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Akis AthanasiadisAkis Athanasiadis 

My org has created a community for the customers.
I need to enter as a customer to see what they see in order to create the adequate rules in their profile.
The question is the following: If I use my credentials can I enter this community?
I have assigned in the community a customer community profile but yet that account doesn't have access to the community portal.

PS.I have also assigned a permission set (community license) for this profile
What am I missing?

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Puneet MehtaPuneet Mehta
Raise a case with Salesforce.
Follow the steps here:
Karthik PamarajuKarthik Pamaraju 
Hi All,
Is there a way to have color emojis/emoticons in a custom picklist ? I am able to copy paste the simple non-color emoticons though.
I have seen couple of instances where I saw color emoticons in the picklist. 

 User-added image

Please let me know.
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Karthik PamarajuKarthik Pamaraju
Found an answer. On Mac OSX use emoji keyboard via Command+Control+Space. In Windows 10, you can use the "touch keyboard" and then the emoticons. Hope this helps.
Minhaj ArifinMinhaj Arifin 
I have installed Eclipse on my machine. I would like to use Eclipse to view all associations to the Email Templates in my org. Once I know where the Email templates are referenced I can then decide to delete or keep the email templates. Could you please tell me the steps needed for me to see this information in Eclipse? 

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Puneet MehtaPuneet Mehta
Hi Minhaj,

Why not run a report?
Mike ArthurMike Arthur 
Not really a question, just sharing an experience so that others may not spend the time on it that I did!

I was building a Process Builder so that if a field on one object is updated, the corresponding field on another object is updated with the same value.  Another PB operates in the opposite direction to keep these fields in sync.

The (pre-existing) fields were Object1__c.Custom_Type__c and Object2__c.Custom_type__c.

The PB to update Object1 when Object2 is changed kept failing with 'The flow failed to access the value for myVariable_current.Custom_Type__c'.

I tried many ways of ensuring that Custom_Type__c was not blank before checking ISCHANGED(Custom_Type__c), which is one of the most common causes of this error.

However, I then noticed that the error was reporting on field Custom_Type__c, whilst the actual field API name is Custom_type__c.  I amended my formula in PB to Custom_type__c and all is good.

So PB will let you create a formula using a valid API name but with incorrect case, but will then fail at runtime.  Nice!
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Ines GarciaInes Garcia
Hi Mike,

Yes it is :) I suppose that's the benefit of using the field select from PB interface rather than type it for the formulas.
Why dont you comment on with screenshots of error / PB and brief and mark it as best answer?
That will rank up on search and sort of close the 'question'
Sella BaskySella Basky 
Hi all, I need to import about 100 new records onto a custom object called organisation using import data wizard. What is the procedure for this please?
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Ashutosh TripathiAshutosh Tripathi
Did you check there must be some trigger or process builder running on the organisation object after insert event which creating a associated account record for the newly created organisation record.

There is no standard functionality like this, you must have some trigger or process running behind to create account check that. If you found that then don't de-activate directly to avoid this issue, just confirm with the one who created and check the scope and purpose before taking any further action.
Sourav PSourav P 
I have installed a managed package " Capitalization" where , when choosing teh field form teh object , its generating a simple trigger code which should be placed in teh trigger. Now i have installed it in Prod as well, but how to write a test code for this to migrate from sandbox to prod, as i cant directly put the trigger in production, plz suggest
trigger CapitalizeAsset on Asset(before insert, before update) {
    Capitalization.CapitalizationUtility.AutoCapitalize(, 'Asset');

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Puneet MehtaPuneet Mehta

As the code of the components is not accessible, it is best to raise a ticket with the App provider.
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Puneet MehtaPuneet Mehta
Hi Abhinav,

I don't think you can directly show the link in the report.

But if you get the file id, then URL would look like:

for ex:
David Marcus RätschDavid Marcus Rätsch 
Hey there, 

I'm trying to write a fairly simpe validation rule but got stuck. 

Example_Field_c needs to be mandatory if one of the Values apply. 
ISPICKVAL( Picklist_A , "Value 1") ,
ISPICKVAL( Picklist_A , "Value 2") ,
ISPICKVAL( Picklist_A , "Value 3") ,
ISPICKVAL( Picklist_A , "Value 4") ,
ISPICKVAL( Picklist_A , "Value 5") ,
ISPICKVAL( Picklist_A , "Value 6") ,
ISPICKVAL( Picklist_A , "Value 7") ,
ISBLANK( Example_Field_c )

Thanks for your help!
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Puneet MehtaPuneet Mehta
ISPICKVAL( Picklist_A , "Value 1") ,
ISPICKVAL( Picklist_A , "Value 2") ,
ISPICKVAL( Picklist_A , "Value 3") ,
ISPICKVAL( Picklist_A , "Value 4") ,
ISPICKVAL( Picklist_A , "Value 5") ,
ISPICKVAL( Picklist_A , "Value 6") ,
ISPICKVAL( Picklist_A , "Value 7") 
ISBLANK( Example_Field_c )
Simon CritchleySimon Critchley 
 I have a button on my opportunities that links to a visualforce page (rendered as a pdf). I want this button only to work if the opportunity stage is set to a particular value. Is this possible?
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Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
Not a VR, those are tied to fields only. But, if you change your button type to Execute JavaScript, and toss in a little script that runs before the redirect, that could work. Basic script flow would be: 


//Grab the status value you're interested in, and I'm blanking on how to do this at the moment

if(status <> "Particular Value"){
alert("Nice try, think again.");
else{'/apex/<whatever your page is>');
Alex WaddellAlex Waddell 
Hey everyone,

I am trying to create a formula field that will look at the billing zip and spit out the correct county

Each County has anywhere from 10 - 20 zip codes.

I think i get some help writing the first 2 counties i can get the rest done on my own

Below are some zips and their associated County. Thank you in advance!

85920 Apache
85924 Apache
85925 Apache
85927 Apache
85930 Apache
85932 Apache
85936 Apache
85938 Apache
85940 Apache
86028 Apache
86502 Apache
86503 Apache
86504 Apache
86505 Apache
86506 Apache
86507 Apache
86508 Apache
86511 Apache
86512 Apache
86514 Apache
86515 Apache
86535 Apache
86538 Apache
86540 Apache
86544 Apache
86545 Apache
86547 Apache
86556 Apache
85602 Cochise
85603 Cochise
85605 Cochise
85606 Cochise
85607 Cochise
85608 Cochise
85609 Cochise
85610 Cochise
85613 Cochise
85615 Cochise
85616 Cochise
85617 Cochise
85620 Cochise
85625 Cochise
85626 Cochise
85627 Cochise
85630 Cochise
85632 Cochise
85635 Cochise
85636 Cochise
85638 Cochise
85643 Cochise
85644 Cochise
85650 Cochise
85655 Cochise
85670 Cochise
85671 Cochise
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Mayank SrivastavaMayank Srivastava
Alex, you have two ways to go about this (in my opinion):

        "86503:85932:85927", BillingPostalCode
    ), "Apache",
             "85643:85636:85630", BillingPostalCode ), "Cochise",

2. If the zip code can be logically grouped into number buckets, use this:
    ), "Apache",
               ), "Cochise",

Use the one that seems most convenient.