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Liron WachsLiron Wachs 
I am going to attend the Admin certification exam this week and wanted to know from someone who attended this exam recently, if there are questions concerning Lightning Vs. Classic edition?
I understood that the questions that are asked are relevant to classic edition only, but I wanted to make sure that this fact is indeed correct and hasn't changed.
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Ankush DurejaAnkush Dureja
Hi Liron, 
Please check following study guide for salesforce adminstrator exam

Some of my colleagues recently appeared for exam and there was no question related to Lightning Vs Classic. And as per above 2 links as well, its not part of administrator exam.

Good luck for exam. :)
Gorav SethGorav Seth 
I read the release notes a few too many times, and was under the impression that users would still be able to view archived chatter groups, they just would be sort of hidden behind a rock somewhere.

Or at least that admins could view them.

Finally getting around to checking out more of the winter 14 features, and was very surprised that I can only see the archived groups I own, and that the rest are effectively invisible for everyone.

Anyone else surprised by that?  Is there a setting I'm missing?  Anyone posted an idea to remedy this?
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Jeff MayJeff May
I don't think the Group will be shown in the "Active Groups" list, but posts should still be searchable and find-able.   And, users can still join/leave as they want.  Can you search by Group name do you find it?
Gabriel McGinnGabriel McGinn 
I have been unable to resolve an issue with my visual flow. I am currently attempting to filter results in several sections of my workflow.

User provides input on a screen, which is then matched to options using a dynamic choice. The objective is that I want actions to take place if the location name contains the word rack.

I have a decision that should be using the locations name to see if it contains the word rack, but this is not working.

I am starting to think that I am not using "contains" in the decision properly. 
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Gabriel McGinnGabriel McGinn
Resolved my issue.

I mapped the name to a variable in the additional options of the Dynamic Record choices on the matching location screen.

I then referenced the location name variable to see if it contained the word rack. 
Luann KeilenLuann Keilen 
Users (including System Admin) cannot see the web email field on a case page even though it's visible in Page Layout when you view the page as the profiles selected.

I've validated the following:
1.  The Profiles in question have read and edit access to the web email field.
2.  The Profiles in question have access to the page layout.
3.  The web-email field:
  • validated the setup field level security for the profiles are visibile and not read only
  • validated that the.field "view access security" is visibile and editable for the profiles
What else could I be missing on this standard field?
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Krzysztof NowackiKrzysztof Nowacki
Hi Luann,

Give this a try as an answer

Leila DujanyLeila Dujany 
I need a work around for @ mentioning opportunities in chatter posts. IT would also be very helpful to be able to @ mention an account or contact on a post as well. Usually our use case is that we have a meeting with a contact, want to share it to a group but also link it to an opportunity. 
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Adam MarksAdam Marks
That is not possible right now, but there is an idea on the exchange that you should go vote up:

For now if you need to have a chatter post show up at the record level you need to post it on the actual record. That being said if you have key accounts or opportunities that you manage, you could create chatter groups around those items and @ mention the group. Keep in mind the system is not going to tie that group to any specific records. You could @ mention a group on a record feed post to bring it to people's attention though.
Angela Mullen-SmithAngela Mullen-Smith 
I have struggled at times creating Multi  IF / AND/ OR statements and with help from people in the Community I think I've cracked my understanding of such an important function.

I am creating a new field called Pipeline Status and depending on the stated conditions below I want these values to be applied. I struggled combining IF/AND conditions with simple IF statements.

IF(Work_Order_Priority__c = 'Proceeded', 'Closed Won',
IF(Work_Order_Priority__c = 'Awaiting Proceed', 'Awaiting Proceed',
IF(Work_Order_Priority__c = 'Quotation', 'Quote attached to a Work Order',
IF(Work_Order_Priority__c = 'Customer Complaint','Customer Complaint',
IF(Work_Order_Priority__c = 'Not Proceeded (Closed)','Not Proceeded (Closed)',
'Opp, No Quote',
'Quote but no WO',

The IF Statements consists of 3 parts
A condition to be meet, value if True,  and a value if False
Each  of the above IF statement consists of the Condition to be meet.
The value if True.
The one Null value at the end applies to all the IF Statements, as it is the value if False – should only be Input ONCE.

Knowledge is for Sharing - I hope it assists someone else.

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Angela Mullen-SmithAngela Mullen-Smith
@sunila Sarilla
Hi - The formula works - I was trying to pass it on for other people to learn by example - if they were searching it would pop up.
Thanks for your help
Anthony TrottAnthony Trott 
Hi everyone, 

I received a request to create a validation rule for tasks that does not allow a task to be saved if it is created by "In Fo (an integrated user) AND if NAME (WhoId) = Null AND if Related To (WhatId-Null).  Can someone help me in creating a formula for this?


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Steve MolisSteve Molis

Can you post a screenshot of the record that broke the rule?  In your fist post your said "if it is created by "In Fo (an integrated user) AND if NAME (WhoId) = Null AND if Related To (WhatId-Null)."

Do you want this?
$User.Alias = 'InFo',

or this?
$User.Alias = 'InFo',

Kevin SirfaceKevin Sirface 
Hey all,
I received a spreadsheet from the business to create Lead Assignment rules by zip code. There are over 43k of them so manually creating them is not an option. 
I don't see the Lead Assignment object in the data loader, so I don't think I can insert these.
Has anyone had this same issue? Is there a way to get these leads assigned to the proper sales rep by zip code?
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Naveen DhanarajNaveen Dhanaraj
  1. Create a custom object called ‘Zip Codes’. Create fields as necessary, including the following: Zip Code (text, 10 characters) and Sales Rep (user lookup). Make the ‘Zip Code’ field an external ID.
  2. Create a trigger which will do the follow. On creation of a Lead, use the zip code to run a query on the ‘Zip Codes’ object to identify the Sales Rep for that zip code, and assign the Lead to the Sales Rep.
  3. The solution works even better if the customer already maintains a spreadsheet of Zip Codes and associated Sales Reps. In this instance, they can convert the spreadsheet into a CSV, and upload the CSV of all Zip Codes.
Shachar AvrahamiShachar Avrahami 

I have a field called 'Churn Month' that when I change the account status to 'Lost Customer', I want to populate with a formula (as a Field Update in a workflow):

if( ISPICKVAL(Churned_at_the_end_of_POC__c,"NO"), 
if( ISBLANK(next_bill_2__c) , TODAY(), 
Onboarding__c )

When the 'Churn Month' field is blank, the process works perfectly. However, for some of our accounts we already have a past value on this field (bring-back customers that churned and came back), it won't update and the old value remains.

Any suggestions why?

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Kris RyanKris Ryan
Can you post a screen shot of the record that is failing with the data being used in the WFR?
Neil KimNeil Kim 

We use Role hierarchy.

CEO is on the TOP, and sales rep is under him.

However,  on CEO's Calendar tap(in Lightning), any sales rep's event or task is invisible.

Why is this happened?

How do I make it visible?

Please share your expertise!
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Pritam ShekhawatPritam Shekhawat
Calendar Sharing and Ownership
You can’t share your calendar with your manager or other coworkers. Managers in the role hierarchy can use reports to view events owned by people below them in the role hierarchy, but not to edit them. Only one person can own a meeting. If you reassign a meeting to someone else, it no longer appears on your calendar.