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Rohit ShettyRohit Shetty 
It says Looks like there was a problem and can't finish the setup. I've given it time and also searched to make sure that I have chat enabled for the user(me) I'm selecting. Cannot find a resolution.

Chat Agent Guided Setup Flow
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Christian PezzinChristian Pezzin 
Hi all, I am trying to follow up the steps in this module:
Build a Community with Knowledge and Chat
at this step:

In the paragraph:

Run the Chat Agent Guided Setup Flow

I am stuck at these steps:

4. Copy the URL associated to the Category 1 Biking community.
5. Click the Home tab to go to Service Setup Home.
6. Click View All and then search for and select Chat with Customers.

I really don't see all these things happening, and it does not seem that the community created matches the requirements.

Is anybody else having the same issue?

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Nitish BansalNitish Bansal
To open service setup 

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Ben HillBen Hill 
Hey all! Just wanted to check and see if anyone has had any users reporting a particular issue with Lightning console in Salesforce? Our instance here went live with Spring '20 this past weekend, and since then I've had a couple of users who are clicking case numbers in their service console, and instead of opening up in one of the console tabs, it's opening up in a whole new Chrome browser tab. It started at once or twice a day but is increasing as time goes on. Only affecting those 2 users from what I can tell. I've dumped their caches, made sure they were up-to-date on their browser version, checked all their settings and browser extensions (one user has no browser extensions to speak of),  everything I can think of. Didn't see anything yet here in the Trailblazer community, just wondered if you all had had any complaints coming from users there or if this is isolated to my group. I'm not even sure if this is a Salesforce issue or a browser/machine issue.
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Ben HillBen Hill
Thank you for your update Timber. I received a response from Salesforce Support today too, asking if we were still experiencing any issues. My users haven't had any issues since this past weekend, which coincides with a patch update that Salesforce said they released over the past weekend. I think we're in the clear now! (Fingers Crossed)
jonghoon baejonghoon bae 
How to disable the Send a List Email button in Lightning Experience?
It's in the list view screen.
But, I can't disable it.
I can't find it in the page layout.
Can anyone tell me how to do that?
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Amit SinghAmit Singh
Go to Profile -> System permission and then uncheck "Allow sending of List Emails" Permission
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Bina MBina M 
How to remove 'Import' button from List view of Contacts/Accounts? We don't want our users to import records. I tried to remove it from the  Search Layout but did not see the option for 'Import' button there.

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Again, checking Profile level permission "Allows non-admin users to import Custom Objects using Data Import Wizard" under system permission won't work for Standard objects.
Is there any way to remove 'Import' button from list view?
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Bina MBina M
@Ines Garcia- Thank you! I figured out that unchecking 'Import personal accounts and contacts' under App Permissions actually worked in my case for Custom Profiles.
Ines GarciaInes Garcia 
I have seen many posts and unresolved questions on this matter. I shall then attempt to explain this simple for any users on what and how is to deal with this.

What ever connection you may use it for needs to be updated with your new certificate, simple :)
see below more on answer
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Ines GarciaInes Garcia
For example if your org uses Single Sign On or another connection (perhaps integration?) to another system that required the use of the certificate. When was the certificate created?
If you do use SSO or integration you need to create a new self-signed cert and install that on the remote system.  
Worst case scenario is that whatever connection is using that certificate will just flat stop working. (authentication or data transfer)
Do have a check to your installed packages as may use the certificate.
Can you get in contact with the people/company that gererated that cert? and ask them what they were using it for?

Here how to generate a selfcert:

So you have to update it where you use it, most common applications of these certificates are SSO and custom HTTPS domains.

For SSO have a check under Security Controls > Single Sign on Settings > SAML Single Sign-On Settings.

For other uses check the:
- HTTPS requests
- SOAP services

Sarah PaulsonSarah Paulson 

Hello, I create a trigger and I want to know if its possible to add an image on the addError message.

So when the trigger will activate then the image should show. As far as I read it's better to save your image in your Documents tab and then fetch the ID of your image. I did that but I only see on my screen the name of my image and not the image itself...hmmm

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Sarah PaulsonSarah Paulson
I've done it.

for(Contact c : Trigger.New){ 
           c.addError('<img id="theImage" src="" width="850px" height="100px" alt="Description of image here"/>  <p>Image Examplet</p>', false); 
Jake SaulJake Saul 
In a lower environment I am able to enable the Custom Notification to send to iOS and Android, but in higher org environments I see "No Applications Available" (in
Notification Delivery Settings)

Does anyone know what the resolution is here?

Lower environments
User-added image

Higher environments
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Tomas GnapTomas Gnap

Hi Jake,
first someone needs to log into Org via Salesforce iOS or Android app. Then these apps will become available options in Edit Delivery Settings page, since they are now avaialble and shown in Connected Apps ass well. 

I hope this helps.


Henry SchneiderHenry Schneider 
Hi there, 

I am trying to write a Process that will Auto Convert Leads when they are updated with a certain field.

My goal is, for Leads that match certain criteria, they will each be converted into 1 new Account and 1 new Contact (an Opportunity is not necessary). 

I have defined the criteria for this process, but I am unclear on how to configure the Action that will be taken. 

I used the directions found here:

...and added the Apex Class called 'Convert Leads' to my Sandbox. 

Then, in Process Builder, I made my Process take this Action. But I am unsure as to how I should define the Converted Status (should it be a String, "Yes") and Lead ID (should be a reference to the Lead's ID, right?). 

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Does anyone have a suggestion for how to complete this Process?

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Marc D. BehrMarc D. Behr
Can you open the dveloper console and then try to update a lead? That will allow you to get a log file that shows what happened and will make debugging easier
LaTashia SmithLaTashia Smith 
I am on the Customize a SF Object > Create Picklists and Field Dependencies challenge and am running into this error message. I have checked it over and over and don't see why I am getting the error. User-added image
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Ron FeherRon Feher
SOLVED; sort of, I deleted the custom object that I had created and when I re-created it, after previewing the functionality of the picklist, it takes you out of lightning and into classic. The first time I escaped and went back to lightning; the second time I stayed in classic and finished the instructions and passed the module. Not sure if the switch to classic mattered but it solved it for me!