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Vincent VitoloVincent Vitolo 
I've come across and issue when inserting data into Account fields that routinely update on a weekly basis with no problems. The csv summary report is giving me the error of: 

The record couldn’t be saved because it failed to trigger a flow. A flow trigger failed to execute the flow with version ID 3011a0000001OSK. Flow error messages: This interview has been terminated as another interview in the same bulk execution request failed with the following error: <b>An unhandled fault has occurred in this flow</b><br>An unhandled fault has occurred while processing the flow.  Please contact your system administrator for more information.  Contact your administrator for help.

FYI, I am an admin on the account. 
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Oliver ClausenOliver Clausen

Hi Vincent,

the ID in the error message belongs to a Process Builder flow. Usually you can look up an ID by just copy & pasting it after your Salesforce org base URL, but this doesn't work with flows. You have to use a tool like the workbench ( After logging in go to info, Metadata Types & Components. Choose the value Flow from the picklist. Click on Expand All and search for the ID in the error message. Now you have the name of the Process Builder flow and can look it up. You can find the Process Builder if you search for it in the setup. In the Process Builder you have to correct the flow or you can disable it.

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Charles ThompsonCharles Thompson 
Help & Training recommends using Salesforce for Twitter & Facebook (" target="_blank), an app from the App Exchange.  On the app's Exchange page, though, we're told that 
  • This listing is private and cannot be found by searching or browsing on the AppExchange.
  • Please note: on April 15, 2017, Salesforce will no longer provide maintenance for this package
Neither the Help & Training page nor the App Exchange page mention whether this functionality has been replaced, and if so, what is the replacement.
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David HalesDavid Hales
Hi Charles,

This warning usually means that the partner who develops this application has not started or failed to pass the security review. During the app installation, there's a warning displayed that reads like the following..."Salesforce Inc. is not the provider of this application and has not conducted any review of it. Please click here to understand what this means with respect to security and trust". Private listings that were delisted are usually due to problems with their periodic security review.
Alternately, the app may be private on purpose, for example, if the vendor does not wish for their app to be searchable on the AppExchange.

This has been replaced by

Please check this hopefully this helps .
Best Regards 
David Hales (1058)

Andrew StaniforthAndrew Staniforth 
We use DBAmp/pro to populate our SQL database with Salesforce data but just received the error message "Cannot obtain the schema rowset "DBSCHEMA_TABLES_INFO" for OLE DB provider "DBAmp.DBAmp" for linked server "salesforce_prod". The provider supports the interface, but returns a failure code when it is used.
What is is required to rectify.
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Madhanprabhu ThangaduraiMadhanprabhu Thangadurai
Hello Andrew,

I would suggest you to post your query in DB Amp support forum ( to get it resolved. Else you can reach out DB Amp developer Bill Emerson ( directly.

Please look into the similar thread posted in DB Amp support forum.

Kindly please close this thead by making best answer and keep this community clean. Thank you.
Alisa SchaeferAlisa Schaefer 

I was recommended using Clicktools for sending automated surveys to customers after a case is closed. Now Clicktools I can get from the Appexchange, but we were not aware that this is not a free service. I was wondering if there is still no solution integrated within the salesforce platform directly?

Thank you!
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Benjamin BolopueBenjamin Bolopue
Hi Alisa,
You're correct. There's not a "free" solution from SFDC. We use a combination of Workflow Rules, Typeform and Zapier for that very purpose. Zapier + Typeform are SUPER easy solutions to work with and will cost less than $500/year for both (not each!).

I'd check them out :)

Lorin LopesLorin Lopes 
I recall this coming up a while back but it wasn't an issue for me at the time. 

I can mass edit certain fields in a list view HOWEVER, if I have any filter logic in that list view, I can no longer edit the fields.

Anyone have a work around for this?
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Pritam ShekhawatPritam Shekhawat
Yes that's what limitation with standard one.

