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Ben HillBen Hill 
Hey all! Just wanted to check and see if anyone has had any users reporting a particular issue with Lightning console in Salesforce? Our instance here went live with Spring '20 this past weekend, and since then I've had a couple of users who are clicking case numbers in their service console, and instead of opening up in one of the console tabs, it's opening up in a whole new Chrome browser tab. It started at once or twice a day but is increasing as time goes on. Only affecting those 2 users from what I can tell. I've dumped their caches, made sure they were up-to-date on their browser version, checked all their settings and browser extensions (one user has no browser extensions to speak of),  everything I can think of. Didn't see anything yet here in the Trailblazer community, just wondered if you all had had any complaints coming from users there or if this is isolated to my group. I'm not even sure if this is a Salesforce issue or a browser/machine issue.
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Ben HillBen Hill
Thank you for your update Timber. I received a response from Salesforce Support today too, asking if we were still experiencing any issues. My users haven't had any issues since this past weekend, which coincides with a patch update that Salesforce said they released over the past weekend. I think we're in the clear now! (Fingers Crossed)
Jake SaulJake Saul 
In a lower environment I am able to enable the Custom Notification to send to iOS and Android, but in higher org environments I see "No Applications Available" (in
Notification Delivery Settings)

Does anyone know what the resolution is here?

Lower environments
User-added image

Higher environments
User-added image
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Tomas GnapTomas Gnap

Hi Jake,
first someone needs to log into Org via Salesforce iOS or Android app. Then these apps will become available options in Edit Delivery Settings page, since they are now avaialble and shown in Connected Apps ass well. 

I hope this helps.


Jenny JiJenny Ji 
Does anybody know the exact meaning of the checkbox " Flow User" in user record?
I thought it's a permission to let the user use "Flow", i.e., click the flow custom button, ect.  However, my user without that checkbox ticked is still able to do so.  
Then I thought it might be a permission to let the user create flow.  But if a user's profile has "Manage Flow" and "Run Flows" checked, he is able to create flow without having " Flow User" checked in user record.
Did a lot of searches but can't find a proper answer.  Thanks.
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Robert StrunkRobert Strunk
Hi Jenny, 
   I think this will shed some light. (

Perhaps your user had the “Run Flows” permission toggled on which would make the " Flow User" value irrelevant. 
Dana SanderDana Sander 
How do I set the Case Status field to Open instead of New?  I dont see a setting for this anywhere in the Chat settings.  Right now, when a chat comes through a case is created and the Status defaults to New.  We want the ability to change this, is that possible?  
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Prabhat SharmaPrabhat Sharma
Hi Dana,

You'll have to write a logic to update the Case status to Open once the chat case is created. Please check the source of the status should be equal to Chat. It should not conflict with any other process. 
Hello Experts,
While browsing over internet I came accross below question and tried to check it into my Org and I was able to update email address using columns Contact ID and Email Address in csv. I am not sure that which is accurate or what question is saying. Can you please help me understand by explaining it.

Q: marketing has requested that the system administrator update contacts with a spreadsheet of email address. Which set of fields are required to update the contact with new email address using Data Import Wizard.
Option 1: Account ID and Contact ID
Option 2: Account ID and Contact Email Address
Option 3: Account Name and Contact NameContact file after updating email addressWizard options selected.
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Magulan DuraipandianMagulan Duraipandian
Salesforce recommends us to use Name. If there are no matching Accounts and Contacts with Names, the import wizard creates it. If we use Ids, it won't create. Marketing team may not have Salesforce Ids. They will definitely have Name.
Timothy SmithTimothy Smith 
I am looking to create a community page.  The page will be a message board.  Open to anyone with the URL, not looking to have login required.  Is this possible or is there a better way?  We will require a login on the page in the future.
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Raja Kumar PallepatiRaja Kumar Pallepati
Hi Timothy,
You can use the public access settings and guest user profile settings to enable the community without login.
Refer to the articles below for any additional information. ( (
FM Support FM SupportFM Support FM Support 
I'm sure I'm making a dumb mistake and missing a step, so any help is very appreciated.  So I'm new to SF and I'm trying to create an assignment rule that automatically puts any new case into a queue.  So I've got it set that any time Case: StatusequalsNew then it should Assign to the queue.  However, I've been creating new cases for a while now with the Status being New and nothing is getting sent to the queue.  I can manually change the owner to the Queue, but that is not the goal.  
Any feedback on what I might be doing wrong would be greatly appreciated.
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Marco (werewolf) CasalainaMarco (werewolf) Casalaina
2 possible issues:

