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Julie SteinloskiJulie Steinloski 
Hi everyone ... I found a post here ( with several people who are having the same problem I am with SharePoint online setup.  I thought I'd repost to hopefully catch some brilliant person's eye. 

I've followed all of the documentation (haven't found any more recent than 2017) to no avail.  I thought I would repost the question to see if there are any definitive solutions.  Here's what I'm getting.  

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Julie SteinloskiJulie Steinloski
After much headbanging, I found the best video.  It's old, but it did the trick!
Michel Maciej Wiśniewski-BalickiMichel Maciej Wiśniewski-Balicki 
How can I make (in a simple way) a field mandatory to fill only if a certain stage on opportunity is selected?
For example: In my sales process, the "closed lost" stage means that the opportunity was won by a competitor. I would like to make the field "competitor" available and mandatory ONLY IF the stage "close lost" is selected.
Thank you in advance
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You have to create avalidation rule on opportunity objet having this condition :
StageName = 'Closed Lost'  && Competitor__c = null
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Jair CortesJair Cortes 


We have two objects: 

1- Customer Contact (Account)

2- Order (Custom Object) 

The Order Object has a Date field, what we're trying to achieve is to calculate the days between each order for each customer. Orders are already related to the Account Object, but I can't seem to find a way to pull all Order Dates to that customer; is this possible? 


Thanks a lot

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Jonathan FoxJonathan Fox
Yes, I would create a number field on the Customer Contact (Account) record to hold the average number of days between orders.

I would then create an After Insert, After Update on the Order (Custom Object) object:

//Get the Customer Contact (Account) related to each Order (Custom Object)
for every SOQL the related Customer Contact (Account)

//Get ALL Order (Custom Object) for the Customer Contact (Account) including the new Order (Custom Object) using your prefvioud SOQL'ed info
then SOQL all related to Order (Custom Object) the Customer Contact (Account) ORDER by Desc

//Now with all of those Order (Custom Object)
Get the difference between each date - divide by the total number for an average
Print the number to the number field you created at the begining
laxmi yelishalalaxmi yelishala 
research Communities both Customer and Partner so you know where to go for help to assist with the Build. can you the me clear steps thank you
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Amber BoazAmber Boaz
Here is the documentation for how to setup a Community:
Larissa JohnsonLarissa Johnson 
Is there a solution to default the toggle chart to "off" for reports in Lightning? I have reports which we do not have a report chart built in the report for, but everytime I open the report it defaults to a standard chart on the report. I would prefer the default be off, but can't find a way around this.
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Erick BurtnessErick Burtness
I was able to work around this by editing my report and switching it to Tabular format so there was no grouping available for a chart, running it, saving it, then switching back to Summary format and adding my group fields back in.
Bob MooreBob Moore 
Hi all, I'm trying to build a formula field that returns a value based on checkboxes being true or false.

There are 3 checkbox fields total.

If only 1/3 is checked, the formula field should = 33
If 2/3 are checked = 66
If 3/3 are checked = 100

I'm struggling to figure out how to get all the combinations in one formula (nested IF statements?) Is anybody able to help?
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Tony TrinhTony Trinh
FLOOR((IF(Box1__c,1,0) + IF(Box2__c,1,0) + IF(Box3__c,1,0))*100/3)

If you need 33 instead of 33.333, use this.
Timothy StockertTimothy Stockert 
Does anyone know if there is a way within FormAssembly to automatically populate a date field with today's date using the Calculations functionality?  I've created a date field and am trying to use a javascript calculation to pre-fill/pre-populate the field with today's date; however, I keep getting an error in FormAssembly. Is this even possible?

Here's the javascript that I'm trying to use:
var today = new Date();
var dd = today.getDate();
var mm = today.getMonth()+1; //January is 0!
var yyyy = today.getFullYear();

if(dd<10) {
    dd = '0'+dd

if(mm<10) {
    mm = '0'+mm

today = mm + '/' + dd + '/' + yyyy;
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Timothy StockertTimothy Stockert
I got my answer from FormAssembly:

You can fill in today's date into a field with a little bit of customer code.
In FormAssembly, add this to the calculation option for the text field:

Then add this to the custom code section on your form:
<script>function a(){ return new Date;}</script>
Ashley FaggianelliAshley Faggianelli 
Our contact record uses the default mailing address but I am unable to edit it. We do holiday mailers and I would like to make the field required for new contacts because every year at this time I have to go back through and send requests for contact mailing addresses.

Is there a way for me to make this required without having to create custom fields? (We have a basic package for salesforce and I am a system Admin)

Thank you!

P.S. Is this something I can request from salesforce? We should have the option to make a field required even when its not a custom one.
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Marco BMarco B
for the validation rule, go to:
Setup > Customize > Contacts > Validation Rule > New

give it any name you want

In the syntax , put :

 ISBLANK( MailingCity ) ,
 ISBLANK( MailingCountry ) ,
 ISBLANK( MailingState ) ,
 ISBLANK( MailingStreet ) ,
 ISBLANK( MailingPostalCode )

in the error message, put the error text that your users will see when they click on Save while the Mailing Address is not fully filled out
Connor SmallConnor Small 
I am trying to add text labels to a dashboard and I cannot find the text widget? is this only available inside the analytics studio.
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Rachel FrazerRachel Frazer
As far as I can tell, you can only add text at the component level using the Dashboards tab. You can add a Title, Subtitle and Footer to an individual component.
Add Component Popup
Alex JoyAlex Joy 
Hello everyone, 
I have a workflow rule that sends an email to a contact record when a case reaches a specific status.  Is there any way to confirm an email was sent or not? 
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Iqbal AhmedIqbal Ahmed

Hi Alex,

Yes, We can log email in salesforce using Email Log Monitor.

Please ref:

Iqbal Ahmed