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James BeVardJames BeVard 
The error:
  • (Because the queriedFields field is set, you also need to set the following fields: sObjectOutputReference.)
To my knoledge there isn't an option for either in Flow. 
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Jeff StoutJeff Stout
James,  I've been struggling with the same problem.  I think it may be an incompatibility between Summer '19 and Winter '20.  As a reminder, our UAT's have already been moved up to Winter '20 but production is still on Summer '19.  So, what is the conflict?  When I create a flow element of type Get Records, it seems that Winter '20 will "assist you" by creating the output variable for your record collection behind the scenes.  If I go into production (Summer '19) and instantiate a Get Records element, it asks me to create an output variable (the key here is is doesn't "assist me" by creating that variable for me).  So... I went back into my flow in my UAT org (Winter '20) and, rather than allowing Salesforce to supply the variable for me, I chose the "Manually assign variables (advanced)" option and created my own variable, effectively making the creation of the Get Records element consistent with Summer '19.  I was then able to successfully port the flow to production.
Kelly JavanmardiKelly Javanmardi 
I have looked at many other similar questions that have been asked an answered in this forum, but I haven't found an answer that quite fits what I am looking for. I have dependent picklist that, when an opportunity is placed in the "Lost" stage, a "Reason Lost" picklist is activated, but it is not a required field. Is there a way to make a dependent field (or picklist in this case) mandatory? I am assuming a validation rule is the route to go with, but I am still not fully versed in creating validation rules. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you!
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Kristin FlewellingKristin Flewelling
Hi Kelly,

You do this with the following steps:
1) Setup the dependency such that only the Lost stage is mapped to values in the Reason's Lost picklist.
2) On the opportunity page layout, make the Reason's Lost picklist required.

This makes it to when a user selects a stage other than Lost, Reason's Lost is not required.  But as soon as they select the Lost stage, the red bar shows up on the page layout and something has to be entered for Reason's Lost.

Hayley TullerHayley Tuller 
Hey all, here's everyone's favorite topic!  Getting those darn buttons to appear in lightning!

Here's the use case: 
We are a nonprofit that uses SF for case management for clients.  I use record types for cases to keep the programs separate.  In the counseling department, I have a record types of events with layouts to capture two different kinds of sessions: regular counseling session and screening session.  I created a custom action following Trailhead's direction called "create session" and I'm trying to get that button to show up on the layout.  I'd also like the "Log a Call," "Email" to show too, as a matter of fact. 

Here's how my case layout looks:
Case Layout

I drug every button I could that said "Log a Call" or "EMail" into every field it would let me, and added "Create a Session" to both Quick Actions in Salesforce Classic Publisher and the SAlesforce Mobile and Lighting Experience actions.  

No buttons.

So then I went to my lightning page layout for Counseling Cases and made sure that I increased the Visual Action Button cap:Lightning Page Layout

No buttons.

Then I checked the profile to be sure that the relevant users (myself and that work group) have the record type enabled, which they do:
record type


All I can get is the +Follow and Change Owner buttons.

Any suggestions???  Thanks all... 

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Ahilesh RagavanAhilesh Ragavan
Ok there are 2 types of actions :
Global actions
Object specific action

To edit a global action:
Goto : Set up >> Global Actions >> Search for the quick action >> Edit  >> Choose the record type>> Save

To edit a object specific action:
Goto : Set up >> Object Manager >> Select the Object >> Under "Buttons,Links,Actions"  search for the quick action >> Edit  >> Choose the record type>> Save

Note: There can be a object specific action and a global action with the same name ,
For example - Log a Call ,
you can see two "Log a Call" actions when you edit the pagelayout.
Evan ShearinEvan Shearin 

I've got an autolaunched flow that I trigger with a button. I want the user to be able to push the button, the flow launches, and then the user is either taken back to, or remains on, the record screen.

Right now, when the flow completes, I get a page that says "YOUR FLOW FINISHED."

Also, if I introduce a pause in the flow, I'll get a screen that says "Your flow is paused..." 

How do I disable these screens, or return the user to the launch record?

