (our account team put us in contact with the right folks) it was determined that to support our requirements, we needed Apex sharing.

I ended up developing Apex sharing classes that were batchable and set then to run on a schedule to calculate Case sharing rules.

If someone out there is facing the same issue and needs help, feel free to post here and I can provide a bit more context.

Satheeskumar ISatheeskumar I 
   I am planing to give ADM201 Exam within this week.
   As preparation alone not sufficient for the exam I need MOCK exam papers for ADM201 which will help me to clear this exam.
   If you have MOCK Exam papers for ADM201, please provide me.

Many thanks
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Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
Terry HenryTerry Henry 
Hi All,

Interested to hear any different methods that people may use - we currently have monthly training sessions held by one of our administrators where we go through basic navigation and functionality. 

I would like to change this as I believe that Salesforce training should be integrated when learning about other aspects and processes, I'd like to replace this with 

> WalkMe Guided Tours of Functionality
> YouTube/Videos embedded into a VF page for 'refreshers'
> Department Champions who would handle queries and training for their respective users

Interested to hear how others approach this

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Terry HenryTerry Henry
@Sourav - thanks but I think we have a misunderstanding here.

I am not hosting training for Admins - this is training for End Users - they do not need to see the admin processes that Trailhead provides (indeed, they will not even have the permissions to perform them). They need to be trained in basic functionality of Salesforce; Navigation, how to convert a lead, what are accounts/contacts/opportunities etc

I am looking for methods of training to replace traditional 1:1 classroom training

That's why I am interested in how others deliver training, maybe through:
> WalkMe Interactive tutorials
> Recorded Webinars
> Chatter Tips&Tricks Posts
> Regular email newsletters
Salma ArafaSalma Arafa 

I'm trying to change the sender email and name for any email notification that is being sent out from salesforce in case of an auto-assignmenet, auto-response or workflow scenario.

Is there a way to configure this in Salesforce without having to write any apex code?



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Mark SilberMark Silber
There are a few places where this is set. For Case related notifications (other than Auto Repsonse Rules, which can be set individually), the From email address is the email address of the Automated Case User (Setup | Customize | Cases | Support Settings). If you have a spare license, I recommend setting up a special user to play the role of automated case user.

For workflow rules, you can specify the From address using Org Wide Email Addresses (Setup | Email Administration | Organization-Wide Addresses) . For Time Based Workflows, the email address of the Default Workflow User is used. (Setup | Create | Workflow and Approvals | Settings) unless you have specified an org Wide Email Address for that specific Email Alert.

Auto Response Rules can have a different From name and Email Address for each auto-response rule.
Robert McCleanRobert McClean 
Udemy is offering "The Complete Salesforce Administrator Certification Course" for $10- anyone done this? rate it? Its only $10 instead of $195 so not a lot to lose financially- just wondering if this is seen as wise investment of time? (also wondering if this is just some scam of some kind)
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Keena FloodKeena Flood
Hi Robert I haven't done the Udemy course.  However if your goal is to become Salesforce Certified I would make use of the following:

1) Official Salesforce Certified Admin Study Guide (
2) Trailhead ( Get your hands dirty!
3) CertifiedOnDemand ( great site with consolidated content, practice quizes, and exams.

Hope this helps! If so please hit that Best Answer button! =)
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Sonika TomarSonika Tomar

If you already have licence you can assign that licence to the user and give required profile permission
Becky LueckBecky Lueck 
I have a field on a custom object called "Delivery Schedule" with a picklist of Yes, No, Complete.  When Yes is selected a task is created.  When the task status is changed to Complete, is there a way to change the field on the custom object to Complete?
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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
Well, with the new Process Builder, this is possible but not that easy though. Here is an essence of what you need to do - 

1:: Creating the Flow

You create a Flow [Setup | Create | Workflows & Approvals | Flows] that'll have the following - 
  1. A Variable to hold the ID of the related Delivery Schedule record [vDSId].
    • This will be set to the Input / Output Type of "Input and Output"
  2. Then you'll add a Record Update to the Flow - 
    • This will Query to find the appropriate Delivery Schedule record matching with the ID specified in [vDSId]
  3. Make sure you set the Picklist field to the desired value
That's pretty much with the Flow that you need to do.

2:: Creating the Formula Field

At first find out what is the Key Prefix for the Custom Object - Delivery Schedule. You can find this by clicking on the "Delivery Schedule" Tab and you should see a URL similar to this -
So the Key Prefix is "a00".

Now, create a Formula FieldSetup | Customize | Activities | Activity Custom Fields ] on the Task like as below - 
    - Label: Is Related to DS
    - Type: Formula
    - Return Type: Checkbox
    - Formula:
LEFT(WhatId, 3) = "a00"

This Formula Field will help us to know if the Task being created is associated with a Delivery Schedule or not. It will help us in the following Process.

3:: Create a Process[Setup | Create | Workflows & Approvals | Process Builder]
    - On the Task object
    - Set it to run / execute when "created and edited"
    - In the Criteria Node, set it to - 
        > Is Related to DS equals TRUE
        > Status IsChanged TRUE
        > Status equals Completed
    - Add a Flow as the Immediate Action and specify the Flow that we created in Step 1
    - Don't forget to set the Variable [vDSId] to WhatId

That's the essence of it.