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Andrew TalbottAndrew Talbott 
Is there a way to call to open the Quote Line Editor?  
I have a request when a New Quote is created. to Auto save the Quote itself and bring users automatically to start adding lines.
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Victor ShapiroVictor Shapiro
Hi Andrew,

If you are using the Classic UI, this is the default behavior. If you are using Lightning, it is not possible at this time to facilitate this.
Brian SheaBrian Shea 

Hi there!
We are rolling out CPQ to a large global Sales team and had a question about the CPQ Quote Line Editor. We have had a few sales people express concern about the Quote Line user experience when they amend a contract on a long standing Account. They are concerned that the Quote Line Editor displays Quote Lines for all existing Subscriptions associated with the Account. Since they have a number of large Accounts that have added/removed lots of Subscriptions over the years, they would like a way to hide the existing Subscriptions from view.


Question: has anyone run into this user concern before? Is there a configuration in CPQ that would allow us to hide existing Subscriptions within the Quote Line Editor? Alternatively, has anyone found any work arounds to address this concern?


Thanks for your help!





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Christopher HickmanChristopher Hickman
It sounds as though you don't really want to "amend" your contract (add or remove products, increase or decrease quantities) but just "add" to your contract. Prior to rolling out the amendments functionality, CPQ had a simpler way to accomplish this, by allowing you to create a quote that co-terminates to the contract end date and writes the resulting subscriptions to that contract instead of creating a new one.

To do this you need to set the following values on each relevant account:

User-added image

Now, when you want to create a quote from an opportunity on this account, you will be prompted to co-terminate the quote with your contract. Once you go through the quoting process, close/win the opportunity, and contract it, the additions will appear as new subscriptions on the contract, with the same end date and a start date that matches the quote.
Menachem TwerskyMenachem Twersky 
Hi all,
this morning I have enocuntered an issue regarding a new custom action orginating from CPQ package vf page. in the quote line editor an action button "view rate card" appeard on the quote lines that seems to have no functionality. I cannot find any trace on what is the purpose of this action.
did anyone else enncounter this?
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Frank ShapiroFrank Shapiro
This is new functionality for Usage Based Pricing. See:

Nathan PratsNathan Prats 

From my understanding, Salesforce CPQ provides the following fields : 
  • ARR
  • ACV (1st Year)
  • MRR
  • TCV
  • NRR
  • Margin (Amt)
  • Margin (%)
Here's the documentation that mentions these fields:
Unfortunately, I don't see any of these fields on the opportunity object after I installed the package. 

Is it just suggested fields or is CPQ supposed to provide these fields ? 
MRR computation, based on quote line items related to the primary quote, would be terrific.


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Frank ShapiroFrank Shapiro
Hi Nathan,

I'm pretty sure we deprecated those fields and stopped shipping them. The reason is that we found that different customers calculated those values differently and we could not customize them for everyone. I have requested we update our documentation.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Jacek DarlinskiJacek Darlinski 
We're trying to explore how to migrate legacy (non-CPQ) data into the CPQ data model to ensure  we retain historic visibility. The goal is to migrate order information into contracts and subscriptions, both inactive and active. We're using TalenD and Jitterbit and have the DBD resources available. The problems we're running into are primarily null-pointer exceptions after inserting contracts and subscriptions and trying to attempt an amendment.
Any documents available as to how to insert external data into CPQ and retain functionality?
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Victor ShapiroVictor Shapiro
Hi Jacek,

Here's some information on how to upload legacy data with regards to Renewals and Amendments:
Jennifer O'NeillJennifer O'Neill 
We have customized the Product Selector to save Quote Line items in CPQ.  When the standard user goes to edit the Line item on the Line Editor screen, they receive the following error - Can't update the product subscription type.  Admin profile does not receive this error.  Has anyone seen this before?  Not sure if it was because of the update that happen Tuesday night.  
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Kai-Uwe WehrsichKai-Uwe Wehrsich
Hello Jennifer,

we faced the same issue after we upgraded to version 216 a week ago. I found the known issue

The current workaround is to add the field "Product Subscription Type" to the quote line and let a system admin update it to a non-empty value. For us this can only be a temporary workaround or we will auto-populate the field in the background with a non-empty value using a workflow rule.

