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Tom CoffeyTom Coffey 

I need to get the email address from my Lead records transfered to the Opportunities records that are created when Leads are converted.  This will allow me to automatically email the Lead/Contact based on changes in the Sales Stage.

I've tried to accomplish this via Lead Conversion Field Mapping and Process Builder (process triggered by Opportunity creation) but having trouble.

Lead Conversion Mapping Efforts:

(1) I made a custom Lead Field "email copy" that copies the Lead Email field using a text forumla.  The problem with this is that it seems I can only map the "email copy" field to other custom fields of the type "text."  I need this mapped to an "email" not "text" type field.

(2) I tried making a custom Lead Field "email copy 2" that used a formula to copy the email field value but was told "Error: Field email may not be used in this type of formula"

Process Builder Efforts:

Upon Account creation, I'm trying to copy the Contact Email to the Account record and then copy the email from the Account record to the Opportunity Record. 

But I can't even get the first part (copy email from Contact to Account) accomplished.  

I have a custom "Email" field field on accounts.  I try to update this field using a field reference but I cannot reference the related contact.  The closest thing I can find to Contact is Primary Contact.  But Primary Contact has not been set.

So I try to first set Primary Contact using a reference to the Contact record but, again, I cannot find the Contact record as a field I can reference.

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How do I get my Lead Email on the Opportunity Record???

Bonus Question:
Was the lead conversion process specifically designed to prevent any interesting or useful sales automation from happening?!?  It sure seems so...

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Maxim MakarenkoMaxim Makarenko
Greetings Tom,
Welcome to Salesforce, where we are very fond of our ancient tradition of not allowing you to map a standard Lead field to a custom Account, Contact, or Opportunity field on conversion. That is how our fathers and grandfathers lived, and that is exactly how we are going to raise our children.

What we will allow you to do is to create a custom email field (not a formula - that won't work) on the Lead and a Workflow Rule and Field Update that inserts the value of the standard email field into the custom field.  Then map the (non-formula) custom Lead field to the custom Opportunity (or Account) field.

'tis the proud and true way of the Salesforce.
Emily GrimmEmily Grimm 

I am building a process flow that increments a custom callback counter field in the Lead object when a call is logged in the Tasks object.  

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I have selected field that I would like to update, but I am having difficulty writing the correct formula.  Based off of some previous searches, I found this help thread ( )that suggested the formula [ObjectA__c].ObjectBLookup__c.ObjectB_Field__c + 1.  

I used [Task].WhoId.Callback_Count__c + 1 in the formula field, but got the following error.

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Any ideas as to why this formula is incorrect?
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Pratima ShriPratima Shri
The process builder should fire only on create. Otherwise it will calculate every time you edit a task.
Here is the flow:
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We will be passing whoIdLead from the process builder by using Fieed refernce Task.WhoId. Make sure Input/output type for whoIdLead is Input/Output
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User-added image
What you need to note here is {!sumOfCounter} is a formula variable which you need to create by clicking on Craeate New or from resources.
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Denise HughesDenise Hughes 
I'm new to formulas, so any help is appreciated.  I want to send out email notifications when a case is created.  I need to display the picklist value the user selected on the case for the Priority field in the email.  I tried this and it did not work.  The Priority field in the email is blank.

Priority: {!IF(ISPICKVAL(Case.Priority,"Medium"),"Medium","Medium"),

When I only use this, it works fine.  The Priority field in the email is Medium.
Priority: {!IF(ISPICKVAL(Case.Priority,"Medium"),"Medium","Medium")}

Any suggestions?

Denise Hughes
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Amit SinghAmit Singh
Like this
			IF(ISPICKVAL(Case.Priority,"Urgent"),"Urgent", ""))))}

Hayley JohnstonHayley Johnston 
When I select to view my Campaign Members or see the list, it takes me to a page that's layout doesn't make sense for me.  I know you can edit the columns each time, but this doesn't work for my users. Is there a way to set up a default page layout and remove the Update Status button? 
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Vinay ChaturvediVinay Chaturvedi
Are you talking about this page?
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This is not customizable for now.Yuo can vote for this idea
Kira TuboKira Tubo 

I am using the process builder to update a text area long field using a formula. I want to insert line breaks into the field. However, when I use the BR() function in formulas, I get "_BR_ENCODED_" in place of an actual paragraph. 

