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Francisco Javier BermejilloFrancisco Javier Bermejillo 
I've added some custom fields to the Products and same fields to the Opportunity i.e. Opportunity.GoodClient__c = true/false <-> Product.GoodClient__c = true/false.
Now I want to filter the list of selectable products to be added to each Opportunity using those fields.
Is it possible? In lightning?
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Victor ShapiroVictor Shapiro
Hi Francisco,

This Trailblazer Community category is specific to the Salesforce CPQ and Salesforce Billing products. If you're looking for assistance with Salesforce, you may have better luck re-posting this in another category.
Pavan KumarPavan Kumar 
I have created an Approval Rule for the SBQQ__Quote__c Object and selected the "Manager_Id__c" API name for the Approver Field. The Approver field is empty. The Manager_Id__c is a Formula field on the SBQQ__Quote__c Object. The formula is "CreatedBy.Manager.Id".
The Manager field is populated for all the users creating the CPQ Quote.  

The issue is when we click on the "Preview Approvals Button" on the Quote object we are getting "Error: Attempt to de-reference a null object" on the popup window. This is happening only for some users who were selected as Manager. For some manager Users, this error is not coming.

Please let me know if you have any clue to resolve this issue. 

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Pavan KumarPavan Kumar
Solution: We need to create Approver records for all Manager Users even though these records are not directly referenced using the Approver field in the Approval rules.
Jody CrutchfieldJody Crutchfield 
After the Summer 19 release we are getting an error from the CPQ managed package.  Anyone else seeing this error? I have a case open, just trying to work all avenues as this will break our portal if we go live with the upgrade next month.

"Error in trying to create Quote. ERROR : Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: CANNOT_INSERT_UPDATE_ACTIVATE_ENTITY, SBQQ.QuoteBefore: execution of BeforeInsert\n\ncaused by: System.SObjectException: Field Opportunity.IqScore is inaccessible in this context\n\nClass.SBQQ.MetaDataUtils.getFields: line 215, column 1\nClass.SBQQ.MappingUtils.identifyAndCacheMappableFields: line 52, column 1\nClass.SBQQ.MappingUtils.getMappableSrcFields: line 28, column 1\nClass.SBQQ.ContractDAO.setStandardSelectContractFields: line 422, column 1\nClass.SBQQ.ContractDAO.loadByIdsAndRelatedFields: line 236, column 1\nTrigger.SBQQ.QuoteBefore: line 75, column 1: []"
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Victor ShapiroVictor Shapiro
Hi Jody,

CPQ Support agent here. This is currently a recognized issue with the 220 release. Our team is working to get this resolved as soon as possible.
Pankaj ParyaniPankaj Paryani 
I have noticed that after latest update from Salesforce for CPQ 220.4  I am getting an error saying "No such column 'LastViewedDate' on entity 'SBQQ__ProductOption__c'. If you are attempting to use a custom field, be sure to append the '__c' after the custom field name. Please reference your WSDL or the describe call for the appropriate names."

I assume this is related to some new beta field released may be "LastViewedDate" and  some problem in CPQ line editor page to handle that. 

Facing this error in Sandbox but not in Production for CPQ.

In case anybody knows the solution please share.

Thanks in Advance :) 
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Cristina MatíasCristina Matías

Hello Pankaj and Payal,

Expanding the explanation using the information provided by your link, as it might be confusing. The solution is to create a tab for the custom object Product Option.

Best regards,

Nathan PratsNathan Prats 

From my understanding, Salesforce CPQ provides the following fields : 
  • ARR
  • ACV (1st Year)
  • MRR
  • TCV
  • NRR
  • Margin (Amt)
  • Margin (%)
Here's the documentation that mentions these fields:
Unfortunately, I don't see any of these fields on the opportunity object after I installed the package. 

Is it just suggested fields or is CPQ supposed to provide these fields ? 
MRR computation, based on quote line items related to the primary quote, would be terrific.


