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Jenni KillmerJenni Killmer 
Hi all,

I have the chance to have a quick chat with my CEO. I'm new at this company (going on three months, solo admin replacing a solo admin), and he has been the CEO of this global company -- a subsidiary of a giant, publically-held group -- for thirty years. My understanding is that he adores a dashboard that he receives daily from Salesforce. But the kicker for me is that this dashboard contains only data from our financial systems; Salesforce has been configured to aggregate and normalizes that data. Otherwise, adoption among the 120 or so account directors and managers is spotty.

I'm having a hard time articulating any questions or comments I have beyond "what do you like, and what's missing?" Does anyone have words of wisdom for me? Please, and thank you, and SEE YOU NEXT WEEK AT DREAMFORCE!
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Aaron DeRanAaron DeRan
I think its an extremely important question to ask him. An investment like Salesforce usually rolls all the way up to the CEO. If it doesnt, he will tell you and point you to the person he sees as responsible for it, but if it is important to him, you will get a good idea of where it stands for him. Is it important or not? Is he getting what he needs from it? Does he feel others in the organization are getting what they need from it? If not, what does he see as the top 5 priorities or who does he recommend you work with to establish them?

Again, not knowing how your organization relies on Salesforce its hard to tell you where to focus your questions but CEOs usually want to have their finger on the pulse of the sales organization within their company. How does he know whats in the pipeline? What is his visbility to your company's sales forecast? How does he know who your top accounts are and how they are doing? How does he know your most neediest accounts and how he can get involved to resolve their issues?
Alex TriAlex Tri 
One of my users can't login in their sandbox.
He uses URL and username has the ".testing" at the end.

When he clicks "forgotten password" he does NOT receive an email.

His email is correct !! What is the issue?

User-added image
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Renaud GambaRenaud Gamba
Hello Alex,

In Setup, Email Administration, Deliverability, check the following option :

User-added image

Allow 'System email only' as Access level.
Then the user will receive his email to change his password when he will clicks "forgotten password"

Let me know,
Nicholas LabradaNicholas Labrada 
Hi could really use some help. First time doing a VF page, and I am trying center an image for a flow that I am passing through a VF page. Can someone please recommend a fix?User-added imageUser-added image
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Nitish SinghalNitish Singhal

I really appreciate your time to make this post here but I would like to inform you that this community is focused on help with declarative configuration changes and non-programmatic solutions.

You have a better chance of getting relevant answers if you post it on one of the following forums [lots of talented developers out there who must have worked on similar problems before.

StackExchange [ (]
Official Developer Forum []

For any configuration changes and point and click design solutions, feel free to post in this community and we will be glad to help you out. 

Hope this helps.

Christian JungeChristian Junge 
I have a client that has asked me to migrate all her files and data from an old desktop computer to a new one. Her old Outlook data, for some reason, is in OST format. I have asked her if the computer used to be in an office environment connected to a server and she said no but who knows.
Anyway I was wondering if anybody knows of a free program to convert ost to pst. I need pst for her new Outlook on her new computer.
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gerhard biebergerhard bieber
There is no free program for ost to pst conversion. Basically all softwares allow to convert some mails for free. If you want to convert full OST file then you have to purchase the full version of the software. You can check this microsoft ost to pst converter
** I would suggest to try demo version before purchasing the software.
Maria MeziatiMaria Meziati 

i'm searching something to add to Salseforce that allow me to create a page accessible without having a license and log in for my customer to fill in or modify a form with their information, than i manage the data  that they send to populate the entity Account.

there is something that can please me?

thank you
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Puneet MehtaPuneet Mehta
Hi Maria,

You can make use of site and expose pages for the guest user to modify the data:
This will require some custom development skills and there is a restriction on a number of times the site is accessed.

Another option is creating a community but that requires extra licenses.

Choose your option based on business needs
Vikram SinghVikram Singh 
Step 1> .
public class Greater {
    Integer x,y;
    public void num(Integer x1, Integer y1){
      x = x1;
      y = y1;
        if (x > y){
            system.debug('greater no is = ' +x);
                system.debug('greater no is = ' +y);
Step 2 >  Greater obj = new Greater();
The above program does not work through error ....
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Paras BhattParas Bhatt

Brackets are not properly placed.
Even you can use ternary operator.

if (x > y)?system.debug('greater no is = ' + x) : system.debug('greater no is = ' + y);

Paras Bhatt
Adam PearlessAdam Pearless 
Hi all

I have 19 accounts/profiles in the success community, from past projects, different orgs etc. Can anything be done?

Ideally I'd like just one - is it possible to merge or delete?

Creds for some of these accounts are long forgetten....


Many me...
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Vinay ChaturvediVinay Chaturvedi
As per the produyct management comment on this idea:
"There is currently no way to move the activity (answers, ideas, etc) from one profile to another profile. That content will continue to exist and be available to other to see and will be linked to the old profile. Users who tried to access that old profile would get an error message that it is no longer available. Being able to pull activity created by multiple users together onto one user is the gist of merging user profiles and is what we are unable to do right now"
Erin HeiserErin Heiser 

I just ran the Salesforce Optimizer report and was shocked to see that I had 610 unused reports (reports that have not been viewed in the past 12 months).  However, when looking through the list, I saw several reports that are being used for dashboards, dashboards that I know are being viewed. So, can I assume then that no one has clicked through the dashboard component and viewed the report directly?

Also, in my Salesforce Optimizer report there were a few dashboards listed as unused.  I confirmed with one user that her dashbaord actually is viewed on a daily basis but only on her home page, not on the Dashboards tab.

With these small quirks with the report I suggest that you really evaluate each report or dahsboard for actual use before deleting!   

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EdEd ( 
Hi Erin,

This coud be related to the known issue posted below:

Samantha GavlasSamantha Gavlas 
I know classic email templates are not available for cases in lightning but is there a way to create custom html templates in lightning for users to use? I enabled the rich text editor but I still can't see it in lightning so I wasn't sure if that was another limitation or user error. 
User-added image
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Han Ren LauHan Ren Lau
Hi Samantha,

Maybe this might help, you need to edit the layout of the Email Action by removing the Text Body and add the HTML Body to the layout. Save the layout and you should be able to see the rich text editor.

User-added image
Note: The email action can be found here : Cases => Buttons, Links, and Actions

Han Ren
Akis AthanasiadisAkis Athanasiadis 

My org has created a community for the customers.
I need to enter as a customer to see what they see in order to create the adequate rules in their profile.
The question is the following: If I use my credentials can I enter this community?
I have assigned in the community a customer community profile but yet that account doesn't have access to the community portal.

PS.I have also assigned a permission set (community license) for this profile
What am I missing?

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Puneet MehtaPuneet Mehta
Raise a case with Salesforce.
Follow the steps here: