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Atul GuptaAtul Gupta 
Hi Guys, 
I'm not sure if this is the right place to share this, but I thought this might be helpful to everyone.

As you know now we can add the Trailhead Badges that we earn to our LinkedIn Profiles as well. But this functionality is only there for the Badges that you earn after this funcationality came out.

What about the Badges we earned before that ?

No worries, there is a way out.
I've developed a Library of Trailhead Badges where you guys can easily add them to your LinkedIn Profiles

Salesforce Trailhead Library (

I would love to hear your feedback on this. Any changes that might be required. Right now it only contains the Badges for the Modules, I will be adding other Badges like for Projects in future.
Here's the accompanying blog post ( as well.
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Brian MakasBrian Makas

This forum is intended for questions about how to use SFDC not as place to advertise blogs, especially when this is not a commonly asked question or even directly related to the actual use of SFDC.

Please share this information using the Collaboration tab above as opposed to the Answers site.
Keith WallaceKeith Wallace 
Is there a way to stop Tasks from appearing in the Chatter feed?  

As an example, if I send an email to someone via Salesforce, there's no need for it to appear in Chatter.  The activity is already captured in the Activity History section, so seeing it Chatter is redundant. 
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Subramanyam MeareSubramanyam Meare
Hey Keith,

To disable the the Task from appearing in Chatter feed:-

Go--Setup--Customize--Chatter---Setting---Disable checkbox "Generate Feed items for New Tasks"

Note:- This is organization wide setting,Hence deactivating will have impact across org wide.

Tyson JoeTyson Joe 
In Lightning, through Path Settings my last lead status is showing up on the status bar as "Converted" and the Key Fields (which happen to be required and super important) and Guide to Success are not there.

I've edited in Lead Processes. I've even tried adding a dummy status to see. Nothing. It's a massive problem.
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Sankar KrishnanSankar Krishnan
Tyson, the behavior of Lead Path Settings is confusing when it comes to 'Converted' Lead Status. 
'Converted' on the Lead Path indicates if the Lead is ready to be converted to an Account and Contact (also, optionally to an Opprtunity), and not specifically the Lead Status Name which is set as Converted in the Lead Status picklist menu. This is why when you click on 'Converted' (and select 'Mark as current stage') on the Lead Path, you will be presented with the Convert Screen. 
In order for you to see the 'Key Fields' and 'Guidance for Success' for the Converted Lead Status, you would need to select the respective 'Converted' Lead Status from the Details section of the Lead record and not the Lead Path. Once you do this, you will see the Lead Path showing the respective Converted Lead Status together with 'Key Fields' & 'Guidance for Success'. Please note that you would need to manually click the 'Convert' button on the Lead Record to actually convert the Lead.
Vikram SinghVikram Singh 
Step 1> .
public class Greater {
    Integer x,y;
    public void num(Integer x1, Integer y1){
      x = x1;
      y = y1;
        if (x > y){
            system.debug('greater no is = ' +x);
                system.debug('greater no is = ' +y);
Step 2 >  Greater obj = new Greater();
The above program does not work through error ....
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Paras BhattParas Bhatt

Brackets are not properly placed.
Even you can use ternary operator.

if (x > y)?system.debug('greater no is = ' + x) : system.debug('greater no is = ' + y);

Paras Bhatt
Adam PearlessAdam Pearless 
Hi all

I have 19 accounts/profiles in the success community, from past projects, different orgs etc. Can anything be done?

Ideally I'd like just one - is it possible to merge or delete?

Creds for some of these accounts are long forgetten....


Many me...
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Vinay ChaturvediVinay Chaturvedi
As per the produyct management comment on this idea:
"There is currently no way to move the activity (answers, ideas, etc) from one profile to another profile. That content will continue to exist and be available to other to see and will be linked to the old profile. Users who tried to access that old profile would get an error message that it is no longer available. Being able to pull activity created by multiple users together onto one user is the gist of merging user profiles and is what we are unable to do right now"
vignesh balasubramanianvignesh balasubramanian 
Hi Everyone,
 Can we request the App seller to make some customization only for us in their managed pakages.Is it possible....

Note: Its a paid App.

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Jeff MayJeff May
It will depend on the vendor. It is possible to have an extension created, but you will definitely need to pay for it.
Ajay KumarAjay Kumar 
Hi Team,

I creating a customer community and trying to create a user but i am getting any email related to set the password? can you tell me why i am not getting any email?

Thanks in advance.

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Dharmendra ShekhawatDharmendra Shekhawat
There may be several reasons where the user is not getting any email:
  • First of all, check your org Deliverability setting whether it's on or No access.
  • If you haven’t yet activated the community you want to add the external user to, deselect Generate the new password and notify user immediately so that users don’t receive a password before the community is activated.
Take a look here: Create Communities Users
Brandon SowersBrandon Sowers 

I'd like to know if a lookup relationship can be made with Chatter groups? Like, if I want an object to be able to reference Chatter Groups, can this be done with a lookup field?

I realize that the mention could also be made in the Chatter field, but I would like for this to be possible (and perhaps required) during record creation, rather than to be a separate step after record creation.
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shabbir skshabbir sk

Please see the below link to get more idea on this,
Randi RabeRandi Rabe 
I am working on the 'Community Rollout Strategy' module, and I named my URL incorrectly. Now I cannot finish, once the URL is named it's set in stone. Is there any way for Salesforce to fix this?
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Pritam ShekhawatPritam Shekhawat
Don't worry. You can login into trailhead with your developer org and go to module and in lunch you can create a new play ground which is actually dev org and you can use that org to complete your modules there. If you having any question then you can send an email to
Elliott SpenceElliott Spence 
I am trying to create a process builder to post a message to chatter whenever an opportunity is closed/won. How do I write the message so it would appear as follows: "Congratulations @user on closing the @opportunity name opportunity! Keep up the great work!"
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Pritam ShekhawatPritam Shekhawat
You can use Merge fields then from there select Opportunity Owner ID> Then select First Name and same way you can use opportunity name there.
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