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Frank ShapiroFrank Shapiro
Hi Nathan,

I'm pretty sure we deprecated those fields and stopped shipping them. The reason is that we found that different customers calculated those values differently and we could not customize them for everyone. I have requested we update our documentation.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Pete FifePete Fife 

From the CPQ Quote "Edit Lines" button I get a screen which tells me the quote has no line items and to click the "Add Products" button, however there is no add products button.

This is in a sandbox org, which was just refreshed from production.  I've done the OAuth already in the config settings.  What else am I missing?

Here is a screen shot:

User-added image

Anil MadithatiAnil Madithati 
We are in the middle of the CPQ implementation, Currently, we have in-house built Target Amount functionality built on standard quote object which sales team loves it and we would like to replicate the functionality on CPQ Quote object. The issue with CPQ Target Amount functionally is, it will adjustment all the lines items on the quote by default and we need to limit that and should only adjust the software line items and it should not be applied on PS or training line items. is there a way to accomplish this.
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Christopher HickmanChristopher Hickman
If the reason it should not adjust PS/training is because those items are non-discountable by sales reps at all, then yes, you can set "non-discountable" to true on the product record, which in turn will set it to true for any new quote lines, and Target Amount will only modify the quote lines where that field is set to false. If the answer is some other reason, unfortunately you will not be able to use the out-of-the-box field, but you would be able to create your own custom field on the CPQ Quote object and use a price rule to set a discount or modify a price in a number of ways which can be governed according to the logic you need. E.g., the entry criteria for the price rule could be "product family = software" for starters. 
Jake JeonJake Jeon 
I'm trying to implement dynamic price depending on their picklist fields on quote line editor. Since I'm very new to handle CPQ objects, it is too difficult to get a proper result as I expected.  

My scenario is the same as below,
Product / Location / Location2 / Location3
Depending on what the user chose its location, I would like to give price variation. I created custom fields on quote line object and included on line editor fieldset as well.

It would be very much appreciated if someone could share any tips to clear this situation.
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Tom HoffmanTom Hoffman
There are a number of ways to control pricing: Pricebooks, Bundles & Product Options (where maybe OS and Type are product options of your bundled product), Price Rules, etc.  However many ways you want to define and adjust pricing, you will have to define somewhere in SF/CPQ (so yes,if you have a ton of differen products & pricing variables, you'll need to create 'tons of' something...).

While there are a number of ways to tackle this, I would emphasize the solution that meets the business requirements while also delivering the best user experience and simplest maintenance.
Andrew TalbottAndrew Talbott 
Is there a way to call to open the Quote Line Editor?  
I have a request when a New Quote is created. to Auto save the Quote itself and bring users automatically to start adding lines.
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Victor ShapiroVictor Shapiro
Hi Andrew,

If you are using the Classic UI, this is the default behavior. If you are using Lightning, it is not possible at this time to facilitate this.
Brian SheaBrian Shea 

Hi there!
We are rolling out CPQ to a large global Sales team and had a question about the CPQ Quote Line Editor. We have had a few sales people express concern about the Quote Line user experience when they amend a contract on a long standing Account. They are concerned that the Quote Line Editor displays Quote Lines for all existing Subscriptions associated with the Account. Since they have a number of large Accounts that have added/removed lots of Subscriptions over the years, they would like a way to hide the existing Subscriptions from view.


Question: has anyone run into this user concern before? Is there a configuration in CPQ that would allow us to hide existing Subscriptions within the Quote Line Editor? Alternatively, has anyone found any work arounds to address this concern?


Thanks for your help!





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Christopher HickmanChristopher Hickman
It sounds as though you don't really want to "amend" your contract (add or remove products, increase or decrease quantities) but just "add" to your contract. Prior to rolling out the amendments functionality, CPQ had a simpler way to accomplish this, by allowing you to create a quote that co-terminates to the contract end date and writes the resulting subscriptions to that contract instead of creating a new one.

To do this you need to set the following values on each relevant account:

User-added image

Now, when you want to create a quote from an opportunity on this account, you will be prompted to co-terminate the quote with your contract. Once you go through the quoting process, close/win the opportunity, and contract it, the additions will appear as new subscriptions on the contract, with the same end date and a start date that matches the quote.