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Chris DuncombeChris Duncombe 
Was informed today that I have been named a Salesforce MVP.  I just wanted to thank everyone as I know the nomination came from within the community.  I am honored and just wanted to say thank you  :)
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Jackie DoanJackie Doan
Chris, let's mark a best answer to keep our community clean! 

Haha - had to bust your chops. :)
Khalil MedinaKhalil Medina 
I want to say THANK YOU all. Today I certified as a Sales Force ADM and it won't be possible without you guys.  I want to say specially thanks to Steve Molis and Jeff May, you guys are a huge example for me. I cannot be more happy

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Khalil MedinaKhalil Medina
Syam Kishore: the key for me was learning everyday something new, because since I work as a salesforce adm I have some experience. I didn't try to memorize answers and questions, I don't find this valuable. I went to real situations. 

That serie of videos named: WHO SEES WHAT is excelent:

And the next on line courses:
Online course: Administration Essentials for New Admins and Administration Essentials for the 
Service Cloud
Other helpful resources:
 Online course: Analyze Your Data with Reports
 Online course: Configure Salesforce with Custom Fields
 Online course: Customizing Profiles to Align with Your Business Needs
 Online course: Getting a Head Start with Chatter
 Online course: Getting Started with Managing Data
 Online course: Managing Users and Troubleshooting Login Issues
 Online course: Summarize Your Data with Dashboards

That's all.


Mehdi CherfaouiMehdi Cherfaoui 
Hi all,

Could anyone tell me what's this new green counter in Salesforce1?

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Steven FoilesSteven Foiles
This does not tell you how much data you are receiving but rather it does tell you how much of the phone Memory salesforce 1 is using.This was included in the last version 7.
Steve AndruszkaSteve Andruszka 
Hi All,

Is it possible to capitalize the first letter in a field?  The field is First Name.  I don't want to enforce this, but rather upon tabbing off the field, capitalize the first letter.  Similar to the Phone # fields, which automatically format.

Possible?  Thanks!
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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
Hey Steve,

With the assumption that you have Workflow Rules on your edition(with ref. to old questions), here you go:
  • Setup | Create | Workflows & Approvals | Workflow Rules.
  • New Rule.
  • Select the Object.
  • Evaluation Criteria: created and every time it's edited.
  • Rule Criteria: formula evaluates to true.
  • Formula:
    LEFT(FirstName, 1) <> UPPER(LEFT(FirstName, 1))
  • Save & Next.
  • From under Immediate Workflow Actions, click Add Workflow Action to select Field Update.
  • Select the Field to Update: FirstName.
  • Select User a Formula to Set the new Value.
  • Click Show Formula Editor.
  • Formula:
UPPER(LEFT(FirstName, 1)) &
MID(FirstName, 2, LEN(FirstName))
  • Save
  • Done
  • Activate
Katherine RoweKatherine Rowe 
Whoa, Power Query in excel has a limit of pulling 2000 rows in a Salesforce report? That's crazy, that makes it useless for us and I would think most people?
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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
That is correct. It will return only 2K rows. But that is not Power Query's fault. The Power Query uses the Analytics API(REST) to get the Report data.

As per this API, it is designed by Salesforce to return up to the first 2,000 report rows only. 

Stephen ParkinsonStephen Parkinson 
Good Afternoon,

I have a number of admins reporting in to me at different stages of their personal development regarding SFDC Admin. They are all stufying for ADM 201 accreditation and I am looking for some ideas for practical exercises for them to undertake in our sandbox to help them prepare. Other than the AW computer examples linked to the Premier Training Catalogue, has anyone created or found an online curriculum that Admins can use to 

a) improve their confidence and competence
b) help them prepare for the ADM201 certification

Many thanks

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Mayank SrivastavaMayank Srivastava

Stephen, Look no further than:

In my personal opinion, this is the best study guide that a learning admin can use to hone their salesforce skillset. It's highly informative and fun to work with. Select the trails based on your requirements and get going! I highly highly recommend it.