Inline editing from a list will not work if there are any "OR" filters in conjunction with a record type filter (all list filters must be joined by an "AND" logic).Take a look here (
Darren BraddockDarren Braddock 

i've trying to setup a field update as part of a workflow rule and i'm getting this error. Any ideas why? Is it becasue there is a 2 in the username?
Unfortunately this is derived from another system and the username cannot be changed. Any help appreciated.

User-added image
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Vivek C KuppamalaVivek C Kuppamala
Hi Darren,

What is the data type of the field that you want to get updated, and what is the criteria for field update
Chris JavierChris Javier 

I require javascript to create a Custom Button that will automatically change two fields on click in a case. First field is the Case "Status" and the other is a custom field.

Anybody have a code to achieve this?


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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
Here you go:

1. Create a Custom Button for Case[Setup | Customize | Cases | Buttons, Links & Actions | New Button or Link]

2. Specify the attributes like as shown below:
User-added image

3. The JScript:

    var caseToUpdate = new sforce.SObject("Case");

    caseToUpdate.Id = "{!Case.Id}";
    caseToUpdate.Status = "Closed";
    caseToUpdate.Reason = "Spam";

    var result = 

    if(result[0].success == "true"){
        alert("An Error has Occurred. Error: " + 
        "An Error has Occurred. Error: " + 
3. Save it.
4. Also add the same to the Page Layout:
User-added image
Andrew RickeAndrew Ricke 
So I started with trailhead today and created a Developer Edition account while we waited for licenses to be confirmed to add me to our production instance  (We're moving the platform administration from business users to IT).  Those came over today and aparently I cannot be added as a user to take on Sys Admin role because of my duplicate Username with the Developer Edition?  Not exactly sure why this platform is setup this way, but as you can see, I'm new and trying to figure that all out.  Hoping the answer is not to make a different Username, because if so, I still need that fixed to have that username available for our Production instance vs a personal playground I don't care about.

However, my main issue now is that I now cannot open up an issue case/ticket with Technical Support because trying to log in on sends me into a loop.  It asks for my log-in, to verify my identity, and then sends me back to without being logged in and any ability to ask a question or contact support only to send me back to log in.  I'm currently surprised I could log into here to post.  How do I reach someone for technical support?
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Geoffrey FlynnGeoffrey Flynn
Hi Andrew,

So a few things here
  1. You can't log a case through a developer account, which is what is causing this loop.  Annoying, stupid, and downright tricky to realize, but that's what is happening
  2. Get your production going by using a different username.  Something like just to get you started.  Your username does not have to match your email.  Consultants deal with this all the time.
  3. Log into your developer edition and just change your username.  Easy enough, make it something like, or, again it doesn't matter as long as you can remember it
  4. Sit back for a few minutes, grab a glass of water, give Salesforce servers a few minutes to catch up to the username change
  5. Go back into your production org and change your username to what you want
Joel BradleyJoel Bradley 
User-added image

This option in the feed view options is not working in the Lightning console for Service Cloud. It works perfectly for setting a default from address when working in the service console for classic, but how do I get it working in Lightning?
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Chad Todd, MBAChad Todd, MBA
Joel / Ed,

I think I found the answer.   I did not see any documentation on this but in playing in the object found the below.    Under the Send an Email button you must create in feed - you must select predefined values for the action.  

The above specified address as Joel notates does not carry over but this seems to be working and carries to all send an email.   

User-added image

Maria MeziatiMaria Meziati 

i'm searching something to add to Salseforce that allow me to create a page accessible without having a license and log in for my customer to fill in or modify a form with their information, than i manage the data  that they send to populate the entity Account.

there is something that can please me?

thank you
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Puneet MehtaPuneet Mehta
Hi Maria,

You can make use of site and expose pages for the guest user to modify the data:
This will require some custom development skills and there is a restriction on a number of times the site is accessed.

Another option is creating a community but that requires extra licenses.

Choose your option based on business needs