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Jessy HutchinsonJessy Hutchinson 
I've taken 2 practice exams, preparing for the real thing. I have a "good guess" as to the answers to the below questions, but could someone weigh in with additional details? Thanks!

Universal Containers created a Time-Based Workflow rule that sends a follow-up email to the customer two days after a Case is closed. The System Admin wants to verify that the workflow functions correctly.Which queue should the System Admin view to monitor pending Workflow Actions?
A. Mass Email Queue
B. Outbound Messaging Delivery Queue (I read about tracking the delivery status of outbound messages in "Outbound Messages")
C. Time-Based Workflow Queue (I read about monitoring pending workflow actions)
D. Background Jobs Queue

Universal Containers wants to automatically assign a Task to account managers when a customer's agreement is about to expire. 
How should a Sys Admin configure this functionality?

A. Create a Time-based Workflow on Account with a rule criteria of Agreement End Date > TODAY().
B. Create a Workflow on Account with a rule criteria of Agreement End Date < TODAY().
C. Create a Time-based Workflow on Account with a rule criteria of Agreement End Date < TODAY().
D. Create a Workflow on Account with a rule criteria of Agreement End Date > TODAY().
I'm not entirely clear on the difference between Workflows & Time-based Workflows (or if Time-based is just a type of workflow), but my guess is C. Not sure if the greater than symbol is correct.

Which two related lists should be added to the Opportunities page layout to track how Campaigns contribute to the overall pipeline? (choose 2) 
A. Campaign Members (probably?)
B. Campaign Influence (yes)
C. Contact Roles (no)
D. Open Activities (probably not?)  

A Sys Admin enables Case Feed Actions and Feed Items in Support Settings. With the appropriate profile permissions enabled, what change will users see?
A. All Case fields will be added to the Chatter Feed Tracking
B. Case Feeds will no longer be hidden on standard Page Layouts
C. All Case buttons will be converted to Actions in the Case Feed
D. Cases will use Feed Layouts rather than standard Page Layouts
I'm guessing B, but I can't verify my answer...I've tried scouring the internet for more details.

What should a Sys Admin do to organize the fields available on a report?
A. Enable Dynamic Reports (no)
B. Create a custom report type (I'm familiar with creating custom reports and then clicking "Edit Layout" to choose which fields will be available in the Report Builder)
C. Modify the standard report type (you can't)
D. Edit the Report Builder layout (Are they just referring to the "Edit" button on any report, and choosing which fields you want to include in your report?)
I'm leaning towards B specifically due to the word "available" in the question. Am I correct?

A System Administrator creates a Workflow rule that assigns a task to a support manager role when a case is escalated. The case owner is complaining about being assigned these tasks. What should a System Admin do to correct this issue?
A. Add a field update to the Workflow to also change the owner
B. Change the workflow rule to assign tasks based on profile (I'm not understanding how this will help)
C. Remove the Workflow and use a report instead (I'd eliminate this option)
D. Make sure there is only one user in the role (I'd eliminate this option)
I'm guessing A but I really have no basis for that.

Universal Containers has a complex sales process with multiple record types, each shared with all Profiles. Some users complain about the Record Type selection screen when creating new Opportunities. Which two actions should the Sys Admin take to allow these users to bypass choosing a Record Type?
A. Instruct users to update the Default Record Type in My Settings (yes)
B. Remove Record Types from the users' Sales Process
C. Remove the Record Type field from the users' Page Layout (maybe?)
D. Remove Record Types from the users' Profiles (no)
I've picked A and I'm guessing C. Correct? I can't rule out B. 
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Syed Insha JawaidSyed Insha Jawaid
HI Jessy

Answer to the questions with references : 
1. C; Reference :
2. A; I suppose as the requirement is about to expire not expire.
3. B and C; Reference :
4. D; Reference :
5. B; Reference :
6. D; Assigned To option holds following options : User,Role,Account Team,Owner,Partner User,Portal Role
7. A and D; Reference :

Farah SherifFarah Sherif 
A) A sales process where the approval manager is randomly assigned from a public group of managers and a second approval by the sales VP

b) A sales process where the first level approval can be denied and automatically routed to the sales VP for final approval

c) a sales process that involves approvals for all opportunities by a sales VP where a sales VP is allowed to delegate the approval to someone else 

D) a sales process that involves approval to a queue member for all oppotunities and an additional approval by a sales VP for opportunities over a certain amont

which two are correct and why? the only one I'm sure of is D 
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Matthew SkotzMatthew Skotz 
I have been tasked with creating a new way of classifying account segments based on NAICS codes so before I give it a shot I wanted to see if anyone has best practices around this. 

