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Anna RudenkoAnna Rudenko 

In the Process Builder have criteria to check if the Leads upon creation/edit was assigned to a specific Queue, then sending email.
In the case if the lead owner is Queue, the process does not give any errors.
However if later the user changes Lead Owner from Queue to a regular User, getting this error message:

"The flow failed to access the value for myVariable_current.Owner:Queue.DeveloperName because it hasn't been set or assigned."
Have already excluded the following:

NOT(ISBLANK([Lead].OwnerId ))

However the error is still there.

Please see the image:

Any suggestions?
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Sunil SarillaSunil Sarilla
Hi Anna,
+ Pritam.
I would add an additional condition to your Process criteria to check if the Owner Id is a Queue rather than a user.
To your formula add the following condition
LEFT([Lead].OwnerId,3) = "00G"
Alex EddyAlex Eddy 
I have a validation rule that an Account Number is required to create an Account. However, one of our divisions is set up in such a way that they don't use Account Numbers.

How could I exclude the users with roles in that division from that validation rule?

Here is what I've tried so far...

ISBLANK( AccountNumber ),
$UserRole.Id <> "IDMSalesManager, $UserRole.ID <> IDMSales"
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
Sorry, Answers Community does not like it when I reply using my mobile phone and hit carriage return...

btw - I would also include SysAdmin in the exemption

ISBLANK( AccountNumber ),
$UserRole.Name <> "VPSalesIDMInsideEnterprise",
$UserRole.Name <> "EnterpriseSales",
$UserRole.Name <> "IDMSalesManager",
$UserRole.Name <> "IDM_Sales_Lead",
$UserRole.Name <> "IDMSales")
Chris UttleyChris Uttley 
I have a custom object that has 10 "User" fields on it. These are all lookups to User object. A minimum of one of these must be filled in.

I would like to add a button to the Activity History related list, such that when the button is clicked, it opens the "Send an Email" standard page, but it prepopulates the To, or Additional To, with the email address of all the non-blank 10 User fields.

I assume this is a URL hack, of which I have done a few, but would love some guidance.
- Is it feasible to do this using URL hack?
- if so, would you have some URL hack button code that I could start with?

All help appreciated.
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Paul FischerPaul Fischer
Hi Chris, yes this is entirely possible as I have created a few for myself. I would recommend reading this thread as it will help you greatly (check out the code on the bottom):!/feedtype=SINGLE_QUESTION_DETAIL&id=90630000000gtNyAAI

Here is some more information on creating URL buttons:

Right clicking on the field in your browser and clicking 'Inspect Element' is usually the quickest way to build these types of buttons. 

Also, note that to add the custom button to the Related List make sure you have created is as "List Button". Then go to the Activities History related list, click the wrench to edit, then scroll to the bottom for buttons.
Nick ValerioteNick Valeriote 


I have a custom object called Project Task Assignment.  In that object, I have a custom field called Status (picklist).  A request has come in to set up a workflow rule that will email a team when a user modifies the Status field and changes the following values to something else:
- Awaiting Assets 
- On Hold
- In QA

I'm creating a formula that will be evaluated to determine when an email alert goes out, and I'm trying to determine if I should be using PRIORVALUE or ISCHANGED, and how the formula might look?


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Steve MolisSteve Molis
You could do something like this
'Awaiting Assets', 1, 
'On Hold', 1,
'In QA', 1,
0 ) = 1

Kshitij TahilianiKshitij Tahiliani 
I've completed the 'Admin Beginner' & 'Learn CRM Essentials' trails for beginner admin certification exam. Next step is to take classroom training ADM 201 & CRT 101 which isn't feasible for me at the moment & 
hence I was looking for alternative preparation resources. 

Below are the two resources which seemed to be quite helpful.

Suggested by the agile cloud consulting blog(for practicing of skills acquired in trailheads):

Salesforce Study guide -

It would be great if you guys can provide your views on the relevance of this material. 

Further, it would be really helpful if you could recommend any study resource which would fulfill the purpose of consolidating my preparation for the admin examination. 
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Walid El HorrWalid El Horr
Hi Kshitij,

You really don't need to sit for the classroom trainings, well surely, unless you can afford them!

I would advise the below:
Let me know if this helps!
Leno CainelliLeno Cainelli 
Is it possible to have a rule where any opportunity that passes its closed date automatically changes to 'closed lost' in the opportunity stage
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Viral SodhaViral Sodha
Leno - yes. After you create workflow (or before you save it), you can "Add Workflow Action" under immediate workflow actions (you see it in your workflow screen at the bottom above time-dependent workflow actions), and select field update. On the field update, create field update for Status to be selected to "Closed Lost". Let me know if you need more help.
Brigette SjoboenBrigette Sjoboen 
I am receiving the below error message when trying to update Account records via dataloader. Does anyone know why? 

Error: AccountAfterInsert: execution of AfterUpdate
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Pritam ShekhawatPritam Shekhawat
It seems you have written some automation (apex trigger) which failed while importing data. Verify debug log to identify which causing this error.
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Ashutosh TripathiAshutosh Tripathi
Sorry forgot to answer your query.

Your 30-day trial instance is based on Professional Edition. Apex and Workflow are not enabled in Professional Edition. Take a look at the feature comparison matrix here:

So create the full DE org as suggested.

If this suggestion seems relevant then please mark it as "Best Answer" right under the comment. This will help others if they should have a similar issue in the future. 
James CallaghanJames Callaghan 
Hi all,

I am slowly attempting to integrate / migrate all the information from various reports outside of Salesforce into it to create a more fluid experience. I have a few i am stuck on and was hoping someone could help? 

At the moment i run a quarterly excel sheet with expenses against clients and grouped under accounts. I am wondering if there is some way to add an expenses field against a contact and then to be able to summarise that field in the overall account and then possibly report on that FQ / FY? Also i could then run reports against new clients, existing clients, leads etc etc. 

Another report that i run is a "forward order" report. This shows total project value against projects that we have won, then the estimated "turnover" each month over the contract length. Would there be anyway to have a field which took total project value / contract length and then some how i could create a report on this showing the overall turnover each month? 

Not too sure if these are possible but i would like to ideally use Salesforce as much as possible so if this can be done, it would be a big help. 

Many thanks in advance!
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Briana KruseBriana Kruse
For the first one- for expenses, you could create a custom object that was a child to contacts. On the object you could have a date field for date of expense. You could use the regular date fields in report filters for FQ/FY and create a rollup summary on the account level. 

Ryan Young (646-638-6147, 917-991-7590)Ryan Young (646-638-6147, 917-991-7590) 
Is this type of thing something I can do or do I have to use ||'s


Thanks so much!

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Steve MolisSteve Molis
Your order of Functions is a bit off, you need to convert the Priorvalue of the Picklist Field to a Text String before you can use a CONTAINS function on it

Give this a try