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Tom CoffeyTom Coffey 

I need to get the email address from my Lead records transfered to the Opportunities records that are created when Leads are converted.  This will allow me to automatically email the Lead/Contact based on changes in the Sales Stage.

I've tried to accomplish this via Lead Conversion Field Mapping and Process Builder (process triggered by Opportunity creation) but having trouble.

Lead Conversion Mapping Efforts:

(1) I made a custom Lead Field "email copy" that copies the Lead Email field using a text forumla.  The problem with this is that it seems I can only map the "email copy" field to other custom fields of the type "text."  I need this mapped to an "email" not "text" type field.

(2) I tried making a custom Lead Field "email copy 2" that used a formula to copy the email field value but was told "Error: Field email may not be used in this type of formula"

Process Builder Efforts:

Upon Account creation, I'm trying to copy the Contact Email to the Account record and then copy the email from the Account record to the Opportunity Record. 

But I can't even get the first part (copy email from Contact to Account) accomplished.  

I have a custom "Email" field field on accounts.  I try to update this field using a field reference but I cannot reference the related contact.  The closest thing I can find to Contact is Primary Contact.  But Primary Contact has not been set.

So I try to first set Primary Contact using a reference to the Contact record but, again, I cannot find the Contact record as a field I can reference.

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How do I get my Lead Email on the Opportunity Record???

Bonus Question:
Was the lead conversion process specifically designed to prevent any interesting or useful sales automation from happening?!?  It sure seems so...

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Maxim MakarenkoMaxim Makarenko
Greetings Tom,
Welcome to Salesforce, where we are very fond of our ancient tradition of not allowing you to map a standard Lead field to a custom Account, Contact, or Opportunity field on conversion. That is how our fathers and grandfathers lived, and that is exactly how we are going to raise our children.

What we will allow you to do is to create a custom email field (not a formula - that won't work) on the Lead and a Workflow Rule and Field Update that inserts the value of the standard email field into the custom field.  Then map the (non-formula) custom Lead field to the custom Opportunity (or Account) field.

'tis the proud and true way of the Salesforce.
Emily GrimmEmily Grimm 

I am building a process flow that increments a custom callback counter field in the Lead object when a call is logged in the Tasks object.  

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I have selected field that I would like to update, but I am having difficulty writing the correct formula.  Based off of some previous searches, I found this help thread ( )that suggested the formula [ObjectA__c].ObjectBLookup__c.ObjectB_Field__c + 1.  

I used [Task].WhoId.Callback_Count__c + 1 in the formula field, but got the following error.

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Any ideas as to why this formula is incorrect?
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Pratima ShriPratima Shri
The process builder should fire only on create. Otherwise it will calculate every time you edit a task.
Here is the flow:
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We will be passing whoIdLead from the process builder by using Fieed refernce Task.WhoId. Make sure Input/output type for whoIdLead is Input/Output
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User-added image
What you need to note here is {!sumOfCounter} is a formula variable which you need to create by clicking on Craeate New or from resources.
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Brad HoldenBrad Holden 
Ok I am sorry for being a complete newbie... I have spent the last year grappling with some very minor Salesforce development (on a part-time basis) for a small non-profit. I have learned a lot, but still have only placed a very tiny scratch on the surface! 
So now our Self-Signed Certificate is apparently expiring and I have NO IDEA what that means. Any googling of this quickly gets into going-over-my-head territory. Can someone please explain what I have to do and what is in danger of happening if I don't do it? Here's the message:

You have one or more certificates in your Salesforce org Tin Roof Global 00D6100000084nr that will expire soon. Review the list below and visit Certificate and Key Management from Setup to make an update.

I have gone to Certificate and Key Management and have downloaded the .crt file but am really unsure what I am supposed to do with it!

Thanks in adavance
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Hey Brad,

There are few places where a sefl-signed certificate could be used.

1. Identify Provider - If you are using SFDC as IDP for Single Sign On. You can find it under Setup >> Administer >> Security Controls >> Identity Provider.

2. Single Sign-On Settings - If you are using SFDC as Consumer for Single Sign On. You can find it under Setup >> Administer >> Security Controls >> Single Sign-On Settings.

If your certificate is used in one of the above places, it is quite intuitive to edit this screen and replace the certificate.

3. Installed Packages / Connected Apps.
Some of the third party apps could use your Self-Signed Certificates (Environment Hub is an example).
You can look at them in Setup >> Build >> Installed Packages
I suggest you go through them one at time and find out if they use your certificate.

Connected Apps will be same procedure as above. But you will find the connected apps under Setup >> Manage Apps >> Connected Apps.

Hope this helps.
Denise HughesDenise Hughes 
I'm new to formulas, so any help is appreciated.  I want to send out email notifications when a case is created.  I need to display the picklist value the user selected on the case for the Priority field in the email.  I tried this and it did not work.  The Priority field in the email is blank.