I need this custom "Segment" or "Industry" field to populate based on the NAICS code on the account however with certain NAICS codes I need the Segment field to reference another Field on the account before giving an output. 

For Example: IF NAICS code starts with... 5171 THEN Segment = Information Technology & Services IF OR Locations Field is NOT EQUAL to NULL OR 0 THEN = Retail 

The skinny is that I need certain NAICS codes to look at another field before classifying a “Segment” so if its Telecom without locations then its Technology but if it has locations then its Retail. So I know I can use the IF( OR( but want to konw if anyone has done this before and how they did it. 

I use the standard code for this which is something like this: 

IF(OR(LEFT(NAICS_Code__c, 4) = '3152', LEFT(NAICS_Code__c, 4) = '4243'), 'Retail', 
IF(LEFT(NAICS_Code__c, 3) = '334', 'Technology', 
IF(LEFT(NAICS_Code__c, 1) = '1', 'Agriculture', 
IF(LEFT(NAICS_Code__c, 1) = '2', 'Mining/Utilities/Construction', 
IF(LEFT(NAICS_Code__c, 1) = '3', 'Manufacturing', 
IF(LEFT(NAICS_Code__c, 3) = '441', 'Car and Boat Dealers/Suppliers', 
IF(LEFT(NAICS_Code__c, 3) = '445', 'Convenience and Food Stores', 
IF(LEFT(NAICS_Code__c, 3) = '454', 'Miscellaneous retail (ie. Online, vending machines, etc)', 
IF(LEFT(NAICS_Code__c, 3) = '722', 'Food Service Establishments', 
IF(OR(LEFT(NAICS_Code__c, 6) = '515210', LEFT(NAICS_Code__c, 6) = '541921'), 'Retail', 
IF(LEFT(NAICS_Code__c, 6) = '713940', 'Healthcare', 
IF(LEFT(NAICS_Code__c, 4) = '5415', 'Technology', 
IF(LEFT(NAICS_Code__c, 3) = '517', 'Telecommunications', 
IF(LEFT(NAICS_Code__c, 3) = '488', 'Business/Professional Services', 
IF(OR(LEFT(NAICS_Code__c, 3) = '525'), 'Other Financial Services', 
IF(OR(LEFT(NAICS_Code__c, 3) = '521', LEFT(NAICS_Code__c, 3) = '522', LEFT(NAICS_Code__c, 6) = '551111'), 'Banking', 
IF(LEFT(NAICS_Code__c, 3) = '523', 'Securities/Investment Firms', 
IF(LEFT(NAICS_Code__c, 3) = '524', 'Insurance', 
CASE(LEFT(NAICS_Code__c, 2), 
"42", "Wholesalers", 
"44", "Retail", 
"45", "Retail", 
"48", "Warehousing and Transportation", 
"49", "Warehousing and Transportation (DHL)", 
"51", "Technology", 
"52", "Financial Services", 
"53", "Personal/Consumer Services", 
"54", "Business/Professional Services", 
"55", "Holding Companies", 
"56", "Business/Professional Services", 
"61", "Education", 
"62", "Healthcare", 
"71", "Personal/Consumer Services", 
"81", "Personal/Consumer Services", 
"92", "Government", 

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Yogesh BiyaniYogesh Biyani
@Matthew If you are only checking for the presence OR absence of the location field you can add an outer IF and copy the existing formula twice (once for true and once for false) and change the string value returned for false. 
Dave WolfeDave Wolfe 
We have a custom object that has several lookup fields to the User object. When we choose a 'Partner User' record in the lookup and attempt to save the record, we are getting the following error.
An error has occurred in the following section: [Exception, TransferRequiresCrudReadException]. has been notified of this error.
Before you can transfer this record, the new owner needs Read permission on it and related records.