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Raja Kumar PallepatiRaja Kumar Pallepati
yes, it is possible to redirect the flow to a record/tab by using the finish URL. Refer to the documentation below. (​​​​​​​ (
Sung-Bin KimSung-Bin Kim 
Hi fellow Salesforcers, 

Quick questions regarding setting a field mandatory in a field set. We are currently 2 organizations using 1 Salesforce environment and we would like to set a field mandatory for 1 organization and not the other. I tackled a part of this problem with creating a new page view and making the field mandatory for the other organization which worked perfectly. We stumbled upon a new issue while creating a new account. The field is only visible and mandatory for the other org. but users from the other org. is receiving errors that the field doesn’t have a value. This field is btw added to a field set which is used by both org. which could explain why we are receiving the error. Any tips on how we can fix this issue?

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Sung-Bin KimSung-Bin Kim

Thanks a million, its solved! First I got an error but changed to formula to:
ISBLANK(TEXT( field name))

Now its working lovely :) 

Cole EnrightCole Enright 
My end goal is to copy the first name to the nickname field IF the nickname field is blank. It should be very simple but I think my Person Account model is messing things up. This formula works great but when I need to create a new Account that is not a Person Account, I get an error. 

User-added image
nickname formula filter
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Cole EnrightCole Enright
Can confirm the Contact version of this Process Builder works on Contacts only not Person Accounts. 

I got it to work after playing around with where the filters are in the Process Builder. It seems like the Process Builder was looking for the nickname field on the Account object at the decison point. Moving the filter to the execution criteria solved the problem. This will save people a lot of time who use Person Accounts. 

User-added imageUser-added image
Norah AlmolaNorah Almola 
Just wondering if anyone else has experienced the same issues as us? 

When creating HTML templates, we tend to copy and paste formatting available in Microsoft Word (e.g. Century Gothic) to be able to conform to our company branding. Although all the spacing is fine and correct when we verify the fields and do a preview email, the spacing increases between the lines by about x2.0

Can't seem to get rid of it? 
Paul ExamplePaul Example 
Hi Everyone,

I have a currency field called "Total spent". I want to create a formula field that looks at this value and if it is between 300,000 and 500,000 take 10% of the total spent value that is over 300,000 and display it. So if the field said 450,000, the formula field would display 15,000 (10% of 150,000). If it is 500,001 or over it takes the same 10% between 300,000 and 500,000 and adds it to 15% of anything over 500,001.

As an example, if the total spent field was 550,001, my forumla would need to display a value of 27,500 (20,000 of the 10% between 300,000 and 500,000 plus 15% of the 50,000 above 500,001).  Can anyone help with this? Thanks 
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Sumeet SangleSumeet Sangle
Hi Paul,

Create a formula with return type of Currency  -
IF(AND(Total_Spent__c > 300000,Total_Spent__c < 500000), (0.1 * (Total_Spent__c - 300000)), IF(Total_Spent__c > 500000, (20000 + (0.15 * (Total_Spent__c - 500000))),null) )
Hope this solves your query!

Vadim LenderVadim Lender 
We have a custom datetime field that shows a connection outage.  I would like to create either two fields: one for date and one for time based on the outage datetime field.  Or create another text field with the date & time values separated by a comma.  This will be used for email templates and reporting.  Thanks.
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
You could create 2 Formula fields and parse out the Date and the Time elements using a DATEVALUE and MID function.

DateFormula:  DATEVALUE( OutageDateTime__c )
MID(TEXT(OutageDateTime__c ), 12, 5)
Stephen ParkinsonStephen Parkinson 
I have a custom object called CAPEX__c related to the Opportunity via lookup field. We have a standard checkbox field on the Opp called Engineering Survey and I need to havea field on the CAPEX object that shows Yes if the checkbox is ticked and No if it isn't. If the value changes on the opp then it needs to change on the CAPEX. I have used the following formula

IF( Opportunity_Name__r.Engineering_Survey_Completed__c, "Yes", "No")

The formula returns the value of No whether the checkbox is ticked or not - am I missing anything here?
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Meghna VijayMeghna Vijay
Hi Stephen,
The Formula is correct. Can you check if you have access to Engineering Survey and Opportunity_Name__c field?