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Paul Burtenshaw

Hello i am still training on salesforce and my sales manager has asked me " can you have two sperate amounts to capture in an opportunity? We would like to have "an amount" for amount won & and "an amount" for amount banked and associate a date for that More

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Sam Davyson

ANNOUNCING STACKER: INTERFACE BUILDER FOR SALESFORCE ADMINS I've been in the Salesforce ecosystem for the past 8 years (developer/consultant/architect). I've grown so much being a part of the Salesforce ecosystem. Today, I'm bringing something new to the community: a product to empower Salesforce administrators to create more on the Salesforce platform. It's called Stacker for Salesforce - check it out here: You can use it to build portals, upgrade your sales team's experience and achieve real self-service, all without developers! I can't wait to see what this awesome community does with it! cc: @Admin Trailblazers @Sales Operations @Community Management @* Service Cloud * @* Sales Cloud - Best Practices * @Developer Trailblazers More

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Seyitbek Usmanov

Aloha Ohana! I love my ♥ Salesforce ♥ career and the joy it gives me everyday. I am super lucky! It was a very difficult journey; therefore, I am sharing my knowledge and producing youtube videos to help others and to grow our ohana. This is my channel: I am seeking interesting Salesforce professionals to interview! In particular: - I would love to speak to folks who are career changers (the farther from development their previous career was the better). Share your story! - Also, I would love to speak to anyone who hires Salesforce developers/administrators. There is tremendous interest among my viewers to understand your perspective and get your advice for successfully preparing for an interview. Please message me! Seyit More

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Cavin Otieno

Is there ability of being able to export all records with all corresponding information and fields for each contact into one single export across the entire company? More

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