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Lily BluntLily Blunt 
Is it possible to change the Salesforce logo to our own company logo, in Lightning Experience?  I know you can do that by using a custom app in Salesforce Classic.  But does that work in lightning experience?  Didn't work for me.  Any work arounds?
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Kshitij TahilianiKshitij Tahiliani 
I've completed the 'Admin Beginner' & 'Learn CRM Essentials' trails for beginner admin certification exam. Next step is to take classroom training ADM 201 & CRT 101 which isn't feasible for me at the moment & 
hence I was looking for alternative preparation resources. 

Below are the two resources which seemed to be quite helpful.

Suggested by the agile cloud consulting blog(for practicing of skills acquired in trailheads):

Salesforce Study guide -

It would be great if you guys can provide your views on the relevance of this material. 

Further, it would be really helpful if you could recommend any study resource which would fulfill the purpose of consolidating my preparation for the admin examination. 
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Walid El HorrWalid El Horr
Hi Kshitij,

You really don't need to sit for the classroom trainings, well surely, unless you can afford them!

I would advise the below:
Let me know if this helps!
Kevin PerryKevin Perry 
I have a user who is assigned to a profile with Lightning Experience checked and Lightning enabled for the whole org, however, they do not have access to switching the interfaces when they click on their name in Classic.  Every other user with this profile has access to Lightning except this specific one.  Also, when I log in as the user I can change the interface from lightning to classic, but when the user logs in, they can't see the link to switch to Lightning.
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Jeff MayJeff May
If you can do it when logged in as them, then you know the permissions are right. Have them log out an back in, and if that doesn't work, have them try a different browser.
Jillian TapiaJillian Tapia 
How can I edit the Salesforce button "Log A Call" so that when I click it, it goes to a picklist with our company's specified values? It's probably simple, but I need some help. Thank you in advance!
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Steve DoddSteve Dodd

OK, thanks...just wanted to be sure.

Subject on Activities is a special "combo" field that acts as both a Text and a Picklist field.

You can modify the fixed list of subjects by going to Setup > Customize > Activities > Task Fields > Subject

Also, if you want to enforce the picklist side of the Subject field and not allow users to enter their own Text subject, you could create a validation rule:

Go to Setup - Build - Customize - Activities - Task Validation Rules

The syntax would look like this:

Subject <> 'Picklist Value 1',
Subject <> 'Picklist Value 2',
Subject <> 'Picklist Value 3',
Subject <> 'Picklist Value 4',
Subject <> 'Picklist Value 5'

Let me know if you have any questions and I can help walk you through it.

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Steve D

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Mary TaglerMary Tagler
Lots of folks have been looking at Cloudingo and Apsona as replacements to the features. Clouding I think will replace what you're looking for.
Eric DreshfieldEric Dreshfield 
Is it possible to get a report of users by license type ?  

I need a listing of which users are "Salesforce" versus which are "Salesforce Platform".

I've tried a custom field on the user object:  TEXT(Profile.UserType)  
     but that only returns the following values: CsnOnly; Guest; Standard
and based upon the counts the "Standard" includes both my Salesforce and my Salesforce Platform users.

How can I break that out separately so I know which users hold which license ?
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Eric DreshfieldEric Dreshfield
I got it worked out....a custom formula field on the object that has this as the fomula:


Thanks to @Nick_Whitney for replying to my tweet with this question !
Luke OsmundsonLuke Osmundson 
One of our Sandboxes has recently switched to Lightning Experience as a default. When testing things to be deployed in a SalesForce classic experience, it is regularly switch back to lightning. Not only that, but whenever it does it returns to the home page, losing any work I was trying to accomplish. Is there any way to disable this behavior?
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Bahubali VijayakeerthiBahubali Vijayakeerthi
If anyone is still looking for an answer - this is new feature added by salesforce in Summer 18 to encourage the users for Lightning. You can disable it by going to > Lightning Experience Migration Assistant > Setup users >  'Encourage Users to Stay in Lightning Experience'
Michael KolodnerMichael Kolodner 
When Chatter is on a record, I don't usually want the "Poll" option and yet it's there by default. However on a Chatter group, where I might actually use a Poll, it doesn't show up. Where do I edit what quick actions show up in a Chatter group?
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Coline LudwigColine Ludwig
Hi Michael - Have you looked at your configuration for Group Layouts? You probably need to update the Actions associated with your Group Layout. See this knowledge article:
Moshe BaitelmanMoshe Baitelman 
We have had some trouble troubleshooting flow errors the past few days. At a basic level, it seems that old, inactive versions of active processes are still running and throwing errors.

For example, we have a process that updates related objects when a record is updated. There were two versions of this process. The first iteration of this process was titled "Update IA When Receipt Updates" and the second was changed to "Update IA When Shipment Status Updates".
There is only a single flow within this process. 

We got an error email with the subject: Error Occurred During Flow "Update_IA_When_Receipt_Updates" (the old name) even though that version is Inactive. (The error itself appears to be a valid error for the Active flow and is not the focus of my question.)

Has anyone come across anything like this before? I would be happy to provide more information if necessary, just not even sure where to start.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!
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Narender SinghNarender Singh
Maybe you only changed the label of the Process while cloning it and the API name remained same. 
Leonard SilonLeonard Silon 
I have a lookup from the contact to the user record. 
I have a process builder that creates a new contact record every time i create a new user record - works great

I need to be able to update the contact record every time I update the user record. I do not want to use APEX to accomplish this if I can avoid it. I tried using process builder but the lookup from the contact to the user record is a connectiong from contact to user and not the other way around.

Has anyone accomplished this and if so how?
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Sam CousinsSam Cousins
That's just what I called my action - I still used Update Records as referenced in the help article. Good luck!