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Denise CrosbyDenise Crosby 
Hello. I'm in desperate need of a good data management tool for Salesforce, similar to SQL Server Management Studio. I need to be able to run queries (with multiple objects) and quickly export results to a file, such as Excel. I also need to be able to manipulate (DML) data in the tool after querying. Of course, deduplication would be nice. Someone suggested DemandTools to me. I was wondering if there was a defacto standard that most admins use for this that works well. Data Loader is no longer cutting it for me. For complexing querying, I now have to export and import into SQL Server - what a pain!!
Thanks for helping.
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Saurabh DuaSaurabh Dua
HI Denise, 

You could use workbench for salesforce.

After logging in qo to queries dropdown and select soql. This would give you option to run SOQL and extract data in excel or csv. 

To do updates you could use rest explorer which is also available in workbench. 
Alternatively you could use  Rest explorer
Swapna MistrySwapna Mistry 
Stuck on this..... I cant figure out why one of my user's cant see the Knowledge Tab. 

User-added image

I have checked the box for "Knowledge User" on the user's record. 

Then I also went to the user's Profile and added the appropriate Knowledge permissions.

User-added image

User-added image
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Swapna MistrySwapna Mistry
Hi Chris, 
Yes. That was already set to Default on. I found what the issue was: "Knowledge One" needed to be checked under General User Permissions in the Profile. 

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Aliza SeeberAliza Seeber 

We are currently integrating with HubSpot and it collects city and state information in a custom object  based on the ip location of the lead.
However, it uses the state full name and our org uses State abbreviations. Does anyone have any ideas or workflow on how I could convert the full state name into an abbreviation?

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Keith CulkinKeith Culkin
Here's the full formula I use so you don't have to type it all out, including all American states and Canadian provinces. Not that this is the field update formula, but you'll also need criteria for the workflow rule. My criteria is that the state name equals one of the states listed in my formula. If doesn't touch anything that doesn't have a matching state name in there.

Case (BillingState, 
"Alabama", "AL", 
"Alaska", "AK", 
"Arizona", "AZ", 
"Arkansas", "AR", 
"California", "CA", 
"Colorado", "CO", 
"Connecticut", "CT", 
"Delaware", "DE", 
"Florida", "FL", 
"Georgia", "GA", 
"Hawaii", "HI", 
"Idaho", "ID", 
"Illinois", "IL", 
"Indiana", "IN", 
"Iowa", "IA", 
"Kansas", "KS", 
"Kentucky", "KY", 
"Louisiana", "LA", 
"Maine", "ME", 
"Maryland", "MD", 
"Massachusetts", "MA", 
"Michigan", "MI", 
"Minnesota", "MN", 
"Mississippi", "MS", 
"Missouri", "MO", 
"Montana", "MT", 
"Nebraska", "NE", 
"Nevada", "NV", 
"New Hampshire", "NH", 
"New Jersey", "NJ", 
"New Mexico", "NM", 
"New York", "NY", 
"North Carolina", "NC", 
"North Dakota", "ND", 
"Ohio", "OH", 
"Oklahoma", "OK", 
"Oregon", "OR", 
"Pennsylvania", "PA", 
"Rhode Island", "RI", 
"South Carolina", "SC", 
"South Dakota", "SD", 
"Tennessee", "TN", 
"Texas", "TX", 
"Utah", "UT", 
"Vermont", "VT", 
"Virginia", "VA", 
"Washington", "WA", 
"West Virginia", "WV", 
"Wisconsin", "WI", 
"Wyoming", "WY", 
"Ontario", "ON", 
"Quebec", "QC", 
"QuéBec", "QC", 
"British Columbia", "BC", 
"Alberta", "AB", 
"Manitoba", "MB", 
"Saskatchewan", "SK", 
"Nova Scotia", "NS", 
"New Brunswick", "NB", 
"Newfoundland And Labrador", "NL", 
"Prince Edward Island", "PE", 
"Northwest Territories", "NT", 
"Yukon", "YT", 
"Nunavut", "NU" 
Jeffrey BrochsteinJeffrey Brochstein 
Is there a way to do an overall search of all fields both standard and custom, in SFDC? 
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Chad SealesChad Seales
Hey Jeffrey,

If you are simply wanting to search for a specific field you can use the "Search All Setup" tool from the Setup page. (Setup > Search box in top left corner). This tool searches across all objects.

