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Leanne ArdleyLeanne Ardley 

I know it's possible to auto-approve a record with standard Approvals, but how can I auto-approve a record with Advanced Approvals? 

Example, a Rep has created a Quote with Product A, which requires approval by management if the discount is over certain thresholds. If the discount is under these thresholds though, they can approve it themselves, that is the Quote is auto-approved. 

Rep Approval 0-10% (A rep can auto-approve a Quote if the discount is 0-10%)
Regional Sales Manager 11-20% (Regional Sales Manager must approve the Quote if the discount is 11-20%)
VP Sales 21-30% (VP Sales must also approve the Quote if the discount is 21-30%)

Ideally, the Rep would ALWAYS submit for approval, no matter what discounts are applied, and it would be approved automatically if it was 0-10%. But as this wasn't working, I also tried to add an Approval Rule in, where the Rep was the approver themselves. I did this with the CreatedBy field on the Quote, and also tried a custom Quote_Creator__c field, but neither of them worked. I got an error in the Preview Approval window stating "Unable to find Approver for Rule ID".

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would be really surprised/disappointed if this cannot be done in Advanced Approvals, since it can be done in Standard Approvals. 


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Leanne ArdleyLeanne Ardley
Opened a Case with a Salesforce and they got back to me with how to do this. All you have to do is Submit for Approval and make sure that your record doesn't meet the conditions of any of the approval rules. If it doesn't, then it will be set to Approved. It's a little confusing in that the Preview Approval page says "No Approval Required", but they said this message cannot be changed. Anyway, thanks Salesforce! 
Jose SousatelesJose Sousateles 
Anytime I create a new TP hands-on org, I click launch and sends me to the login page, since this is the first time logging in to this org, I haven't set the password. Also note I have tried the forgot password link but it doesn't work for the newly created org.
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Yuvaraj PalaniYuvaraj Palani
Hi Jose, 
Have you tried creating new org again to check whether it logs in ? 

FYI. there is also a limit on number of TP for a trailhead account . I think it is 10. But I don't really think that is causing this issue. 

May be you can try do this.
  1. Log in from a different browser. Just to ensure this is not a cache issue.
  2. Try creating new TP to see whether it works out. 
  3. If 1 & 2 doesn't work for you, then raise a case to Salesforce.

Yuvaraj Palani
Taryn HudsonTaryn Hudson 
Some users are receiving the insufficient privileges error message when clicking on either of the buttons in this list.

User-added image
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Jose j KollamparambilJose j Kollamparambil
Please check the OWD of Lead record.That may be public Read Only.So that the users cant add any notes or files.
The user doesnt have the edit access.
You can provide edit access by chnaging OWD to public read/write or using sharing rules.
Nitzan MarinovNitzan Marinov 
Hi everyone,

I would to create a simple web form to feed the contact standard object and a couple of custom objects.

I've been looking everywhere and all I can find is how to build an App, which is not what I want. I just want to build a simple web form.

Can anyone direct me to a tutorial that shows me how to do that?

All I really need is to understand how to create a new page based on the Contacts object.

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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
If you're looking to build one for yourself then I would suggest you to get started with these - 
  1. Visual Workflows
  2. Sites (
Once when you're comfortable with both of them, you can learn these - 
  1. Adding a Flow to a Visualforce Page
  2. Distribute a Flow to External Users (
In simpler words, you'll be doing this - 
  1. Create a Flow that can Created Records
  2. Add that Flow to a VF Page
  3. Create a Site
  4. Add this VF Page to Site
  5. Make your Site Public
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Synthia Beauvais (Active)Synthia Beauvais (Active)
Hi John! Any luck on this? Someone shared this Einstein Bots Cookbook Intermediate - Summer '18 ( document with me. Have you seen it? 
Mike DavisMike Davis 
1. I have "Enable Multiple Contacts to Accounts" enabled in my org.
2. Contact A is related to Account 1, Account 2 and Account 3 on the Related Account list.
3. Is there a way to have a field on the Contact record count the number of related Accounts?  
4. Additionally is there a way to trigger a Worfklow off of a new Relationship?  For example when I add a new Related Account to this Contact?

Thanks-Rollup Summary field won't work becauase it isn't a Master.Detail relationship
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Sedoud BoussadSedoud Boussad
Hi Mike,

The main problem you will have is that you can't trigger on the AccountContactRole Object.
Same thing on a process builder/Workflow.

You could schedule a batch every day to update the field "Number of Related Account".
Or create a Trigger which is triggered every time a contact is updated and then query the AccountContactRole object with a Count and update the record if the number of related account is different.

Integer nb_related_accounts = [SELECT COUNT FROM AccountContactRole  WHERE ContactId := c.Id ];

Hope this helps !
Andrea CullerAndrea Culler 
I want a report for all open opportunities and their contact roles for two products. I used the above custom type report and filtered on equals 1 product name; the rest is open (all opps, any time close date, etc). The report yields no results.  Am I doing something wrong?
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
If I edit it in the Classis Editor I can access the product Lookup Filter

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John StanczakJohn Stanczak 
How would I write a Valdiation rule to set an Upper limit on a number/currency field for specifc users.

For example User A: can set this filed to a max of 25,000
                     User B: 50,000
                     User C: 10,000
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
Can you post the exact Formula (use the Code Clipboard) that you are using and also post a screenshot of the error?

I don't get any Syntax errors on mine and it works fine 
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Claire LuotoClaire Luoto 
Hello, we have a standard field that displays to applicable users on a page layout. I want to "hide" this field only when specific criteria are entered (e.g. the channel is X, hide the field. But if the channel is Y, don't hide the field)

Is this possible?
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Narender SinghNarender Singh
You will need to create two record types, say A and B.

Now create two page layouts, one with field on it (say X) and second without the field(say Y).

Now assign X to A and Y to B.

Now create a workflow, to change the record type to B, when your criteria is met.

And that should do it. :)
Lily BluntLily Blunt 
Is it possible to change the Salesforce logo to our own company logo, in Lightning Experience?  I know you can do that by using a custom app in Salesforce Classic.  But does that work in lightning experience?  Didn't work for me.  Any work arounds?
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