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Piya FiedlerPiya Fiedler 
Whenever one of my end users clicks "Export Details" or "Printable View" on a report and chooses .xls (default), the report will download. When she clicks on it to open, Excel opens but the area where the report should be is blank and gray. This happens will all Salesforce reports she exports. Exporting to .csv is working just fine.

I logged in as her from my laptop and was unable to replicate the issue as everything worked fine for me. We did a screensharing session and I logged in as myself on her computer, but we still encountered the issue.

Any other .xls files are opening just fine for her in Excel. She mentioned she did a Windows update yesterday and that might have something to do with it. It's just curious that it's only happening with Salesforce reports.

Has anybody else encountered this issue? Do you think this is more of a laptop problem or a Salesforce problem?
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Piya FiedlerPiya Fiedler

Contacted Salesforce Support and this is the article they gave for a temp fix: They also said "R&D team has investigated this matter and logged a New Issue for it to be repaired. Unfortunately, I cannot provide a timeline as to when this repair will be implemented due to Safe Harbor constraints."
Chris DuncombeChris Duncombe 
Was informed today that I have been named a Salesforce MVP.  I just wanted to thank everyone as I know the nomination came from within the community.  I am honored and just wanted to say thank you  :)
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Jackie DoanJackie Doan
Chris, let's mark a best answer to keep our community clean! 

Haha - had to bust your chops. :)
Spencer McKeeSpencer McKee 
Typically, when notified of an update, I go through the process, restart the applications and everything is back in working order.  However, this time, the side panel in Outlook attmpets to refresh itself every 10 seconds or so always resulting in "You're not connected to Salesforce", and the tray icon shows a sync attempt every 5 seconds or so.  All my settings appear to be in order so I'm unsure what's causing the disconnect.
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Ray RuddRay Rudd
We encountered the same issue.  We resolved it by right clicking on the SFO icon in the Task Tray, clicking 'Settings' then 'Change User'.  We logged into Salesforce and it works without the error.
Matthew GershenMatthew Gershen 
I would like to add the "Type" field (and make it required) to the log a call shortcut that appears in the feed:

User-added image

I was able to do this when I go through the "normal" log a call workflow (seen below): 

User-added image

Is it possible to alter the modal that pops up in that shorcut for the feed? 

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Mayank SrivastavaMayank Srivastava
Navigate to:

Setup -> Create -> Global Actions
Click on Layout for Log a Call action.
And then set the Type field to be required.

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Steve MolisSteve Molis 
Here's a Formula I built to create an "Ultimate Parent Account" field that you can use to create Opportunity Pipeline reports that roll up all Opportunities under the top Account in the hierarchy. 

*** in this example I'm testing up to a 5 Tier Account Hierarchy (Compiled size: 342 characters) ***

Datatype: Formula 
Result: TEXT 
IF(NOT(ISBLANK(Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Name)), Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Name,
IF(NOT(ISBLANK(Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Name)), Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Name,
IF(NOT(ISBLANK(Parent.Parent.Parent.Name)), Parent.Parent.Parent.Name,
IF(NOT(ISBLANK(Parent.Parent.Name)), Parent.Parent.Name,

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Steve MolisSteve Molis
An #AWESOME bonus tip from @Jeremiah Dohn to turn the Ultimate Parent into a Hyperlink to that Account

Datatype: Formula 
Result: TEXT 
IF(NOT(ISBLANK(Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Name)), Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Id, 
IF(NOT(ISBLANK(Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Name)), Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Id, 
IF(NOT(ISBLANK(Parent.Parent.Parent.Name)), Parent.Parent.Parent.Id, 
IF(NOT(ISBLANK(Parent.Parent.Name)), Parent.Parent.Id, 
IF(NOT(ISBLANK(Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Name)), Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Name, 
IF(NOT(ISBLANK(Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Name)), Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Name, 
IF(NOT(ISBLANK(Parent.Parent.Parent.Name)), Parent.Parent.Parent.Name, 
IF(NOT(ISBLANK(Parent.Parent.Name)), Parent.Parent.Name, 

Cheryl RedmanCheryl Redman 
I am trying to rationalize all the dashboards we use to determine if we should get rid of some.
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
You could create a Custom Report Type (CRT) and select Report as the Primary Object and Dashboard, and get the Last Run Date =>

User-added image 
Ann EspejoAnn Espejo 
I am the salesforce admin. The manager requested to merge two account. He said that those were the same company. When I looked at the account name both have different names and address. When I clicked on the Account Merge and search for the account it's not showing any duplicate because the other account's company name is different. How do I merge these accounts.

