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Earl MajorEarl Major 
Is there any way we can add the last modified by over fields when a user hovers their mouse over a field?  This feature would really help me and my org easily identify Data that we have out of date.  
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Steve DoddSteve Dodd

Believe me, we've all run into that problem before...I would love to see them increase the limit - even if it's only another 10 or 15 fields.

There is an Idea posted that you can Upvote if you'd like:

I've heard this App is really good, and I've never used it before but I've been meaning to try it out - let me know if you do...I'm curious to find out how it works:

Ultra FieldHistory Tracker

Also, here are a couple of posts from people that came up with a workaround that you may find helpful:


SFDCDev2014 shSFDCDev2014 sh 

Can anyone please explain to me as to what is the difference between Salesforce lightning and Salesforce1 App, or how are they related?

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Pritam ShekhawatPritam Shekhawat
Salesforce1 Introduces Salesforce1. Salesforce1 is the new social, mobile and cloud customer platform built to transform sales, service and marketing apps.Salesforce1 is the first CRM platform for developers, ISVs, end users, admins and customers moving to the new social, mobile and connected cloud. Salesforce1 is a brand new app which replaced Salesforce Chatter and is what most of the current Salesforce buzz surrounds. In theory it'll allow you to make use of ALL Salesforce functionalities from your mobile, including all custom objects, apps and even Visualforce pages. It's also feed-first, so Chatter is central to it.

Lightning Experience:
 Lightning Experience, the new, fast, beautiful user experience from Salesforce. With a sales-centric mindset, we focused on reinventing the desktop environment to better support your sales process. The result is an intuitive, intelligent interface that helps sales reps work more naturally and close more deals faster.
It’s really just the beginning! Lightning Experience will transform Salesforce CRM and extend to service, apps, platform, and more. No matter what department you're in, we understand that the way people work is changing.
All this change is greatly influenced by the rise of mobile. Sales reps at your company are already using mobile to research prospective customers, get directions to client meetings, connect socially with customers, and more. We get that. That’s why Lightning Experience takes the cool stuff from the mobile experience and brings it to the desktop. 

Salesforce1 is using same framework for user interface like lightning but both are dieffrent.
Jacek DarlinskiJacek Darlinski 
We're trying to explore how to migrate legacy (non-CPQ) data into the CPQ data model to ensure  we retain historic visibility. The goal is to migrate order information into contracts and subscriptions, both inactive and active. We're using TalenD and Jitterbit and have the DBD resources available. The problems we're running into are primarily null-pointer exceptions after inserting contracts and subscriptions and trying to attempt an amendment.
Any documents available as to how to insert external data into CPQ and retain functionality?
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Victor ShapiroVictor Shapiro
Hi Jacek,

Here's some information on how to upload legacy data with regards to Renewals and Amendments:
Christopher AbbottChristopher Abbott 
We current have case comments setup to trigger email alerts when created for a case. Internal notifications are sent when it is not set as a "public" comment and also send a notificaitons to contacts when set as a "public" comment.

However, when a case comment is created and saved, then at a leter time (or if missinged at time of being enetered) the "Make Public" link is clicked or "Public" checked during the edit of a case no emails are sent, specifically the external ones to contacts.

Does this need to be setup as trigger? and would you have any guidelane on that setup?
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Nandini GangadharNandini Gangadhar
Hi Christopher,

If i am not wrong, you want to send the case comments at later time when they are marked as public  or immediately when we create and make public.

If so, I have tested your scenario and the eassiest way is to use workflow on casecomment and check the criteria for ispublished = true and then writing an email alert  for the workflow.

If you would like to include something in your trigger then you can use the below code:
trigger CaseComment1 on CaseComment (after insert,after update) 
    Messaging.SingleEmailMessage[] mailmsglist = new Messaging.SingleEmailMessage[]{};
    for(Casecomment c:
        case c1=new case(id=c.ParentId);
        if(c.IsPublished == True){
            Messaging.SingleEmailMessage message1 = new Messaging.SingleEmailMessage();
     Messaging.SingleEmailMessage[] messages = new List<Messaging.SingleEmailMessage> (mailmsglist);
            Messaging.SendEmailResult[] results = Messaging.sendEmail(messages);
    if (results[0].success) {
            System.debug('The email was sent successfully.');
            } else {
            System.debug('The email failed to send: '
            + results[0].errors[0].message);

Hope this helps.

Sidharth KumarSidharth Kumar 
I have created a custom field called "First Responder Date Time" under "Case" object. I am writing a workflow rule to update this field if this is blank first time so I cna track when was the response first provided to case tickets.

When I create my rule, I select "Field Update" after adding all the information (I think the evaluation criteria will be - created and edited). After selecting "Case" object under field udpate, I am trying to find the first response field I created but it doesn't show up in the drop down. I see there are standard and custom fields but my field is not visible there.

Why is it so? How do i add it the the Field update picklist? The field is a Date/Time field. 

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Ben FullerBen Fuller
It's a formula, you can't update it through it the field update... it's uneditable... 
Katherine SimpsonKatherine Simpson 
I have created a validation rule using a VLOOKUP to enfore uniqueness on a Name field of a custom object:

VLOOKUP($ObjectType.Promotion__c.Fields.Id, $ObjectType.Promotion__c.Fields.Name, Name) <> Id

When I create a new record the validation rule works correctly ie. If Name is Unique, validation rule does not trigger.  If Name is not unique Validation Rule is triggered.

ISSUE - When i update an existing record with a unique Name, the validation rule is triggered.
How can I fix this in my formula?
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Katherine SimpsonKatherine Simpson
I've found the answer with the following formula:

    Name = VLOOKUP
       ($ObjectType.Promotion__c.Fields.Name , $ObjectType.Promotion__c.Fields.Name, Name ),

         ($ObjectType.Promotion__c.Fields.Id , $ObjectType.Promotion__c.Fields.Name, Name )))
Ed YoungbloodEd Youngblood 
Does anyone know if salesforce is eventually going to force the switch to lightning experience? If so when? 
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John MitchellJohn Mitchell
This is a LONG way out, if at all. Lightning is still in it's infancy. It will be many years before Classic is ever sunsetted, if that happens at all.
Tiago CarmonaTiago Carmona 
Recently, quick actions started to give this submission error. Any advice?Quick action error
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Nandini GangadharNandini Gangadhar
Hi Tiago,

We will not have access to the exact error messages for the error ID's generated. You will have to reach out to Salesforce Support regarding this so that they will help you regarding exact error message if that can be corrected at your end, if not, they will provide you work-arounds if those cannot be fixed.

Hope this helps.

Thank you.!
Aaron BeattyAaron Beatty 
Hello trailblazers!

I'm trying to track down some documentation to help us configure a new MobileConnect instance.  The pages have a bit of information on using the tool once it is configured, but I'm looking for documentation and/or a workbook to help us configure MobileConnect.  Anyone have any resources that might help?

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Nicole PomponioNicole Pomponio
I was able to find this link, it has getting started and account administration, importing contacts and creating and managing messaging -
Sarah CullertonSarah Cullerton 
I'm looking to customize the 4 fields that display to the agent when a case is offered in Omnichannel. I was advised to use Mini Page Layout for this, but that doesn't seem to be doing the trick. Any other advice for me on where to go to customize that?
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Brendan ConroyBrendan Conroy
Hi Sarah,

Have you tried Compact Layouts? I think that was where I set those field when doing an omni-channel project.