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David GoldDavid Gold 
Yes.  The CPQ and Billing teams will be monitoring all posts to ensure they are being answered in the same fashion as what you have come to expect on the Support Forum at  You will still be able to search old posts on the steelbrick site.  But for all new posts please ask your questions here.  Thanks!
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David GoldDavid Gold will be accessible until April 2018.  
Dylan GerowDylan Gerow 
Taks a product with a description of the following:

Now add the product description to the quote line line editor field set and add this product. You will see the following:
Encoded Description
This does not match the plan text description on the product and looks to be encoded. 

Now simply edit the description and click save in the rich text editor and you will see that it is corrected:
Decoded Description
Is this a bug? I cannot imagine it is intended functionality. 
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Dustin PenrodDustin Penrod
This is a known issue. There's currently an open work record open to investigate: W-4174875
I anticipate this will be fixed in a coming patch, but can't make any promises :)
Pete FifePete Fife 

From the CPQ Quote "Edit Lines" button I get a screen which tells me the quote has no line items and to click the "Add Products" button, however there is no add products button.

This is in a sandbox org, which was just refreshed from production.  I've done the OAuth already in the config settings.  What else am I missing?

Here is a screen shot:

User-added image

Celia AstheimerCelia Astheimer 

Can anyone give a bit of direction around these two VF pages and where we might find changes to them in the past few releases? We just tried to upgrade a sandbox from 26.0.22 to 208.4 and are having some issues, and any changes to these might help give us some direction on the investigation. Searching in the Steelbrick Community hasn't brought much up so far.


Thank you in advance!
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Dustin PenrodDustin Penrod
The sb VF page is the page you're directed to when pressing Edit Lines on a Quote in version 27 and later. This is what we refer to as UI2. The entire Line Editor was rewritten to be in java. This allowed a significant uptick in performance at the relatively mild cost of some users having to refamiliarize themselves with the UI. The previous UI was written in Apex and didn't perform as well as the new UI. 

Read up here:
Daniel MuirDaniel Muir 
We would like to auto-populate a text field with "30 Days NET". I can't seem to get a corrct formula field for this, though it seems as if it should be quite simple. This field will populate any quote created, and is always the same.
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Amit SinghAmit Singh
Use "30 Days NET" as default value for the field.
Chris ForshaChris Forsha 
I have two Custom Actions which basically apply Product Family filters. Using Conditions I make them alternately visible on different Quote Record Types. Now I would like to set them to default, but I notice if I make them both default then it's up in the air which one is applied on Quote creation even though only one of them applys to a record type. Is there any way around this so that "Add Product Group A" custom action is default for  "Quote Record Type A" and "Add Product Group B" custom action is default for "Quote Record Type B"?  
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Travis WassonTravis Wasson
No, there is no current way to mark two different custom actions as default. I would recommend creating a formula field on the Quote that returns the text you'd like to filter by. If Record Type A, return the corresponding Product Family, and if Record Type B, return that Product Family instead. Then, have one default custom action with one search filter, but the filter's value uses the "Filter Source Object" and "Filter Source Field" to default it to your formula on the Quote. This way, you have one custom action that is always used, but how it filters is dynamic based on Quote's Record Type.
Martin CarewMartin Carew 
I have a functioning approval process but have an issue. If Quote Lines are edited after it has been approved - is there a way to set the status to Draft and show the watermark again to force the user to resubmit for approval WITHOUT using Process Builder? I dont want sales people to have to create an entire new quote (several times) if they need to change pricing/specification/pricing.

As we use both Product Descriptions and Configured Product Descriptions, I am having to use up many of the alotted 100 Apex just to be able to use a single description field on Quote Lines
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Travis WassonTravis Wasson
- Evaluation Scope should be set to "Calculator". If this isn't a picklist value, you will need to add it and use it.
- Active should be set to "True"
- Calculator Evaluation Event should be either "On Initialization" or "Before Calculate". On Load technically works, but it is not the most recent possible value for that field.
- Lookup Object should be blank.
- Price Actions are very similar the conditions, with Target Object set to Quote, Target Field set to your desired field (Status, WaterMark Shown, etc.) and Value set to the value you want inserted 
Pete FifePete Fife 
I would like to have the ability to set an overall discount as well as an additional line item discount.  Example would be as follows:

I'm selling two products: total eclipse and partial eclipse sun classes.  
  • Total Eclipse list price $10
  • Partial Eclipse list price $5
On the quote I'm giving a 10% discount, however on the Partial Eclipse sunglasses I'm also giving a 50% discount.  Therefore I should the selling price should be
  • Total Eclise selling price $9
  • Partial Eclipse selling price $2.25. (50% * $5 = $2.50 * 10% = $2.25)
Is this possible? 
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Pete FifePete Fife
This is is a non-issue now.  After talking it over with the client, this is what they had to do in their old system as a work around.  The out of box function of taking the line item discount if present instead of quote discount will work for the client. 
Tina CancinoTina Cancino 
We have installed CPQ  in salesforce production.  We then created a sandbox in salesforce, and CPQ seemed to copy over as per productions configurations except for the edit line process. 

The buttons on the edit lines page are not visible like they are in productions. Has anyone run into this? if so, does it mean I need to uninstall and reinstall CPQ in salesforce sandbox? 
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April ZhaoApril Zhao
You can also try to execute post-install scripts to see if that will populate the buttons in the line editor.
Setup > Installed Packages > Configure Salesforce CPQ > Additional Settings > Execute Scripts
John BishopJohn Bishop 


Currently Cross Order functionality aggregates subscriptions total on the account. I have a use case with a client where we need to cross order enabled, but only restricted to the contract. Use case is where one account could hold multiple contracts with ties to different child accounts. We would want the discount schedules with cross order enabled to be restricted to their contracts, and not spread discounts across the multiple contracts. What would be the best path on implementing this in the system? Is this currently even possible? 



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Dustin PenrodDustin Penrod
Presently the cross orders functionality is not dynamic enough to add this filter criteria. The closest thing I can think of that might come near accomplishing this use case is some combination of summary variables acting on assets (the picklist value for assets also queries subscriptions) and a price rule injecting an additional discount based on your criteria. Ultimately that seems like a messy plan... and you're probably best served by logging an idea for expanded cross orders functionality on discount schedules.