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Andy RouseAndy Rouse 
Over time, I've ended up with a few Success Community Profiles (my usernames from a couple of companies I worked for, and then my "standalone" developer profile). Is there any way to merge the questions/votes/comments, etc of those profiles into 1? I'd like to have a unified presence in the community, if that's possible.

Over time, I could see this becoming a growing issue as multiple people move from company to company that all use Salesforce?
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Alex Twomey-McLeodAlex Twomey-McLeod
Vote for the idea here
Vyneta RyanVyneta Ryan 
Sometimes the auto-save happens at a bad time and there is not a way to go back if you make a change you don't want to keep.
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Kara SchoelerKara Schoeler
At this time, you cannot turn off the autosave functionality.  However, depending on the block that you are making changes, you can click the Control + Z (Command + Z on Mac OS) which will undo your recent actions.

We are looking to provide more complete undo functionality in a future roadmap.
Rod De HaaiRod De Haai 
I can't see my custom object's custom fields in data loader?  It's a brand new custom object that I just deployed.
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Naman BawaNaman Bawa
1) check the status of the object . It should be deployed status at the object level
2) Check that your profile has the read/create/edit rights on the object
3) Check the field level security of all the fields for your profile.
Michael KolodnerMichael Kolodner 
I understand the fact that junction objects are usually created with two master-detail relationships. But we are working on building in our org something very close to the recruiting app described in the Developer site. It appears, in that app, that the Job_Application__c object, which functions pretty much as a junction object between a Candidate__c and a Position__c is actually created as two lookups, not two master detail relationships. Otherwise, it would be impossible to create the Review__c object as a detail to application (which is really where it belongs). Plus without the ability to make Review__c detail to Job_Application__c, you can't do rollups of all the reviews.

Is there any downside to my making Job_Application__c a junction created with lookups rather than M-D's? Or could I make it M-D on one of the relationships? (Probably to Position, since if you delete a position, all of it's applications probably can be deleted as well..)
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James QianJames Qian
The big difference between MD and lookup is cascade delete and required field. MD also allows for rollup summaries on the master side of the relationship. 

You can require the relationships on the page layout for the lookups, which will work roughly the same for users. In terms of cascade delete, you can probably do one relationship master detail to allow that functionality, but it would be good practice to have some sort of apex trigger or declarative automation to delete orphan records.
Andrea SloanAndrea Sloan 
I downloaded Notes and Attachment Migrator from App Exchange which I believe migrates all the Documents I may have into Noes and Attachment table. When I click on the app I get the following message with my System Admin rights:
You don’t have permission to access these fields on ContentVersion. Ask your Salesforce admin for help.
Why is this? Is this the best tool to move all the Documents over? I understand that to prepare for Lighting Covnersion, Documents is something that doesn't exist so it's best if I move these. But what's the best and easiest way?
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Dorothy HigginsDorothy Higgins
This may be the culprit (page 6 of the attachments and notes migrator user guide)

Assign the Attachments and Notes Migrator Permission Set to Admins
1. From Setup, enter Permission Sets in the Quick Find box, then select Permission Sets.
2. Select the recently added permission set Attachments and Notes Migrator - Admin.
3. Select System Permissions.
4. Click Edit and enable the following permissions:
In the Systems section:
a. Modify All Data
b. Set Audit Fields upon Record Creation
In the Users section:
c. View All Users
5. Click Save.
6. Click Manage Assignments.
7. Assign the permission set to anyone who will be using this tool to migrate attachments or notes.
This typically includes admins.
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Anha SinghAnha Singh
Hello Suman,

The Omni-Channel utility appears in the utility bar in your Lightning Console app. From there, agents can change their presence status and triage their incoming work assignments.
From Setup in Lightning Experience, enter Apps in the Quick Find box, then select App Manager.
Click the dropdown next to the console app your want to add Omni-Channel to, then click Edit.
Under Utility Bar, click Add.
Click Omni-Channel.
Click Save.
Click Done.
Michele KleinhomerMichele Kleinhomer 
Is there a way to add/attach a file to "Log an Action" or Task?
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Purvi PatelPurvi Patel
In Task, Click on task's name --> after that go to RELATED tab where you'll find notes, attachments, and files
I attached a snapshot just go through it.

User-added image

Hope this Helps!
Dan FisherDan Fisher 
I am trying to create a formula field on a custom object that shows the current status. I've broken down the criteria in order below:

Is 'Field_name_1__c' blank?
Yes - Check if 'Field_name_2__c' is blank (see below)
No - return 'Yes'

Is 'Field_name_2__c' blank?
Yes - return 'Pending'
No - return 'No'

Any ideas? I presume it would be an IF Formula but I'm unsure how to do this.
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Kev SnellKev Snell

Hi  Dan,

"No") , 

Here's the formula.


Bethann GonzalezBethann Gonzalez 
I need to create the following validation rule for a multi-picklist and picklist field.

Multi-picklist field: Marketing_Promotion_Code__c 
Single picklist field: ChannelRequestType__c

When either or both of these values are selected in the mulit-picklist field: 6TO-FY14-LTD, 8TO-FY14-LTD. The following picklist value: "Marketing Promo" is required to be entered in the "Channel Request Type" field

I am not sure how to write this validation rule because I keep recieving syntax error: Multi-select picklist fields are only supported in certain functions.

Please help!

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Damien OwenDamien Owen

        ISPICKVAL(ChannelRequestType__c,"Marketing Promo")

You didn't need the TEXT as ISBLANK works with multi-select fields. Also you didn't need the OR() because you were only checking ChannelRequestType for 1 value rather than 2 values.

Sibyl BeaudrySibyl Beaudry 
So I think I need to use the DataLoader...gotten that far...but how do I find out the Owner ID that is needed and is it needed??
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Brian HopkinsBrian Hopkins
So what I usually do, is I export all the records that need to be updated, making sure to include the ID column, to a CSV file.

Then I export all the users to a CSV file, and move the user ID column to the last column, instead of the first (for the next step)

Then I use a VLOOKUP to pull in the correct User ID to the first CSV file, using whatever criteria needed.  (match on email address, for example).  Overwrite the existing values in the OwnerID column, or add one with that name if you didn't export it.

Then you just pass the CSV file to the data loader, and choose which fields to map (in this case, you just need ID and OwnerID)