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Nate HembreeNate Hembree 
Soooooooo yeah. The component Salesforce provides for customers to close/reopen cases doesn't really work unless your Closed status reads Closed (i.e. you use Closed - Archived and the button says "Close Case" rather than "Reopen Case"). And we can't used record update actions in the community, so that's a no go. Any non-custom component ways of doing this?
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Swayam ChoukseySwayam Chouksey

In short no way apart from creating a custom component. Can you please provide the Use Case what exactly you want to achieve with Change Status button.

Hope this helps

Mike René KölblinMike René Kölblin 
I try to assign a queue ID as new owner ID via Apex, Unfortunatly it doesn’tz work, but it work if use a user ID.
I checked the value via debugging and the vale is correct, but doesn’t work.
if (upObj.ID_New_User_Pool__c != '' ){

                    Group QueueID = [Select ID from Group where Type = 'Queue' and name = :upObj.ID_New_User_Pool__c Limit 1];
                    if (   != null){
                    	temp.OwnerId = QueueID.ID;
                //save updated record
          			update temp;
                catch(Exception e){
                    System.debug('Exception: ' + e);

Any ideas?
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Amit SinghAmit Singh
use below Code.
if (upObj.ID_New_User_Pool__c != '' ){

					QueueSObject QueueID = [Select Queue.Id, Queue.Name, Queue.Type from QueueSObject WHERE Queue.Type ='Queue' AND Queue.Name =: upObj.ID_New_User_Pool__c Limit 1];
                    //Group QueueID = [Select ID from Group where Type = 'Queue' and name = :upObj.ID_New_User_Pool__c Limit 1];
                    if (   != null){
                    	temp.OwnerId = QueueID.Queue.Id;
                //save updated record
          			update temp;
                catch(Exception e){
                    System.debug('Exception: ' + e);

Erin LambErin Lamb 
After certain national disasters or terrorist attacks, we've been asked if all of our employees are accounted for. We are looking to create a simple, mobile friendly solutions in Salesforce, potentially using Chatter, that allows us to see who has "checked in" and who hasn't. Does anyone know of an existing app or solution?
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Steve DoddSteve Dodd
What about just using the out-of-the-box Multi-Person Calendar Event functionality and inviting all of the Users to Check-In by use of the Add Invitees button on the Event Edit layout ?

All of your Users would receive an email (assuming they can access their company email remotely) and you can monitor the Accepted and Hasn't Responded related lists in the Event to see who has gone into the record and checked in, and who hasn't.

If the availability of your organization's email server following a disaster is a concern, you could always create the Event beforehand (if you have advanced warning like we do with hurricanes in South Florida) and send out the invites so they have the link to the record, and they can either forward it to their personal email or bookmark it on their mobile phone - either way, they're going to need internet access following the occurrence to be able to do anything in Salesforce.

...and geez, let's hope it's not something unexpected like a terrorist attack.  

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Yuhai HuangYuhai Huang 

I was reading an artical.

It says *Please make sure to check the box for 'Tooling API' to be able to run this query in Developer console.

Can anybody instruct me how to find this "Tooling API" checkbox?

Thank you!
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Jigar ShahJigar Shah

Refer to the following steps to locate the "Tooling API" checkbox.
  1. Click the gear icon for Setup and then click Developer Console.
  2. Within the Developer Console, navigate towards the bottom and you will be able to see the Tooling API checkbox. Refer the snapshot below, the checkbox is highlighted in red.
Dev Console - Tooling API Checkbox

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Lesa DoyleLesa Doyle 
I have a simple formula field, field 1/ field 2.
My problem is I cannot remember the string to use when field 1 is blank and field 2 is blank, to prevent my fomula field from producing #error 
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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
Try this = 
    BLANKVALUE(Field2__c, 0) == 0,
    Field1__c / Field2__c
Liron WachsLiron Wachs 
I am going to attend the Admin certification exam this week and wanted to know from someone who attended this exam recently, if there are questions concerning Lightning Vs. Classic edition?
I understood that the questions that are asked are relevant to classic edition only, but I wanted to make sure that this fact is indeed correct and hasn't changed.
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Ankush DurejaAnkush Dureja
Hi Liron, 
Please check following study guide for salesforce adminstrator exam

Some of my colleagues recently appeared for exam and there was no question related to Lightning Vs Classic. And as per above 2 links as well, its not part of administrator exam.

Good luck for exam. :)
Tyson JoeTyson Joe 
I need to update a custom date field with Today's date when an Opportunity changes stages from Pending to anything other than Closed.

My stages are Coming Soon, Active, Pending and Closed.

Can someone help me with this criteria / formula?

Also is there a way to create another field to incrementally count the number of times that happens?
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Sunil SarillaSunil Sarilla
Hi Tyson,
Please try the below for the criteria
TEXT([Opportunity].StageName) <> 'Closed',
TEXT(PRIORVALUE([Opportunity].StageName)) = 'Pending'

Johnny VuJohnny Vu 

Hey community, 

My first post on here so any help is much appreciated! 

I am currently in the process of implementing entitlements for my Org. We only have one entitlement process tied to a single account currently. I want to use it more of a time tracker since our support is standard for all customers. My thought process is I want to reference the entitlement ID utilizing process builder so the agents don't have to update it for every case since its the same entitlement across all levels. Has anyone had success with this before? 

Currently, my process is on the case object and fires with no criteria updating the entitlement name to the ID tied to a single account and the process start time is referenced to the created date/time. 

Example shown below: 

User-added image

Thank you!! :D

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Anant AgarwalAnant Agarwal
Hi Johny,

As per your query, it looks like you want to auto-populate Entitlement process over the case at the time of creation of case. As there is only one entitlement process in your scenario for all the cases, you may use the below code in case trigger before insert to populate entitlement id- 

Hope this will solve your issue :)
//Fetching the Entitlement that needs to be populated in cases
Entitlement e : [Select Id From Entitlement limit 1][0];       

 for (Case c : (List<Case>) {
            // Populating the entitlement process on case
                    c.EntitlementId = e.ID;
Bill HareBill Hare 
I thought I had this - it does work but when you choose urgent - it comes up blue and not yellow

I have removed the static resource a couple of times and readded it and that did not work - not sure what else to try short of redoing the whole field - here's the formula - anyone see anything? again everything else works

CASE( Work_Order_Priority__c, 
"1 - Critical","", "Red:Critical", 
"2 - Urgent","", "Yellow:Urgent", 
"3 - Normal","", "Green:Normal", 
"4 - Low",""), "Blue:Low",30,30 

as always thanks for any thoughts!
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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
Try this = 

        "1 - Critical", "/resource/1511971329000/color_red",
        "2 - Urgent",   "/resource/1511979573000/color_yellow_new",
        "3 - Normal",   "/resource/1511971352000/color_green",
        "4 - Low",      "/resource/1511971379000/color_blue",



        "1 - Critical", "Red:Critical",
        "2 - Urgent",   "Yellow:Urgent",
        "3 - Normal",   "Green:Normal",
        "4 - Low",      "Blue:Low",

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Ted HustedTed Husted
You might want to post this question in the "Why Salesforce Admins Drink" Success Group. 


Hope that helps!​