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Naveen DhanarajNaveen Dhanaraj
Salesforce CPQ is a separate product which requires purchase of additional licences from Salesforce.Talk to your Account Executive about  licencing
The Sales Cloud is included in the standard Salesforce CRM licence.

Based Business Use case you can decide it.But Both are different.
Mihaela SiclusanMihaela Siclusan 
Hello Community, 

I will love to know if there is a way ( I already search on the internet) to customise this page.

add existing contract in a quote

I want to add the Description field of the Contract after 'Contract End Date'

How to reproduce : 
Use an account that already has activated contracts.
Create a new opportunity, then create the associated quote. Fill in the quote start date, hit Save. The screen asking for selection of an existing contract appears.
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Bart LisBart Lis
Hi Mihaela,
That field set is the "Active Contract Lookup" field set on the contract object I blieve. You should be able to define what fields you want available in the field set. 
David GoldDavid Gold 
Yes.  The CPQ and Billing teams will be monitoring all posts to ensure they are being answered in the same fashion as what you have come to expect on the Support Forum at  You will still be able to search old posts on the steelbrick site.  But for all new posts please ask your questions here.  Thanks!
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David GoldDavid Gold will be accessible until April 2018.  
Chris HunterChris Hunter 
We currently have DocuSign for Salesforce CPQ version 3.1.1 we have continued to run into problems where we cannot edit the body of the message that is sent, it currently pulls the recipents name, but has a standard message and our reps will not use it unless they can edit the message.   I have changed the Email messages on the DocuSign Configuration object with no luck, and also changed it in the DocuSign account with no luck.

Secondly our customers think its Spam becauses its branded as DocuSign, it has DocuSign logos, and colors for the brand, how do we have it pull the brand from DocuSign?  I have set up the brand and logos in DocuSign but it does not pull through.
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Chris HunterChris Hunter
We solved this by adding review before sending, though manual it allows the reps to edit the message and brings up a DocuSign interface.
Ahmed BajwaAhmed Bajwa 

I have a custom field called Appliance_type__c on the asset that is mirrored from the quote lines. Recently I upgraded to v208.7 and now I am running into the following error when attempting to activate a contract (which in turn forecasts a renewal opp):
Validation Errors While Saving Record(s)
There were custom validation error(s) encountered while saving the affected record(s). The first validation error encountered was "Apex trigger SBQQ.ContractAfter caused an unexpected exception, contact your administrator: SBQQ.ContractAfter: execution of AfterUpdate caused by: System.SObjectException: SObject row was retrieved via SOQL without querying the requested field: Asset.Appliance_Type__c: (SBQQ)". 

I did not run into this issue before upgrading, can someone confirm if this is a known issue? Thanks
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Frank ShapiroFrank Shapiro
Hi Ahmed. Twin fields on the Quote Line and Asset auto map from the Quote Line to the Asset. They do not map from the Asset to the Quote line. When you create a renewal forecast, CPQ creates a temporary quote which runs through all calculations to populate the Amount on the Renewal Opportunity. If the calculations on the quote require the Appliance_type__c field, that might be the source of the error.
Sarath GarimellaSarath Garimella 
We are using salesforce tax calculation for our orders.
From what i have seen, tax rates are calcualted based on one of the below options
  • Order:Account Billing Address
  • Order: Account Shipping Address
  • Order: Bill to Contact
  • Order: Ship to Contact
  • Billing Account: Shipping Address
  • Billing Account: Billing Address
We have a use case where same contact will have multiple orders with different billing and shipping address.

If we use one of above options, unless changing address on contact, we really can't calculate taxes based on specific quote address.

I would like to know if we are missing something or there are possible work arounds
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Frank ShapiroFrank Shapiro
Hi Sarath. I believe your use case can take advantage of the following fields on the Order Product object: Tax City (Override), Tax State (Override), Tax Country (Override), and Tax Postal Code (Override)    

These override the package settings for tax calculation.

Bilquis ShaikhBilquis Shaikh 
We are trying to install CPQ ver 26.0.23 (Summer '16) at Salesforce Professional Edition for our client. But it kept failing everytime & giving us an error email containing the message as "Custom Field Limit Exceeded" for Quote Line & Web Quote Line objects of CPQ package. We've even tried installing lower version 24.0.25 (Winter '16), but with no success.
Please guide us with the solution.
Bilquis Shaikh
Salesforce Administrator
Kandisa Technologies
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Bilquis ShaikhBilquis Shaikh

Thanks, Amit & Naveen for your quick responses.

We have also posted this issue at salesforce partner portal from where we got below solution (by Seamus Egan); which I followed & it gets installed properly.
Do the step upgrade - you need to install a lower version (the top link I pasted below) and then upgrade in order of the links:

14.7 (Spring '12) 

Sandbox -  (
Production -

17.5.7 (Summer '13) 

Sandbox -
Production -

19.1.6 (Spring '14) 

Sandbox - 
Production - 

24.0.25 (Winter '16) 

Sandbox - 
Production - 

26.0.23 (Summer '16) 

Sandbox - 
Production - 

Important Installation information - 

Note: Please keep in mind that Professional edition orgs cannot install above v26.0.23.
Hillary LambHillary Lamb 
In the configure products screen I need to hide a column as we changed a product name so the product code no longer matches. I am not seeing a page layout for the configurator piece. 
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Dhairya MistryDhairya Mistry
Hi Hillary, 

I am assuming that you have a bundle so when you add a bundle it is going to Configure Product screen and there you want to remove Product Code column. If this is not correct, please confirm. 

If above is correct:
  • Go to Setup > Create > Objects > Click on Product Option
  • Scroll to Field Sets section 
  • Click Edit next to "OptionConfiguration" field set
  • Remove the Product code from the Gray box area that says "In the Field Set" either by draging and droping in section above OR click on Product Code and you will see a (-) icon (while you have mouse pointer hovering over Product Code field) and click that to remove from Field Set
  • Save
Hope that helps. If this has helped please select as a best answer. Thank you. 
zas Zhengzas Zheng 
After I generate document in quote, the document can't show chinese.Any help will be grateful, thanks.
User-added image
Leah GustafsonLeah Gustafson 
I added a logo to our quote template with the insert function in the editor. It shows on the template content but when I create a quote the pic is not there. The logo is in salesforce, the externally available Image checkbox is checked, its only 9KB. its in a shared folder. I dont know why it is not showing on the quote preview.
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Michael BobeeMichael Bobee
I had a lot of trouble using the image insert widget.
Here's what my source code looks like: <p style="text-align: right;"><img alt="Company Name" height="25" src=";oid=00D6A0000004GTV&amp;lastMod=1504031192000" width="100" /></p>