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Martin DestruelleMartin Destruelle 
Dear all,

as the historical trend reporting is very limited in Salesforce I would be interested what the limitations in Wave Analytics are. Do I have better and more possibilities there? Especially the time frame and the amount of data, has that been increased with Wave?

Thanks and best regards
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David HalesDavid Hales
Hi Martin,

There are certain limits in wave analytics given below:
  1. Number of trended datasets per user 5
  2. Maximum number of rows per snapshot 100,000
  3. Maximum number of rows for all monthly snapshots per org 40 million
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David Hales (1071)
Belen ParedesBelen Paredes 
Hi There,

I am setting up a process with Process Builder. I have a Job (Object) where i want to check if a value has changed. 
  1. I have set to start the process when the record is created or edited. Allow process to evaluate a record multiple times in a single transaction set to yes.
  2. I have defined the criteria to a filter contion that evaluates if MyField1  Is Changed = True
  3. Action: Update MyField2 with the value of MyField1 
What i need is the action to be executed both when MyField1  is updated  or created since in both IsChanged would be set to True. However, MyField2 only gets populated whe there is an update in the filed.

How could i get MyField2 populated both when MyField1 is updated or filled in for the first time?

Many thanks,


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Brian CaseyBrian Casey
I beleive the root of the issue is that you need to account for both the 'create' and 'update' conditions in your logic with more than just 'Is Changed'.  You're assuming that SFDC recognizes the insert of a new record as a change in Field1 from 'null' to 'ValueX' when I don't beleive the system evaluates it that way.  

Are you using the 'Filter Conditions are met' or 'Formula Evaluates to True' option for your Criteria?

Sounds like 'Filter Conditions': then create two criteria - 1) Field1 IsChanged =TRUE -OR- 2) Field1 WasSet =TRUE.
 and dont' forget to change the Filter Considitons to 'Any of the consitons are met (OR)'

If using 'Formula': then use something like OR( ISNEW(), ISCHANGED( Field1)).

If you get stuck please try to post screenshots, and if this works please remember to mark 'Best Answer' so that your question gets closed for the community.  Thanks!

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Jen JohnsonJen Johnson
It looks like Magneto has an integration with Salesforce. Will this get you what you need?
Georgina SaezGeorgina Saez 
Hi All,

The users of Data Loader in my org are unable to use Data Loader since yesterday.  
  1. We are all using Macs, the application opens and we are asked to login.  
  2. We select the OAuth option and select our Production environment.  
  3. Once we enter our credentials, we get a pop-up for Allow Access? Select Allow.
  4. Then we get a pop-up that says, File Download (attached)User-added image
  5. After clicking Save, the application hangs on the following screen (attached)User-added image
  6. When you close out of it an error appears on the regular login screen saying to check your username and password; however, when I go to the Setup -> Manage Users -> Login History it shows that the Status of the Dataloader Partner application was a Success.
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Georgina SaezGeorgina Saez
That worked!  Thank you!  We had tried appending the token to our password, but I think it was a combination of changing the url to, choosing Password Authentication option, and appending the security token to my password.
Gary DillonGary Dillon 
I recently completed my salesforce adminstrators certification in December and just wondering when I need to take my release exams to keep my certification valid.

Do i receive an email when the exam is available? How can i check if if my release exams are up to date?

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Sutha ParathSutha Parath

This article outlines the schedules and what you need to do to maintain your credentials.

PS Congrats on the Administrator Certification, but don't stop there :)

prasad vdvprasad vdv 

Hi All,
        As I am trying to change logo for apps in my account, which i can change all apps logo at a time. Please help in this, I got other solution for invidual app logo change...

        But I want to change all apps like Sales, Call Center, Marketing, App Launcher, ...etc., 

Thnaking You,
and regards,

Prasad. VDV.

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Amit GuptaAmit Gupta
no Prasad, its not possibel presently to change logo of all apps in one go, you can post an Idea regarding this in Idea Exchange.

Join my Group at-
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Abhishek SivasubramanianAbhishek Sivasubramanian
1) Go to Setup --> Open Developer Console.
2) Select "Debug" tab --> Open Execute Anonymous Window
3) In this window, type
Database.executeBatch(new MyClass());

Please make sure to replace MyClass with the apex batch class name that you have written/ want to execute.
Casey ShockleyCasey Shockley 
We have a need to track page views & length of time visited within our community. Ultimately we would also like to track button clicks, as well. Does Salesforce's Analytics Wave have any features for tracking this type of information? We are looking at Google Analytics but would like to know if the functionality is available within Salesforce.
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Alec FuchsAlec Fuchs
Hi @Casey Shockley and @Angelo Rendon - Wave (Analytics Cloud) will not track page views or length of time itself. Wave is just a BI tool used to present data from Salesforce and outside sources. It could be used to create interactive views of the data from Google Analytics.
Here is documentation I found on adding Google tracking to a Community:
Note: I think this only works for newer (Lightning) communities.
There’s also an app, but I believe it is out-of-date:
Hope this helps!

Per Eric JohansenPer Eric Johansen 
Have anyone picked up on any info on when (if ever) Ligtning Voice will be available for EU countries?

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Karthikeyan ChandranKarthikeyan Chandran
Lightning Voice is expected to be available in beta for Sales Cloud users. Pricing will be announced at the time of general availability. 

Lightning Voice is expected to be generally available in July 2016 for Sales Cloud Lightning users with Lightning Professional Edition and above in the U.S. and Canada.
Nate SchmolzeNate Schmolze 
So I've been working a few some basic tutorials in learning Salesforce, and just completed Administrations for New Admins. In that tutorial, I got to know an admin named Rob from A.W. Computing pretty well, and have come to trust his expertise on all things Salesforce.

Now I'm starting Administration Essentials for Experienced Admins, and all of a sudden Rob has been replaced by a woman named Tonya Jones. Does anyone know if Rob is still with the company? Nothing at all against Tonya, I just want to make sure Rob's okay; he seemed like a good guy.
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Stephen PriceStephen Price
Hi Nate,

Great question.  Rob is doing great.  Since his tenure as a newbie admin, he has moved up in the world and is now a Saleforce Business Systems Analyst.  He is working on the same team as Tonya, but has moved on to greener pastures.