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Robert EvansRobert Evans 
Does anyone have experience intergrating Odessa Leasewave with Salesforce? I am looking for some basic implementation guidelines. Thanks
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Arpit PatelArpit Patel

You will need to integrate your Odessa system with Salesforce using REST or SOAP API. Post this question in developer forum "" to get more details around the integration.

let me know in case you need further details.
Sidharth KumarSidharth Kumar 
I have created a custom field called "First Responder Date Time" under "Case" object. I am writing a workflow rule to update this field if this is blank first time so I cna track when was the response first provided to case tickets.

When I create my rule, I select "Field Update" after adding all the information (I think the evaluation criteria will be - created and edited). After selecting "Case" object under field udpate, I am trying to find the first response field I created but it doesn't show up in the drop down. I see there are standard and custom fields but my field is not visible there.

Why is it so? How do i add it the the Field update picklist? The field is a Date/Time field. 

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Ben FullerBen Fuller
It's a formula, you can't update it through it the field update... it's uneditable... 
Scott O'BrienScott O'Brien 
So here's my dilemma...

My company only uses the Salesforce Service Cloud. Even then, we do not use communities and very limited chatter. I have taken both ADM 201 & ADM 211 classroom course. I passed the Administrator Certification exam last year and would like to pass the Advanced Admin Cert this year. I already have 1 failed attempt; studied for almost 2 months using my Trailhead account and searching free websites that covered topics in the study guide. Obviously it wasn't enough.

Are there any reputable online paid courses (I am not looking for dumps as I really want to learn and understand SF at an advanced level), or does anybody have premeir support that I could pay to access? 

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Marc SmaleMarc Smale  is tremendously helpful resource. I highly recommend it.

Ranjitha BatniRanjitha Batni 

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I am new to salesforce lightning concepts and I am currently going through the trialhead modules for lightning. Can somebody kindly differentiate between ligtning App and Connected app. Tried googling but could not find striaght forward answers to clearly distinguish between the two. I have highlighted the two in the screenshot attached. Thanks
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Amit SinghAmit Singh

Hi Ranjitha,

A very Simple explanation

Lightning App - Are the collection of Tabs(Objects, Lightning Components) that works together to achieve our functionality. For Example - Service, Sales, Service Console, and etc. And one more thing these apps will not be availbale into Salesforce Classic.

Connected Apps: - Connected Apps are used to Authenticate our salesforce while consuming Salesforce API (no matter SOAP or REST) then we go for Connected Apps which provides Client Secret and Client Key that we use in the request. These two keys are responsible to know which salesforce org we are going to take access.

Example: - If you are using Facebook then you may have used the app like "know your marriage Prediction" these all asking for facebook permission they use connected Apps but of Facebook.
Deanne WaltersDeanne Walters 
I have two custom objects which are Shopping Cart Items and Payments. The Shopping Cart Items have a lookup to Payments.

So what I want to do is have a list of all of the Shopping Cart Items related to the Payment in a text field on the Payment using the Name field in Shopping Cart Item.

I can't seem to figure out how the loop should be set up. Any help?
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Narender SinghNarender Singh
I have used an example of Accounts and Contacts.
Video Link:
Abdul RaheemAbdul Raheem 
I am trying to import a set of recurring donations  into salesforce using data loader. But during the import salesforce creates recurring donation entry but not the corresponsing recurring oppurtunities for each.  When I try with single record import it creates both recurring donation and corresponsing oppurtunities but same does not happen when I do it in bulk. can any one help please.
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Judi SohnJudi Sohn
You'll need to import the opportunities that are related to the recurring gift separately and relate them to the recurring gift by putting the recurring gift ID in the field on the opportunity. The mechanism that creates the opportunities only works when you're in the browser and not when records are uploaded via the API. 
AT TeamAT Team 
I need to hyperlink text in a form field.
Specifically, I need to insert a link in a custom checkbox filed I created for the Privacy Policy.
es. I accept the privacy policy (link to the privacy policy page)
How can I do it using Pardot form?
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Mausam KumariMausam Kumari
Yes, you can add links to a form field aka label. It turned out to be very simple. I used this tag in the label to open the url in a new page. 

a href="url" target="_blank">text</a>

So my label read:

I agree to the <a href="url" target="_blank">Privacy Policy</a>.
Henk van MiddendorpHenk van Middendorp 


We are facing two issues and I have a hard time to solve them. 

1) The users also have the permission to 'customize and create listviews', that used to work perfectly and doesn't work anymore.

2) Until recently for our customer portal users it was possible to use the kanban view on 'work items' tab. Now that is not possible anymore.

Can anyone help? 
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Henk van MiddendorpHenk van Middendorp
Hi, It was a SF bug and they fixed if for us. 
Jody PupeckiJody Pupecki 
We are using the non-profit CRM and created a custom field in the household view for newsletter since we only want one newsletter going to the house even though there might be multiple contacts listed in the household.

When I create a custom report to pull the right information from the household for mailing labels we found that when running the report, if there were 3 contacts listed in the household then the report listed the household 3 times.  How do I hide the duplicates so when I run the report I am only seeing the household listed once?
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Judi SohnJudi Sohn
 Hi Jody, I believe you're using the wrong report type for your report.

You are starting with a report that begins with Contacts and including Households, right? That's your problem. The report is looking at each individual and giving you that data. So if you have 4 people in a Household you're getting each person in the Household on each row of the report. 

Instead, create a new custom report and select "Other Reports" from the box on the far left, then "Households" in the middle box.

Now you'll get a report which each Household in its own line. Mind you, this report won't have any contact-specific data unless you've added fields that pull data from household contacts. But for a postal mailing list, this is what you want. 
Christine MarshallChristine Marshall 
I do know how to link my Trailhead account with my success community profile!

BUT my Trailhead account is already linked to a previous community profile I had via a job. I now use my personal profile and would like to link it to Trailhead to display my badges. I know you cannot link your Trailhead to 2 community profiles but I do not have access to the old account to remove the link...

I have contacted Salesforce but they won't help me and keep telling me to post in the community/developer community. Does anyone have contact details for someone at Salesforce who can remove the Trailhead link on my old profile so I can re-link to my new profile?

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Chris EmmettChris Emmett

Here are ALL the details I provided. Hope it get's you further :-)

Problem Type: General Salesforce Functionality
Product Topics: All Help or Online Training Questions
Case Subject: Linking Trailhead/Webassessor to Success Community
Severity Level: Level 4 - Medium
Instance Type: Production
Have you granted login access?: No
Steps to Reproduce: Click Connect Certification Account in the Success Community profile.