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Kristine PangelinanKristine Pangelinan 
Multiple users of Salesforce Inbox + Gmail are having issues with (1) gmail freezing, (2) emails not syncing to salesforce. 
Per a user, "With it enabled I am getting extreme lag when sending messages specifically when inbox loads after I hit refresh and then again when trying to log them. Not getting a specific error, but my gmail page was freezing before and unresponsive so I would have to kill the page to continue."
Any ideas on how to troubleshoot?
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Kristine PangelinanKristine Pangelinan

Good call! I actually submitted a case and spoke with someone. I'll share details here. Hope it helps everyone. See below.

As discussed, we have a Known Issue for this one and as of this time, the issue is now fixed for all Salesforce instances: 

Salesforce Inbox causes delay when loading Gmail records in chrome 72.0.3626.81 

Moving forward, if you wanted to move to Salesforce extension (new extension), kindly ask for your admin to follow the steps in the article below: 

Move Sales Reps to the Gmail Integration with Inbox from Legacy Salesforce Inbox 

Once the steps above
has been performed by your admin, your users can now download and start using the extension accordingly. Below is the link of the extension: 

Nuno VieiraNuno Vieira 

While trying to "Sign up for a Developer Edition Org" using the url below, I'm getting the popup error:
"Signup failed due to internal error. Please contact your system administrator."

And I get an email with the following content:

Subject: Registration Error: sign up template unavailable
Body: We were unable to complete your request at this time because Salesforce is currently upgrading the template used to sign up your organization. Please try again soon.

Any ideas? I can't create the org.
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Nuno VieiraNuno Vieira
Thanks for the replies. In fact I concluded that I was not able to create the org from Saudi Arabia, but at the same time, a friend of mine was able to create the org from Denmark, so when I used a VPN it worked.

The explanation that I got is that salesforce was running at that point un update to the platform in the background that was causing my error.

Concluding, it seemed like it was a matter of time for it to start working again as I did not do anything different.
Nuno Vieira
Matthew GodfroyMatthew Godfroy 
Hi - We have a user who received a "Salesforce Bounce Forwarder" email stating the following: 
  • "Hello,
    Your email wasn't delivered. See attached.
    You're getting this message because you turned on Bounce Management and selected Return bounced emails to sender."
However, the email she sent was delivered as she got an auto-response from the recipient confirming the email was successfully received.  After receiving the auto response from the recipient, she then got the Salesforce Bounce Forwarder email. 

Has anybody received a Bounce email from Salesforce even when the email was in fact delivered?  I also requested an Email Log and was able to again confirm that the email was delivered.

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Shane SmShane Sm
Hello folks.

This issue is caused by Spring 19 feature that is detailed here:

To work around this we turned off the option "Return bounced emails to sender" In Setup -> Deliverability

This option, when an email bounces, will be captured by Salesforce and sent back to the original sender.  In our case that was our Email-To-Case email address so every bounce generated a case.

Hopefully this resolves the issue for others.
Julian KlukJulian Kluk 

This may be a stupid question and I'm pretty sure the answer is "No", but I wanted to double-check just in case.

Now that Oracle is going to start requiring paid licenses to use the latest versions of Java, our company is looking to discontinue both support and use of it. Our intent is to mass-uninstall Java from our employees' devices, but we are trying to take stock of what applications we use that still rely on Java to work properly.

Does Salesforce require a Java installation to work properly? I've never seen any Java-related messages appear, nor any Java-related loading screens, nor any requirements to update it outside of our regular update prompts, so I'm assuming the answer is no.

Thank you for any insight you can provide!
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Dnyaneshwar AghawDnyaneshwar Aghaw
Hi Julian ,
Salesforce is Cloud based platform and as it is cloud based it does not require Java locally. You can access Salesforce from Browser like Internet Explorer , Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. 

Below document listed Salesforce Requirement :
Brad HoldenBrad Holden 
Ok I am sorry for being a complete newbie... I have spent the last year grappling with some very minor Salesforce development (on a part-time basis) for a small non-profit. I have learned a lot, but still have only placed a very tiny scratch on the surface! 
So now our Self-Signed Certificate is apparently expiring and I have NO IDEA what that means. Any googling of this quickly gets into going-over-my-head territory. Can someone please explain what I have to do and what is in danger of happening if I don't do it? Here's the message:

You have one or more certificates in your Salesforce org Tin Roof Global 00D6100000084nr that will expire soon. Review the list below and visit Certificate and Key Management from Setup to make an update.

I have gone to Certificate and Key Management and have downloaded the .crt file but am really unsure what I am supposed to do with it!

Thanks in adavance
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Hey Brad,

There are few places where a sefl-signed certificate could be used.

1. Identify Provider - If you are using SFDC as IDP for Single Sign On. You can find it under Setup >> Administer >> Security Controls >> Identity Provider.

2. Single Sign-On Settings - If you are using SFDC as Consumer for Single Sign On. You can find it under Setup >> Administer >> Security Controls >> Single Sign-On Settings.

If your certificate is used in one of the above places, it is quite intuitive to edit this screen and replace the certificate.

3. Installed Packages / Connected Apps.
Some of the third party apps could use your Self-Signed Certificates (Environment Hub is an example).
You can look at them in Setup >> Build >> Installed Packages
I suggest you go through them one at time and find out if they use your certificate.

