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Tom Nieman

Trying to reboot an Idea I posted last year - it got lots of positive feedback but it's not to the 2,500 points needed for consideration, it's got 930. Please consider voting if you haven't. If you have, please try to get some others to vote for it. Make the field label of a Dependent Field a link to the field's setting page Thanks, Tom More

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Andy Golden

Hi Dreamforce group. I wish you all a good week. And we are approaching 90 days until DF18!! As you prepare, be sure and tune into the #RoadToDreamforce webinar series hosted by @Marissa Kraines and @Julie Liegl, also featuring @Kurt Smith and his "Content Corner." You cannot miss it! After double-checking that you are indeed registered for the webinar series, I'd invite you to review these customer quotes, and consider installing a free trial of an appexchange tool called Skuid. "Skuid opens doors; it adds a new set of tools that I just didn't have previously." "I can create seamless experiences." "We don't talk about two week sprint cycles anymore. Our sprint cycles are in days now." If you are unsure of who/what @Skuid is, I'd encourage you to try a free trial and experience it for yourself. As a business/financial analyst with no formal SFDC training, I can build a prototype page/application with minimal effort. And now... you can leverage data and business logic in your existing software including Oracle, SAP, Google, Microsoft and of course Salesforce. Give it a try, send me a note or question, and I guarantee I will connect you with someone smarter than myself. Go, create what you imagine. More

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Pierre Despatis-Dupont

Always a great sight when the Dreamforce counter passes the 100 days mark. (site from @David Schach) Hopefully this also means we will soon start hearing from @Marissa Kraines and team about #RoadToDF18 ! :) More

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Jorge Diaz

What is the best HOTEL to stay at for walking convenience during Dreamforce? More

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Yuliana Westover

Hi, has anyone been able to stack different promo codes while registering for the full conference pass? I am not able to stack them up this time but in previous years I have been able to. I have 4 codes for $100 each but it's only discounting $100 total off of my total. Thanks! More

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