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Brandy FungBrandy Fung 
There are few account record type in the Account object, I want to display different account page layout base on the account record type when the account selected, how can I do it ?
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Madan Lal BakoliyaMadan Lal Bakoliya
Go to setup > Account > Page layout > Click on Page Layout assignment
 You can pick your desired layout for your recordType for your profiles.

Christine MarshallChristine Marshall 
I do know how to link my Trailhead account with my success community profile!

BUT my Trailhead account is already linked to a previous community profile I had via a job. I now use my personal profile and would like to link it to Trailhead to display my badges. I know you cannot link your Trailhead to 2 community profiles but I do not have access to the old account to remove the link...

I have contacted Salesforce but they won't help me and keep telling me to post in the community/developer community. Does anyone have contact details for someone at Salesforce who can remove the Trailhead link on my old profile so I can re-link to my new profile?

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Chris EmmettChris Emmett

Here are ALL the details I provided. Hope it get's you further :-)

Problem Type: General Salesforce Functionality
Product Topics: All Help or Online Training Questions
Case Subject: Linking Trailhead/Webassessor to Success Community
Severity Level: Level 4 - Medium
Instance Type: Production
Have you granted login access?: No
Steps to Reproduce: Click Connect Certification Account in the Success Community profile.

Amar NijerAmar Nijer 
How do I synchronize my salesforce calendar with google calendar? Is it possible to integrate by any setting present in salesforce or I have to use any application? 
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Amar NijerAmar Nijer
Thanks Karanraj, I got setting by this link.
Neel KamalNeel Kamal 
Only Full copy sandbox getting error after mouse hovering on tabs(Account, contact...). No issue with other lower sandboxes. Error
"This page has an error. You might just need to refresh it. First, would you give us some details? (We're reporting this as error ID: -1235632570)". First-line after the click on expand button of error
[Cannot read property 'parentNode' of undefined].

We are about to raise the case with SF.

Neel Kamal
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Wayne HowlettWayne Howlett
Just as an FYI, we were experiencing the same issue in at least two of our sandboxes and have determined it was due to the WalkMe extension.  Not every machine was affected but on the ones that were, disabling the extension fixed the issue.  WalkMe is aware of the issue.
Bryan LehnertBryan Lehnert 
User-added image

This error is coming up after login to the Lightning for Outlook add in. It is only occuring for some users, others are able to get through successfully. I have searched and not found a lot of information on the error, does anyone have a solution?
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Mario PasambaMario Pasamba
We reset the Microsoft Exchange password for one of our users and that worked for them.  Since it refreshed the toekn, it seemed to have been the issue.  Will reset others and will report back if that is indeed the fix.  A sucky fix, but a fix.
Ramakrishnan MohanRamakrishnan Mohan 
Newbie here! I am stuck with clearing challenge 1. Can anyone please help with the requirement - build a way for users to report on custom objects?
I have created Lookup field fromSolarbot to Solarbot status.
User-added image
Error Message received:
We can’t find your solution for users to report on custom objects named “SolarBots and Status Data,” or it's not stored in the correct place.
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Ramakrishnan MohanRamakrishnan Mohan
Hi Trish,
Thank you so much ! It worked perfectly :)
Hans HongHans Hong 
Many of our users are first time mobile users, so the "mobile only" app is not really useful for transitioning, because they aren't transitioning from anything. The "Mobile Only" app being the default when they first log in is confusing to them and we are constantly having to instruct people to go into the app launcher and picking the appropriate app.

Is there no way to just remove the "Mobile Only" app, or skip it completely so users go to a different app by default?
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Michael GammonMichael Gammon

We were successful in removing the "Mobile Only" app using instruction located at (" style="color:#0563c1; text-decoration:underline)

If you’ve previously made a Lightning app available for mobile, the Mobile Only app might not make sense for your transition. You can disable it by adding a connected app custom attribute. In Setup, enter Connected Apps in the Quick Find box, select Manage Connected Apps, then click the name of the connected app you want to modify. In the Custom Attributes section on the connected app page, click New. Enter HIDE_MOBILE_ONLY_APP for the attribute key and “true” for the attribute value.

Ben OckfordBen Ockford 
I get this error when trying to create an Opportunity from a converted lead or a Contact. This has been a problem for our team for about 2.5 months and the only work around is ecreating the Opp from the Opportunity page. Any suggestions to get this fixed?
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Ben OckfordBen Ockford
@Switt Srikulacheep Hello! I actually got this resolved by SF support. The fix is to 
give field access to Primary Campaign Source Field on Opportunity Object. Steps to provide the access: Setup > Object Manager > Opportunity > Fields and Relationship > Primary Campaign Source > Set Field-Level Security & Field Accessibility. Hopefully this works for you!
phil levsenphil levsen 
I see that there are many sollutions regarding Step 2 of the Lightning Experience Reports & Dashboards Specialist superbadge.  However I am still receiving the following error and am unable to get around it.
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The 'Accounts Without SolarBot Opportunities' report doesn't include the correct collection of accounts.
  •  Standard accounts report type
  • Outline Columns:  Account name, Type, Phone
  • Cross Filters:  Accounts without SolarBots
  • Results showing 12 records
  • Saved as Accounts Without SolarBot Opportunities and placed in the SolarBot Sales Reports folder
have been staring this down for days but am unable to get this report to test out.  Below are my screenshots.
Accounts Without SolarBot Opportunities Outline
Accounts Without SolarBot Opportunities filters
I do not see what is wrong with this report.  would appreciate another set of eyes on this.  thanks.
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phil levsenphil levsen
thanks.  that worked.  Will review cross filters again.
Mike DavisMike Davis 
This is a fairly new Superbadge, so there's not much info out there.  I'm on Step 7, trying to make the reports per the (sparsely detailed) requirements.  But I'm getting the following error:
User-added image
We couldn't find the correct configuration for the Pipeline Type report. Make sure that you created the report according to the requirements, including using the standard filter to display only Open Opportunities.
Close errors"

I have the Date filter set correctly: " for the current quarter and next three quarters."
User-added image
And I have Grouped by the Type column:
User-added image

What else could I be missing?
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Umair JavaidUmair Javaid
Hi Mike,

Try changing the Opportunity Status filter to Open since the directions state to display only Open Opportunities.