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Mike ArthurMike Arthur 
I don't recall receiving an email alert for the certification maintenance exams for Winter '16 on either Admin or Dev certs.  Googling for the training resources only revealed that others had noted the same.

To save others the time of hunting for the training material, it's here:
Winter ‘16 Administrator Release Exam (

The modules are listed here:
Winter '16 Release Training for Certified Professionals (

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Sharif ShaalanSharif Shaalan
Thanks, i was looking for this : )
Chris DuncombeChris Duncombe 
Was informed today that I have been named a Salesforce MVP.  I just wanted to thank everyone as I know the nomination came from within the community.  I am honored and just wanted to say thank you  :)
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Jackie DoanJackie Doan
Chris, let's mark a best answer to keep our community clean! 

Haha - had to bust your chops. :)
rebecca churebecca chu 
16'winter Napili template releases new function - add custom objects. I was trying to add idea object in navi tab but ideas object don't show in salesforce object list. So, I tried to new a page and choose idea object. but i saw the error message "Looks like there's a problem.This record isn't supported. See your administrator for help." 

Has anyone experience to deal with it ?

User-added image

thank you
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Pritam ShekhawatPritam Shekhawat
This is not supported as of now. You can promote and upvote this idea here Support Ideas Out Of Box in Napili Template
Kevin SirfaceKevin Sirface 
Happy SuperBowl Sunday - go Broncos!
I am having trouble with a formula passing syntax - and further I am not sure it will work if I can get it to pass syntax.

This is what I need:
Email Alert if:
On an Opportunity where record type  = x AND Opportunity is PO Received Won (Deal = Opportunity)
AND EITHER of the following 2 fields change:
  • Quantity
  • Estimated Delivery Date
Here is what I have so far:
 ISPICKVAL( StageName , "PO Received Won Deal"),
 RecordTypeId = "012A0000000Cz3S"
 ISCHANGED( TotalOpportunityQuantity ),
 ISCHANGED( Estd_deliv_Date__c )

Thanks for any help
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Mayank SrivastavaMayank Srivastava
Hey Kevin, even though I am not into Superbowl, I will help you out with this ;)
You are missing a comma and a few parentheses.

Use this instead:
    ISPICKVAL( StageName , "PO Received Won Deal"),
    RecordTypeId = "012A0000000Cz3S",
    OR (
         ISCHANGED( TotalOpportunityQuantity ),
         ISCHANGED( Estd_deliv_Date__c )

Provided you have your logic well thought out and in accordance with the requirement, it should work as expected.
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Pratik MunotPratik Munot
Hi Kunal,

There is field call" Question" on Case object, you can add it on the Case Page-layout so the case will get linked to Question automatically.

if our suggestion(s) worked,  let us know by marking the answer as "Best Answer" right under the comment.This will help the rest of the community should they have a similar issue in the future.  Thank you!
Dominique BastienDominique Bastien 

I am trying to create a validation rule that will check if multiple fields are filled in when the opportunity is at a specific sales stage 

These are the fields as well as the data type
Potential_plan_signed__c            - Date
Potential_Design_Sale__c           - Picklist
Rating__c                                      - Picklist
Sq_Ft__c                                       - Number
Prix_Plans__c                               - Currency
O_Score_Project_Location__c     - Picklist
O_Score_Tech_Complexity__c     - Picklist

This is what I have so far; when I remove the 3 in bold the rule works

ISPICKVAL(Potential_Design_Sale__c, ""), 
ISPICKVAL(Rating__c, ""), 
ISPICKVAL(O_Score_Project_Location__c, ""), 
ISPICKVAL(O_Score_Tech_Complexity__c, ""), 
NOT(ISBLANK(Potential_plan_signed__c )), 

ISPICKVAL(StageName, "5 - Offre de Service") 


Thanks for your help
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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
If you need to make ALL of them required then this = 
    TEXT(StageName) = "5 - Offre de Service",
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Sunil SarillaSunil Sarilla
Hi Nicole,
Please See the below screenshot and please refer the following link for the complete formula and explanation and you will also find other Common Date formulas there.
You just need to change the time (16:00 to some other value depending on your time zone and the difference between GMT and your time zone) the below formula works if you are in PDT
DATETIMEVALUE( '1900-01-08 16:00:00' )
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Till KlotzTill Klotz
Hi Gary,

with the Geolocation Fields you can calculate distances in Formula Fields. However, this requires some serious implementation time in your case.

Instead, you could look at applications from the AppExchange, which can help you with your mission:

Geopointe for example, allows you to indicate locations over all Standard and Custom Objects (and Standard and Custom Fields), and offers extensive analytic capabilities.

Hope this answers your question. If it does, please mark as best answer :-)

Conor CarlinConor Carlin 
I have a tabular report that shows a 'grand total' for the number of records, but I want to see the sum total of other columns at the bottom of the report without exporting to xls. Any ideas?
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Rajendra RathoreRajendra Rathore
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Nicole PonceNicole Ponce 

I'd like to be able to apply a validation rule to say:-

Must complete A field (checkbox) OR B field (date) in order to save record.

AND cannot complete both A AND B fields.

Appreciate any assistance, thank you.
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Sandeep Kumar GaddamSandeep Kumar Gaddam
This should do the job

( Checkbox__c == TRUE), 
(DAY( ( SLAExpirationDate__c )) > 0 ) 
(Checkbox__c == FALSE), 
ISBLANK(SLAExpirationDate__c )