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John MendozaJohn Mendoza 
So I have the validation rule below that compares the 3 picklist and cannot have the same value. When I tested the rule it works as expected when you select a value. Problem is the defualt value of the picklist is none meaning blank and I need to have this rule to to not show the error if both or all 3 of them is blank. These fields are not required to have value but if populated it needs to be different from each other. Is there a way to do this?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

TEXT( Tertiary_Details__c ) = TEXT( Secondary_Details__c), 
TEXT( Tertiary_Details__c )= TEXT( Primary_Details__c ), 
TEXT( Secondary_Details__c )= TEXT( Primary_Details__c )), 
NOT(ISBLANK (TEXT(Final_Reason__c))))
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
Give this a try 
NOT(ISBLANK (TEXT(Final_Reason__c))),
>= 2,
TEXT( Tertiary_Details__c ) = TEXT( Secondary_Details__c), 
TEXT( Tertiary_Details__c ) = TEXT( Primary_Details__c ), 
TEXT( Secondary_Details__c )= TEXT( Primary_Details__c ))

Megan ReberryMegan Reberry 

We just started using the Salesforce/Outlook integration a few weeks ago. However we ran into our first issue today. We have one person using a mac, the rest of us are on pc's, and today when she went to log an email on send the button would not work. The contact was pulling in, we just couldn't click the button. 

Has anyone else had any issues with this? With it being the only Mac in our office, it's hard to trouble shoot what's going on.
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Ivan RubioIvan Rubio

I thought I had the latest version too! I was banging my head because I was like "But my users have the latest version. There has to be a different solution."

When I talked to SF support, they told me to literally follow these steps. I figured I had nothing to lose and tried the steps they offered:

1. Open any Office 365 Product.
2. Choose Help at the top.
3. Click on Check for Updates. 
4. Select Manually check.
5. Check off the "Join the Office Insider program to get early access to new releases"
6. Select Office Insider Fast for the picklist value under "Choose how you get insider builds" field.
7. Click on Check for Updates.
8. After doing that, I found out I was wrong. There were more updates. I clicked to update all and it worked. 

If you follow these exact steps and it still doesn't work then you might need to talk to your office 365 administrator to push the 16.24 through Insider to everyone. 

Brian FergusonBrian Ferguson 
I'm trying to finish the beginner Admin trailhead module but I can't download an app from the app exchange into my Trailhead Playground instead it attempt to download into my PRD ORG.  I sign into Trailhead with my PRD creditals.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong here?  Please help!
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Harisha KHarisha K
When you try downloading the app from APp exchange, it asks for the login credentials. Try giving a Developer ORg credentials, where the Developer Org is connected to Trailhead.

Else, you can have option to loginto Trailhead Playground, when you try completing the challenge.User-added image

You can loginto One of the Playground. In the user record. Reset the password, so that you can use those credentials to login to app exchnage.

Hope this Helps!
Deanne WaltersDeanne Walters 
The campaign object was renamed and I just reset it in a sandbox to Campaign. However now on the opportunity object the field that should be Primary Campaign Source is still Primary [old campaign custom name].

Is there any want to change it back?
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Thomas LangeThomas Lange
You should be able to do this by going to Setup -> Rename Tabs and Labels then, pick the Opportunity object. Don't change anything on step 1, but on step 2, you should have access to change the Primary Campaign Source label:

User-added image
Pete FifePete Fife 

From the CPQ Quote "Edit Lines" button I get a screen which tells me the quote has no line items and to click the "Add Products" button, however there is no add products button.

This is in a sandbox org, which was just refreshed from production.  I've done the OAuth already in the config settings.  What else am I missing?

