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Robert DavisRobert Davis 
I am currently testing the Lightning UI and the Standard buttons on the right hand side of the Opportunity Page Layout are missing. They are Edit, Delete and Clone buttons in my Sandbox. They are in Production on the Page Layout. What have I done and how do I get them back? Thanks.
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Pritam ShekhawatPritam Shekhawat
You can do one thing try to switch to classic view for that record and from that page try to edit the layout and verify that page layout name so you will get an idea which page layout you have to modify for lightning. Then open that layout and try to overwrite predefined actions on the layout as per above @Naveen screenshot and give a try and let us know.
Octavio AguileraOctavio Aguilera 
I am trying to create a button "Send Email" that populates some fields ("Additional to" with the Case Owner & "Subject" with the Case Description) 

These are the parameters I have inserted: _ui/core/email/author/EmailAuthor?p3_lkid={!Case.Id}&retURL={!Case.Id}&p24={!Case.OwnerEmail}&p6={!Case.Description}

 and when I click check syntax it says there are no errors, but when I navigate to a case and click the button it says URL no longer exists...any ideas? 
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Octavio AguileraOctavio Aguilera
WOW...sorry I figured it out....I forgot to add a backslash before _ui/core.

Marisa SkeltonMarisa Skelton 
I have added a picklist value correctly and it does not show up on the page.  Why would that be?
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Judi SohnJudi Sohn
 When that happens to me, it's almost always because I didn't make it available to that record type. Check that first.

In Setup, navigate to the Record Type settings for the object/record. At the bottom of the screen you'll see "Picklists available for editing." Edit the picklist in question and make sure the value you want is on the right hand side.
Anita CafieroAnita Cafiero 
I need help sorting out two issues (Problem 1 & Problem 2):

Problem 1 
I need a validation rule that will hand the following:

Leads cannot be converted unless Lead Stage = AE Qualified

Company isn't using Lead Status to track for this purpose, they've created a custom picklist field and AE Qualified is an option. AE Qualified carries it's own validation, so as long as that has passed, conversion should be allowed. 

I have tried and failed with many variations, most recently:

AND ( 
IsConverted = TRUE, 
NOT(ISPICKVAL(Lead_Stage__c , "5. AE Qualified")) 

Problem 2 -

For Lead Stage = AE Qualified, I need to set up a rule that will prevent the Stage assignment unless the following is true:

A group of fields have been filled in (see below) OR one of two checkboxes are checked

If I omit the need to check for the checkboxes, what I have written works as follows:

ISPICKVAL(Lead_Stage__c , "5. AE Qualified"), 
ISBLANK(TEXT( Budget__c )), 
ISBLANK( TEXT(Budget_Authority__c)), 
ISBLANK(TEXT (Timeline__c )), 
ISBLANK( AE_Qualification_Notes__c ), 
ISBLANK( TEXT(CRM_System__c )), 
ISBLANK(TEXT( Marketing_Automation__c)) 


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Nitish SinghalNitish Singhal
Problem 1:
Your validation rule should be:
AND( IsConverted, NOT( TEXT( PRIORVALUE(Lead_Stage__c) )  = "5. AE Qualified") )

Problem 2:
You can write validation like this:
ISPICKVAL(Lead_Stage__c , "5. AE Qualified"), 
ISBLANK(TEXT( Budget__c )), 
ISBLANK( TEXT(Budget_Authority__c)), 
ISBLANK(TEXT (Timeline__c )), 
ISBLANK( AE_Qualification_Notes__c ), 
ISBLANK( TEXT(CRM_System__c )), 
ISBLANK(TEXT( Marketing_Automation__c)) 

Give it a try. 

