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Christian LinkertChristian Linkert 
Hi, I'm trying to upload my logo and everything I read says to do it in Documents.  I have been searching for two hours and read everything online but cannot find anywhere called Documents to upload my logo.  Help!
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Divyesh ArdeshanaDivyesh Ardeshana
Hi Christian,
I found solution please follow below steps.
1) Login in Classic 
2) Upload image and checked below option ( Externally Available Image )
Upload Image
3) Switch to Lighting
4) Insert image in email campaign etc.

Please try and select best answer if it is working 😀
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
I think it's based on the last 30 days
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Divyesh ArdeshanaDivyesh Ardeshana
Hi Gaylene,
Here is link for registration :
Kristen KaminskiKristen Kaminski 
I have been asked how to define the difference between a BA and Salesforce Admin/declarative developer based on recent structure changes.  Interested in getting insight on how other organizations separate duties or if they're a combined role.
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Thomas LangeThomas Lange
Salesforce Trailhead has some info on different roles within the Salesforce platform right on the home page. Not sure if it's enough info, but should give you some ideas as to how these roles differ within the platform:

Business Analyst:
Peter ReidPeter Reid 
Hey everyone, I haven't set up sharing rules/want the best practice before I dive in.

My scenario:  I have multiple companies (from acquisitions) working in the same org.  their records are separated by record type etc.  One issue that comes up, the reps will use the global search and see leads that aren't there's, then they take them and work them.  So in short, these companies (which are all part of my company - they are subsidiaries) are poaching each others leads.  Each company has slightly different business deals they are closing, but in short I want to set something up where if someoen if someone has Profile X, then they can't see specific record types, so then they won't even come up in search.

How can I take care of something like this specifically for Leads and Opportunities.
Lead is set to Public Read/Write/Transfer
Opportunity is set to Public Read/Write

Thanks for any info!
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Amnon KruviAmnon Kruvi
Hi Peter,

If you want leads/opportunities to be invisible to any subset of your org, then you will need to set their OWD (Org Wide Default) to Private. Once you do, you can begin working on who actually does get to see them.

First of all, standard objects always grant access via hierachy. This means that if a user owns a record, then that user's manager also sees that record, and that user's manager, and so on - according to your org's role hierarchy. This can be a great way of making sure your company dirrectors get to see everything that goes on in their company (only).

You may want to set up some ownership-based sharing rules so that other agents in the company can see leads and opportunities owned by agents in the same company. Roles also come into play here.
Rob ChoiRob Choi 
Hi All,

As we start to log activities inside an Opportunity, we would like to autofill certain fields.

In an Opportunity, we have a custom lookup field called "Advisor" which ties the Opportunity to the appropriate Contact record.

When I go to create a new task within the Opportunity, there is a lookup field called "Name" which can be either a Contact or a Lead record.

I would like the "Name" field (which will always be a Contact record) to auto populate the "Advisor" field when creating a new task, essentially matching the two fields. 

Is there a workflow for this?  Thanks in advance!
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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
Here you go:
  1. Go to the Setup | Customize | Activities | Task Buttons, Links & Actions
  2. New Button or Link
  3. Label it as: Create a Call
  4. Display Type: List Button 
  5. Uncheck the option: Display Checkboxes (for Multi-Record Selection)
  6. Behaviour: Display in existing window without sidebar or header
  7. Content Source: URL
  8. URL
  9. Save it

Now, go to any Opportunity record and then:
  1. Hit Edit Layout from top right
  2. Scroll down to the Activity History Related List
  3. Click on the Wedge at the top right corner
  4. Expand Buttons section
  5. Move the newly created "Create a Call" to list of Available Buttons
  6. Uncheck the out of the box = "Log a Call"
  7. Hit Save
That should do it!
Nandhini GopalanNandhini Gopalan 
Hi all,

I self-taught to be a Salesforce Admin, learned through trailhead and earned a ADM 201 certificate recently. I would like to kick start a career as a Salesforce admin/ Jr. Salesforce admin or volunteer 15-20 hours/week. I am based out of Cleveland and looking for opportunities in and around the city or remotely. Any help/input on where to start is greatly appreciated. 

Thank you !
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Tom HoffmanTom Hoffman
Hi Nandhini - I would also join the Cleveland Salesforce Non Profit User Group, Admin User Group, and Women in Tech groups. 

There is a strong group of rockstar UG leaders in Cleveland like Amy Oplinger and Shannon Zdanowicz, they'll be able to make some introductions for you.  There is also the Cleveland GiveCamp that is coming up this summer, spend a whole weekend volunteering and working for nonprofits in the area.  

GiveCamps are a great place to work with other Salesforce professionals, show off your skills on real projects, and make great connections.  I've found some great talent at Pittsburgh GiveCamp events, two admin volunteers I met there are now doing fulltime consulting work as a result of connections they made at GiveCamp. 

CLE User Group
CLE Non-profit User Group
CLE GiveCamp
Jo-Ann WestJo-Ann West 
I am creating a case.  I want to associate the asset from the account.
The asset box is available, but when I click on the asset box it is bringin up all assets that have been added into the system.  The asset box has Search for asset. I want to click on the asset box and only have the assets at the account show. Is this possible ?

I am using the Professional Edition.
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Vishal GuptaVishal Gupta
The filter you need to use is Asset: Account ID equals Case: Account ID

This way you will only see Assets that are owned by that Account
Sarah KhanSarah Khan 


Which camera is used for the exam, and where can I find it?

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Sedoud BoussadSedoud Boussad
Hi Sarah,

A regular webcam can be used. It just have to contains the following requirements.
(most of the time regular webcams fulfill the conditions)

Image ajoutée par l'utilisateur

Hope this helps :)
Tara RobertsTara Roberts 
I'm a certified admin with no programming experience. My company wants me to take Dev 450 course so I can learn apex. The course details say that I should have at least one year writing Java or another programming language. Is that really true? Are there any Developers out there that took this course with no programming experience? I don't think Dev 401 course will help me to prepare for Dev 450 course. 
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Walid El HorrWalid El Horr
Hi Tara,

As Pritam mentioned, it is good to have basic knowledge about programming, most importantly Java and Object Oriented programming concept.

For Java and Object Oriented progtramming, I would recommend this FREE course by John Purcell: "Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners". It is a course with around 16-hour videos with explanation and examples.

Believe me, the Dev 1 will be much more easier if you complete this course beforehand. Apex and Java are 80% similar!