I am not usderstanding why this error is happening. First - we are not transfering any ownership - just changing a field and saving a record. Second - I am the System Admin so I have all the necessary permissions.

Any ideas how we can get this work?

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Srinivasa RayapuriSrinivasa Rayapuri
Its an error that happens on the salesforce side Dave  [Exception, TransferRequiresCrudReadException]. has been notified of this error

I suggest you raise a customer support case and provide them with the error
Mary TepasMary Tepas 

Hi all, 

I created a simple custom app to track the multitude of requests that come into my inbox on a daily basis.  I know, I could just use cases, but our Service Team uses it and I wanted something that was simple and wouldn't get lost in the sea of cases.  That said...My boss would like to have our users creating the records themselves. alleviating some of my workload.

What would be the best approach to expose the new button, but not allow users to see the records in the queue?  It's fine for them to see their own records, but not anything else.



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Doug BurkhartDoug Burkhart
If you just set the Custom Object's Org Wide Default to Private, that will restrict access to the following people only:
- The record Owner
- Anyone above the record Owner in the Role Hiearchy (This only applies if you also check the box 'Grant Access Using Hierarchies in the Org-Wide Defaults)
- Anyone who has View All or Modify All Permissions for this Object
- Anyone who has View All Data or Modify All Data System Permissions
Bhavishya MuradiaBhavishya Muradia 
Hi All,
My Apex class returning pdf Url like -"quote/quoteTemplateDataViewer.apexp?id=0Q08E000002nWzMSAU&headerHeight=190&footerHeight=188&summlid=0EH8E0000008smw#toolbar=1&navpanes=0&zoom=90" .
I Used <a> tag with download attribute  to make it autodownload in lightning component,But instead of downloading it is just opening the   pdf .
Did anybody knows the solution to autodownload the pdf in LightningComponent?
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Christine PrestonChristine Preston 
I was able to log into a Sandbox yesterday with no issues.  Today I created a new one & now I can't log into any of them.  I have reset my password in Production.  I have tried to log in via Setup & via with no luck.

This is costing hours of work for me right now.  Any help would be great. 
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Rupesh Balaji Nethaji BabuRupesh Balaji Nethaji Babu
Steps to avoid this issue or to be aware of following a Sandbox Refresh/Creation:

When ever you create a new sandbox, the emails would get defaulted to a default format. You'll have to update your email so that the verification code would come into the correct email if no phone number is listed.

Also, the newly created/refresh sandbox has the same password as your production instance. Say if your password is ABC and you refresh/create a new sandbox, you can log into it with the ABC password for the firstime you login.If you change your prod password from ABC to CDE post your first login to the sandbox, your sandbox still has the old password of ABC.

Other alternative, that I can suggest here is go to production > Setup > Sandbox

Select the sandbox that you've just created/refreshed and click login button over there. Use the password prior to the one that was reset. If it doesn't workout, you can ask anyother admins to login using the above steps with the default password and have them reset your password. 

If everything is ruled out raise a case with by giving them your OrgID and see what happens.
Justin PietrasJustin Pietras 
I am looking at adding some standard and custom fields from the task object within this area of the Lightning page (see below).  Any help is appreciated.  

User-added image
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Ahilesh RagavanAhilesh Ragavan
Goto : Setup >> Global Actions >> Open "New Task" action >> Click "Edit Layout" button >> Add/Remove fields into layout >> Save

Refresh your page.

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Lindsay ThompsonLindsay Thompson 
Is there a way to add a stage progression flow in the cases object that mimics the same flow in the opportunities object, but with different stages? 

User-added image
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Amnon KruviAmnon Kruvi
Hi Lindsay,

Recently, Salesforce released a feature called "Path" which allows you to do this. Try going to Setup->Path, and creating a path for the Case object.