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Daniel WatsonDaniel Watson 

Hello SFTB community,

My org is has something strange happening. Not sure if it is something to do with the Summer '18 release or what. When on any record object, a user goes to "Activities" and clicks "New Task" and Salesforce opens the "New Event" diolog creation view. When a user clicks "New Event" it will also open the "New Event" diolog, as expected. The only way we are able to open a Task is by using the "+" button in the Upper Menu in LEX.

I have not made and changes to an of the global or object buttons. My team is just noticing this today.


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Rajesh Varma MudunuriRajesh Varma Mudunuri
I would suggest raise a case with salesforce if needed.
Srikanth ChallaSrikanth Challa 
I have a requirement to create Account Groups where one Account should be related to multiple accounts vice-versa. So I need to create a junction object with 2 Master detailed relationships related to Accounts object which is not possible as we can only have one masterdetailed relationship related to a single object. But if I go for lookup relationship then the sharing rules are not in-herited from parent for child records. Can anyone help me on how to accomplish this requirement?

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Sunil SarillaSunil Sarilla
Hi Srikanth,
In order to have a many to many relationship it is not required the relationship be a master detail.
you can still create the many to many relationship using the lookup relationship.
Thats right the sharing rules are not inherited since the relationship is a lookup relationship,if you want to have the sharing on the junction object same as sharing settings on the related you will mostly need Code i.e. Apex Managed Sharing
Charu KheraCharu Khera 
I am having a hard time creating a criteria based sharing rule on a custom object?  Here is the complete summary -

An account has the OWD - Private and then we later open the Account with other groups of users in SFDC and give them Read/Write Access.

We created a custom object - Account Classification that includes the type, subtype and further more details about the account.  It a child to the account and resides as a part of related list. 

Now, I have group of users that don't want other users to have access to their account and its related list.  So, if the Account Classification has these following fields filled as -

Account Classification Record Type = BMG
Type = Vendor

Then, this particular account and the classifications should not be visible to anyone except the admins and the users of that particular group.

I tried criteria based sharing rule at Account level, but that doesn't work.  I am now trying at Account Classification level, but it doesn't let me change the OWD - controlled by parent or create any sharing rule at child level.  I dont see any option or buttons.  Please help or suggest!
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Laura BellLaura Bell
If the child object is a master/detail, then the child security will always follow the parent.
If the child is a standard lookup relationship, then the child can have it's own security model.
Kam NehcKam Nehc 
Hi, I created a login flow that simply reminds employees to log their time card. The flow has one screen element, when employee logs in to Saleforce, the message will be displayed to him/ or her. Once he/ or She clicks "Finish", they will be redirected to the timecard visualforce page.
Here is the visualforce page that calling the flow.
User-added image
When Preview the visualforce page from the developer console, it's working as designed; it displays the message first, and once the "finish" button is clicked, it takes me to the timecard page I wanted. 
However, the problem is when I log in as a user with same profile (profile I applied in the login flow), the reminder message is being displayed, but the user is not directed to the timecard page, it’s taking him to the home page screen in Salesforce.

I know I am missing something. Can you please help out? 
Also, I would lilke for the login flow to fire every Monday morning? is it possible to apply time based trigger to a login flow?

Any help will be appreciated. 

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John NeilanJohn Neilan
OK.  I think I figured it out.  in your Flow, create a variable called "LoginFlow_FinishLocation" and set the Data Type to "Text", the Input/Output Type to "Output Only", and the Default Value to "/apex/pse__TCEntry".  

You can find documentation here if you need to get more fancy:
Pol Serramalera GuerinPol Serramalera Guerin 
Hi everybody,

I am building a process which the desired action is to launch another process. After i chosee invoking another process as the final action of the process it won't let me choose any of the invocable processes i've created before. I think it might be because the processes are related to different objects... Have someone has an idea of what the problem might be here?
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Mary TaglerMary Tagler
Yes, the object the invokable process is created on determnes which regular processes it can be tied to.

See here:

"When you add an object, pay attention to the object you select. Your selection determines which other processes can invoke the one you’re creating. Only processes based on objects that share at least one unique field ID can invoke or be invoked by another process."
Marisa SkeltonMarisa Skelton 
I have added a picklist value correctly and it does not show up on the page.  Why would that be?
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Judi SohnJudi Sohn
 When that happens to me, it's almost always because I didn't make it available to that record type. Check that first.

In Setup, navigate to the Record Type settings for the object/record. At the bottom of the screen you'll see "Picklists available for editing." Edit the picklist in question and make sure the value you want is on the right hand side.
faris ramadhanfaris ramadhan 
Dear Success Community,

I got a weird behaviour on my milestone. So when I accept the case from the queue, the milestone is not running. It will run fine if I click on edit and save though and it will also run fine if I create the case manually. 

Can anybody please tell me what is wrong here?

Thanks a bunch in advance

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Nirdesh BhattNirdesh Bhatt
Hi Faris,
              Case transfer does not invoke Entitlement recalculation and that is expected. There are few workarounds available for this limitation.

- Editing/saving the case when the criteria is no longer true (i.e. User changes the case owner - milestone remains - then edits the case and saves the changes - milestone is then reevaluated and removed since criteria is no longer true)

- Using Apex @future method to perform an update to the case after ownership leaves from one of the queue/user being used as a criteria (i.e. case ownership is transferred which does not evaluate the milestone, then a @future action updates the case - milestone is evaluated and removed since criteria is no longer true)

- Using an entirely different criteria altogether.

Michael ScottMichael Scott 
I have a schedulable apex process that i use to update a date field and then update all of the records. The process works great, i use the scheduler and schedule it to run every week on Tuesday's at 10pm (for 2 months or longer). It fires on Tuesday, but won't fire the 2nd week or any other time. I tried every other day, every day, no matter how many time i schedule to will only fire once. Is there's something i'm missing?

Here's my code;

global class SchedulerToUpdateDate implements Schedulable {
List<Grad_Employment_Detail__c> allRec = new List<Grad_Employment_Detail__c>();
List<Grad_Employment_Detail__c> toUpdate = new List<Grad_Employment_Detail__c>();
    global void  execute(SchedulableContext sc){
 allRec = [select id, current_Date__c from Grad_Employment_Detail__c];        for(Grad_Employment_Detail__c ge: allRec){
            ge.current_Date__c =;
        update toUpdate;

Thanks in Advance! (this is my first apex class)

M Scott
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Carlos UmanaCarlos Umana board will get this better traction
Derrick SanchezDerrick Sanchez 
How to change a one user license type to another license type for a user?
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Launa SaundersLauna Saunders
Go to: Your Name > Setup > Admin > Manage Users > User > Select the User Record > Click Edit > Change User license.

This is assuming you are meaning License Type and not profile.
Kimberly SandersKimberly Sanders 
I am trying to build a fraction formula field concatenating two fields..

Feild_a__c / Field_b__c 

However / is recognized as divide.  Does anyone know what I need to add to this in order to build a fraction? 
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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
Like this = 
TEXT(Feild_a__c) + "/" + TEXT(Field_b__c)