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Tyson JoeTyson Joe 
I have a custom Home page component called "Jail" as well as a custom link called "Get Out of Jail" in Classic.

How do I recreate this in Lightning?
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Rodrigo RochaRodrigo Rocha
I would say that to avoid creatin custom Lightning Components (code), I would edit the Home Page layout (from lightning) and add a Rich Text component.

You should be able to add URL links there.
Murray ElliottMurray Elliott 
I mass created a group of Chatter Free user logins and included their phone numbers. Some users later said they did not want their phone numbers appearing on their Chatter Profile, so I mass deleted them using Data Loader. Unfortunately Chatter automatically added a post to each user's profile, something like "Administrator changed Phone from [phone number] to a blank value. So their phone number still appears in their feed. How can I remove those auto posts? Cheers!
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Syed Y. TalhaSyed Y. Talha
I have not tried exporting my self but check if you can export  "UserFeed" Object data. See if  you can add filter in your query like Where Type = TrackedChange 

UserFeed represents a single feed item in the feed displayed on a Chatter user profile feed. A user profile feed shows changes to a user record for fields that are tracked in feeds, as well as posts and comments about the record. A user feed shows recent changes to a user record for any fields that are tracked in feeds, as well as posts and comments about the record. It is a useful way to stay up-to-date with changes made to users in the organization. This object is available in API version 18.0 and later.

Michael DreesmannMichael Dreesmann 

Is there a way that a chatter post on the opportunity is automatically listed as a last activity? If yes, does this influence the last modification date of the opp., too? Thanks in advance.
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
No, Chatter posts and Activity(Tasks and Events) are two different animals and are counted differently.  
If you really need to do that and have access to the Process Builder, you might be able to create an Activity record when a Chatter post is made.
Tyson JoeTyson Joe 
User-added imageIn the recipient section - that ROLE: Transaction Manager. Does it just refer to the specific user....or will the whole team of TM's receive that?
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Mayank SrivastavaMayank Srivastava
Tyson, the email will be sent to everyone within that role.
Jason CrociataJason Crociata 
Hi Everybody,

If the value of a field is > 1,000,000, then the number 5 should appear in second field.
If the value  of the field is >700,000 then the number 4 should appear in the second field
If the value of a field is > 500,000, then the number 3 should appear in second field.
If the value  of the field is >100,000 then the number 2 should appear in the second field
If the value of a field is > 1, then the number 1 should appear in second field.

Thanks so much for your help,
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Akhil AnilAkhil Anil
Hi Jason,

You can create the second field as a formula field of the type Number and use this formula

Data Type : Formula

Return Type : Number

field1__c > 1000000,
field1__c > 700000,
field1__c > 500000,
field1__c > 100000,
field1__c > 1,

Gracie LeeGracie Lee 
I have created a Private Group and we have posts and comments in there. One day I logged into the group and noticed all the past Chatter Posts and comments are gone. 

Is there a way to know who has deleted the chatter post? Os is there a way to take out the "DELETE" option in Chatter Group? I can't find this option in profile. 

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ref this also

Deleting Chatter Posts

Knowledge Article Number: 000175873


Chatter posts, like any other data in Salesforce, are stored forever unless an authorized person deletes them. Users without the "Moderate Chatter" permission can only delete their own posts or posts on thier own Chatter wall items.  Salesforce also provides a tool to help assign Chatter moderators. Chatter Moderators Users can also delete posts in Chatter.

An administrator with the “Manage Chatter Messages” permission can view and delete all users' messages in Chatter; for example, for compliance purposes.

Create Chatter Moderators User

Chatter Moderators Users are Available in:

Group, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Contact Manager, and Developer Editions

A moderator is a Chatter user with some additional privileges such as:

    Activate or Deactivate Chatter Free Users   
    Assign a Chatter Free User as Moderator or take the privilage away
    Delete posts and comments that they can see

As a Administrator, you can assign moderator privileges to Chatter Free users in your organization. You can also remove them if needed.

    To set up Moderate Chatter:  The users need the permission “Moderate Chatter” in their profile
    To assign the users in the profile go to:
    Click Your Name | Setup
    In the Administration Setup go to:
    Click on Manage Users | Click on Users
    Click On New User Button

   To give the user the Moderate Chatter permission

    Select The User License Chatter Free
    Select Profile  Chatter Moderator User

Select the necessary permission of users

     Click on Save.

You can use this user to delete the chatter Post .

For more information see:

Administering Chatter Messages - Article Number 000168247

Chatter Moderators - Article Number 000167342

It is not possible yet within standard functionality to stop users from deleting chatter posts completely. There are references to this in the following:

Appexchange App to remove permission for Deleting Posts
Chris ARIChris ARI 
If so, how do I find them? I can't create a field like you can on other objects.
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Tom BlamireTom Blamire
Are you not the admin? If you are then just add the CASESAFE id's to the user profile
Joyce RowlandJoyce Rowland 
We currently use the standard Orders object in Salesforce along with ZenKraft Shipmate for Salesforce.

My production team is requesting that wenever they create a UPS tracking number in ZenKraft ( zkups__MasterTrackingId__c) that the tracking number also be added to a custom field on our Orders object called (Tracking_Number__c). 

Can anyone assist me with how I can complete this request or at least be able to point me in the right direction. From what I have read, this request requires a trigger and development is a completely foreign language to me. 
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Tom BlamireTom Blamire
Have you tried using Process Builder?

Start on the ZenKraft object and you want the crtieria to be ever time its modified and when zkups__MasterTrackingId__c isn't blank. You'll be able to filter down to the order and reference the tracking nu,ber and place it in the field required, voila!
Vignesh BalasubramanianVignesh Balasubramanian 
Hi Everyone,

I want to learn Visualforce and Apex coding,Could anyone suggest me good workbook or related books(Prefer PDF) to learn those things.......

Thanks & Best Regards
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Naveen DhanarajNaveen Dhanaraj
Hi Vignesh,
I will suggest you to Learn Through Trailhead Initially,
Apex Basics----------->
Visualforce Basics------>

After Doing This Trailheads, you can Google it and you will find Lot and Good Blogs by MVPS and Developers,
Check This Links,
Apex Tutorial------> (

Visualforce Tutorials------->
Apex Tutorials----------->

I hope this Link will help you,If any Please let me know

All the Best For your Future :)

Bethany BrandtBethany Brandt 
I am trying to make a "True" "False" formula with a checkbox of Taxable, then calculate the tax amount... What am I doing wrong? I keep getting it kicked back. The first part works on its own. Its just the second part that does not work.
If (Taxable__c = true,(Amount * 0.08625),Amount) || If (Taxable__c = false (Amount * 0),Amount)
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
A Checkbox is either TRUE or FALSE, so there's no need for an OR 

Try this
Amount *
IF (Taxable__c = TRUE,