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Katherine SimpsonKatherine Simpson 
I have created a validation rule using a VLOOKUP to enfore uniqueness on a Name field of a custom object:

VLOOKUP($ObjectType.Promotion__c.Fields.Id, $ObjectType.Promotion__c.Fields.Name, Name) <> Id

When I create a new record the validation rule works correctly ie. If Name is Unique, validation rule does not trigger.  If Name is not unique Validation Rule is triggered.

ISSUE - When i update an existing record with a unique Name, the validation rule is triggered.
How can I fix this in my formula?
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Katherine SimpsonKatherine Simpson
I've found the answer with the following formula:

    Name = VLOOKUP
       ($ObjectType.Promotion__c.Fields.Name , $ObjectType.Promotion__c.Fields.Name, Name ),

         ($ObjectType.Promotion__c.Fields.Id , $ObjectType.Promotion__c.Fields.Name, Name )))
Ed YoungbloodEd Youngblood 
Does anyone know if salesforce is eventually going to force the switch to lightning experience? If so when? 
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John MitchellJohn Mitchell
This is a LONG way out, if at all. Lightning is still in it's infancy. It will be many years before Classic is ever sunsetted, if that happens at all.
Tiago CarmonaTiago Carmona 
Recently, quick actions started to give this submission error. Any advice?Quick action error
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Nandini GangadharNandini Gangadhar
Hi Tiago,

We will not have access to the exact error messages for the error ID's generated. You will have to reach out to Salesforce Support regarding this so that they will help you regarding exact error message if that can be corrected at your end, if not, they will provide you work-arounds if those cannot be fixed.

Hope this helps.

Thank you.!
Aaron BeattyAaron Beatty 
Hello trailblazers!

I'm trying to track down some documentation to help us configure a new MobileConnect instance.  The pages have a bit of information on using the tool once it is configured, but I'm looking for documentation and/or a workbook to help us configure MobileConnect.  Anyone have any resources that might help?

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Nicole PomponioNicole Pomponio
I was able to find this link, it has getting started and account administration, importing contacts and creating and managing messaging -
Sarah CullertonSarah Cullerton 
I'm looking to customize the 4 fields that display to the agent when a case is offered in Omnichannel. I was advised to use Mini Page Layout for this, but that doesn't seem to be doing the trick. Any other advice for me on where to go to customize that?
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Brendan ConroyBrendan Conroy
Hi Sarah,

Have you tried Compact Layouts? I think that was where I set those field when doing an omni-channel project. 
Jeff McKinnisJeff McKinnis 

Can you use logical functions in combination with a custom URL  in a custom button?  I would like for the formula to evaluate whether or not a field is blank and utilize one custom URL if it is and another if not.  The URLs work by themselves, but fail when I try to combine them with the logical functions.









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Marco (werewolf) CasalainaMarco (werewolf) Casalaina
No, you can't use functions from the formula language in custom button XML.  If you want, you can make a formula field of type URL and have the button emit that field.  Then your formula logic would be in the field. 

Alternately, you can write Javascript in the button, like

if ('{!Account.Parent}'=='') { something...
} else { something else...

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Chris MilnerChris Milner 
I am attempting to work through the Trailhead project "Build an Einstein Bot", specifically the section on "Add Prebuilt Dialogs and Customize the Options Menu" unit where it wants me to activate and preview the bot. There is a section that says "If you see the Agent Offline status, try again and wait. This could take a minute." Their screenshot shows 15 minutes. I am now well past that at the 30 minute mark and it is still showing the Agent Offline. Any assistance here would be great.
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Chris MilnerChris Milner
Derp....Ghostery doesn't like Salesforce Live Agent and was blocking the connection even in preview mode. Hopefully this hopes anyone else who runs into the same issue.
Nathan HolthausNathan Holthaus 
I am working on building out a Partner Community and I want to be able to modify the columns that show up on the Reports Page.  I don't need my community users to know who last modified the report or what folder it is in.  All I want to show is the Report Name and Description column.

I also only want to be able to show Folders on the left hand nav, they don't have the ability to create their own reports, so Reports Created by Me and Private Reports are useless to them.

Any way to do this?  I can't find anywhere that allows me to modify the columns for the community view...I know I can add and remove columns in the Reports Tab in Salesforce, but that doesn't seem to translate over to the Portal.
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Nathan HolthausNathan Holthaus
We ended up having to build a custom VF page to accommodate for this.
Julia StewartJulia Stewart 
Problem: I've created a new custom object called "Postsecondary Resource." The object contains two lookup fields, for an account and a contact.  For one of my users, when they go to the Postsecondary Resources tab and hit "new," they get an insufficient privileges error.

  • I logged in as the user and confirmed the error.
  • I logged in as the user and tried cloning a Postsecondary Resource, which worked.
  • I reviewed the users' profile.  The profile has all permissions (Read, Create, Edit, Delete, View All, Modify All) for all three objects (Postsecondary Resources, Accounts, and Contacts).
Any ideas?  I don't understand how it could be related to sharing rules, since the user is trying to create a NEW record, not modify any existing record.
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Will UlmerWill Ulmer
Julia, I would tend to agree with you about sharing rules b/c you are trying to create a new record, which is normally owned by the creator. The OWD for the objects should not matter since you are giving "Modify All" on the profile, even if something was immediately transferring record ownership to another user upon insertion of the record. Is there anything like that?

Which leads me to think, is there some custom code involved? Are you potentially overriding the New button and using a custom Visualforce page to input the PostSecondary Resource record? In which case the user might not have access to the VF page and thus receives insufficient privileges.

Jose SousatelesJose Sousateles 
Anytime I create a new TP hands-on org, I click launch and sends me to the login page, since this is the first time logging in to this org, I haven't set the password. Also note I have tried the forgot password link but it doesn't work for the newly created org.
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Yuvaraj PalaniYuvaraj Palani
Hi Jose, 
Have you tried creating new org again to check whether it logs in ? 

FYI. there is also a limit on number of TP for a trailhead account . I think it is 10. But I don't really think that is causing this issue. 

May be you can try do this.
  1. Log in from a different browser. Just to ensure this is not a cache issue.
  2. Try creating new TP to see whether it works out. 
  3. If 1 & 2 doesn't work for you, then raise a case to Salesforce.

Yuvaraj Palani