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Chris HunterChris Hunter 
I currently have a formula field to pull the Sales Manager from the opportunity in the custom object I've built. Im looking to create another field that pulls in the Sales Manager's Manger's Manager. So if I'm the Sales manager the field would show my Manager's Manager.
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Sunil SarillaSunil Sarilla
Hi Chris,
Please use the insert field button to naviage to Opportunity - Sales Manager - Manager and select the first name and then last name
Custom Object > Opportunity > Sales Manager > Manager > First Name

the final formula will be something like
Opportunity__r.Sales_Manager__r.Manager.FirstName + " " + Opportunity__r.Sales_Manager__r.Manager.LastName

Angela Mullen-SmithAngela Mullen-Smith 
I have just enabled the Individual Object - but I cannot see an option to create a tab and then input data.

Does anyone have any experience of uploading data to the Individual object
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Steve WilliamsSteve Williams
Hi Angela,

I don't have this object in any of my orgs but you should be able to add data using the data loader. From the developer page it states that you need to be at API v 42 or higher so make sure you download the latest data loader app from your org otherwise it will not be able to see the object.
Andrew LakinAndrew Lakin 
I am looking to create public calendars (for exmaple, our inteneral release schedule dates). Looks like this is available in classic but not lightning:

In addition, I am not able to find an idea for this to upvote. The only one I've found has been closed because it says delivered, however, its only to share users calendars with each other in lightning:
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Prateek SharmaPrateek Sharma
Hi Andrew, 

It seems to be limitation, you can view your public calendars in Salesforce Classic but Lightning don't given that option.

Idea is created for that.
Andy RouseAndy Rouse 
Over time, I've ended up with a few Success Community Profiles (my usernames from a couple of companies I worked for, and then my "standalone" developer profile). Is there any way to merge the questions/votes/comments, etc of those profiles into 1? I'd like to have a unified presence in the community, if that's possible.

Over time, I could see this becoming a growing issue as multiple people move from company to company that all use Salesforce?
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Alex Twomey-McLeodAlex Twomey-McLeod
Vote for the idea here
Megan BlotzerMegan Blotzer 
How can I make the Close Date default to today when someone is Closing an Opp? 
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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
You can using a Workflow Rule + Field Update - 
  1. Setup | Create | Workflows & Approvals | Workflow Rules 
  2. New Rule
  3. Select the object: Opportunity
  4. Evaluation Criteria: created and every time it's edited to subsequently meet the criteria [ 3RD OPTION ]
  5. Rule Criteria: criteria
  6. Criteria:
    Stage     equals     Closed Won
  7. Click Save & Next
  8. From under Immediate Workflow Actions, click Add Workflow Action to select Field Update
  9. Select the Field to Update: 
  10. Select Use a Formula to Set the New Value
  11. Formula: 
  12. Click Save
  13. Hit Done
  14. Activate!
Sarah JosephSarah Joseph 
Does anyone have any experience with integrating Microsoft Teams with Salesforce? Specifically, a client would like to have threads from Teams get added to an account in SF.  They don't want to use Chatter for this feature, because they are a large company and will not all be using SF (and no, Chatter licenses are not ideal). Thoughts?
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CharlemagneCharlemagne ( 
Hi Sarah,

I would like to try and assist here, since integration with other systems require custom coding, may I suggest visiting our Developer Community for any coding related questions at You will get an answer much quicker if you post there. Thank you!

I hope the information above helps!
Sibyl BeaudrySibyl Beaudry 
So I think I need to use the DataLoader...gotten that far...but how do I find out the Owner ID that is needed and is it needed??
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Brian HopkinsBrian Hopkins
So what I usually do, is I export all the records that need to be updated, making sure to include the ID column, to a CSV file.

Then I export all the users to a CSV file, and move the user ID column to the last column, instead of the first (for the next step)

Then I use a VLOOKUP to pull in the correct User ID to the first CSV file, using whatever criteria needed.  (match on email address, for example).  Overwrite the existing values in the OwnerID column, or add one with that name if you didn't export it.

Then you just pass the CSV file to the data loader, and choose which fields to map (in this case, you just need ID and OwnerID)
Michael DreesmannMichael Dreesmann 

I understand we need the link to fill the information in the "Knows about"-section of the chatter profiles. But how can I add the "endorse people" link, please?
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Tom BlamireTom Blamire
in that case you will need to go to:

Setup > Customize >

amd then enable the Skills Setting
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Ines GarciaInes Garcia
Hi Harish, do it from the related list. Custom links are not supported in Lightning at this point.
(parsing url IDs doesnt work like in classic)
Hope this helps,

Jorge DiazJorge Diaz 
I have a Custom Profile that cannot view any Opportunities, anyone know what i have to edit?
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Ankush DurejaAnkush Dureja
Go to your profile
Click on Edit
In Standard Object Permissions
Check Read Checkbox for opportunity
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