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Khalil MedinaKhalil Medina 
I want to say THANK YOU all. Today I certified as a Sales Force ADM and it won't be possible without you guys.  I want to say specially thanks to Steve Molis and Jeff May, you guys are a huge example for me. I cannot be more happy

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Khalil MedinaKhalil Medina
Syam Kishore: the key for me was learning everyday something new, because since I work as a salesforce adm I have some experience. I didn't try to memorize answers and questions, I don't find this valuable. I went to real situations. 

That serie of videos named: WHO SEES WHAT is excelent:

And the next on line courses:
Online course: Administration Essentials for New Admins and Administration Essentials for the 
Service Cloud
Other helpful resources:
 Online course: Analyze Your Data with Reports
 Online course: Configure Salesforce with Custom Fields
 Online course: Customizing Profiles to Align with Your Business Needs
 Online course: Getting a Head Start with Chatter
 Online course: Getting Started with Managing Data
 Online course: Managing Users and Troubleshooting Login Issues
 Online course: Summarize Your Data with Dashboards

That's all.


Dan DoyleDan Doyle 
The issue I am having is I want certain fields to suggest values based on what you type in that field. I believe this can be completed using Enhanced Look-ups. For example, I want a custom field "Partner Rep" on the Opportunity page to have a lookup-filter that shows names from the contacts page. So if I have a contact name John Smith and I want to create a new opportunity, if I am typing in the "Partner Rep" field and I type in "Joh" it should suggest "John Smith" as a possible value.

So I went to Set-up->Build->Search->Search Setting and turned on "Enhanced Lookups" and "Lookup Auto-Completions" for all possible objects. (Accounts, Asset, etc) Then, I went to Set-up->Build->Customize->Opportunies->Search Layouts. Then I get a page that lists "Search Results, Lookup Dialogs, Lookup Phone Dialogs etc.) How do I configure the "Partner Rep" field to search based on the contact field? I don't know how to configure the options available at this screen and when I click "View Example," it says the URL no longer exists.

Can someone please explain in detail how to configure enhanced look-ups for standard and custom fields? Or should I be using another feature? Please keep in mind that I have Professional Edition.

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Paul FischerPaul Fischer
You can accomplish this using enhanced lookups. They are at the bottom of step 3 when you create the field, or you can get to them by editing the field. A common use case is a lookup on an Opportunity to only return Contacts for the Account to which the Opportunity is related.

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Steve FerreeSteve Ferree 
I noticed a glitch in Process Builder- The scheduled actions disappear when I choose When a Record is Created or Edited, it's there and accessible if I choose Only when a record is created. I tried this on the Opportunity Object and the Case Object- 
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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
You'll have to check this option:
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Gelvin de LeonGelvin de Leon 
So far salesforce External Object Integration is able to retrieve data from an external database but will there be an update soon on saving data to an external database connected using lighting? And if yes, is it 100% sure to happen? Please reply, thanks
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Robin WijnenRobin Wijnen
Hi Gelvin, during the last User Group gathering, we as well discussed this item. The Read/Write functionality is on the Road map but no official date has been communicated. Make yourself a member in the Lighting Collaboration group. When there is an update or official pilot, you will mostelikely get the information from this user group. 
Chris MatthewsChris Matthews 

It keeps telling me incorrect date format and I can't find it in the help. 

I should be able to have a dynamic date range, correct?
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Jason ChuJason Chu
Believe you actually want to set it to:

Last Activity equals "LAST 180 DAYS"

Seach for "Special Date Values for Filter Criteria" in help.
Katherine RoweKatherine Rowe 
Our sandbox environment used to have this black bar at the top, and it was a nice way to differentiate sandbox from production at a quick glance so you didn't work in the wrong environment.

We just refreshed our sandbox, and now it's gone. I'm not sure how to get it back, and if that was a custom thing we did ourselves? Do other people have that in their sandbox environment?

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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
It is the one that comes in after you activate Communities. It's called - Global Header. It is a Profile based permission that you can activate from the System Permissions section - 

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Santak ISantak I 
   I am planing to give ADM201 Exam within this week.
   As preparation alone not sufficient for the exam I need MOCK exam papers for ADM201 which will help me to clear this exam.
   If you have MOCK Exam papers for ADM201, please provide me.

Many thanks
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Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
Kim TibbittsKim Tibbitts 
How do I create a report that shows all account activity (open and activity history) and also shows opportunities won and includes opportunity details? For example, we have two opportunities that recently closed, I want to show all the activities that went into closing those deals, which are saved at the account level. The "assigned to" activities are different than the "account owner" - I'm not sure if that makes a difference. I would prefer to filter by "closed won" opportunities. 
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Geoffrey FlynnGeoffrey Flynn
For this you could do a Roll-Up Summary field on Accounts that is a Count of Closed Won Opportunities, and then filter for that field to be greater than zero.

The reason I mentioned the Activities is that if you can get it sorted out, you won't even need the join report anymore and you can just report on Opportunities with Activities as a single report type
Varun PillaVarun Pilla 
I am faced with an interesting question from a customer - "Can you help me find whether I am utilizing my Salesforce Org to the fullest?"    Well.. the regular ones I hear are more of .. . am I using it in the best way.. best practice... etc.    The question isn't that.  

What would be the thought process to address this?   Evaluation against some sort of Salesforce feature list, just doesn't seem right.  And if he is not using Workflow, it doesn't really mean he has to.

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Geoffrey FlynnGeoffrey Flynn
This one is always so hard.  People want to hear what Salesforce can do, and then find ways to start using it.  I try to turn this around a little bit and make it more conversational by asking questions like:
  1. What other systems do you have that people are using on a regular basis?
    • Understand what they do, ask questions, ask if there is an appetite to replace them
  2. What are the issues that your business is dealing with on a daily basis?
    • I find the hardest part is getting customers away from "requirements" and into solving problems instead.  Solve a problem and you will be a hero.  Meet requirements and you've done what was asked, but no doubt they are frustrated you couldn't meet all of them
  3. What would you like to be able to report on?
    • Salesforce isn't perfect for reporting but it does a few pieces really well: reporting in real time, and the ability to quickly change reports and fields as needed.  You don't need to change the ETL to add a new field, and you don't need to wait for the nightly ETL job to run
    • The problem is that many companies make SFDC reporting limitations even worse by ignoring best practices.  Figuring out what they want, and finding something that is reasonable, and also sustainable long term, gives you a lot of gains as well
Chris IrwinChris Irwin 
I'm guessing the answer to this one is going to be no, but just throwing it out there anyway.

I'm creating a validation rule to enforce that an Account is added to a support Case. However, there are some scenarios where it's just not possible to add an Account, so instead I have a checkbox for 'No Account in Salesforce' and the validation rule will fire if this isn't checked and no Account is entered.

Anyway, it's not a great user experience because the validation error only shows up once all the required fields are entered. So a user might miss a few required fields, they'll ge the error for that and fix them but only after that will they get the error message for Validation rules. Is there any way to display this message along with the required fields? 

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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
No unfortunately! That's how the Order of Execution works -

Point 2 explains that - [1] Required Fields first and then the [2] User-Defined Validation Rules.