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Hey, please help me. I am trying to integrate keycloak idp with salesforce. After successful authentication, it shows following error: No access:Client not Found I have tried creating same users on keycloak as well as idp. But it is still not working. I saw one of the answers in community that you can try to modify AutomaticRegistrationHandller. But under users, I can see that handler but I am not able access it. It shows error that you don't have enough permissions to access this even after I am system admin. What can be the possible solutions for this. Please help More

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Wendy Mrdja

@Dawn Radecki No additional info on Dreamforce yet - but keep an eye out on this group. More

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Sebastian Habermehl

We are manufacturing facility that often delivers products to jobs(opportunities) over the span of many quarters. We are looking for a way to project that in our forecasting so we can try to paint a picture of how much work we can expect and how much product will be moving based on the opportunity. Ideally we would like to assign percentages over future quarters. We would like the sales managers to be able to pick a quarter the expect to deliver in and then assign a percentage of the total product amount per quarter. This would enable sales to show management how much work is anticipated in the coming quarters. More

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Kashyap Patel

Hello, When will Dreamforce 19 sponsorship open? More

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Oisin Quinn

Over 2 months and still no fix from the Salesforce dev team - Management have now lost faith in Salesforce leaving me in a tricky position. Our call centre cannot directly send cases to queues. You have to use a work around. You would think this would be simple fix? I have been waiting over 2 months and still no sign of a fix. For 2 months I have been told 'the dev team is aware of the issue'. If it takes 2 months to fox a basic issue then I will no longer be following interest in the marketing cloud, or building an app on the platform. Salesforce dev team simply cannot be trusted with any more of my business. What if the next issue takes 2 months also? Customer service and my old account manager failed to e-mail me back on multiple occasions. I have been giving weekly reviews that the issue will be fixed for 9 weeks. I was the one who choose salesforce and this was a giant mistake. I will be posting my experience with dates on every single review site soon. Choosing Salesforce for my company was a terrible mistake. More

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