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Elisabeth KooijmansElisabeth Kooijmans 
This is a report to track the changes to fields, I want to group the changes to this one field per month, but because I cannot get to the field when customizing, I cannot do this.

The preview also says there are no records, but when I run the report there are.

Please see the 2 screenshots.

Any sugeThe customize version not showing the Field/Event, nor the Edited DateShowing the 'grouped by' fields that I cannot see.stion welcome.
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Tyler GarmanTyler Garman
This appears to be specific to filters on History reports. I've found that removing any filters I have on History Data fields will cause my summary fields to no longer be visible in the report builder. If you remove the filter, make any changes that you need to summaries, then put the filter back, your 'Run Report' should come out correctly. Not sure if this is a known issue, but hope it helps.
Chris GondronChris Gondron 
So I'm adjusting my case Page Layout and under Quick Actions, I have 4 Email buttons, 4 log a call buttons, 3 new event buttons...

How can you tell what these buttons are linked to, what do they do, and how do I get rid of the ones I don't need?  DO I just need to plug them all in and go to my page and use them?
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Asma RaufAsma Rauf
Some of those might be coming from Global actions. Go to set up and type Global actions. 
Steve MolisSteve Molis 
Best practice tip:
Whenever you’re creating a Formula Field, Workflow Rule, Process Builder (or posting a Question about your Formula in the Answers Community), create a List View that includes all of the Fields that your Formula is evaluating side-by-side along with your Formula Field result (if it’s a Cross-Object Formula create a Report).  

Just because you clicked that Check Syntax button and you got that little green message saying “Congratulations!!!  No syntax errors in merge fields or functions. (Compiled size: 4998 characters)” doesn’t mean you’re home free. It just means you have the right combination of AND’s, OR’s, &&’s, ||’s, etc. you could still have a flaw or loophole in your Formula Logic.  

If you think getting a Syntax Error sucks, just wait’ll you have to explain to your boss why their Pipeline and Forecast Reports and Dashboards are wrong because you didn’t check the results of that shiny new Formula Field you built.
[Insert Winston Wolfe’s parable about premature self-congratulation]

Formula with QC List View
User-added image
User-added image

Cross-Object Formula with QC Report
User-added image
User-added image

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Adam MarksAdam Marks
Steve, please make sure to mark a best answer! #keepourcommunityclean!

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Pavlina PreissovaPavlina Preissova 

Only opportunity marked as Primary Campaign Source show up on related list. Is there a way to have more then one opportunity shown?

We are currently using Campaign Influence 1.0. Would set up of Customizable Campaign Influence resolve the issue?
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Barry GreenleesBarry Greenlees
Hi Pavlina,

Customizale Campaign Influence will allow you to assign a percentage to each Opportunity to a campaign depending on how much influence the campaign had on bring in that Opportunity.
Please see the Articles below for a better understanding/ More information

2 Articles:
What’s the Difference Between Campaign Influence and Customizable Campaign Influence?
Understanding Customizable Campaign Influence
Gary PayneGary Payne 
I get the following error message when attempting to map a lead formula field to a person account text field:
"Error: Lead field length of 3,900 is greater than this field's length of 50"
What can be done to populate the converted person account's text field with the value from the formula field?
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Stephen PriceStephen Price
Hi Gary,

The error you are receiving is because the field lengths are not the same.  The Lead field length must be either long text or rich text, where the other one on the Account looks to be a text field.  You'll have to update them to be the same field type.

Tyler FieldsTyler Fields 
Greetings - how do you set a completion action for an engagement email? Specifically, I want to notify the assigned user that the prospect clicked on a specific link in an engagement email. Thanks in advance, Tyler
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Benjamin MurrayBenjamin Murray
I'm not really sure those links will be of assistance to you if you are using an Engagement Studio campaign.  The completion actions are for list emails only to my recollection.  What you would need to setup in your engagement flow is a trigger that would check for an email link link (whether it be any link or specific links) and then setup an Action step on the if they meet the trigger and send a notification to the Assigned User from that step.
Katie ZinmanKatie Zinman 
Users are not getting notification emails when an Account is transferred and the "Send Notification Email" checkbox is checked. I've tested sending notification emails when an Opp is transferred and it works just fine. The issue is only on the Account level. Any ideas why this is happening?
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Steve DoddSteve Dodd
I may be missing something...

How are you doing assignments for Account records ? Did you create something custom in Process Builder ?

...or are you using an assignment rule for Leads (or Cases) and you're concerned that may be part of the problem ?

If you were receiving owner transfer notification emails before implementing an assignment rule somewhere, then you would want to troubleshoot that part of your process.

If everything else is working minute rice perfect, and you just can't seem to get an email notification to go to the new Account record owner, and you have confirmed that there aren't any email deliverability issues, then I would just create a workflow rule to send an Email Alert when a new owner is assigned using the criteria ISCHANGED(OwnerId)

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Peter MartensenPeter Martensen 
I have a Validation rule that prevents users from entering an Opportunity Amount.  It forces the Amount field to come from the Products.


The !ISCLONE()) part works in Classic to allow the Opp to be saved when "Clone with Products" is used, but it doesn't work in Lightning.  I know that "Clone with Products" is not available in Lightning, but is there a way for me to change this Validation rule so that it will Clone an Opp containing Products in Lighting without cloning the Products?  Thanks
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Leslie CampbellLeslie Campbell
It would be easier if you just make the amount field "read only" on the page layout, especially if this should be the case for all users. Even if it's only for users of a certain profile, you can create a page layout for those users and make the field read only.
Admin UserAdmin User 
How to give access to dashboard to user. I am getting this message: You do not have the lever of access to perform the operation ....My admin. does not know where to go to give access.
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Randi ThompsonRandi Thompson
Check the profile System Permissions. You'd be surprised what's not auto checked, like View Dashboards in Public Folders. So, here are the things to confirm are checked for your user:
Setup > Manage Users > Profiles > [select profile of interest] > System Permissions> [confirm the following are checked]: 1) Create and Customize Dashboards; 2) Create and Customize Reports; 3) Edit My Dashboard; 4) Edit My Reports; 5) Run Reports and Dashboards; 6) View Reports in Public Folders; 7) View Dashboards in Public Folders. 

Let me know if all of those are checked and the user still cannot access the dashboard.
Andrew LakinAndrew Lakin 
I am looking to create public calendars (for exmaple, our inteneral release schedule dates). Looks like this is available in classic but not lightning:

In addition, I am not able to find an idea for this to upvote. The only one I've found has been closed because it says delivered, however, its only to share users calendars with each other in lightning:
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Prateek SharmaPrateek Sharma
Hi Andrew, 

It seems to be limitation, you can view your public calendars in Salesforce Classic but Lightning don't given that option.

Idea is created for that.