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Steve MolisSteve Molis
You'll need to edit one of the Account Names so that it is a close enough match to the other Account Name for the Account Merge serach to find both accounts.  

I know it sound crazy, but that's just the way it is.
Kirsty ListerKirsty Lister 
I created a process beacuse when a record is created, and one field is blank, I want it to look up to another field. So I set this up, and chose to start the process when a record is created or edited. So it would pick up both new records created and existing records that historically had that field blank. 

It didn't always work so I logged a case with SF and they fixed it by ticking 'Recursion - Allow process to evaluate a record multiple times in a single transaction?'

Now, when I asked SF why that needed to be ticked (so I can understand when/if I need to tick it on future processes) the reply was: 
'Process works if there are relevant changes in the record. Now since the Field was left blank and does not have any changes then the system thinks that no changes was made. This normally happens when using a blank value in any conditions or criteria.'  

But I don't understand! Why should a process set to run on creation of a record NEED a field to be changed to fit the criteria..? Why can't it just recognise that the criteria is met on the creation?
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Tom BlamireTom Blamire
I would say a s best practice, always select the recursion check box  and if referencing blank fields, use a formula and that should trigger your prcoess
Koen VermachelenKoen Vermachelen 
We noticed recently that the "elapsed time" of a milestone does not seem to exclude the time that the entitlement process was stopped. To us, that's a clear bug but I would like to know if other people have also seen this behavior and what their solution was to have the correct elapsed time.

First test: impact of stopping the clock on the "Elapsed Time"
Milestone start date: 25/02/2015 09:34
Target response time: 10 mins
Target Date 25/02/2015 09:44
Stopped Since: 25/02/2015 09:35
Restarted at: 25/02/2015 09:47
Completed milestone at: 25/02/2015 09:47
Elapsed time after close: 13 mins
Violation NOT CHECKED! (although the elapsed time is greater than the target response time...) Target Date 25/02/2015 09:56 (moved by the time process was stopped)

so, the clock being stopped or not, does not influence the elapsed time while it should... Also, as long as the milestone is not yet completed, you have the "time remaining" which IS being influenced by the entitlement being stopped or not

Second test (as a sanity check... you would start doubting everything): impact of the business hours on the "Elapsed Time"

Case opened outside of business hours
business hours of day of testing: 10:00 to 10:05 AM
Start Date 25/02/2015 09:54 AM
Target Date 26/02/2015 00:55 AM
Target Response (Mins) 60
Completion milestone at: 25/02/2015 10:06
Elapsed time: 5 mins

so here, the business hours DO have impact on the elapsed time

could someone confirm this buggy behavior please and let me know if there are workarounds?
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Jon TreskoJon Tresko
Some fields are there to show you total elapsed time by design. If you have contractual SLAs, then you need to meet them whether or not timers were started stopped, as SLAs are typically based on actual clock/calendar time. If it's based on business hours, you can set up your business hour rules.

Sometimes things come up in software in general, where if something works differently than you'd expect, it might still be working as designed, which means there is no bug. Your opinion may be that the design is flawed, but first try to understand why it was designed a certain way to determine if the functionality meets your use cases.

So with all that said, what exactly are you wanting it to do?

It looks like the actual elapsed time was only a minute or so without being stopped, which explains why it didn't throw a violation. Target Response and Time Remaining should change based on starting/stopping, but Elapsed time shows total, less business hours.

If you want a field that calculates alpsed time, less stopped time, you have all the date fields, so try creating a formula which calculates your version of elapsed time.
Eddy RichmondEddy Richmond 

Since Process scheduled actions don't appear in the time-based queue I can't find the answer through trial and error.

I know when a workflow rule's criteria changes that sets the time-based action on queue the time-based action is removed from the queue. Is this the same with Process Builder and scheduled actions? If a scheduled action is trigger since the criteria on the process is met will that scheduled action be removed if the criteria changes before it fires?

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Eddy RichmondEddy Richmond

Thank you Douglass Yeager!

Here is my answer:
"For processes that are set to run when a record is created or edited, scheduled actions remain in the queue only as long as the criteria for those actions are still valid. If a record no longer matches the criteria, Salesforce removes the scheduled actions for that record from the queue."