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Mary McKeown-Christie

Salesforce administrators, architects and Success Managers, if you or your customers are adding files/attachments to their environments, there is no inherent virus scanner built into Salesforce to check them for viruses. The only way to verify attachments do not contain malicious content is to connect a third-party application like EZProtect. And, before you go there, an antivirus software connected to a corporate network will not apply here as many of the virus scanning applications have not been updated (employees turn off or delay updates), and many files are entered into Salesforce via communities and sites by the public who have no connection to the corporate network. Salesforce is it's own echo-system and needs it's own virus scanner to address attachments. EZProtect is the industry leading solution, and will soon release an API and On-Demand Scanner which will block files from entering the environments before they are scanned. Have a look at this demo video to understand how it works (6 minutes with technical issues), and contact Adaptus to request a quote. Year-end budgets are coming up, so please be proactive! More

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John Thompson

Is anyone having trouble logging into the Dreamforce app from their desktop? We're using Azure AD as the identity provide for our custom domain and I get this error message. Sorry, but we’re having trouble signing you in. AADSTS90015: Requested query string is too long. Request Id: c5007d5f-****-****-****-************** Correlation Id: 228979c0-****-****-****-********** Timestamp: 2019-08-16T20:24:09Z Message: AADSTS90015: Requested query string is too long. Advanced diagnostics: Enable If you plan on getting support for an issue, turn this on and try to reproduce the error. This will collect additional information that will help troubleshoot the issue. However: I *AM* able to log into the Trailblazer Community (obviously :) ) using the same identity provider. More

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Sandy Ward

Don't be frustrated at the lack of hotel availability! We have the perfect solution for you ! Dreamforce 2019 - 1 bedroom suites on Nob Hill Enjoy one of the best locations in San Francisco. Located at the top of Nob Hill in a classic Victorian building across the street from the Stanford Court and the Fairmont Hotel and just around the corner from the Ritz Carlton Hotel it's only a four-block walk from Union Square. Dreamforce bus service to the Moscone Center is usually 1 or 2 blocks away. Check it out at: For more information contact: Wendy Bingham VP of Academic Innovations 310-490-9590 - cell Or Fill out the attached Form and we will contact you. More

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Lisa Horne

Will there be other options for Hotel rooms this year? Looks like anyone trying to register after the 1st couple of hours after opening are looking at hotels only by the airport. More

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Nina Awotwi

I'm so disappointed because I didn't even know registration was open until I logged into SF today and by then all the hotels were gone. It's just frustrating because it's already such an expense to even attend, and now I'll have to justify even higher costs to get a room simply because a notification that I signed up for didn't come through. Maybe they can think about something more personal like opting in for a text next year. Just doesn't seem like you have a fighting chance if you miss the window of the first hour registration opens. More

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