Connected Apps will be same procedure as above. But you will find the connected apps under Setup >> Manage Apps >> Connected Apps.

Hope this helps.
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Chris EdwardsChris Edwards
Sure, Kathryn! Before we get on to the detail, my biggest, strongest, most important tip of all would be to test all of this out in your sandbox environment first before even thinking about making these changes in your live system! As you're on Enterprise Edition, you'll have a sandbox at your disposal so do use it.

Each step will be a little more in-depth than the brief summary below, but I've included links to docs, videos or knowledge articles where possible and I'd be happy to take any follow-up questions you may have. Here goes..!

1) Create two record types. Name them what you like but in my example I'll use Regular Contact and Hidden Contact. Regular Contact should be the master, so create this one first if you don't already have record types on your contact object. Take a look at and for guidance on creating record types. Give Standard Users (and presumably all other profiles) access to the two record types (

2) Clone your existing contact page layout, remove the address and phone number fields from it and save it. Then under Page Layout Assignment, ensure the the new layout without these fields is selected for the Standard User and Hidden Contact profile/record type combination.Further guidance:,,

3) EITHER manually change the record type of your specific contacts to Hidden Contact one by one ( OR create some standalone workflow logic to do that for you (for example: create a new checkbox field for Hidden Contact and create a workflow rule that detects this value becoming true and forces through a field update of the record type field to a new value of Hidden Contact -

4) Test this extensively to ensure that all use cases are satisfied. For example, check that all users can still access both types of contact, check that the Hidden Contacts are having their address and phone number fields hidden for Standard Users, check that Regular Contacts are still showing the fields for Standard Users, check that the workflow is functioning correctly to update the record type automatically when Hidden Contact is ticked. 

5) When you're comfortable that all your testing has been successful (and maybe think about getting someone else to sanity-check it), move your changes to your live environment either by repeating them step-by-step in the live system or by moving some or all of the new components via a change set (

Be sure to let us know how you get on and whether you'd like to ask any follow-up questions or share any obstacles you face along the way. Best of luck!
Menachem TwerskyMenachem Twersky 
Hi all,
this morning I have enocuntered an issue regarding a new custom action orginating from CPQ package vf page. in the quote line editor an action button "view rate card" appeard on the quote lines that seems to have no functionality. I cannot find any trace on what is the purpose of this action.
did anyone else enncounter this?
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Frank ShapiroFrank Shapiro
This is new functionality for Usage Based Pricing. See:

Amar NijerAmar Nijer 
How do I synchronize my salesforce calendar with google calendar? Is it possible to integrate by any setting present in salesforce or I have to use any application? 
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Amar NijerAmar Nijer
Thanks Karanraj, I got setting by this link.
Banwari kevatBanwari kevat 
Hi i have account id with 15 digit as in below url i'm able to access record
Now i am converting this 15 digit case-sensitive Id into 18 digit case Insensitive Id as in below url
It's working fine.

Now we know that 18 digit Id is case-insensitive
So i am trying to access record changeing the 18 digit id with changing one char to b
Now new URL would be like below
record should be accessible from 0017F000008bqLkQAK but it is throwing below error message
Unable to Access Page
The value of the "id" parameter contains a character that is not allowed or the value exceeds the maximum allowed length. Remove the character from the parameter value or reduce the value length and resubmit. If the error still persists, report it to our Customer Support team. Provide the URL of the page you were requesting as well as any other related information.

Can anyone let me know what does 18 digit id is case-insensitive mean if above url is not able to access the record?
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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
Ah! You got it wrong. So let me explain. The last few characters in the 18 Characters Long IDs are called checksums ( Now in simpler words, the last 3 characters(QAK) identifies in which ALL positions within the first 15 characters, does an Upper Case Alphabet occurs. These 3 are never use to retain a lost case but in order to make 2 IDs that might look similar.

Follow this figure to know how a 15 characters long ID is converted to 18 characters long ID - 

Now if you play around with the casing like say - 
  1. 0017F000008bqLkQAK
  2. 0017F000008BQLkQAK
  3. 0017F000008BqlkQAK
  4. etc...
It will NOT be recognized in Salesforce(like in SOQLs, URLs like you did etc) but it is for external systems that doesn't distinguish IDs based on casing.

Let's take an example of an external database application that doesn't distinguish IDs based on case. Assume that you do not have 15 character Long IDs and assume you have 2 Account records in Salesforce with IDs - 
  1. 0017F000008bqLk
  2. 0017F000008BQLk
If you notice, both the IDs are the same irrespective of the case but they are referring to 2 different records in Salesforce since IDs in Salesforce are case-sensitive.

Thus from external database application's point of view - 
0017F000008bqLk = 0017F000008BQLk
which is NOT true in Salesforce.

But let's say you had 18 characters long version of these IDs(with the 3 letter checksums at the end).Then you would see = 
0017F000008bqLkQAI != 0017F000008BQLkQAO
Maroof RashidMaroof Rashid 
HI Users,

I am looking for an easy option to import data into salesforce from excel 
I cannot user dataloader or import wizard , This is for the sales team they would not do any mapping, Need some thing very easy for them that from excel if we give them a pre defined template or something they should be able to load

x-author is one I know, client doesn't wanna get the license

Any other suggestions?
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
I would not allow users to Import Data from Excel (or any other source) I would have all data imports be routed to the SFDC Admin