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Equipe DepotEquipe Depot 
How can we customize the Volunteer Shift Calendar to display the NAMES of the confirmed volunteers?
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Sujay GSujay G
No, you can't, but you can create a new calendar using visualforce coding and add names of the volunteers. 

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Charlotte AshtonCharlotte Ashton 
We can no longer use spell check in Chatter because these buttons override the standard menu on right click in Google Chrome

Does anyone know how to get around this without changing browser? It only happens in a Chatter post, nowhere else.

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Charlotte AshtonCharlotte Ashton
I saw another post on this and replied to see if they had a workaround which they have... If you press CTRL + right click then you get the standard menu with spellcheck. Refreshing the browser etc. didn't work for us.
Leah KoppermanLeah Kopperman 

I'm sure this is answered elsewhere, but I couldn't find the information.

I have a longstanding "Trailblazer Community" (formerly "Success Community") account--the account that I'm using right now to post this question on

There is also the "Trailblazer Community Groups" site As far as I can recall, the only time I ever use this site is when I RSVP to attend a local user group in person. I may be mis-rememberhing, but I swear that when I've done this in the past I was able to log into by using the same Salesforce instance that I use to log into the Trailblazer (Success) Community.

Last week I got an invitation to a local community group that I want to attend, and they seemed to have changed the login interface for Now when I try to log in it doesn't prompt me to log into a Salesforce instance, it just asks me to fill in an email address and password directly on the page (see screenshot). Alternatively, I can use LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter to log in.

When I enter the email address an password associated with the Salesforce instance that I use for my Trailblazer (Success) Community account, I get an error message that says "the e-mail address and/or password you specified are not correct."User-added image

Separately--on Trailhead account is tied to my LinkedIn credentials instead of a Salesforce instance. When I encountered the above error I tried the LinkedIn option to log into Trailblazer Community Groups"; this got me in, but it set up a brand new account from scratch instead of logging me into my existing account.

Can anyone tell me what's going on here? Is there a way to log into using a specific Salesforce instance like we do here? If so, how do I do that?

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Tom HoffmanTom Hoffman
This is fun, this was the #1 question at the Community Kiosk at Dreamforce last week. 

Soo...we used to use a platform called 'SplashThat' to manage our user group meetings, I can say amongst the User Group leader set I don't recall it winning a popularity contest. 

At the end July, the Success Community was rebranded and with that came the new site & branding.  This is entirely different from the platform where you used to sign in (SplashThat) that was connected to your success trailblazer community credentials. 

With this new platform, you can register with an email or social sign-on, which is great for all attendees that may not have a specific salesforce login that are interested in learning more about Salesforce, WiT groups, etc. 

To summarize:

1) Success Community = Trailblazer Community
2) ^ these credentials are still the same, you can access your Community Group chatter page, answers, etc through them
3) SplashThat uses to use these same credentials, but was retired in August. 
4) There is a new platform, Bevy, that requires you to register with your email or social logins and all previous ones do not work. 

Ken ReyesKen Reyes 
Hello Community,

This a Community set up question.  We would like to prevent the ability for community users from uploading files on their chatter group.   I can see in Community preferences that I can limit the size and/or type of document uplodated; but not really disable the function.  I thought also maybe it's a chatter setting on the community profile - but that permission isn't available on profile.  I can also see that this is standard lightning component but I don't have the ability to edit that code.

Has anyone else disabled this function?  How can I do it?  Thanks in advance for any info.  Here's a screen grab of the community and where a community user can upload a file.  
file upload on community
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Naval SharmaNaval Sharma
 don't think we can restrict user from uploading files in Chatter.

However, You can delete files and links from chatter which you find is not required.

There is an idea out there if you want to upvote it.
Justin PietrasJustin Pietras 
I am looking at adding some standard and custom fields from the task object within this area of the Lightning page (see below).  Any help is appreciated.  

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Ahilesh RagavanAhilesh Ragavan
Goto : Setup >> Global Actions >> Open "New Task" action >> Click "Edit Layout" button >> Add/Remove fields into layout >> Save

Refresh your page.

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zas Zhengzas Zheng 
I want select all field name on lead, such as IsConverted, ConvertedContactId...
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Bhavna BanodhaBhavna Banodha
Hi Zas,

Go to Developer Console,
Open Lead Object
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New window will open, select all the fields(Ctrl A or drag)
and click on Query
Below window will have all the fields queried
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Gage StaruchGage Staruch 
I'm trying to send an email alert when a new user in Salesforce is created. In my email template, I'm currently using:

User Name: {!User.Name}
Role: {!User.Role_Name__c}
Profile: {!User.Profile}

But when the email goes out, it displays my information. (lol)

Any suggestions on how to make this work?

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Jayaraman GuruswamyJayaraman Guruswamy
Hi Gage,

When you create the email template, you are selecting the User Object to get the fields. Please try getting the fields from Workflow User object.


Best Regards

Malisa GibbonsMalisa Gibbons 
I need to create a field with the following formula (currently using in excel) on the opportunity object

M7=Probability Field

I cannot get my syntax to work - please help
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Adam JohnsonAdam Johnson
Assuming by probability you meant Percent field.  Use the field picker to select M7.  This states if M7 is less than 79% display "<50%" otherwise display "80%+"  (This logic seems off, just going with what you included)
Alexander PinateAlexander Pinate 
Hi Team,

This is my third profile from the trailblazer community that I have. One from my firts company, the other one is the developer org profile that I still keep and now this one from my new company. Any suggestions on how to keep things consistent about profiles? I use my companie's Emails for this profile because is super convenient to get the answer in my Email.

Any suggestions are welcome :)
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Alexis GrauAlexis Grau
If I am logged in to my company's Salesforce and need to check something in my dev org, I always use a different browser so I don't have to worry about logging out and in over and over. 
Mr JohnMr John 
Hi All,

Anyone know how I can return the month name in this formula so it looks lke this - April 27, 2019:


Thank You!

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Steve MolisSteve Molis
Give this a try 
 1, "January", 
 2, "February", 
 3, "March",  
 4, "April", 
 5, "May",  
 6, "June", 
 7, "July", 
 8, "August", 
 9, "September", 
 10, "October", 
 11, "November", 
 12, "December", 
 "None") + ' ' + 
 TEXT(DAY(PRIORVALUE(CloseDate))) + ', ' +