Here is a screen shot:

User-added image

Anil MadithatiAnil Madithati 
We are in the middle of the CPQ implementation, Currently, we have in-house built Target Amount functionality built on standard quote object which sales team loves it and we would like to replicate the functionality on CPQ Quote object. The issue with CPQ Target Amount functionally is, it will adjustment all the lines items on the quote by default and we need to limit that and should only adjust the software line items and it should not be applied on PS or training line items. is there a way to accomplish this.
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Christopher HickmanChristopher Hickman
If the reason it should not adjust PS/training is because those items are non-discountable by sales reps at all, then yes, you can set "non-discountable" to true on the product record, which in turn will set it to true for any new quote lines, and Target Amount will only modify the quote lines where that field is set to false. If the answer is some other reason, unfortunately you will not be able to use the out-of-the-box field, but you would be able to create your own custom field on the CPQ Quote object and use a price rule to set a discount or modify a price in a number of ways which can be governed according to the logic you need. E.g., the entry criteria for the price rule could be "product family = software" for starters. 
Neil HatchNeil Hatch 

I have a flow that has the user upload a document. I'm storing the document/s id's, but as a Collection Text varible (no other option). I want to be able to reference the document id to a praticular record, but seems I have no way of doing this as its a Collection. 

How can I update an Object record with the values from a Collection?

User-added image
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Om PrakashOm Prakash
Next to current screen please drag a loop element, where you can create a single text vraibale to iterate the collections of ids.

User-added image

Add an Assignment element and you can access individual Record Id (In my example varRecordId).

Link the Loop to Assignment and Assignment to Loop again to close the loop.

(Either collection variables has single record or multiple adjust your assignment accordingly)

Loop will again link to update record element as per my bellow sample flow

User-added image
Alon MagenAlon Magen 
I have a screen in a flow where users can update several opportunity fields. One of the fields is a picklist and I want the field on the screen to be prepopulated with the currently selected value for that picklist. The thing is that it is not possible to set value for the picklist:
User-added image

For a number field (and other types) I can show the current values:
User-added image

My flow works and I can update all fields of all types. but I still want a way to prepopulate the picklist values on the screen.
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Om PrakashOm Prakash
We can add a Static choice as default selected choice currently.
Just click on "Add Choice" button and, add a new resource of choice type with a static value.
That newly added choice will be available for select in Default Value picklist.

User-added image

For dynamic choice there is an open idea under Product Team Review
Lorraine SchiestelLorraine Schiestel 

I want to add specific text in an email template, depending on if a field is checked or not. 

The field is: {!Purchase_Request_Form__c.Is_this_a_Reimbursement__c}

It's a checkbox field, so if we just added this if would be 1 if it was checked, and 0 if it wasn't. Is there a way to set this up that if the reimbursement field was 1, the text in the email would say something like "This item was for a reimbursement", and then if the value was 0 a text of "This item was not for a reimbursement"?

Thanks in advance!
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Om PrakashOm Prakash
No, We need to create a formula field as mentioned in my previous reply.
Please follow this step:
Please go To 
Setup > Object Manager > 
Click on Object Name "Purchase Request Form"
then in left sidebar click > Fields & Relationships
Click on > New
Data Type = Formula then click Next
Enter field Label = Reimbursement Message
Field Name automatically become=  Reimbursement_Message
Choose Formula Return Type = Text . , click Next
In formula Editor enter this formula
If(Is_this_a_Reimbursement__c, 'This item was for a reimbursement', 'This item was not for a reimbursement')

Click Next
Mark visible for profile/s

Click Next
You can uncheck if we don't want to show this filed on any layout
Click save.

Now please use bellow in email template


Conor BradleyConor Bradley 

I am trying to write a Validation Rule on the Lead object. I have two pick list fields, 'Status' and 'Reason for Closing'. When the 'Status' is selected 'Closed' I need there to be a value selected for 'Reason for Closing'. This is what I have so far:

ISPICKVAL(Status, 'Closed')

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.

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Sunil SarillaSunil Sarilla
Hi Conor,
When you say None is a text value, do you mean have you created None as an picklist value in the system.
In any case I would go with Dependent picklist options as suggested by Hybin and make the Reason for Closing field mandatory on pagelayout.
Steps to follow
1. Create a Dependent Picklist
Status as the Controlling field
Reason for Closing as the Dependent field
2. Create a Field Dependecy Matrix so that the Reason for Closing Value are only included for Closed Status
3. Make the Reason for Closing field required on the page layout.