Magdi RizkallahMagdi Rizkallah 
They do exist!  E.G. Volunteer Jobs shows under Custom Tabs and I can 'Edit' it (Tab Style only).

However, it does not show in all tabs view...

I upgraded the App to no avail.

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Mayank SrivastavaMayank Srivastava
Assuming you are the system administrator, can you navigate to Setup -> Manage Users -> Profiles -> System Administrator ?
Go to the Volunteer Jobs Object settings and make sure that the Tab Settings are Default On and not Hidden. Give other permissions on this page (Read/Create/Edit/Delete), as needed.

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If it's Default On, you should be able to see the tab on the All Tabs page.
Dave HaneyDave Haney 
One of my users asked me this and I didn't know an easy way for him to complete what he is trying to do.

This user travels and is going to Chicago to meet with prospects.  A week before he leaves he wants to pull a list of all of his accounts in Chicago with certain criteria (no problem there), but then of that list of 100 accounts he wants to hand pick out 2-5 accounts that he doesn't want to call on.  He then wants to save the list of 95-98 accounts as Chicago trip list.

I have 3 people that need to do the exact same thing every week.

I don't know how he can hand pick out the 2-5 he doesn't want and then save the reduced list as another name.

Any thoughts?
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Paul BrodskyPaul Brodsky
The checkbox idea that Yana mentioned was my first thought, but you might want to consider using Process Builder or Workflow to automate the "unchecking" process.  You could create a simple process so that after your rep checks the box, a week later, (or whatever time frame), the box is automatically unchecked (field update).  That way, your rep doesn't have to remember to go back later and clear out previous selections.  I could see them forgetting and then the next time they need the list, too many names are on the "don't call on list".

However, I have another suggestion...create campaign for each trip (or 1 campaign that they just refresh for each trip).  Create the initial list and add those people as members to the campaign.  Your reps can go through and manually remove the 2-5 accounts they don't want to call on.  Then, as they travel, they can easily update the campaign member status as a reminder as to who they have visited so far (if that is needed) and potentially track the effectivness of each trip - i.e. campaign.  This method might also be cleaner, doesn't require any custom fields, and uses standard Salesforce functionality.  I fully support Yana's suggestion too as your use case will probably determine which method is best.
Angie YzaguirreAngie Yzaguirre 
Hello - I have added a new picklist value to a multi-select picklist field at the account level.  I have also edited each account record type to make sure the new value has been pulled over to the selected value list.

For some reason, the new value is still not showing up when I go to edit the field at the account level.  Is there anything else I may have missed??
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Mohandaas RangaswamyMohandaas Rangaswamy
Is this field controlled by another field? Check for field dependencies.
Tymon FrancisTymon Francis 

Hi Everyone,

I'm exploring different options surrounding parent accounts, and I'm wondering if anyone in the community has considered using custom objects to allow for a many to many relationship. I work for a marketing software company that sells directly to brands and also sells to the ad agencies that represent them (those agencies are basically a parent). It's important to keep track of the relationships between them so we can identify who the decision maker is in their relationship.

I'm considering buidling a joint object that would join Accounts to a custom Parent Accounts object. Has anyone ever gone down this path? Thankful for any and all advice!


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Geoffrey FlynnGeoffrey Flynn
You can also do a junction object with both sides looking up Accounts, you just have to use Lookups instead of Master-Detail.  Works similar to the OOTB Partner object.

Definitely not unusual either way

In a prior job I did this for the Sales department of a TV station.  We had a custom junction object for Account to Account as a many to many, but we labeled one side Agency and one side Advertiser.  We then had two Record Types (obv Agency and Advertiser), and did a filtered lookup on both sides to ensure people didn't start linking Advertisers to Advertisers.

Hard part with many-to-many is always reporting.  Make sure you understand and are ok with all the impacts first.  What we did recently was a similar exercise, but then we also tagged one "parent" the primary in the junction object, and then "stamped" that parent in a hidden lookup field on the child - thus giving us a "parent for reporting purposes" even though it was a many-to-many.