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Dee SriDee Sri 

I noticed that we cannot mass insert opportunities to a specific campaign like we can do for Leads/ contacts through the Data loader. 

Is there a way to mass add Opportunities to a campaign through the data loader or any tool ?

Thank you.
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Brendan ConroyBrendan Conroy
Hi Dee,

If you do a mass update on those Opportunities, there is a field called Primary Campaign Source. That is what ties the Opp to the Campaign. Once you have that data in Primary Campaign Source, the rollups on the Campaign should populate with that new Opp data. I hope that helps. 
Shannon MooneyShannon Mooney 
I know that Salesforce has a history of haphazardly adding partially thought-out functionality, but I'm having trouble figuring out how they expect us to use these Consent objects.  I understand how the objects are connected and their basic usage.  What I don't get is implementation: once I've configured Data Use Legal Bases and Data Use Purposes, and I've added Contact Point Type Consent records linked to Individuals, how am I supposed to see that data?

There are no report types, and I can't create any with those objects.  I can't add any related lists to Individuals despite the existence of a link between Individuals and Contact Point Type Consents.  All I've got is views.  

I feel like I'm missing something.  I know that I could probably code a page that would display these, but why are these objects lacking the basic functionality that I could get by just creating similar objects myself?  Would I be better off just doing that?
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Guy KeshetGuy Keshet
I agree Shannon, adding the individual object does very little to answer the many requirements of GDPR, and you will have to build the fucntionlity yourself - that's what I did for several customers
At minimum, You'll need to custom build:
- collection/validation of consent during customer interactions
- regular checks for consent for customers who've not been in touch
- syncing consent to your marketing channels
- define and impement a data retntion policy, including annonisation of PII and deletion of data
Katherine RoweKatherine Rowe 

Just a sanity check... but there's no out of the box way to track how long a lead has been sitting in a queue? There's not some standard field for this that you can use? It seems like something so simple it should be standard...

The way to do is to create a custom field and use a workflow to stamp the date it was assigned to the lead queue? 

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Tega OlotewoTega Olotewo
Hi Katherine, there is no standard way to track how long a lead has been sitting in a queue. But there are a couple of paid apps on the app exchage or like you said create a workflow & custom field that saves the date/time of when a record is first edited or assigned to the lead queue. 
Hera SoherwardyHera Soherwardy 
Need to put a formula together that will look at the value of other fields to determine the value

Account.Picklist (Values are public and private)
Account.Revenue ( varying amounts)

New Formula field (Account.NewField):
If Account.Picklist = Public, then Account.NewField = 10
If Account.Picklist = Private, then look at Account.Revenue field
> if Account.Revenue > 5,000,000, then Account.NewField =9
> if Account.Revenue >10,000,000, then Account.NewField = 8
> if Account.Revenue > 15,000,000, then Account.NewField = 7
etc etc

I have some IF Then and AND statements but can't get it working together.
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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
Actually like this = 
        IF(Total_Funding__c >= 201000000, 8,
        IF(Total_Funding__c >= 101000000, 7,
        IF(Total_Funding__c >= 76000000,  6,
        IF(Total_Funding__c >= 51000000,  5,
        IF(Total_Funding__c >= 26000000,  4,
        IF(Total_Funding__c >= 11000000,  3,
        IF(Total_Funding__c >= 6000000,   2,
        IF(Total_Funding__c >= 1000000,   1,
Liz MarshallLiz Marshall 
I have three checkboxes on a case for stage 1,2&3.  I want to create a validation rule to prevent more than one stage being selected at a time.
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Tommaso BolisTommaso Bolis
((IF(checkbox1__c = TRUE, 1, 0) + IF(checkbox2__c = TRUE, 1, 0) + IF(checkbox3__c = TRUE, 1, 0)) > 1
Brantley KendallBrantley Kendall 
I have a custom metadata type that defines a name, label and description for a group. So things like cloud,backup, etc.

I want to know if it's possbile to create an sobject that has a lookup field that references that will use the "name" values from my custom metadata type. I see the Entity Definition and more recently added Field Definition but this doesn't quite give me the functionality I desire. I would envision it working similar to global picklist values but more customizable.

- Brantley
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Jeff MayJeff May
I don't.  Here is a link to one of the Collaboration Groups focused on Custom Metadata Types in case you are now already a member:
J SamsonJ Samson 
I have searched high and low for the answer to this question and was never able to find a solution.  The Salesforce documented answer is that formulas always calculate in GMT, and the user's timezone is simply not available.

There are scenarios when knowing the user's timezone can be very useful in a formula.  For example, when comparing DateTime fields to fixed time values (e.g. TEXT(Today()) + " 08:00:00" could be compared as start of business day).  The DATETIMEVALUE function converts fixed time "literals" into DateTime values, however, it interprets the literal as if it was already in GMT time, rather than as if it was entered in the user's timezone.  This would be easily remedied by adding/subtracting the timezone offset for the user, however, this timezone offset info is not available in formulas.

I found a way to calculate the user's timezone offset with a formula, so I am posting the answer to my own question here in case others encounter the same limitation and need a workaround.

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J SamsonJ Samson
The solution takes advantage of a confusing inconsistency between two out of the box Salesforce functions, namely DATEVALUE and DATETIMEVALUE.

The first evaluates under the user's timezone, while the latter evaluates as GMT.  We can take advantage of this inconsistency and derive the user's timezone as follows.  Paste this code into a new numeric formula field named "UserTimezoneOffset":


This formula works because for every hour offset from GMT, the answer for "what day is today?" differs by one.  In other words, the DATEVALUE of any literal hour of the day interpreted as GMT will be a day off from the user's TODAY() based on their timezone setting on their User record.  Adding together each of these discrepencies hour by hour ends up yielding the same answer as their timezone offset.

Craig A. RowlandCraig A. Rowland 
I would like to delete a connector but I do not see the DELETE button when clicking on the connector arrow.  It turns green, but have looked all over and do not see how to delete.  Anyone come across this that could give some guidance?

Thank you.
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Craig A. RowlandCraig A. Rowland
No, I had not tried.  That was it.  Seems so obvious now, but I was looking for a DELETE button on the screen.  Thank you very much.
Silvia GuerriSilvia Guerri 
Hi All,
Can I configure the maximum number of records of Search Result in Salesforce Lightning?
I saw that it is possible in Salesforce Classic, but I think it is not supported in Lightning version.

Thank for your help.
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Srinivasa RayapuriSrinivasa Rayapuri
This feature is not available in Lightning Silvia
Whitney WayWhitney Way 
Hello Salesfroce Community,

I want to set up Sandbox to test triggers in my Production Org. I'm a first time Sandbox user so bear with my, but how so I set this up? 

I've gottten to this set, but return the error of 'Couldn't find apex class' Which Apex Class should I insert here? Thanks for any advice User-added image
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Mayank SrivastavaMayank Srivastava
Whitney, you need to leave that empty. There isn't a requirement to select an Apex class. Just hit Create and you will be good to go.