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Benjamin SinclairBenjamin Sinclair 
We are an Enterprise Org, running with Financial Services Cloud.

Our Sandbox is encountering an issue with our Relationship Map - Financial Services Cloud Lightning Components.  Each place we are using this component, all we are seeing is the text "Looks like there's a problem", in place of the component.  

I've checked out the release notes for this component, and we're seeing the new controls for it in Lightning App Builder, but the component displays in the builder with the same "Looks like there's a problem" message. 

We have two sandboxes, and both are having the same issue.  Is anyone else encountering this issue?
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chris camenzulichris camenzuli
I had the same problem but it was in Winter 20 there is a new field (FinServ__AssociationType__c) added to Account-Account Relationship object that no one (even system admin) has FLS. 
Jenni SwensonJenni Swenson 
I'm currently trying to use an image (that I have in Files & using the public link) in the Lightning Carousel & Banner but, cannot get images to render. What am I missing?
Thanks in advance.

Carousel Image
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sakshi nagpalsakshi nagpal
Hi Jenni,
try storing image in static resources 
 refer this-

Hope it helps!
Nicole EinsiedelNicole Einsiedel 
Hi all,

i can retrieve as system admin the field in reports. But in list views it is not available, someone knows why?
thx for support Nicole
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Pritam ShekhawatPritam Shekhawat
All the web email, webphone, web name is used for web to the case instead of Contact Email, Contact phone, and Contact Name. In Salesforce there are certain fields which we can use in the report but we can't use in list view. Still, you want to use then you can create a formula field and copy the value from web phone to your formula and use that inside list view.
Mark GallagherMark Gallagher 
We use the Lightning Dialer on our Person Account list view, which typically works great, but today, it is not firing for many of our users. The process is to select a number of Account records, click the "add to call list" button, which then pops the lightning dialer. Today, when clicking list view button "Add to Call List", nothing happens. I suspect it is a browser issue. Does anyone have any experience resolving this issue? 
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Mark GallagherMark Gallagher
I removed the list button "add to call list" from the object, and I believe that reset it. The issue began after the summer update, but removing the button and adding it back seemed to reset it. I may also have removed the dialer permission set and put it back as well. In any case, it is resolved now from taking those actions. Let me know if that helps. 
Victoria SliwaVictoria Sliwa 
I completed the Community Rollout Strategy - Create Sharing Rules Challange as described in Trailhead:
1. Set OWD for cases to private
2. Create Edna Frank and associate cases with her account
3. Set up Communitites
4. Make Edna Frank a customer community user
5. Create a sharing set "Share cases with customers" where User:Account = Case:Account

However, after attempting the above I've been getting a strange error that reads "Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
There was an unexpected error in your org which is preventing this assessment check from completing:
System.QueryException: List has no rows for assignment to SObject"

Has anyone else been experiencing this problem? Any known solutions?
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Mayank SrivastavaMayank Srivastava
Hey Victoria, it is most likely an org issue. Did you try in a completely new Dev org? That has fixed a lot of problems for me in the past. Also, you sharing set should be configured like this:

User-added image

User-added image

(Right click and open in new tab to view a bigger image).
Jim HouseJim House 
I am using Form Assembly to create cases. We are currently writing in the Record Type ID for the case we are creating using a formula. The Record Type ID is 18 characters long. I am now trying to add a second Record Type ID to the formula, but the only Record Type ID I can find in Salesforce is 15 characters long and fails in Form Assembly when I try to use it. How can I find the 18 character Record Type ID for this Record Type?
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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
Well then I guess the Profile of that User account that is being used for the integration(Form Assembly) doesn't have access to the Record Type - 
User-added image
Shubham SinhaShubham Sinha 
I am calling lightning component from VF and I have used lightning event on my componen but this event is giving an error because of VF .What is the alternative of it. Here is my code

                if ( response.getReturnValue() === true ) {  
                    component.find( "acctTable" ).set( "v.draftValues", null );  
                                      alert("Record is updated Sucessfully");

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Tommaso BolisTommaso Bolis
I found following solution
but the result it's refreshing the whole page, which is a quite different behaviour...
Robert EvansRobert Evans 
Does anyone have experience intergrating Odessa Leasewave with Salesforce? I am looking for some basic implementation guidelines. Thanks
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Arpit PatelArpit Patel

You will need to integrate your Odessa system with Salesforce using REST or SOAP API. Post this question in developer forum "" to get more details around the integration.

let me know in case you need further details.
kalyani selamkalyani selam 
HI I completed my admin certification in August 2018.I didnt get notified any before december 2018.Now after completion of winter 19 , i am notified with spring 18.  Spring 18 is for  the people who are certified before april 2018, but why i am getting
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Maxim MakarenkoMaxim Makarenko
Hi Kalyani,
Does it also say you need to pass Spring 18 in your maintenance status email?
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Sakthivel MadeshSakthivel Madesh
Hi Both,

This is a test - is a out of box functionality there is no need to create a validation rule/custom formula field  -:)