So for example, I have the following text I want to insert into the field: 

Line 1
Line 2

I use this formula: 
"Line 1" + BR() + 
"Line 2"

I end up with this: 

Line 1_BR_ENCODED_Line 2

Thanks in advance for the help. 
Laura BoydLaura Boyd 
I currently have my opportunity object set to Private, but I want to change it Public Read Only. This is to allow all users to see each other's opportunities.
My problem is that I still want the access to these opportunity records to be done based on the hierarchy. The issue I have is that when logged in as another user, and running an opportunity report they can see ALL opportunities. The user is at one of the lowest points of the role hierachy. 
Is there a reason that Grant using hierarchies doesn’t apply?


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Steve DoddSteve Dodd
If the OWD is set to Public Read Only, then all users can view records for the object but not edit them.

GRANT ACCESS USING HIERARCHIES enables users that don't have the 'View All' permission to see other users' records as long as those users are below them in the role hierarchy. If the OWD is Public Read Only, then everyone can see the records for that object by default, so the "Grant Access" sharing setting is not applicable.

Nilyan Genesis Berti CalvettiNilyan Genesis Berti Calvetti 

I have the mentioned error in the challenge from module
"Track Field Service", I have completed the status of the service appointmment and I have also placed the status of work order line item as completed. Also the description of my work line item is "Drill".

I appreciate your help in advance.

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Nilyan Genesis Berti CalvettiNilyan Genesis Berti Calvetti
I was able to solve it, the problem was that the "Completed" value in the "Status" field was in Spanish, add the new value in english to the list .

Jo-Ann WestJo-Ann West 
I am creating a case.  I want to associate the asset from the account.
The asset box is available, but when I click on the asset box it is bringin up all assets that have been added into the system.  The asset box has Search for asset. I want to click on the asset box and only have the assets at the account show. Is this possible ?

I am using the Professional Edition.
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Vishal GuptaVishal Gupta
The filter you need to use is Asset: Account ID equals Case: Account ID

This way you will only see Assets that are owned by that Account
Marketing Cloud - DO NOT FOLLOWMarketing Cloud - DO NOT FOLLOW 
Here is the situation: There is a webinar coming up that our Field Team wants to communicate to specific clients about. There are about 15 different field team managers that want the email to go out on their behalf. Each one has a different list of clients they want the email to go to. My question: Is there a way, using data extensions, to create a dynamic sender profile? My thoughts: Within the DE there would be 6 fields. Sales Email, Sales First, Sales Last, Client Email (Primary Key), Client First, and Client Last. Using personalization strings (or something) I would want the sender profile to pull in the Sales Manager's email addres, first, and last name so the email looks as if it is coming from whatever Sales Manager is associated with the Client on the DE. 
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Marketing Cloud - DO NOT FOLLOWMarketing Cloud - DO NOT FOLLOW
We were able to achieve this (on our enterprise 2.0 account using data extensions - assume it is also possible on other account types) by simply using standard personalisation / substitution strings in the fields of a sender profile. They don't even need to be set as fields in profile management, just need to make sure they appear in your data extension!Select "Use the specified information" under "Sender Information" and use your DE field names (Sales Email, Sales First & Sales Last) as follows: From Name: %%Sales First%% %%Sales Last%%
From Email: %%Sales Email%% Ideally you will still want to make sure that you are using a properly delegated / authenticated domain (usually your SAP address) in the email address or your messages will lack the appropriate authentication. In our case we only used one string per field and filled part of the from address so no matter what was in the DE field the correct sending domain was used (i.e. %%From We even set custom reply mail management in the same way. Worked for use but be sure to test as we only used one field in each, but I can't see why it wouldn't work with two or more. ET Support should be able to help if you run into any issues. Hope this is helpful! 
Brian OconnellBrian Oconnell 
Every time I log into my full copy sandbox, it opens in lightning experience.  Which we are still years away from being able to implement.  I switch back to classic experience, but when I log in again, it's back to Lightning.  How can I stop this?
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Rajesh Varma MudunuriRajesh Varma Mudunuri
You can disable it by going to > Lightning Experience Migration Assistant > Setup users >  'Encourage Users to Stay in Lightning Experience
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