1.  Go to Setup | Customize | Cases | Assignment Rules, look at your assignment rule, and make sure Active is checked on.
2.  When you create the case, make sure the "Assign using active assignment rules" box is checked at the bottom.  You can turn this checkbox on by default by setting it in the page layout, Setup | Customize | Cases | Page Layouts, edit the page layout, and click the Layout Properties button.
Shimon WoolfsonShimon Woolfson 
I have a multi select box which determines the status of a candidate (Candidate_Status__c) for a recruitment app. Options are:
  • Actively Looking
  • Browsing
  • Not Looking (No reason given)
  • Obtained Employment - Direct

I want to create a validation that if a candidate selects "Actively Looking" then they are not allowed to select any of the other options as well.

Do you know the best way of doing this such as:
If selected "Actively Looking" then if count of other options > 0 then error.

How can I translate this in salesforce validation?
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Andrew RussoAndrew Russo
INCLUDES(MultiPicklist__c, "Actively Looking"), 
INCLUDES(MultiPicklist__c, "Browsing"), 
INCLUDES(MultiPicklist__c, "Not Looking (No reason given)"), 
INCLUDES(MultiPicklist__c, "Obtained Employment - Direct"))
try this
Nyota PeekNyota Peek 
Currently capacity is set at 5 for the main Presence Configuration. And the routing configuration is set at 1 capacity unit. 

When agents log out in the evening and log back in the morning, there could be about 20 cases in the queue waiting for the 1st agent to arrive the following morning.

Currently, we are seeing that when Agent 1 logs into the widget, all 20 cases are being assigned out siminutaneously. Is this a known issue that the capacity is ignored upon initial login when a single agent logs into the widget? Or is this something that can be prevented?
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Nyota PeekNyota Peek
After reviewing with Salesforce technical support - conclusion is --- capacity count is associated to the number of cases routed through the widget based on the presence status set. If there are existing cases owned by an agent within the service console, the widget doesn't factor those cases. Only cases routed during an active assignment session, i.e. available and or break, track capacity number. When, an agent goes offline, the session ends and a new session begins when back available and the capacity assignment number resets.

So, if capacity is set to 5. Agent 1 sets to available - 5 cases will be received. If Agent 1 goes offline, and then back to available, another 5 cases will send because capacity was reset to 0 when offline. 
Cat SheltonCat Shelton 
Hi there, 

I am creating a validation rule for cases where we want to prevent certain combinations of a sub reason & closure reason from being chosen, I have tried a combination of formulas but i cannot get it to work correctly - 

AND (ispickval ( Sub_Reason__c, "Account Servicing"),
AND (ispickval ( Case_Closure_Reasons__c, "Cancelled"),
ispickval ( Case_Closure_Reasons__c, "Skipped"),
ispickval ( Case_Closure_Reasons__c, "CPA/Sick"),
ispickval ( Case_Closure_Reasons__c, "Stayed On")

Essentially what the logic needs to be is - 

Sub_Reason__c, "Account Servicing" AND (Case_Closure_Reasons__c, "Cancelled" OR Case_Closure_Reasons__c, "Skipped" 
OR Case_Closure_Reasons__c, "CPA/Sick"
OR Case_Closure_Reasons__c, "Stayed On") 

But i cannot make it do what I want it to do. 

It either doesn't work at all, or will not let you select anything - even if it is outside of the range - short of doing a validation rule for every possible combination, I'm a bit stuck! 
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Swati YadavSwati Yadav

As you need Sub_reason = Account Servicing and Case_Closure_Reasons__c = Cancelled/Skipped/CPA/Sick/Stayed On. For this below formula will work. 
AND (ispickval ( Sub_Reason__c, "Account Servicing"),
OR (ispickval ( Case_Closure_Reasons__c, "Cancelled"),
ispickval ( Case_Closure_Reasons__c, "Skipped"),
ispickval ( Case_Closure_Reasons__c, "CPA/Sick"),
ispickval ( Case_Closure_Reasons__c, "Stayed On")