Charles ThompsonCharles Thompson 
Help & Training recommends using Salesforce for Twitter & Facebook (" target="_blank), an app from the App Exchange.  On the app's Exchange page, though, we're told that 
  • This listing is private and cannot be found by searching or browsing on the AppExchange.
  • Please note: on April 15, 2017, Salesforce will no longer provide maintenance for this package
Neither the Help & Training page nor the App Exchange page mention whether this functionality has been replaced, and if so, what is the replacement.
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David HalesDavid Hales
Hi Charles,

This warning usually means that the partner who develops this application has not started or failed to pass the security review. During the app installation, there's a warning displayed that reads like the following..."Salesforce Inc. is not the provider of this application and has not conducted any review of it. Please click here to understand what this means with respect to security and trust". Private listings that were delisted are usually due to problems with their periodic security review.
Alternately, the app may be private on purpose, for example, if the vendor does not wish for their app to be searchable on the AppExchange.

This has been replaced by

Please check this hopefully this helps .
Best Regards 
David Hales (1058)

Chuck ScroChuck Scro 
I have Partner Users who can Log a Call and Send an Email in the Activity History related list under Contacts, but, the same buttons give an insufficien privileges error when they attempt to use them under Cases. I have pull all of my hair out trying to resolve what I think is a permissions issue. If it is that, can you point me to in the right direction? Or, is this possibly related to the limited Partner profile and these features are not available for them? Thank you!
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Carlos UmanaCarlos Umana
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David GoldDavid Gold 
Yes.  The CPQ and Billing teams will be monitoring all posts to ensure they are being answered in the same fashion as what you have come to expect on the Support Forum at  You will still be able to search old posts on the steelbrick site.  But for all new posts please ask your questions here.  Thanks!
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David GoldDavid Gold will be accessible until April 2018.  
Nicole ThompsonNicole Thompson 
Hi, I am in the process of setting up Salesforce for our sales team. The Lead Convert page, looks pretty confusing to Users and I would like to reduce all the options on there and ensure it automatically creates an opportunity when it is converted. If the users are in a rush, I think they will over look 'unchecking' the box. I have googled this and found many posts on it from around 8 to 2 years ago. Surely this has a solution now, as so many people have raised this as an issue, but I can't seem to find one. I am writing instructions for my Sales Team. But this just seems like too much effort for one screen, that should simply be a button! Thanks - Nicole
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Naval SharmaNaval Sharma
Hi Nocole,

For this scenario you will require a custom visualforce page. Then you would create a custom button to call on this VF page and replace the standard Convert button with the custom button. So, when you clicked the custom button, it would automaticallyconvert the lead instead of taking your users on standard Lead Convert page.

Do some web searches for custom lead convert page, as this topic has gone around and around. You will probably find everything you need to implement this.
Kevin SirfaceKevin Sirface 
Hey all,
I received a spreadsheet from the business to create Lead Assignment rules by zip code. There are over 43k of them so manually creating them is not an option. 
I don't see the Lead Assignment object in the data loader, so I don't think I can insert these.
Has anyone had this same issue? Is there a way to get these leads assigned to the proper sales rep by zip code?
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Naveen DhanarajNaveen Dhanaraj
  1. Create a custom object called ‘Zip Codes’. Create fields as necessary, including the following: Zip Code (text, 10 characters) and Sales Rep (user lookup). Make the ‘Zip Code’ field an external ID.
  2. Create a trigger which will do the follow. On creation of a Lead, use the zip code to run a query on the ‘Zip Codes’ object to identify the Sales Rep for that zip code, and assign the Lead to the Sales Rep.
  3. The solution works even better if the customer already maintains a spreadsheet of Zip Codes and associated Sales Reps. In this instance, they can convert the spreadsheet into a CSV, and upload the CSV of all Zip Codes.
Emily WalsdorfEmily Walsdorf 
I'd like to create an anniversary date 365 days from start date, and for it to then update every year.  As well, a field that would tell me the number of years that the account has been a customer.
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Sachin KattiSachin Katti
Refer to the post with similar requirment for anniversary date.

For Number of years you can use the formula field like below: 

YEAR(Today()) - YEAR(AnnivesaryDate__c)