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Adriana ReyesAdriana Reyes 
Our users are submitting approvals for opportunites and when their managers go select one of them from the new Approval Requests tab in Lightning, their view of the opportunity is very limited. They see the opportunity name, description, amount. close date, and comments. Managers need to see custom opportunity fields that we've created and have access to documents that users have uploaded to the opportunity. At the very least, be able to click on the opportunity name to see those things.

Is there any way for me to edit this layout? So I can add the fields that they need or at the very least add some link or something that will take them to the opportunity.

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Michelle BuraMichelle Bura

Hi Adriana,

You probably already solved this, but I had the same problem today and found the following workaround. The workaround is to create a new custom field on the Opportunity object.

Data type = Formula
Return Type = Text
Formula = HYPERLINK(Id, Name)

Then add the field to the Approval Layout by going to your Approval Process, clicking Edit drop down box and selecting Approval Page Layout. Then find your custom field in the Available Fields section and add it to the Selected Fields section and Save. Now you will have a link on the Approval Layout that will take you to the related Opportunity.

Theo RandTheo Rand 
Where the heck is this hiding? I can see a list of my current Lightning for Outlook User Mapping but can't find where I add other users. User-added image
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Maria BelliMaria Belli
It appears the Lightning For Outlook User Mapping will show all users that have authenticated with Lightning For Outlook. I played with LfO a bit at the end of last year and if memory serves, as long as the email address matches, the user should be able to connect as long as they can authenticate with the Outlook plugin.
Ananda FortuneAnanda Fortune 
I want to create a formula field to calculate the number of all open opportunities ( all opportunities except closed) to use in a report that then will have a summary formula column that uses this field opportunity. 

Can anyone tell me how to write this formula?

Thank you! 
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
I do this type of thing a lot, so on my org I created custom Formula fields that count if an Opportunity is Open

The Formula field is

Field Name = Open 
Datatype = Formula
Result = Checkbox
Formula = 
IsClosed = FALSE

Megan BurgessMegan Burgess 
In the screenshot you can see it automatically recommends searchnig for a contact and account but with this action buttion it would always be related to an opportunity.  Can we default it to opportunity without having to click the arrow and select it? User-added image
User-added image

I will definetly choose the best answer and like your page!

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Megan BurgessMegan Burgess
Thanks for the answers!

I did find a good workaround to this:

Object Manager > Choose Object > Page Layout  > Salesforce 1 Action Buttons > Drag to Options at Top

By doing the above it will make it as a button in the object you chose.  It will then auto populate that field based on the object you made it available.

Anil & Mayank were also correct because there is no way to do this on the global action page layout.
Zach SteinZach Stein 
I've built process to automatically assign a task to an opportunity owner notifying them that a quote is expiring in one week.

I want to have the Subject field as: (insert Quote Name) Quote Expires (insert Quote Expiration Date).

I've built the Formula as: [Quote].Name + "Quote Expires " + [Quote].ExpirationDate

I keep getting "The formula expression is invalid: Incorrect parameter type for operator '+'. Expected Text, received Date".

What do I need to do to have the Subject of an automated task read "(Quote Name) Quote Expires (Quote Exp Date)"?
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Sunil SarillaSunil Sarilla
Hi Zach,
the formula will be as below, you will need to convert the Date field into Text field
[Quote].Name + "Quote Expires " +TEXT([Quote].ExpirationDate)

Chantal LambertChantal Lambert 
We have a custom object named RFQ. The page layout has many fields but when "creating a new RFQ", users would prefer to see only a few "basic" fields. The rest of the fields would only show up when a user takes ownership of an RFQ record. How can I have a "short version" of the page layout ? 
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Jeff MayJeff May
There are 2 ways to do that.

1) Use a Quick Action for your users to create the new record -- for example, on the Contact record, instead of using the "New" button on the custObject related list, create a Contact Quick Action that creates the custObject record.  This allows you to define the Action layout to contain only the fields you want (and also lets you define pre-defined fields so you don't have to bother users with fields that you know what the value should be).


2) Use a different record type for "New" records and make that record type available to your users. As soon as the user hits Save, use a Workflow Rule or Process Builder to change the record type to one that has a 'full' page layout defined.  Make sure the 'full' record type is NOT available to your users in their Profiles or Permission Sets.  This way they won't be able to accidentally select it on 'New'
Steve UsmanovSteve Usmanov 

Has anyone seen or heard of a Salesforcea app that allows Community members to interact and get matched. Sort of like on a dating app. But the goal is here to match mentors with mentees.

Any advice would be appreciated!
Thank You,
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Amit Kumar GiriAmit Kumar Giri
You can check this
This might help (i have not used it so cant tell whats inside it !!!). However decsription of the app do saying this...

