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Chris DuncombeChris Duncombe 
Was informed today that I have been named a Salesforce MVP.  I just wanted to thank everyone as I know the nomination came from within the community.  I am honored and just wanted to say thank you  :)
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Jackie DoanJackie Doan
Chris, let's mark a best answer to keep our community clean! 

Haha - had to bust your chops. :)
Khalil MedinaKhalil Medina 
I want to say THANK YOU all. Today I certified as a Sales Force ADM and it won't be possible without you guys.  I want to say specially thanks to Steve Molis and Jeff May, you guys are a huge example for me. I cannot be more happy

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Khalil MedinaKhalil Medina
Syam Kishore: the key for me was learning everyday something new, because since I work as a salesforce adm I have some experience. I didn't try to memorize answers and questions, I don't find this valuable. I went to real situations. 

That serie of videos named: WHO SEES WHAT is excelent:

And the next on line courses:
Online course: Administration Essentials for New Admins and Administration Essentials for the 
Service Cloud
Other helpful resources:
 Online course: Analyze Your Data with Reports
 Online course: Configure Salesforce with Custom Fields
 Online course: Customizing Profiles to Align with Your Business Needs
 Online course: Getting a Head Start with Chatter
 Online course: Getting Started with Managing Data
 Online course: Managing Users and Troubleshooting Login Issues
 Online course: Summarize Your Data with Dashboards

That's all.


Robert StrunkRobert Strunk 
All the MVPs must be boozing it up at the summit ;-)
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Jeff MayJeff May
On behalf of all the MVPs -- thanks for the thoughts!
Chad MoutesChad Moutes 
I just wanted to announce that I finally stopped being lazy and went out and took the Dev 401 certification test, and would like to tell you all the I am officially a Certified Developer. Thank you all for your help and support, and teaching me so much over the past year!

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Chad MoutesChad Moutes
For me personally. I scheduled the test for today about a week ago. I studied everynight after work from 6 to 11, I worked through the entire fundementals book that you can get form salesforce

Then I just studied all of the different sections of the study guide.
Jai PatelJai Patel 
I would like to understand where are these fields are used. Few fields are visible in the related list (ex, Account team, team member etc) but I was unable to locate most of them. Below is the screen shot of the "Other label" section of the Accounts object. 

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Geoffrey FlynnGeoffrey Flynn
Hi Jai,

These are typically labels that will appear somewhere else in the system, not necessarily on the Account object.

Take Contacts for example and Contact Roles.  This is actually a different object, but the labels are listed under Contacts.
Same logic would apply for Account Team which is another object

Other times they might appear automatically on other objects that are related to Accounts instead of being formula fields
Benjamin ChuteBenjamin Chute 

I've created two custom objects, one for inventory management and the other for requests.

I'm trying to find a way to link the "Current Stock" field in the management object to the "Quantity Required" field from the request object, so that the "Current Stock" is debited by the amount of the "Quantity Required" once the order is complete.

How can I link these two fields? 

The two objects are currently linked via regular Lookup field to the inventory management object, but that only helps on one side of the equation.

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Laureano CostaLaureano Costa
There is a way of accomplishing this without having to write an Apex Trigger.

First of all Inventory_Management__c needs to be Master in a Master-Detail relationship with Request__c, instead of the lookup relationship you have defined. This is to be able to define agregations of the details in the master object.

In the object Inventory_Management__c you need 2 additional fields and change the field type of Current_Stock__c:
  1. Initial_Stock__c : Numeric field. Here is the total availability for this Inventory Object when it has no Requests.
  2. Consumed_Items__c : Rollup Summary field, SUM of the Quantity_Required__c of the Requests asociated.
  3. Current_Stock__c need to be a Formula field = Initial_Stock__c - Consumed_Items__c
In the Request__c object you need to add the following Validation Rule in order to prevent creation of Requests that exceed the Current_Stock__c of the related Inventory_Management__c:

Error condition formula: Inventory_Management__r.Current_Stock__c < Quantity_Requested__c
Error message(Sample): The quantity you specified exceeds the availability from the Inventory management associated.

Note: This will automatically "debit" the Quantity_Required__c from the Current_Stock__c of the associated Inventory_Management_c record for every Request__c created.

If you want a solution that will only debit the Quantity_Required__c after some action in the Request__c record, you would have to add an extra field in the Request__c Object let's call it Quantity_Approved__c and this field should be the one summarized in Consumed_Items__c. You will have to add an analogue Validation Rule for this field as we did for Quantity_Requested__c.
The Quantity_Approved__c will be read only to the User and you need to create a Workflow rule that do: Quantity_Approved__c = Quantity_Requested__c for the record upon such action.


Raluca JiboteanRaluca Jibotean 
I have created a custom object called "Visit" and I have made a relationship between the standard object Orders and this custom object made by me - Visits. After creating a New Visit, I have the possibility of making a New Order from that visit (check the attachment). This section of making a new order appears after saving the visit.

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When I press New Order, I have to fill the field "Account Name".

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What should I do to auto-populate the "Account Name" field with the name of the account where I did the visit? Because when I populated the fields of the custom object called Visit, I already typed the name of the account and now I just want it to automatically appear. 


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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
Excellent! So now change your URL to this - 
Garry PolmateerGarry Polmateer 
This might be a little subjective, but I was curious.


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Steve MolisSteve Molis
Awwwww shucks!  Thanks guys!!!  

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Jordan SternbergJordan Sternberg 
Hi Everyone,

I am trying to figure out how to make an account mandatory when an opportunity hit 40% or more probability that it will close. Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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Mayank SrivastavaMayank Srivastava
Try this:
Probability >= 0.4,
    OR (
         INCLUDES(Account.Insurance_Carrrier__c , "Unknown"),

Robin AndersonRobin Anderson 
(Enterprise Edition with Partner Community)


We recently started using queues to distribute leads to our partner community.
Each queue contains one member: the executive user "Role and Subordinates" for each channel partner. 
A wrinkle that I never considered just came up:
When an individual queue member opens a lead, the "unread by owner" flag is not updated to false.  Makes sense I guess since the owner is a queue, not an individual.
Is there a simple work around to move the checkbox value to FALSE?
If not, I guess I'll remove the field from their page layout and ask that they manage their leads by Lead Status and age (based on created date).
Would welcome ideas...
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Kristopher EagerKristopher Eager
Yeah, unfortunately when a lead is owned by a queue, the unread by owner flag won't change:

Also unfortunaltely (I know, I'm batting 1000 here...), that flag cannot be manually manipulated or changed via workflow. You'd probably need a trigger.