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This one should be simple but has me boggled...tyvm in advance.  Here is a simple screenshot to help.
validation rule fields
OK - The rule is that if the " Date ALL COMPLETED field is not = to Blank  Then / IF the " Work Needed " field is " not = to Blank " then the " Completed field ( a date field ) MUST NOT BE EQUAL TO BLANK

I really hope that makes sense and tyvm in advance
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Sunil SarillaSunil Sarilla
Please try the below
If Work Needed is a picklist field, then try the below
Satheeskumar ISatheeskumar I 
   I am planing to give ADM201 Exam within this week.
   As preparation alone not sufficient for the exam I need MOCK exam papers for ADM201 which will help me to clear this exam.
   If you have MOCK Exam papers for ADM201, please provide me.

Many thanks
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Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
Corinna RossknechtCorinna Rossknecht 
Hey there,

How can I start tracking calls and show the calling history in each Leads/Contacts/Opportunitites, when using Skype Click-to-Call? Any help appreciated!
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Pruthvi RajPruthvi Raj
@Corinna : I might not be of great help here . Can you try contacting the customer service of the app , as they are the right persons for solving the issue ?
Brendan ConroyBrendan Conroy 
Normally I'd just figure this one out, but man it's late in the day and apparently can't think straight. I want a formula field that shows a specific value if a picklist called Pain Level is x, y, or z. Here is the criteria.

If the picklist is x, then the Pipeline score is Y

0 make it blank
1 make it 0
2 make it 1
3 make it 2
4 make it 4
5C make it 5
5B make it 8
5A make it 10

I think that it's a basic Case formula, but can't get it quite right. Thanks!

CASE( Pain_Level__c ), 
"0", "", 
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
Your last 0 is missing quotation marks
Sarah BurtonSarah Burton 
Is it possible to do a field update from the Parent Account to the Child Account?
I have a piece of important information that needs to filter through from the Parent account to the child accounts under it... I have a feeling it can only be possible with code rather than workflow, but it's always worth the question! 
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Matt BrownMatt Brown
+1 Sharif

If you are doing a pull from a Parent Account to a Child Account, your formula to set the value will be something like: Parent.{Field_Name__c}
Steve RedigerSteve Rediger 
What is the difference between Answered and Solved in Discussions in the Community?  How does a discussed get “Solved”?
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Tega OlotewoTega Olotewo
Hi Steve,

Solved:  A discussion is solved when a Best Answer has been selected for a question (Green check icon with text "Best Answer chosen by")  

Answered: Question has replies/comments but doesn't have a Best Answer selected.

I hope this helps.
Piya FiedlerPiya Fiedler 
Whenever one of my end users clicks "Export Details" or "Printable View" on a report and chooses .xls (default), the report will download. When she clicks on it to open, Excel opens but the area where the report should be is blank and gray. This happens will all Salesforce reports she exports. Exporting to .csv is working just fine.

I logged in as her from my laptop and was unable to replicate the issue as everything worked fine for me. We did a screensharing session and I logged in as myself on her computer, but we still encountered the issue.

Any other .xls files are opening just fine for her in Excel. She mentioned she did a Windows update yesterday and that might have something to do with it. It's just curious that it's only happening with Salesforce reports.

Has anybody else encountered this issue? Do you think this is more of a laptop problem or a Salesforce problem?
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Piya FiedlerPiya Fiedler

Contacted Salesforce Support and this is the article they gave for a temp fix: They also said "R&D team has investigated this matter and logged a New Issue for it to be repaired. Unfortunately, I cannot provide a timeline as to when this repair will be implemented due to Safe Harbor constraints."
Amanda MooreAmanda Moore 
Within the Publish tab I assign a label to nearly every post. I'd like to be able to analyze posts by specific labels, but when I try to filter by "post label" none of the labels created in Publish appear. This has happened both in Dashboards, and when I try to drill down to post labels in a Workbench. Are you only able to filter using macros? 
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PrateekPrateek (TZ Org) 
Hi Amanda,

check out the below articles that might answer your question:

Hope that helps!
Andrea SloanAndrea Sloan 
Can anyone explain to me what the CRM User  Permission Set licesne oes? The screen has the following explanation but it's not clear as to what this does? Is this something I would only assign to myself as the system admin if I wnate to use it or to all of my users? What's it for?

Enables Salesforce admin to track distribution of CRM User licenses.
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Mayank SrivastavaMayank Srivastava
Hello Andrea, I have personally never used that Permission Set License Assignment and I don't think it has any utility from a functionality perspective.

User-added image

From the following description it seems like it is simply for helping you track your CRM user license which probably doesn't even hold any relevance anymore with the recent releases.
The CRM User, Sales User, and Service User permission set licenses let you track your org’s user license usage.

Jiahuan XUJiahuan XU 
Hello guys,

I met a question in the marketing cloud email specialist release note. I'm not sure about my answers, so I posted this question to discuss with you.

Use case: After a send has been completed, marketer realizes that they have included an incorrect link on a secondary Call To Action (CTA) in their email.
Which is required to allow the link to be updated? (choose 2 answers)
A) Link Tracking was used on the send
B) The original URL included URL parameters
C) The email message is sent as a commercial send
D) The updated URL must be used for all recipients

To use the update job links after send, it must allow the Salesforce marketing cloud to track the click data, so I choose A.
Then you must search for the job in the tab "Tracking -sends" to find the job link to update, so I choose B.
I chose A and B to this question, do you have any other ideas? 

Thanks in advance.
Best regards,
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Kara SchoelerKara Schoeler
Hi Jiahuan - this looks like certification question.  I'm not going to answer the question for you, but I'll share with you our documentation on this functionality and you can read more about it.  How to edit links pst send: