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Steve MolisSteve Molis 
Best practice tip:
Whenever you’re creating a Formula Field, Workflow Rule, Process Builder (or posting a Question about your Formula in the Answers Community), create a List View that includes all of the Fields that your Formula is evaluating side-by-side along with your Formula Field result (if it’s a Cross-Object Formula create a Report).  

Just because you clicked that Check Syntax button and you got that little green message saying “Congratulations!!!  No syntax errors in merge fields or functions. (Compiled size: 4998 characters)” doesn’t mean you’re home free. It just means you have the right combination of AND’s, OR’s, &&’s, ||’s, etc. you could still have a flaw or loophole in your Formula Logic.  

If you think getting a Syntax Error sucks, just wait’ll you have to explain to your boss why their Pipeline and Forecast Reports and Dashboards are wrong because you didn’t check the results of that shiny new Formula Field you built.
[Insert Winston Wolfe’s parable about premature self-congratulation]

Formula with QC List View
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User-added image

Cross-Object Formula with QC Report
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Adam MarksAdam Marks
Steve, please make sure to mark a best answer! #keepourcommunityclean!

(that felt so ditry to type)
Gustavo SelujaGustavo Seluja 
The display issue with truncation of long text fields has been reported several times already.  I want to double check this is yet to be fixed, correct? It appears to only affect Lightning Experience, correct?  When I compare both, Classic seems to display all characters.  As it's been suggested already, the exported report, xls or xlsx formats, displays the field information correctly.  Thank you.
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Gustavo SelujaGustavo Seluja
@Jason Morales

Hi Jason.  After posting it I remembered it was already answered by Salesforce back in February! (one forgets! 😇).

Anusha Surepeddi (Salesforce)
@Gustavo Seluja (Medio Mundo LLC) - We are working on bringing text wrapping similar to excel or google sheets, however this requires a change in how we render the data on the report run page. So the change is coming for Summer'19 release (safe harbor) since we want to make sure it will perform well.

Please note that the enhanced report view table is not a HTML table like the legacy report view or classic report view. The table in enhanced report view is an advanced lightning design system component which allows for table column actions such as "group rows by this field" similar to the lightning report builder.
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Brian BoyleBrian Boyle 
Out of (what appears to be) nowhere, standard and custom object permissions have been completely blanked out for SOME profiles.

One of our SF Admins was doing some minor page layout adjustment and at that exact time (according to the setup audit log) the relevant profiles were updated with the permissions blanked out/all boxed unchecked.

Any ideas what may have caused this?  

Thanks in advance!
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Colby KaminColby Kamin
See here:
Dan CliffordDan Clifford 
Suddenly this morning, the two people assigned to the RD Manager security profile cannot access any contacts, accounts, or opportunities. What could cause this? We have made no global changes recently. Other users are not experiencing any problems. It's an issue in both Classic and Lightening.

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Colby KaminColby Kamin
This is being widely reported. See here:
Julie DavisonJulie Davison 
I don;t even see the "Lead Sorce" field listed on the "Lead Fields" side of the Mapping tool. There should be "Lead Source" right where the Green Arrow is pointing, but it's not there???

User-added image
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Steve BainesSteve Baines
Lead Source has a standard mapping that you can't modify.

The workaround is to create a formula field on the Lead object that returns Text and simply references the LeadSource field. Then, create a text field on the Account object and map the formula LeadSource field to the Account text field.
Launa SaundersLauna Saunders 
We just installed Dupecatcher and I wondered what filters and rules other orgs use with their instance of Dupecatcher since it doesn't come with standard criteria. Basics such as name being exact are obvous, however, I want to get a little more granular to make sure I catch the "fuzzy" dupes, but not so granular that catching the dupes becomes overbearing (catching everything).

Any users of the Dupecatcher product care to share the filters that they use?
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Stephen HardingStephen Harding
Hi Cliodhnae:

Thanks for your comment.  I want to add a bit more detail to my previous response.

DupeCatcher can block manual inserts/updates based on your settings.  It can ALSO block auto-inserts (from web-to-lead and other sources), but there are some caveats when in comes to blocking auto-inserts.

First, most organization do not want auto-inserts blocked outright because sometimes auto-inserts come with new/updated information and/or new opportunities.  When blocking an auto-insert, there is no human being who can review the data, unlike when DupeCatcher blocks a manual insert.

Second, with web-to-lead, Salesforce has a safety mechanism--if the record insert is blocked, Salesforce often sends a follow email alerting the admin that an auto-insert was blocked.  (This feature does not usually apply to other systems that automatically create records in the org.)

Because of these matters, we designed DupeCatcher to optionally alert, rather than block, auot-inserts. 

I do not know how DupeCatcher will work with your specific systems.  But since the app is free and since it doesn't put your org or your data at risk, it might be worth some testing.  Glad to help you out with this matter if you're interested.

Joanie GentileJoanie Gentile 
Is it possible to update the filter options on the campaign member list view in lightning? I'm referring to the campaign member list view that you access by clicking 'view all' from beneath the donut chart related list in Lightning. I know you can update the columns via the campaign member related list, but is it also possible to add in new quick filters?

User-added image
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Narender SinghNarender Singh
The quick filters depend upon what all fields you have added as columns to the campaign member related list. All the fields added to the related list should appear in Quick Filters.

So to add another field to Quick Filter, you will need to add the field to the related list columns.
Kate WalshKate Walsh 
I do not mind the Ref ID in the footer of the email, but on the subject line it is causing problems,  Is there a way to remove it from the 

When I test the email within my company I get what I expect:

When I go outside to my test google account, I get this:
Yaskawa Solectria Solar:: Kate Walsh Field Acct:: Case: 00007981 [ ref:_00DU0KJ88._500U09toWJ:ref ]

I do not want the Ref ID in the Subject line.  Can I stop it from showing up is in the body of the email and that is fine with me and my users.

Also, I thought I had replaced the Sent By Kate Walsh Via....salesforce but it is back:
Kate Walsh via 
What are my alternatives...? 

Thanks in advance for any suggestions
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Jeff MayJeff May
Under you Support Settings, uncheck the 'include Thread ID in Subject'
zas Zhengzas Zheng 
I want select all field name on lead, such as IsConverted, ConvertedContactId...
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Bhavna BanodhaBhavna Banodha
Hi Zas,

Go to Developer Console,
Open Lead Object
User-added image
New window will open, select all the fields(Ctrl A or drag)
and click on Query
Below window will have all the fields queried
User-added image
Piyush SinghalPiyush Singhal 
Since I begun developing in salesforce I have been curious why is it called product2 and why not product.I messed up a project today where I had to create a object with the same name but had to add 2 in the end.

Did someone of the salesforce gods messed up product object initially and it had to named product2.

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Steve MolisSteve Molis
I think there was an old version of Products that has been sunsetted, that's why they're called Products2