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Joe KevensJoe Kevens 
Hi there,

We're new to Contact Roles, which we now have on our opportunities. Now we need to add people to Contact Roles. 

To date, we have used a custom lookup field (called "Primary Contact") to record the key person on an opportunity. We'd like to use the people listed in this field to update our Contact Roles. 

For example, if John Smith was listed in the custom opportunity field ("Primary Contact") on an opportunity called "Opp 123", we would like to properly designate John as the Primary Contact on the Opp 123 in Contact Roles and assign him a role (e.g. Decision Maker). We would want to everyone listed in the custom "Primary Contact" opportunity field to be assigned the COntact Role of Decision Maker on their respective opportunities. 

Does anyone know a way to automate this, perhaps with a Workflow rule(s) or Process Builder?

P.S. New to the community so apologies if this isn't the right place for this question
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Mayank SrivastavaMayank Srivastava
Joe, this can be easily accomplished using the Process Builder and Visual Workflows combo. The process would trigger when a change is made to the Opportunity custom field and would then launch the Flow. The Flow will perform the heavy lifting of updating the related Contact Roles records with the appropriate values.

Here is a blog post that explains how to update Contact Roles from changes to an Opportunity record:

Another helpful post:

Tweak them a tad bit to meet your requirements and you should be golden!
Saad AhmadSaad Ahmad 
First Query Works Fine: 

User-added image
As Soon As I Reference the a sample record id it breaks:
User-added image
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Nitish SinghalNitish Singhal
Hi Saad,

You just need to write:

Select Circulation__c from Insertions_Details__c where Insertion__c ='Your id'

Please try, and let me know if you still face any issue. Insertion__c is itself an ID field, you don't need to put .ID at the end. 

Maria JoannaMaria Joanna 
I would like to activate notifications for user (it's the icon in the top right corner). It's especially useful during approval process within one of our custom object.
Does anybody has idea how to activate getting notifications messages on Salesforce? 
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David HalesDavid Hales
Hi Maria,

We can not control notifications on salesforce lightning accessing from PC in case we use Salesforce1 App then we can control the notifications for whole org not for a single user.

David Hales
Scott DivishScott Divish 
I've read through several submittals on this subject and have attempted each resolution to no success.  Below is my current setup for criteria.  Each time we run this we get the dreaded "...Account.Master_Parent_Account__c.Id variable hasn't been set or assigned" error.

We also tried setting this through conditions using the "IsNull" False boolean.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

AND(NOT(ISPICKVAL([Case].Freezer_Manufacture__c, "Minus Forty")),
[Case].RecordTypeId <> "0123B00000008BRQAY")


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Jeff MayJeff May
The most successful solution to this problem is to create formula fields on the 'main object' of the process to reference related record fields (in this case, create a formula field to hold the value of the Account.Master_Parent_Account__c field).  That way, the formula field will be evaluated in the process instead of asking the process to go get a field from the related record.
Philipp MathisPhilipp Mathis 

Hello Community

We've enable the collaborative forecast tab.
All is working fine, expect of one team. There I only see the opportunities listed of the team head but not the one's of the team members.

I've set-up up a territory based hiearchy (same as for the other teams, and there it is working fine).
So I'm having one VP Sales and several sales reps which are reporting into the VP Sales guy.
But when I'm know jumping to the VP Sales in the forecast tab, I only see his personal opportunities and not the opportunities of all his team members....

Thanks for your help,


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Philipp MathisPhilipp Mathis
it's working now. The forecasting manager was not set.
Joshua DeYoungJoshua DeYoung 

I've added a new field to a custom object but I need to update a record before it populates. 

it is powered by a workflow I created in Process builder. 

I know that this is a simple thing to do but I'm not even sure how to phrase the search I'm looking for.

Thank you!

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Luigi FranciosiLuigi Franciosi
you can use the dataloader to export all of those 10k records or you can use a report in Salesforce to export that data. In anycase, once you have that report of your records use the Dataloader to Update those records. That should do it. 
Mike WyandMike Wyand 
I am working with a client who wants to require the Contacts first name and not the last name. When I look for a fields called First Name and Last Name I only see Name. When I click on the name field there is no first name or last name it is one field.  Is there a way to require only the first name and not the last name?

I am not an expert by no means so hopefully this is easy to do. My search showed a few results but none that matched what I needed.

Thanks Very Much
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Mike WyandMike Wyand
Thanks Camille. I was hoping that was not the case.
Christine MarshallChristine Marshall 
I am trying to update the stadard formula fields provided by the Data Quality Dashboards App from the App Exchange.

On the Account record we have the standard Annual Revenue and Number of Employee fields. 

In my data quality calculation I want to do ISBLANK or is equal to 0. Some users have left the field blank, others have (very helpfully!) entered 0...!!

Below is my poor attempt to combine IF with OR for these 2 fields. Needless to say, it doesn't work :)

Looking for some help to write this formula properly!

IF( ISPICKVAL(Industry,""), 0,20) + IF( ISPICKVAL( Region__c ,""), 0,10) + IF( LEN(BillingCity) = 0, 0,10) + IF( LEN(BillingCountry) = 0, 0,10) + IF(LEN(Phone) = 0, 0,10)+ IF(LEN( Website) = 0, 0,10)+ IF(ISBLANK(AnnualRevenue),0,20)|| IF(AnnualRevenue = 0,0,20)+ IF(ISBLANK(NumberOfEmployees),0,10)|| IF(NumberOfEmployees = 0,0,10)
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Jeff MayJeff May
I find it easier to work with formulas using AND and OR instead:
IF( ISBLANK(TEXT(Industry)), 0,20) + 
IF( ISBLANK(TEXT( Region__c )), 0,10) + 
IF( ISBLANK(BillingCity), 0,10) + 
IF( ISBLANK(BillingCountry), 0,10) + 
IF( ISBLANK(Phone), 0,10)+ 
IF( ISBLANK( Website), 0,10)+ 
IF( OR(ISBLANK(AnnualRevenue), AnnualRevenue= 0), 0, 20) + 
IF( OR(ISBLANK(NumberOfEmployees), NumberOfEmployees = 0), 0, 10)

Akis AthanasiadisAkis Athanasiadis 
HI everyone,

The domain for the org I work for is :
The URL we want to use for the communitites is
The problem I face is that the communities URL is predifined as
How can I have a community with the URL: ?
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Pritam ShekhawatPritam Shekhawat domain name is unique, so you can't have multiple.  Can we have two different domains for each community?
Take a look here for more information here Running Your Community Under a Custom Domain
Linas ZiciusLinas Zicius 

Hello successful people,
as SF doesn't allow to edit Products' related list in Price Book object, I want to create a custom object Events (which are our Products) and have it as a related list in PB layout. In that related list I want to see:
- Event name (Product Name)
- City (custom field City__c in Product)
- Event date (custom field Event_Date__c in Product)
- some other fields, which I will add later.

I have created custom Object Events. How should I continue? Create a new custom field for Products on the Events' object? Should I select lookup or master detail relationship?

Your guidance and help is really appreciated.

Thanks, Linas

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David HalesDavid Hales
Hi Linas,

Actually this is salesforce standard object's related list and due to this, it is not editable. There is one way so that you achieve what you are looking for if you want to:

You can create a custom object and linked it to Price Book. Whenever a prouct adds in Standard object then you can insert its clone record into this new custom object. In this way you can also show desired columns under PB with its related list.

David Hales