If you want a list of all fields on specific objects you can view all fields from the object page. (Setup > Select The Object > Fields)

If you want a more exhaustive list of all metadata you can use From this tool (Info > MetaData Types & Componenets > CustomField > Expand All) This will list every custom field within your org. 
Edward VazquezEdward Vazquez 

I need to refresh our full copy sandbox. What post refresh steps have others followed? Is there some sort of checklist that she be followed post refresh? 
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Bhavna BanodhaBhavna Banodha
Hi Edward,
There is no as such officialy defined list but below are the points you can check
  • Disable Scheduled Apex Jobs
  • Disable Outbound Messages or point them to QA server endpoints.
  • Reconfigure External Web Service calls for a non-production environment
  • Disable Analytic Snapshots
  • Get the new Sandbox Org ID and instance Id if required
  • Remove the email suffix for required users
  • Create any required users who don't exist in Production
  • Regenerate (or completely disable) Inbound Email Services
  • Delete / modify entries in Remote Site Settings if you don't want to perform certain callouts.
  • Disable "Big Deal Alert" on Opportunities - can be embarassing to send an email with "My awesome test Opp !!1" to CEO
  • If you have managed packages with API keys (like FinancialForce) - ask their support teams to regenerate the keys
  • If you have "power users" that will coordinate User Acceptance Testing - create entries in Delegated Administration area so they can "login as"
  • break Email addresses on Contacts, Leads etc. with suffix like it's done for users (and wherever you store email info if there's any risk of routine communication kicking in for example from workflow email alerts)
  • disable Weekly Data Export?
  • if you have email templates or documents with sensitive data (like Purchase Order and scanned signature of approver) it might be worthwhile to cripple them somehow (fake logo, big red "TEST ONLY" etc..). Documents won't be carried to non-full sandboxes though
Derrick CalderonDerrick Calderon 
Can someone direct me to the right resource for creating custom tabs in the activity area of a lead record?  Attached is an image to show you what I am referring to.

I want to create an additional tab and tab area for custom actions/activities.

If you can point me in the right direction that would be much appreciated.

Thank you

​DerrickUser-added image
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Dane KimDane Kim

Whats' the custom tab? Keep in mind those tabs are meant for specific actions. Here's the trailhead that should help:

Actions and Lightning Experience:

Here's a quick summary of how you'd customize the actions:

You'll be creating your quick actions under the Buttons, Links, Actions options for the respective object (New Action). In your case, you would go the the Lead object under settings/object manager, then create a new Action, which will be whatever the custom action you'd like to do. 

Once created, you can go to the layout of the lead page and add that Quick Action to the area in your layout called "Salesforce1 and Lightning Experience Actions." You'll want to add as one of the first 4 actions for it to show in your layout.

Jared BlanchflowerJared Blanchflower 
Hey All,

I am in the middle of building out a Napili template community and while testing as a user with a customer community login license I am not able to see articles. I can select the topics and it shows that I have a certain number of articles but they do not show up. My articles are related to topics in the community. The profile has knowledge enabled and read access to the article types. I have read through the Knowledge documentation, the community documentation, and the posts within this community and I can't figure it out. Very frustrating.  User-added image
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Jory DeanJory Dean
Jared -
Did you read through this knowledge article? 
Beth FollenweiderBeth Follenweider 
I am pretty new to Process Builder and this may seem like a rudimentary question but I've had difficulty finding an answer. 

I have several fields I want to update on an Account record when an opportunity is created, updated, or deleted.  I have set up initial criteria for this.  Then to determine which field to update on the account, I need to check the value of a picklist on the opportunity.  

Clearly I can create different criteria for each field I want to update.  But it would be so much more efficient if I could use an if statement against the opportunity object when updating the account object.

If picklist = '1' then update field 1 else if picklist = '2' update field2.

So - my questions:
Is it possible to embed criteria against the calling object during the update?
How are the updates processed?  Are the updates happening in bulk or record by record? 
If record by record, when does the read from DB and "lock" (if there is one) on record happen?  If I set up several criteria, will the operation need to read the same record for every criteria?  or does it read the record once at the beginning of the process and make all updates?

Thanks for the help - trying to ensure I make the most efficient use of my resources!
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Beth FollenweiderBeth Follenweider
Thanks Steve - Title may be somewhat misleading.  I am aware of the order of operations from that perspective but I'm trying to determine how Process Builder updates data in the database so that I can be efficient when using process builder.  We're a small org with a lot of external processes that hit quite close to our limits.  I need to be as efficient as possible when using resources - which means I would really like to understand the mechanics for how this works.  
John LawrenceJohn Lawrence 
Wizard appears to work but I cannot view the contacts in my SF Pro after using the Wizard. All fields are comma delimited and properly mapped and Wizard appears to function, even sends me a confirmatory email that all contacts transferred with zero failed transfers. Thoughts?
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
Are you the Sys Admin of your org?  If not that Sys Admin may b have deleted or hidden them. 

Do you have the option to create a new List View?
Justin WrightJustin Wright 
I cannot edit Sandbox description without doing a full refresh of the environment. Previously was able to use this functionality. Was this changed with Winter '16 or did I miss a setting?
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Mayank SrivastavaMayank Srivastava
I believe it was indeed changed. Please upvote the following idea: