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Supriya PSupriya P 
Hello ,  

What is the relationship between Case and Solution object.

They say that Solution is a child object of case but i found no relationship when i searched in their respective fields.
Please somebody explain me this concept. 

Thank you,
Supriya Panguddi
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Head In CloudHead In Cloud
Hi Supriya,
The Case Solution works as a connector object between both a Case and a Solution.  When you create the object you will need to enter a CaseID and a SolutionID.  They system should create the CaseSolutionID itself. This will create a relationship which is many-to-many.
The ID value will not match the case number or the solution numbers.  It is the actual ID that Salesforce uses to store data.  If you click on one of the cases in the system the URL will show what the ID is except for the last three digits.  The data loader uses the 18 digit number instead of the 15 digits displayed in the system.  You can also view what the ID is by create a custom formula(text) field that has {!id} in it.  This will display the 15 digit ID
Patty RyderPatty Ryder 
some of them are all the same, so any object related to the Opportunity for example all display the crown?  So as Tabs open this is confusing.User-added image
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Thomas LangeThomas Lange
If you don't see a custom tab for your Finance Request, you might have to create one - and if you don't want users to access the tab, set the tab visibility to "Tab Hidden" when you create it and leave it off of all of your Apps. The icon will still get updated.
Kim MoutesKim Moutes 
Can you add field dependencies to an outbound change set? In the sandbox, I added two field dependencies to the account object. When I go into my outbound change set and click on the view/add dependencies button they are not there. I also looked through the options in the Add button but didn't see an option for field dependencies there. Any guidance is much appreciated. Thank you!

Kim Moutes
Manager of CRM, Concept Services
Direct: 330-591-9519

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Ankush DurejaAnkush Dureja
Yes, it will be migrated if both picklist are in same changeset. I just tested it.
Kathy FrantishKathy Frantish 
I need to change all contact owners to match the account owner.  I have found a process that if the account owner changes, all contacts under that account are changed along with it...that seems to work fine.  BUT I also need to have a workflow rule for when a contact is added or edited that it also matches the account owner.  Can't see where I can change this Contact ownerID field to match the account ownerID.
Anyone have this workflow?
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Steve DoddSteve Dodd
They would just be additional (AND) conditions in your entry criteria:

User-added image

User-added image

User-added image

User-added image

* Use the actual Profile Name (I used "Marketing Profile" as an example)

Setup >> Administer >> Manage Users >> Profiles

Lakshmi ParmeswaranLakshmi Parmeswaran 
I am doing this trailhead mentioned below:

1. The case object in sharing settings is set to private for internal and external access.
2. Customer community profile is created and Edna Frank user I created and mapped to this profile.
3. Under Customer Portal settings a sharing set Share cases with customers is created with Customer community user and edna frank is the user associated with this profile as well. (This user I created from Edna frank contact as enable customer user.
4. The sharing set is set to User:Account = Case:Account.

When I submit the trailhead i get the error "The Sharing Set is not setup with proper Case access"

Please Help.
User-added image
Image2:User-added image
Image 3:User-added image
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Mayank SrivastavaMayank Srivastava
Lakshmi, I posted screenshots in the following thread:

Tally them against yours and check if it helps resolve the issue. If the config is exactly similar to mine, just do the challenge in a new dev org.
Vishal ThakurVishal Thakur 
Can somebody please clarify what is the basic difference between the following:

1. Evaluate the rule when a record is created, and every time it’s edited.
2.  Evaluate the rule when a record is created, and any time it’s edited to subsequently meet criteria.

If the rule criteria is set same for both, how does these two matter anyway
for ex. i've set rule criteria to following :
Run this rule if the following "criteria are met"
Then selected Field as Status - equals - OPEN.

and then selected some field update to happen if the rule triggers.

In this case, how would selecting either of the above mentioned evaluation criteria would affect the outcome???

My rule works properly when i select "created, and every time it’s edited". When i select this, the rule triggers if a new record is created, or if an existing record is edited.

But if i select "created, and any time it’s edited to subsequently meet criteria", the rule triggers only when a new record is created, but doesn't trigger when an existing record is edited.
Any answers to this????
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Sharif ShaalanSharif Shaalan
Hi Vishal,

1- will fire any time a record is created
2- will fire any time a record is created, and if edited to meet criteria.  So once it fires the rule criteria has to change to something else, then change back to the rule criteria in order to fire again.  So if you have the criteria of Active = true, you have to edit the record, change to inactive, save, edit again, and change to active for the rule to trigger.
Gabriel RadicGabriel Radic 
There is no option to Edit or Delete an existing Workflow Field Update. Is there a reason for it? I do have System Administrator permissions on the account. 

Both the Lightning and the Classic interfaces miss the options. 

User-added image
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Gabriel R.Gabriel R.
Hi folks,

In the meantime, a SF support agent finally got in touch and explained that this is a known issues, and pointed me to this workaround. Here's her answer, very useful:
You contacted the support desk as there was no option to delete field update workflows. As informed over the phone, this is currently a Known issue . Here is the link :  

There is a workaround, where we can go ahead and delete the workflow tasks, Please find the below information: 

We tried manually building the URL to delete that Workflow Task, like: 

https://<<instancename>><<Id of the Workflow Task>>

<<Id of the Workflow Task>>: Task ID . (To get the Task ID, Navigate to the Workflow Task from Setup which you want to delete, Copy the Task ID from the URL bar) 

I hope this helps others.

PS: Sorry about disappearing for a few days, my Trailblazer account was blocked automatically and SF still didn't figure out a way to reactivated it. So here I am with my "personal" account. 
James DoveJames Dove 
I want to create a chatter post to a private group when a custom object record is edited. In the chatter post, I want to include who made the change and all the changes that happened on the record. Example below.
I've done something similar in PB before but that was just a generic 'record changed' post.

I know i'll probably use PB for this as well but any ideas to get me started?

EG: "Joe Schmoe changed Due Date from 3/10/2017 to 3/31/2017, Estimated End Date from 3/10/2017 to 3/31/2017, and Status from New to In Progress"
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Patrick SullivanPatrick Sullivan
Oh no, you are right. They limited the fields in PB. I totally forgot. I am really sorry. 

You need to create this Post from another tool like Flow to get the fields to populate correctly. 
Heather GlennHeather Glenn 
I created a custom lookup field to an opportunity and now want it to lookup to the account. Can I change that lookup object?  I'm not seeing that as an option at all in the edit mode.
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Mohandaas RangaswamyMohandaas Rangaswamy
This is currently not possible. You have to create a new custom field and delete the original field.
Chris UttleyChris Uttley 
I would like to remove the New button from the Recent Items list on the Order tab. I want to force users to create new Orders from the Account page.

I know how to remove the New button from the list views on the tab. I have already done that. But I see no way to remove the New button from the Recent Items list view ( My user profiles are authorized to create new Orders, but I dont want it done this way).

There used to be a HTML home page component solution for this, but I understand that solution no longer works.

Is there a configurable (non Visualforce) solution to remove the New button from the Recent Items list?
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Jeff MayJeff May
The only way to remove it is to remove  the User's permission to create new records of that object (Orders in your case)

You could use a Validation Rule that makes sure an Account is filled in on the Order before it is saved.  That way, you get the same functional behavior as forcing them to create New from an Account detail page.