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Chris DuncombeChris Duncombe 
Was informed today that I have been named a Salesforce MVP.  I just wanted to thank everyone as I know the nomination came from within the community.  I am honored and just wanted to say thank you  :)
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Jackie DoanJackie Doan
Chris, let's mark a best answer to keep our community clean! 

Haha - had to bust your chops. :)
Khalil MedinaKhalil Medina 
I want to say THANK YOU all. Today I certified as a Sales Force ADM and it won't be possible without you guys.  I want to say specially thanks to Steve Molis and Jeff May, you guys are a huge example for me. I cannot be more happy

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Khalil MedinaKhalil Medina
Syam Kishore: the key for me was learning everyday something new, because since I work as a salesforce adm I have some experience. I didn't try to memorize answers and questions, I don't find this valuable. I went to real situations. 

That serie of videos named: WHO SEES WHAT is excelent:

And the next on line courses:
Online course: Administration Essentials for New Admins and Administration Essentials for the 
Service Cloud
Other helpful resources:
 Online course: Analyze Your Data with Reports
 Online course: Configure Salesforce with Custom Fields
 Online course: Customizing Profiles to Align with Your Business Needs
 Online course: Getting a Head Start with Chatter
 Online course: Getting Started with Managing Data
 Online course: Managing Users and Troubleshooting Login Issues
 Online course: Summarize Your Data with Dashboards

That's all.


Rodger HallRodger Hall 
Outlook 2003, can email still be recovered if a user has been deleted from Exchange?
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gerard kennedygerard kennedy
There is a utility called Recovery Toolbox for Outlook  that allows you to recover the deleted user (without most of the properties) and once the user is recovered you can just reconnect the mailbox. http://
You should also be able to use Еxmerge (download from Microsoft) to export the mailbox to a PST.
Frank JordanFrank Jordan 
Is there anyway to see if someone deleted case comments? Is there a way to get the deleted case comments back? Do they get saved anywhere?
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Chris DuncombeChris Duncombe
Assuming you are a system admin you can check the recycle bin for delted case comments.  These are only stored int eh recycle bin for 15 days so it is time sensative.  

It is possible to write an apex trigger on the CaseComment object to send an email alert when a case commetn is deleted.  I have done this in the past for a few companies but it does require some Apex knowledge.

Rajaraman AnandhakrishnanRajaraman Anandhakrishnan 
I wanted to add 2 hours to the created date time and store the value in custom field. 

Is it possible using formula or Workflow ..

Or should i go with Triggers. Please advice.
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
 (myCase.CreatedDate + (1/4.8)) would be = (CreatedDate + 0.208333 days) or (CreatedDate + 5 hours)
Daniel JohnsDaniel Johns 
What to do in case I can't log in Outlook 2003 to change the server address to localhost, forgot the password from Identity.  how to get the password and a user name? Perhaps, you will help me.
Thanks in advance.
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Antony PopeAntony Pope
I once had such problem and I so solved it. I've played with the registry yourself (Win2000, Office 2003) and found this thread: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\OMI Account Manager\Accounts\00000001
Apparently there are stored server configuration. So there is a key "POP3 Password2" type binary. If we take its value and look in Protected Storage Explorer  a branch  "Protected Storage\Identification\INETCOMM Server Passwords\< key value >", then this will be the password for the POP3 account (at least for me it is). 
You can go to this link and also find useful advices.
Sherry HabermanSherry Haberman 
I am trying to test an email alert that I've just set up in my Sandbox.  I have similar alerts that are already working fine in Prod but I can't seem to generate an actual email from my test.  Is this 'normal'?
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Subramanyam MeareSubramanyam Meare
With effect from Spring 13 release all sandboxes are default to  to Access level to "System Email only" under deliverability setting,you would need to make sure that Go--Setup--Adminstration setup--Email administration--Deliverability--& set the  Access level to "All Emails" as shown below:-


  = Required Information

Access to Send Email

Access level  
No accessSystem email onlyAll email

This will solve your problem.

Leandro Manuel BelloLeandro Manuel Bello 

I followed the steps to add a filter to a dashboard that I created. So far so good, but when I try to load the dashboard from the home page, it shows unfiltered. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help. :)
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Alex SherwoodAlex Sherwood
Unfortunately, dashboards displayed on the homepage won't be filtered, using the filters set while viewing the dashboard in the dashboard tab.

There's an Idea ( requesting this functionality.
Christina WuChristina Wu 
This has always boggled my mind. I don't understand why an Account is made when an Opportunity is created, as typically an Account would signify that this was an actual paying client. It's caused a lot of confusion in our org and I wish there was a way to prevent this from happening.
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Alex SherwoodAlex Sherwood
You can obviously create your own definitions for the standard Salesforce objects but usually an Account is a company that could buy from you, not only one that has.

If you convert all Leads that meet criteria that's similar to that, then you end up with a database of Accounts & their Contacts, with verified company / contact details, which you know you want to market to.

You're linking your Opportunity to an Account because you're trying to sell to a company and the Account represents a company.

But just to reiterate, an Account does not need to be created everytime a new Opportunity is created. A) you don't have to link Opportunities to Accounts B) if there's an existing Account then the Opportunity can be linked to that.
Worth OperationsWorth Operations 
Under my Leads I have a picklist for Original Source of Lead. I want to give our main User account the only access to two of those values, but I want the partner users and other users to be able to see them just not edit or choose them as an option. How do I do this? Thank you!
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Eddy RichmondEddy Richmond
Here is one way to write this validation rule:
    NOT($User.Id = "005o00000023rkt"),    <---Put the Worth Operations User ID here
        ISPICKVAL(Original_Source__c, "Ambassador"), 
        ISPICKVAL(Original_Source__c, "Indy Referral")