Priority: {!IF(ISPICKVAL(Case.Priority,"Medium"),"Medium","Medium"),

When I only use this, it works fine.  The Priority field in the email is Medium.
Priority: {!IF(ISPICKVAL(Case.Priority,"Medium"),"Medium","Medium")}

Any suggestions?

Denise Hughes
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Amit SinghAmit Singh
Like this
			IF(ISPICKVAL(Case.Priority,"Urgent"),"Urgent", ""))))}

Alfredo OrnelasAlfredo Ornelas 
I know that Knowledge/Articles is for customer service agents (Service Cloud)...can I use them for Sales reps (Sales Cloud) also?
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Dave RiesDave Ries
Absolutely!  You can create Knowledge Articles for all Users, and even expose them to Partners & Customers via a Community.

If you wanted to, Data Categories could be assigned to Knowledge Articles, and then you can restrict which Data Categories are visible to which Roles in your Org.

The only difference between how non-service Users would access Knowledge articles... is around the "Knowledge Widget" that appears in the Service Console and suggest articles to Service Agents.  That "Knowledge Widget" is ONLY available in the Service Console.  All other users would need to navigate to the Knowledge Tab, or more likely, just use the search bar to search for knowledge articles that cover the topic/question they're interested in.

I hope this helps!
Robert KochRobert Koch 
Curious if anyone has pulled this off not using Apex:

Community Portal User changes their email address >>>> populates associated Contact email and username accordingly

Contact record owner updated the contact email address >>>> populates associated Customer Portal User email and username accordingly

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Greg OwenGreg Owen
You need a process started when the Contact email is changed, then you need a flow that checks for a user record and updates that email. See below for general setup and how the ContactId is passed to the flow.

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Claire FieldClaire Field 
When sending an email into the contact record using Lightning for Outlook, the attachment doesn't get added. I get the following error:

"You do not have the level of access necessary to perform the operation you requested. Please contact the owner of the record or your administrator if access is necessary."

I am the system administrator. I don't see anything about attachments in the Lightning for Outlook settings. I read in one the SF articles that I needed to add the "Files" related list to the task page layout in order for attachments to show up but that didn't work either.

Please assist. Thank you!
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Sid SehgalSid Sehgal
Hi Claire, 

I have researched on your question and also found some link related to your query. Please review below link

Hope this helps !
Neelima ThotaNeelima Thota 
I have a situation where I am trying to update a picklist based on the subject field (using email-to-case) and I am using a WF - field update to that. e.g.

if case subject is xxxx then set picklist value to aaa
case subject yyyy then set picklist value to bbb

I have around 10 to 15 of these and I think it is a waste to create several WF rules just to update a  value in the picklist. A formula field on picklist would have been great, but that is not available so I am trying to look for a solution/work-around to achieve the same without having to use triggers.

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Roger WickiRoger Wicki
Before we can actually start I'd need to ask you one question in return: Is that picklist field on the case object? Because it isn't we need to know what relation the picklist's parent object and the case have.

Your trigger could look like:

// picklistUpdateOnCase is just my kind of naming for this trigger and can be selected at will.
trigger picklistUpdateOnCase on Case (before insert, before update)
// switching through all possible entries for Subject in the newly inserted or updated records
for(Case currentCase :
// check existance of Subject in order to prevent errors
if(currentCase.Subject != NULL)
if(currentCase.Subject == 'xxxx')
// be sure to change the "yourCustomPicklistField__c" to the actual field you're using
currentCase.yourCustomPicklistField__c = 'aaa';
else if(currentCase.Subject == "yyy")
currentCase.yourCustomPicklistField__c = 'bbbb';
else if(...)
// You need to define a standard value if no subject matches the searched criteria.
currentCase.yourCustomPicklistField__c = 'Standard value if not found in Subject';

Instead of using currentCase.Subject == 'xxxx', a probably more elegant way is to use currentCase.Subject.equals(xxxx). This is the object-oriented-language-way to do it.

Just add another "else if" - statement for every mapping you have (but before the "else" - statement). The list might become quite long depending on your needs. But remember: every apex trigger, class, etc. needs to be tested by test methods and your code should be covered at least by 75% but best is by 100%. If you need help on that as well, don't hesitate to ask. But better write that trigger first so we know what we need to test on.
Hayley JohnstonHayley Johnston 
When I select to view my Campaign Members or see the list, it takes me to a page that's layout doesn't make sense for me.  I know you can edit the columns each time, but this doesn't work for my users. Is there a way to set up a default page layout and remove the Update Status button? 
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Vinay ChaturvediVinay Chaturvedi
Are you talking about this page?
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This is not customizable for now.Yuo can vote for this idea
Kira TuboKira Tubo 

I am using the process builder to update a text area long field using a formula. I want to insert line breaks into the field. However, when I use the BR() function in formulas, I get "_BR_ENCODED_" in place of an actual paragraph. 

So for example, I have the following text I want to insert into the field: 

Line 1
Line 2

I use this formula: 
"Line 1" + BR() + 
"Line 2"

I end up with this: 

Line 1_BR_ENCODED_Line 2

Thanks in advance for the help.