Hope this helps for now.

Leanne ArdleyLeanne Ardley 

I know it's possible to auto-approve a record with standard Approvals, but how can I auto-approve a record with Advanced Approvals? 

Example, a Rep has created a Quote with Product A, which requires approval by management if the discount is over certain thresholds. If the discount is under these thresholds though, they can approve it themselves, that is the Quote is auto-approved. 

Rep Approval 0-10% (A rep can auto-approve a Quote if the discount is 0-10%)
Regional Sales Manager 11-20% (Regional Sales Manager must approve the Quote if the discount is 11-20%)
VP Sales 21-30% (VP Sales must also approve the Quote if the discount is 21-30%)

Ideally, the Rep would ALWAYS submit for approval, no matter what discounts are applied, and it would be approved automatically if it was 0-10%. But as this wasn't working, I also tried to add an Approval Rule in, where the Rep was the approver themselves. I did this with the CreatedBy field on the Quote, and also tried a custom Quote_Creator__c field, but neither of them worked. I got an error in the Preview Approval window stating "Unable to find Approver for Rule ID".

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would be really surprised/disappointed if this cannot be done in Advanced Approvals, since it can be done in Standard Approvals. 


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Leanne ArdleyLeanne Ardley
Opened a Case with a Salesforce and they got back to me with how to do this. All you have to do is Submit for Approval and make sure that your record doesn't meet the conditions of any of the approval rules. If it doesn't, then it will be set to Approved. It's a little confusing in that the Preview Approval page says "No Approval Required", but they said this message cannot be changed. Anyway, thanks Salesforce! 
Nancy GreshamNancy Gresham 

Hi All! Hoping someone can help. :)
When I use the 'Save and Email' button after Generating a Quote Document, the email is related to the Opportunity and not the Quote.  Is there a setting where I can change this?  I'd like the email to be related to the Quote so that the rep doesn't have to remember to change those values.  I'm using a VF email template that pulls values from SBQQ__Quote__c. Thanks so much!

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John KnightJohn Knight
Hi Nancy, I'm not a VF expert, but would it work to leave the email related to the opportunity and pull from the primary quote?  Each opp should have only one primary quote related.
Rui FonsecaRui Fonseca 
Hi all,

I have my price book with prices defined with 4 decimal places, given the use case I am working on has products that are priced in cents, such as 18.92 cents ($0.1892).
I have set the CPQ package settings so the unit price scale also matches that setting:
User-added image
However, when selecting a product, the quote line rounds that unit price to 2 decimal places, though displaying the value with 4 decimal places, as shown below, which then results in a wrong calculation of the net price:
User-added image
Has anyone faced such issue? Any help would be highly appreciated!
Many thanks in advance :)
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Rui FonsecaRui Fonseca
Hi guys, for everyone's benefit, this is logged as a bug already for Salesforce CPQ Summer '18 v214
Known Issue below:
Mihaela TutescuMihaela Tutescu 
I am trying to add the document name ({!Document.Name}) field in the templates we are generating, but the merge field does not work. 
I used also a custom document name, but without success. 
Does anybody have an idea why the merge field {!Document.Name} is not working?
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Dustin PenrodDustin Penrod
To add to that, when you're using a merge field you're only pulling fields from the Quote record, or you can use lookup relationships to pull from records to which the Quote is associated (for example, the account). The relationship from Quote to Quote Doc is one to many, and no lookup exists on the Quote to the Quote Document, so this can't be done out of the box. You'd have to fnd a way to store the Quote Doc name onto the Quote record itself.