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Paras ShahParas Shah 
Is there anyone who gaved the salesforce admin examination for spring 17 release if yes then please guide me with dumps or material
"Awaiting For Response"
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Paras ShahParas Shah
Hello Mathumitha,

No, you cannot refer notes during the ADM201 examination for more details on this visit the following link

Hope It Helps..!
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Paras Shah​
Hardik ChavdaHardik Chavda 
I just started working with metadata-api. I want to create new object using apex as well as it fields. Is it possible that we can create new object or fields using matadata-api in apex?
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William TranWilliam Tran

This youtube demo will give you a good intro into creating/running MetaData API.
Gina KowacichGina Kowacich 
Below is my email which was working until the last update.  The name fields are not populating!

Hi {!Receiving_User.FirstName}, 

Welcome to Solentra - CHS Community! To get started, go to 

Username: {!Receiving_User.Username} 

To get started, you’ll need to set a password for your new account. To do this: 

• Go to 
• Click on “Forgot your password?” 
• Enter your Username {!Receiving_User.Username} and press Continue 
• Create your password 
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Gina KowacichGina Kowacich
That's works for me too for users, but not for contact records (which is who is receiving) there is nothing.  
Leah BortzLeah Bortz 
What I'm trying to do should be pretty simple, but I can't figure out how to edit it.

I am creating a dynamic list using automation rules. I've created one set of rules with the defualt field "state" but I would ALSO like to add by "company". 

How can I edit the logic so it says "match all by state" OR "match all by company"  Right now the "AND" isn't editable. 
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Mayank SharmaMayank Sharma
Hi Leah,

Select Match any Checkbox.

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Dan FDan F 
I am trying to create a formula field on a custom object that shows the current status. I've broken down the criteria in order below:

Is 'Field_name_1__c' blank?
Yes - Check if 'Field_name_2__c' is blank (see below)
No - return 'Yes'

Is 'Field_name_2__c' blank?
Yes - return 'Pending'
No - return 'No'

Any ideas? I presume it would be an IF Formula but I'm unsure how to do this.
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Kev SnellKev Snell

Hi  Dan,

"No") , 

Here's the formula.


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Paras ShahParas Shah
Hello Amrita,

For partner training, the username ends with

Do you already have Partner access or you want to take it? If you already have an access note that your username will end with ''.
Refer the below link for more information

Hope It Helps..!

Thanks & Regards,
Paras Shah
Theo RandTheo Rand 
I know I can do this by putting apex code in Iframe in HTML component. I just don't know how.
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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
Yes, at first we have to create a small Visualforce Page like as below and save it with name say: LeadsListView.

<apex:page showHeader="false" tabStyle="Lead">
    <apex:includeScript value="//"/>
    <apex:listViews type="Lead"/>
    <script type="text/javascript">
                if(this.className.indexOf('listItem') == -1)
           = '_blank';
        navigateToUrl =
       = a;

Notice the text written in Blue. You can replace Lead with the API Name of the Object's List View that your interested in.

If that is done then create a Home Page Component like as below:
  1. Go to Setup | Customize | Home | Home Page Components
  2. Click on New
  3. Name it say Leads
  4. Type: HTML Area
  5. Click Next
  6. Component PositionWide (Right) Column
  7. Now this is very very important step. From the Formatting Controls bar, check the option - Show HTML.
  8. Now paste this code: <iframe frameborder="0" src="/apex/LeadsListView" style="width:100%; height:300px"></iframe>.
  9. Notice the src attribute in step 8. All the Visualforce Pages can be accessed with the URL: and hence the URL of our VF page will be: /apex/LeadsListView.
  10. Save it.
Now, you have to add the same to the Home Page Layout.
  1. Go to Setup | Customize | Home | Home Page Layouts
  2. Click Edit
  3. From the Select Wide Components to Show check the option Leads
  4. Click Next
  5. Decide the sort order for the Wide Area Components
  6. Save
Voila! Go to the Home tab and see it in action. :-)

User-added image
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Neil SchulmanNeil Schulman 

I've been trying to get the "Edit Opportunities in Google Sheets (" app form SF Labs working. I've been able to run through the installation guide, and have the sync working that sends an Opportunity List View over to Google Sheets, however edits made in the sheet are not syncing back to SalesForce as they are supposed to.

According to the installation guide, any edit should produce a value of "synced" in the "sync status" field on the google sheet, and be copied to SalesForce. Instead, this field is populated with a value of "Edit" and no changes are made to the sync field.

Last night I got a Summary of Errors email from the Google Apps script you have to write for this. It appears to refer back to the same error I was having:

DNS error: http://null/google/trigger?row=2&amp;col=3&amp;docId=1dt_sx100VE5LqS-tqBWbil1VD_r2YFiUI7hGW6axM54 (line 118, file &quot;Code&quot;, project &quot;SFDCDriveSync Doc&quot;)

Where line 118 of the script is:

var response = UrlFetchApp.fetch(herokuUrl + "/google/trigger?row=" + rowParamenter + "&col=" + cellCol + "&docId=" + docId);

Has anyone run into anything like this before? Wondering if the issue is in the app I created in Heroku since this calls that, or on the SalesForce side?


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Doug JodrellDoug Jodrell

The script at line 62 should be:

var herokuUrl = PropertiesService.getScriptProperties().getProperty('HEROKU_APP_URL');

Don't replace HEROKU_APP_URL in that line.

The HEROKU_APP_URL property is set to whatever your heroku URL is. So, if you heroku app is named 'SAMPLE', then you would have:

Property	Value	
Michael HallakMichael Hallak 
I have Salesforce Knowledge set up in my Org, and I know how to set which users can publish articles. I want to know if there is a way to determine which channels users can publish to. My usecase is that we have an internal channel and an external channel. I want all of our users to be able to publish to the internal channel, but a select few users (managers) to be able to publish to the external channel. The ability to publish internally is paramount for our KCS implementation where users need to be able to search for internal articles - but search is not possible for articles that are not published.
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Michael HallakMichael Hallak
I ended up setting up a workflow rule for each article type with my business logic, paired to field updates. If an unauthorized user tries to publish to a channel by clicking the checkbox, the rule will fire and update the field to un-check the box. It works great!
Sue MaassSue Maass 
Is Case Team available in Lightning?  

I can see in Winter16 that it was not available but I am searching to find out if it is  coming in Spring17.

From Winter16

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Sumanth VelmaSumanth Velma
Please vote for the below idea - Enable Case Team in Lightning.