"a potential mentee/job shadowee can browse and apply for mentorship opportunities that fit their interests and career goals. Their application is then automatically routed to the mentor/host via the app. If the application is approved, the mentor/host and mentee are connected via email and a congratulatory Chatter post is posted on the applicant's wall. "
Leah KoppermanLeah Kopperman 

I'm sure this is answered elsewhere, but I couldn't find the information.

I have a longstanding "Trailblazer Community" (formerly "Success Community") account--the account that I'm using right now to post this question on

There is also the "Trailblazer Community Groups" site As far as I can recall, the only time I ever use this site is when I RSVP to attend a local user group in person. I may be mis-rememberhing, but I swear that when I've done this in the past I was able to log into by using the same Salesforce instance that I use to log into the Trailblazer (Success) Community.

Last week I got an invitation to a local community group that I want to attend, and they seemed to have changed the login interface for Now when I try to log in it doesn't prompt me to log into a Salesforce instance, it just asks me to fill in an email address and password directly on the page (see screenshot). Alternatively, I can use LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter to log in.

When I enter the email address an password associated with the Salesforce instance that I use for my Trailblazer (Success) Community account, I get an error message that says "the e-mail address and/or password you specified are not correct."User-added image

Separately--on Trailhead account is tied to my LinkedIn credentials instead of a Salesforce instance. When I encountered the above error I tried the LinkedIn option to log into Trailblazer Community Groups"; this got me in, but it set up a brand new account from scratch instead of logging me into my existing account.

Can anyone tell me what's going on here? Is there a way to log into using a specific Salesforce instance like we do here? If so, how do I do that?

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Tom HoffmanTom Hoffman
This is fun, this was the #1 question at the Community Kiosk at Dreamforce last week. 

Soo...we used to use a platform called 'SplashThat' to manage our user group meetings, I can say amongst the User Group leader set I don't recall it winning a popularity contest. 

At the end July, the Success Community was rebranded and with that came the new site & branding.  This is entirely different from the platform where you used to sign in (SplashThat) that was connected to your success trailblazer community credentials. 

With this new platform, you can register with an email or social sign-on, which is great for all attendees that may not have a specific salesforce login that are interested in learning more about Salesforce, WiT groups, etc. 

To summarize:

1) Success Community = Trailblazer Community
2) ^ these credentials are still the same, you can access your Community Group chatter page, answers, etc through them
3) SplashThat uses to use these same credentials, but was retired in August. 
4) There is a new platform, Bevy, that requires you to register with your email or social logins and all previous ones do not work. 

Jessi WaldonJessi Waldon 
Pitched the idea of doing V2MOM to my boss. He raised his eyebrows and was like, this is cool. We may do this company wide if it works well. 

He then asked can you put this in Salesforce somehow so I can view you and your teams goals and then add mine making sure only appropriate people see the appropriate individual goals. 

My answer was "of course!" I'm sure I won't be the first one. Has anyone done this in their org willing to share how you did and what you liked and didn't like?

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T. Jay KaracaT. Jay Karaca
You are right, Jessi.  I've just tried and got Component error "Uncaught Unable to find action 'onValueChange' on the controller of myV2MOM:V2MOM_Measure" when I entered a method. Measure Name input box is looking for an action of 'onValueChange' event -basically it's triggered every every letter we type- in the input box, but the Controller doesn't have a code for it!   Unfortunately I am not able to view the code since V2MOM is a managed package.  So it seems a bug in the component that should be fixed by Salesforce Labs
Nandhini GopalanNandhini Gopalan 
Hi all,

I self-taught to be a Salesforce Admin, learned through trailhead and earned a ADM 201 certificate recently. I would like to kick start a career as a Salesforce admin/ Jr. Salesforce admin or volunteer 15-20 hours/week. I am based out of Cleveland and looking for opportunities in and around the city or remotely. Any help/input on where to start is greatly appreciated. 

Thank you !
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Tom HoffmanTom Hoffman
Hi Nandhini - I would also join the Cleveland Salesforce Non Profit User Group, Admin User Group, and Women in Tech groups. 

There is a strong group of rockstar UG leaders in Cleveland like Amy Oplinger and Shannon Zdanowicz, they'll be able to make some introductions for you.  There is also the Cleveland GiveCamp that is coming up this summer, spend a whole weekend volunteering and working for nonprofits in the area.  

GiveCamps are a great place to work with other Salesforce professionals, show off your skills on real projects, and make great connections.  I've found some great talent at Pittsburgh GiveCamp events, two admin volunteers I met there are now doing fulltime consulting work as a result of connections they made at GiveCamp. 

CLE User Group
CLE Non-profit User Group
CLE GiveCamp